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  1. Just saw "Life" It was a pretty nice suspenseful film and a great sci-fi movie overall .... but fuck that ending
  2. T-ARA is done ... welp
  3. Err you were given the lossless version of your music when you buy the physical media. It is definitely for consumers. It's just that the majority of people don't care enough or hear a significant enough difference that lossless isn't offered digitally.
  4. "Legitimate"? As in a legitimate musician? As long as the music is good tbh I wouldn't care if it was a full-on band or a soloist that dropped it. Although for a soloist that had help producing the music, I would check the liner notes and see who the other producers are.
  5. if the mastering is different in the hi-res then there could be a difference, if there isn't, then there shouldn't be a an audible difference.
  6. ...then you find out the rest of the songs are quite shit except for the lead single -.-
  7. Word, where is IE
  8. Playing Inheritence and Thanatos back to back is my pre-fight music.
  9. This month is gonna be all about the Tang-Tang-Tang Fingertips for me with GFRIEND's comeback .... And also lolis with Brave Girls Taeyeon's new album also came out bout a week ago, a little lackluster IMO even though she is my fave singer. Damn near all the songs on that album sounds like it came out of an american producer.
  10. versailles

    I don't see them releasing another big release until next year. A single maybe to coincide with their tours, be happy with Lineage dammit.
  11. Logan Pretty nice farewell movie to Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman. The make-up and Hugh's performance were absolutely great portraying him as a worn out and old hero whose end is inevitable.
  12. Yea 31 is coming up soon
  13. IDK sites like to parrot whatever other sites are saying and then people will take it as fact. My take on it is that it isn't much of a horror film, some elements sure but it isn't really the whole film. Maybe like 10-20 % is horror scenes, the rest is mostly mystery/thriller. I was actually expecting it to be a full blown horror movie lol
  14. There are comedic touches but not really a comedy and defo not a horror movie
  15. Get Out It is a defo good movie for a thriller/mystery genre. I have no clue why people were labeling it as a horror though. There were some creepy moments but it doesn't build up to anything. The movie works very well as mystery as all the clues are given through out the movie and it all makes sense by the end of it all. The final act is a little odd though in its structure as the narrative suddenly switches to a non-main character. But the ending is still pretty good even if they didnt devoleped the non-main before heading into the final act.