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  1. I'm in ... but uhm ... why not have the playlist a secret as well?
  2. -.- I keep forgetting about his release, gonna add it to my list
  3. Wow that is really close, I am just like one skytrain over, Holdom Well PM me if you wanna meet up sometime, it'd be cool
  4. I am in Burnaby, you?
  5. So I guess he is done being a princess, cool
  6. I am in Vancity as well. I know some people that are into jrock but nothing to the point VK except X Japan.
  7. There is always a sliver of a chance
  8. Or just give them money
  9. "try getting hit-on just based on your cute display pic" the saved draft feature of this site is freaky, I don't know what I was going with the above
  10. ...
  11. Not skipping for the instrumental. If there will be a dvd, then defo not skipping
  12. Experience Versailles live , done
  13. foobar2000, some effort required to make it pretty though
  14. They could have just made the site called pakyou lol
  15. So just now I learned you need to use itunes just to transfer a text file to an iPhone LMAO what type of bullshit is that