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  1. What is up with people going to a Japanese restaurant and specifically asking for miso soup? The thing is complementary ....
  2. ehh type A is so expensive for only 3 tracks, I kinda want to get the regular edition as well too
  3. Why the hell does cheerios tastes sweeter with regular milk as opposed chocolate milk?
  4. Hella backed-up in my music cues
  5. Moonlight I cannot believe the director only did like 1 movie before this like WTF This is probably the best coming-of-age movie I have seen
  6. Afterschool is pretty much dead as well. Just SNSD left going strong.
  7. Pretty much all the whole discog of Mutant Monster except for one release
  8. The lack of elegant, simple and feature rich music players in Linux is ridiculous.
  9. Bon Cop/Bad Cop 2 Great sequel, not as quippy as the first one but just as good.
  10. This adult thing, yea fuck that
  11. versailles

  12. "Urban" WTF
  13. Goddamn CAD is so fucking weak, I can't buy shit for months now smh
  14. 40th B-Day? I don't see any other reason to make it a big deal.
  15. Wtf is Kawaii not permanent?