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  1. Depending on how much you want to spend, there are a few daps that can take 2 128GB microsd cards. Also there is a mod for the ipod classic where you can stick an ssd on there.
  2. So I take it your courses are in writing/journalism? Plan what you want to write way before you sit down to do the "work." This should allow you some time ponder and help you form your thoughts/opinions better, then the writing should be easier/faster. As for your workload, not sure I can relate. I took engineering so slaving away in the lab for 14-16 hours a day is quite common place especially during crunch times. Just make sure you do take breaks every few hours and you will make it out of the semester alive.
  3. They seem to have disbanded just before I got into j-rock. I will see if I can still find their stuff.
  4. Holy crap black:list is a band. The members actually look interesting.
  5. Oh wow, it is surprising you still got medievel fantasy vibes. I purposely tried to stray away from it as it felt it has been done to death with metal bands. The main theme is essentially the evil source (dark soul) and trying to break from it's curse (destiny). It could still fit in the future settings imo. Thanks for your review, it is an interesting take.
  6. Will be on a look out for a copy
  7. Seriouslydebatingongettingpinkperformancewheelsformycarbutnotsurehowlongthenoveltywillwearon
  8. My partner was@suji and she gave me quite the OST: from Maison de M (メゾン・ド・エム) by 越智多たいじ (Taiji Ochita) Concept: stone wall [bara anime] My ideal anime concept would be a male/male love story, but it wouldn't be your typical romanticized boys' love/yaoi anime. In this day and age, we have yet to see a bara (mens' love) anime. As I'm more of a slice of life/realistic gal, I would love to see an adaptation of a bara manga from names like Gengoroh Tagame, Takeshi Matsu, Tsukasa Matsuzaki, etc. I feel that bara/mens' love would be the correct representation for gay culture in Japanese media rather than yaoi/shonen-ai which is actually fanservice mainly created for straight women by straight women. While creating this OST, I was intent on making this your generic anime OST. However, while picking out songs here and there, it took a more angsty direction, which was the right one for me. As romanticized as yaoi is compared to real gay culture, bara is different. It focuses more on the experiences of actual gay men, the real-life stigma around them, and their ability to conquer those barriers. Along with that comes real relationships, which don’t always go smoothly the whole way, nor have a happy ending. The love between two men is not always pretty, nor does it always have a happy ending. Love is all about discovery, experimentation, triumph, and eventually, heartbreak… And that’s part of reality, which anime doesn’t do a whole lot of, especially when it comes to portraying gay couples. My Review starts here: I admit, I wasn’t too enthused to be reviewing this mix, not because of the subject type but mainly because I just "I get it" and that is hard to put into words unless you want essay. I am not sure how everybody else feels after reading a well written slice-of-life manga but to me, I end with a feeling of "I get it" and I usually learn of a new perspective that I haven't really thought about or was never brought into my attention. This mix does that sort-of thing. The final tone of the mix is pretty much the title pic, lots of flowing emotions but with a strong build up to it. So it is a little harder to write about the mix more than usual. Actually my review will probably not be very good anyway simply because I am more of an outsider to the subject matter. I am not at all familiar with bara mangas, I didn’t know it even existed. I am familiar with slice-of-life mangas however and that is the only the thing I can tie the mix into, that and “Moonlight” since it is the latest movie with this type of subject matter that I have watched. Oddly enough the title pic resembles the final scene of the movie, it did gave me a bit of a déjà vu. Review: If it were not for one or two songs, this would have to be one of the best mixes I have ever heard. It is structured logically and really sets up the heartbreaking climax. Link is here: https://mega.nz/#!Y4J10S6R!oWKZbuZBRI3e8xT9bqctVYu1Fv0AU1Zmh9JWNpyocFo I encourage people to give it a listen. It is quite good. I could probably imagine an anime of this type if it doesn’t already exist. I know there are plenty of movies that are like this. If it is anything like “Moonlight” but with a Japanese setting, then yeah I would be down to see it.
  9. snowflakes
  10. Your mix from the last trade off would actually sound really good for an anime OST just saying
  11. Now this necro-ing, I agree and fully support it. In the topic, I am against streaming music, it is not feasible. Takes up data, takes up energy and will drain battery life and unless you have set up your own server, the music doesn't stay with you. Owning copies will still be the way to go. Necro this in 8 years and maybe my stance will change.