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  1. Gaz

    lawl i just remembered why everybody hates tr00 diru fans why are you guys even arguing with this troll anyway
  2. Gaz

    ughhh fuck me i wish they would've announced this sooner. there's no way i'll be able to make it with less than 2 months left ;__;
  3. Gaz

    Yeah CDs and vinyl were 15€ per item
  4. Gaz

    Bought all the shit except for the black tees because they looked like shit 😕
  5. Gaz

    did anyone else also loathed The Witcher adaptation series? initially i thought that awful cast would be it's major flaw, but that christopher-nolan-homage-of-a-timeline turned out to be far worse and utterly unnecessary. yeah, it wouldn't have saved the series completely, but at least it would've been much bearable to watch, imo. i'm still looking forward to 2nd season though, because first two books were my least favorite and i'm hoping Lauren Schmidt would listen to some of the reviews and avoid unnecessary overcomplications in the furute seasons.
  6. Gaz

    did anyone see the new fail wars yet? i thought it was quite hilarious and fun to watch. unlike my pals, who were utterly disappointed and angry, even, i actually quite enjoyed it because i didn't expect it to have any sense whatsoever. so in a way it exceeded my expectations lol
  7. added: V.A. - La'veil MizeriA + Crucifixion - 輪廻罪業 (輪廻 version) SOLD
  8. updated the list with prices. added a couple of tapes: Claustro Phobia - 短命ー嘆きの結末ー / fly out of lies Platinum Cat - 1999.04.18 YOKOHAMA 7th AVENUE Trance Garden - ~Virus~プラチナ~Melody~ note: if you need a preview of any CD or tape that i'm selling, please don't hesitate to ask.
  9. if you mean visual kei scene out here then it's pretty much dead. and i guess most of MIAZM fans neither know nor care what visual kei actually is lol
  10. Gaz

    if you by any chance be in Lviv, drop me a line and we can go for some beers and reminisce about good awld days and retards
  11. Gaz

    my initial thought on the episode was - OMG WOW THAT WAS FUCKING INTENSE but now after considering everything that happened out there, it just seems to be mediocre at best : / oh well, i didn't have much hopes for D&D actually making a decent resolution in the first place. tho it made my craving for the upcoming(hopefully lol) books increase thousandfold.
  12. the song is okay, but mv itself is fucking pathetic. one of the worst vk mv's i've ever seen.
  13. Gaz

    this looks like angura revival event (+ CieLGraVE) or smth. i see 音鬼 (Oto-Oni) among participants and they've disbanded like 10 years ago? anyway, i'm hyped for benizemi. hoping they will puke up some cd-r there.
  14. Gaz


    wooohhh drama is back! nice~
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