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  1. For Honor is pretty much Dark Souls 1 PVP on steroids .... and with NO MAGIC at all. Considering how I dumped like 1000 hrs in Dark Souls, 800 of which was dedicated to PVP, this was a no brainer after trying out the gameplay. Hopefully the community stays for the long run
  2. Started with Versailles, still with Versailles
  3. You may have interpreted my post wrong. I didn't say I wanted more guitars (actually, I don't really care what direction they go in as long as it is distinctly Versailles sounding), I just don't think Hizaki's guitar play is distinct enough or make much of an impact for that matter. His longest solo in this release is like 15 seconds which is like WTF not to mention they are the type of solos that doesn't blend itself with the song. This whole release could easily be mistaken as a Kamijo solo.
  4. There is a stronger Kamijo sound on this release rather than a balance of Kamijo and Hizaki. Or maybe Hizaki has eased up on his guitar play? I haven't listened to Jupiter so I don't know if that is a trend with him now but his trademark guitar seems so neutered here compared to all previous Versailles releases. With less guitars, the rhythm sections are much stronger sounding and is probably the highlight of this album.
  5. the color of these usernames make me want hubba bubba
  6. I thought Japanese people don't think too highly of receiving donations.
  8. Visual-Kei

    LOL exactly, or he could make his goons carry him around the stage all concert like he did in his solo this was hilarious the first time I saw it
  9. Why not just make your own? All you need is glitter and drapes.
  10. Visual-Kei

    yes but now imagine that for a 2 hour show, also imagine how he is going to do a song like red carpet day.
  11. Visual-Kei

    It wont be the same seeing a majestic being sitting and extending his arms to express his grandeur lyrics, actually, I kinda want a fancam just to see what it would look like
  12. Visual-Kei

    Damn high heels
  13. I see no point in asking toxic people to keep things civil
  14. I am officially 1-10 while playing chess in the shitter
  15. Better question, where the hell is Trombe now?