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  1. JukaForever

    Weren't you like one of the God Tier uploaders back then. It is interesting that you would lose interest too. Adulting sucks.
  2. JukaForever

    It's been a while visiting this forum. I decided to check out what I missed in the past 8 months and now I am down $400 -.-
  3. JukaForever

    Sekiro ... fucking hard after years of the soulsborne gameplay. Still adjusting as I have hit a wall in gameplay.
  4. JukaForever

    Fuck, I am officially one of those dudes that is always busy. Long work hours has now made relaxation a better choice to spend time on rather than engaging in hobbies.
  5. JukaForever

    That Anjelier makes great use of falsetto in the chorus and the second verse on Sanbika was amazeballs. Thanks for the recommends.
  6. JukaForever

    I am actually a ViViD fan and also a Shin fan for similar reasons. I didn't know he is doing solo now, I will check that out. I don't really hear much falsetto from his songs when I was listening to him before, maybe he is just really good in blending it in with his vocals.
  7. JukaForever

    The band might be too old, I can only find one song on youtube to try
  8. JukaForever

    Yes, I know about regular western metal and rock. I already listen to a few. I am just branching out to j-rock/vk side of things. I think they have a different take on it. Thanks, I will redig diru's discog and check out the rest of the bands you've listed
  9. JukaForever

    What the shit, his voice is so similar to Juka's lower registers.
  10. JukaForever

    Thank you. These are all bands that I have known and ignored. Especially D, I actually deleted their discog in my hard drive long ago -.- I just couldn't get into the type song that you have linked when I was younger but now I am searching for something exactly like it. I'll try and dig into their discog again.
  11. JukaForever

    I am in search for bands or just songs that has some falsetto use, doesn't matter what era. I have started to have taken a liking to falsetto lately, mainly due replays of La Vie En Rose by Kamijo and now searching for more. I wasn't into it when I was younger so I definitely missed bands with them or actually, I don't even know if there is much of them out there. Please recommend some bands or songs that makes use of this technique if you know some.
  12. Finally got time to listen to the album in its entirety. One thing is clear, Syu needs to form a band with a female vocalist. I think it is about time. The songs with female vocals just matches his aggressive guitar play so much, I want more!! His lone song CACOTOPIA is quite cute, he can sing well enough for his type of music. It seems like all of his vocal range is on display in this one song, which isn't a lot. All songs were dope overall
  13. JukaForever

    Currently starting the third one after finishing the second, they are so fucking long for thriller/mystery. I wish Fincher just did the whole series rather than just a one off. I also watch the latest Pokemon movie, the one where Pikachu speaks English. The emotional climax is not as good as the first one in the 90s. Too much afterlife scenes, the scenes felt forced into being poetic. I still cry remembering Pikachu trying to shock a stoned Ash back to life(rock being resistant to electric made it heart breaking). That got the point across better than a talking pikachu.
  14. JukaForever

    Ha XD
  15. JukaForever

    What is the French version of weaboos?
  16. JukaForever

    Choreo is on point again Also sounds like the Korean version of Memoria is more natural
  17. JukaForever

    Good music
  18. JukaForever

    Just in time for Christmas, yay
  19. JukaForever

    It has been so long omg
  20. JukaForever

    Please be my life coach
  21. JukaForever

    I kinda want the onesies
  22. JukaForever

    Ok awesome, I am gonna have to search later at home. I tried searching in my work computer, bad idea.
  23. JukaForever

    Where they the one that had a dance? I remember them being an Oshare Kei that disbanded like 8-9 years ago. I remember specifically they had a very beautiful dance in youtube. These Poidol band looks too new
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