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  1. Is it only available in their OHP?
  2. I also don't what to expect in terms of crowd rowdiness. The only other Japanese band concert I went to was for X Japan in Vancouver and everybody pretty much behaved like people you see at live concerts in Japan, chill for the most part and rock hard when it is time to
  3. https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/versailles-10th-anniversary-world-tour-toronto-tickets-36371081885?utm_campaign=order_confirmation_email&utm_medium=email&ref=eemailordconf&utm_source=eb_email&utm_term=eventname One day left for the early bird discount.
  4. Thanks for the responses, I will ask the venue about the lockers first before choosing which which bag to bring with me. The thought of the Versailles members selling me stuff in person is hilarious for some reason ... especially if they are gonna stand on the merch stand lol
  5. I'm gonna be seeing Versailles in Toronto in like a couple months and it looks like the venue they chose is a floor standing type venue. I've only been in concerts with actual seats so I wasn't too close to other people and I can bring bags with me to stuff all the goodies that are purchasable before the concert begins. With this venue though, I am not sure what to bring. From the ticket information, it looks like I will definitely be getting goodies so it looks like I will need a bag of some sort but I am kinda worried about getting squished. So i'm just wondering what do you regular concert goers typically bring with you (if anything at all) in these type of situations? On a side note: yes I am pumped, it has been 8 years of stanning Versailles and they are finally within distance to see even though I still have to take a plane across the country. So yeah I am defo gonna grab whatever they got on hand ... even HIzaki if he has price tag on him ... or actually just as long as he is an arms length away.
  6. I'm gonna have mine ready either around Friday, I just found out my audio player on Linux can't do what foobar does when it comes to gathering tracks together. So now I have to set every song up manually and tagging is a nightmare in Linux -.-
  7. All about that succulent sustenance
  8. Their title track was so good
  9. Hmmm I just noticed after moving to the PS4 as my main gaming platform, I haven't had to use my PC for anything other than illegal downloading of files and management of said files
  10. Watching Versailles and then transistioning to an indie band performance always makes me think "this band would benefit with some glitter sprinkled around them"
  11. "Brutal Spiral of Emotion" lol they just gave up on a name
  12. How the hell does he know my musical tastes, discog and old bands I was in?
  13. The new layout for MH for mobile is even more monochromey
  14. Same here