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  1. They could have just made the site called pakyou lol
  2. So just now I learned you need to use itunes just to transfer a text file to an iPhone LMAO what type of bullshit is that
  3. Nice
  4. I have learned to limit my purchases to about 5 CD/DVDs at a time. I get too excited and that excitement causes me to fall asleep as I use too much energy to contain my excitement
  5. Godfuckindammit why the fuck does everything have a fucking app. 7/11 has an app. The coffee shop has an app. The tiny ass diner in the middle of fucking nowhere has an app. Now I can't view a wikipedia article in my mobile with it telling me to view it in its app like wtf man
  6. I was gonna say triggered but there was no reason
  7. All these years, I still don't have a trench coat in my wardrobe
  8. That explains the Z4, good to know
  9. Secretly hoping Hizaki gets Juka off of fishing and back to singing dope epics again
  10. I wish we had a bar close by my work, I would be having a happy hour every now and then.
  11. What is his day job that he can afford a Z4?
  12. Jupiter, vocal downgrade
  13. Or may be your hearing is normal, there really isn't much difference between 320 and FLAC. To notice a difference, you'd have to be extremely familiar with the song or file and focus on the wierdest shit like high-hats or whatever high frequency instruments are used, subtle decay differences in vocals, stuff like that. I recommend just not worrying about it and focus on the music.
  14. Depending on how this goes, I am going to consider having a daily pint mid way through work everyday
  15. He forgot to do his arms