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  1. Gaz

    also finished this during the weekend. it's still awesome, but i felt that this season was a bit weaker than original 3 seasons. don't you think so? yeah, this is a really good stuff. i just can't praise it enough. Shearsmith and Pemberton are fucking geniuses! everyone who likes Twilight Zone or Black Mirror should check it out.
  2. Gaz

    ^ agree! i'm in the middle of 2nd season and it's really great so far. i have a few small issues with animation, which is lacking at times, but everything else is top notch. also love the humorous parts! finished 2nd season of American Vandal yesterday, and maaaaan it was so good! don't remember the last time i laughed so hard from comedy series. poop is funny [2]
  3. Gaz

    as if : / it's going to be a maxi-single 「死枷」 according to ohp. release date 10/31
  4. my body is so fucking ready for the new jojo P:
  5. Gaz

    it's a CD, not tape. and it includes a full song called '破浄論' and 2 sample tracks
  6. Gaz

    updated with new stuff: C'e SEA - LONER DYNAMO - LIVE TAPE (demotape) MODERN-AGE - MODERN-AGE (demotape) MOTHER - SOLEIL+Radical Addiction (demotape) Sylphe - true (demotape) V.A. - forbidden pleasure volume 1 V.A. - Versus vol.3 V.A. - 摂氏99度 ~茨城・栃木~ Live Omnibus '96
  7. Gaz

    more tapez: Derlasigne Ivy - ~12hour finish~ (demotape) Ele-Noir - Ele-Noir (demotape) Flavor - freaver (demotape) frame work boutique - frame work boutique (demotape) Geraid - SHAPE/sincerely (demotape) MISSA - 傷痕 (demotape) MUNK - 快楽殺人者の本能と倒錯、そして、… (demotape)
  8. Gaz

    where did you got this pastebin link from? by the names of these video files it looks like ando's stuff
  9. added new stuff to my sales post, check it out pls: 


  10. Gaz

    update. new stuff: Criard epine - 1ST.ADVANCE DEMO CD CURIOUS - AN AIR WIND/ROUSOKU (demotape) DRUG - CRASH & SCRAP & Hello! Mr.MACHINE (demotape) evil eyes - EVIL EYES [ex-MASCHERA Vo. MICHI and ex-ILLUMINA Vo. Nao's project] inspire - 秘密の華子さん<関西 version> (demotape) [comes with laminated card w/ a keychain] Mercuro - 傍観者 (demotape) Saclypha - Switch (demotape) [note: tape appears to be empty on my deck] Velocity Engine - End of Love (demotape) ジャックケイパー - SMうさぎ 爆裂DIE百科 - Do根性 (demotape) V.A. - Real Airs of 2000 Years in Ayers V.A. - 摂氏99度 V.A. - 摂氏99度 Vol.3
  11. Gaz

    why not VKVK PROJECT tho?
  12. you will never be forgotten </3
  13. Gaz

    what does 'Doll' means? just sitting in the corner doing nothing? ;o;