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  1. SaKi

    Thank you ^___^
  2. SaKi

    Great \(^0^)/ Can you send me a pic of this extra card/photo? ^^ (via PM) (And I just sent you a friend request on last.fm, cause I saw our taste in music is almost the same and you seem to love rice very much *^* sorry ^^*)
  3. SaKi

    Hi! ^-^ Are these still available? A - Night of the knights CD+DVD 10€ Jills Blue Roses - 華恋 / ブラックローズ 05€ Were there any extras with the A single? Shipping would be to Germany … how much would be shipping + Paypal?
  4. Again .... you still sell the A CDs? Can I have a pic of them?
  5. I finally got cheki and card ^__^ Thank you!
  6. Just sent you the money for the Koichi cheki and Emily card ^___^
  7. Ok, gimme your Paypal address
  8. Koichi cheki *___* mine, mine, mine!! *^* Please? And signed Emily card ...
  9. Sorry for not getting back to you ... Is the stuff still available? I'd still like to take it! (Now ^^')
  10. Are the VERSAILLES cheki gone already? If not, please PM me with pics & price! Same for Versailles photo sets, please ^__^
  11. I'm selling the following CD's: Band: GACKT Album: Attack of the YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz in Europe 2010 Type: Limited Edition, CD+DVD+Photobook [Thank you, SOLD] Band: kagerou / 蜉蝣 Album: Kurohata Type: Regular Edition, CD Band: kagerou / 蜉蝣 Album: Shinjuuka Type: Regular Edition, CD Band: Merry / メリー Album: M.E.R.R.Y. Type: Regular Edition, CD Band: Moi Dix Mois Album: Dixanadu Type: Limited Edition, 2 CD All information and pictures here: http://menomaeni.livejournal.com/1602.html I ship from Germany. Btw, I'm looking for a cheki of TAJI (support drummer) from OROCHI's Europe tour. If you sell one or know someone who sells one, please contact me ^^
  12. I see! Can you put both items on hold for me?
  13. Are you still selling some of these?
  14. SaKi

    Do you still sell those? OROCHI - SAKURA OROCHI - Castle in the sky OROCHI - Soul of Prey
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