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  1. Gaz

    more tapez: Derlasigne Ivy - ~12hour finish~ (demotape) Ele-Noir - Ele-Noir (demotape) Flavor - freaver (demotape) frame work boutique - frame work boutique (demotape) Geraid - SHAPE/sincerely (demotape) MISSA - 傷痕 (demotape) MUNK - 快楽殺人者の本能と倒錯、そして、… (demotape)
  2. Gaz

    where did you got this pastebin link from? by the names of these video files it looks like ando's stuff
  3. added new stuff to my sales post, check it out pls: 


  4. Gaz

    update. new stuff: Criard epine - 1ST.ADVANCE DEMO CD CURIOUS - AN AIR WIND/ROUSOKU (demotape) DRUG - CRASH & SCRAP & Hello! Mr.MACHINE (demotape) evil eyes - EVIL EYES [ex-MASCHERA Vo. MICHI and ex-ILLUMINA Vo. Nao's project] inspire - 秘密の華子さん<関西 version> (demotape) [comes with laminated card w/ a keychain] Mercuro - 傍観者 (demotape) Saclypha - Switch (demotape) [note: tape appears to be empty on my deck] Velocity Engine - End of Love (demotape) ジャックケイパー - SMうさぎ 爆裂DIE百科 - Do根性 (demotape) V.A. - Real Airs of 2000 Years in Ayers V.A. - 摂氏99度 V.A. - 摂氏99度 Vol.3
  5. Gaz

    why not VKVK PROJECT tho?
  6. you will never be forgotten </3
  7. Gaz

    what does 'Doll' means? just sitting in the corner doing nothing? ;o;
  8. Gaz

    my curiosity has been piqued. please, do show m(_ _)m
  9. kikyo looks so cheap and uninspiring there </3
  10. Gaz

    watched that new Jigsaw movie 2 days ago and it was so fucking terrible. i love the original franchise very much, but this is way too pathetic, which makes it impossible to put along with all previous chapters. looking back at this movie i simply cannot find a single thing that was good/enjoyable about it: traps were entirely unremarkable and didn't even seem like they were Saw's traps, the plot has so many holes and was hanging by a thin thread all the time and that "twist" in the end ruined a lot of things from the previous movies. also cannot say anything good about actors, even Callum Keith Rennie was quite disappointing. in fact i only sit till the end of the movie because my pal, with whom i had to share a taxi home, begged me to stay for a little bit more. i was planning to give at least 1 point for trying, but now i'm not sure they have even tried. 0/10 is much more than this movie deserves tbh.
  11. Gaz

    when i read thread title i thought that they are just ripping off Black Mirror's episode lol. i wonder when they'll decide to rip off s03e06...
  12. Gaz

    dis is sum gud shiet tbh
  13. MISSA just by himself is already awesome enough, but with Kikyo and MI? c-c-c-combo!