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  1. JUST GOING FAR Genres: Indie rock, shoegaze, pop etc. Duration: 48:29 Description: I imagined a long night drive when I made this mix. It's got a pretty romantic atmosphere in a melancholic way, even if i say so myself. The album title came from The Novembers song included in the mixtape. Tracklist: 01. Ogre You Asshole - また明日 02. The fin. - Night Time 03. 阿部芙蓉美 - A Thousand Days of Love 04. THE NOVEMBERS - ただ遠くへ 05. The Florist - Middle of Winter 06. SuiseiNoboAz - Pika 07. Ropes - dialogue 08. きのこ帝国 - ドライブ 09. JUDE - エメラルド 10. ゆらゆら帝国 - つぎの夜へ Get it here! More mixtapes coming soon ^^
  2. I've been a bit late with my reviews the last few times but now I shall be the first to post my review My partner was @Hakoniwa and they sent me a mix called MONOCHROME Is this mix about the future of MH? Soon we will find out... 01. COCCO - カウントダウン The first song's title is appropriately "Countdown". It begins with the combo of mellow piano and delicate vocals but then comes the grunge/alt-rock-esque chorus (I especially love that loud drum fill transition into the chorus.)! The whole energy of the song switches. She now sounds more determined but I can still feel the pain and sorrow in her voice. Actually I could put this into the same category with some Japanese female-fronted alt-rock bands with emotive vocals, such as me-al art or fra-foa... And that's a compliment! There can never be too much music like that. And when it comes to the post-apocalyptic theme, this sure is an interesting start to this journey. Hakoniwa told me that their mix would be centered around "survival and desolation and living through it until you can die peacefully". I will try to interpret or make up my own vision of what each song is about. The ending of this song already feels like such a cliffhanger! A dramatic, deep breath and then it just ends there... SCORE: 02. D'espairsRay - Tainted World ...and then shit gets even more real. If this was a movie this would be the opening credits song. I think it describes the world in which this story is set in. And let me tell you: it does not sound like a nice place to live in. I have no complaints about the song itself. I never was a D'espairsRay fan (nor a hater) but thanks to their songs like this one I understand 100% why people like them. 03. ムック - モノクロの景色 Could it be that the mix got its name after this MUCC-song "Monochrome Scenery"? This was a bit harder to interpret for me but when I listened to this song I had this idea: what if the mix is a collection of experiences and stories of different people who lived in the world of this story? Tatsurou's vocals in some parts sound surprisingly positive to me or maybe they're just... sarcastic? But the song in general is good ol' melancholic MUCC with some good riffage and melodies layed here and there. 04. 草莓救星 - Bad dream (acoustic) This is pretty cool acoustic song. It sounds like a dark lullaby. In fact reminds me a lot of Finnish singer-songwriter Mirel Wagner. I hope this is how slow death feels like. 05. Pink Floyd - Is There Anybody Out There I know Pink Floyd are legendary but they're just one of those bands I never really listened to, even though I do enjoy 60's and 70's music and as far as I know they released their well-known works during that era. Actually "Is There Anybody Out There" is a 3 minutes long interlude and those are always hit or miss. But I like this! The first half consists of a man asking if there's anybody out there with some ambient sounds, the second half is a mostly acoustic guitar piece and it's so gooood! The acoustic part is like a reprise of the earlier song in a way, that's neat. The melody is haunting, it's lonely, it's peaceful. It feels like finding something beautiful in an ugly world. 06. The Feather Side - AM 419 Damn... The intro piano hit me straight in the feels. This is not the type of music I usually listen to. The vocalist sounds vk-like and the guitar solo could very well be in some visual kei song. But wow, I live for that piano! The rest of the song doesn't really impress me. 07. ichika - Inversion Short interlude and the title is actually very fitting since the song before and after this are very different if compared. Thanks to this Inversion it's a smooth transition! 08. RENTRER EN SOI - THE ABYSS OF DESPAIR This happens to be my favorite RES song! The song title pretty much explains the mood. I've heard some nasty rumors that some people don't like this song and that's fucked up. They fit so much cool ideas into the 2 minutes and 42 seconds. 09. the brown - tragic prayer -Aesthetics of ruin- A bit of an odd choice if you ask me. The mood doesn't feel as heavy compared to the others, at first glance. But I might be digging too deep when I say that I do hear some themes of anxiety here. That might explain the annoying under-water filter the vocals have. It's a very short song anyway, just a bit over 1 minute mark. 10. Creature Creature - COSMOS BLACKNESS Morrie with his engrish just made the post-apocalypse sound sexy, with his deep voice. I like how he says "cosmos blackness". There are some pretty trippy/proggy parts too. Alright, time for a new interpretation. To quote Hakoniwa's description again: "living through it until you can die peacefully", all of these songs could be about death. Cosmos Blackness sounds like the narrator has accepted his fate (death) and is now ready to die. 11. Antikaruna - save me from the darkness Antikaruna is one more band whom I'm familiar with but haven't had the time to delve into their music properly. They're also a female-fronted alternative rock band, but they have more of a western-influenced sound and I was never a big fan of that stuff. They don't have the same melancholic vibe that bands like me-al art just ooze of, in my humble opinion. Anyway, the vocalist does have a pleasant voice and good english pronunciation but I find the instrumentation and melodies quite generic. If my interpreation of the previous song was about accepting the death, this is about someone who's tired and is begging for death. 12. L'Arc~en~Ciel - EXISTENCE "I'll make you watch documentary movies every single night" sounds like such a threat. Now it's confirmed that this isn't a nice place. Apparently Hyde is the self-appointed ruler of this post-apocalyptic wasteland who forces his people to watch documentary movies because those are the only form of entertainment that's left in this world. "Take away their existence", he sings in the chorus. Hyde has basically stripped people of their humanity. 13. KANNO YOKO feat. SAKAMOTO MAAYA - Trust me Ah, this is such a nice change of pace. The song is somewhere between downtempo and pop with hints of jazz. Feels very jazzy even though it really isn't. I guess it's the jazzy piano. Sakamoto Maaya singing "Trust me" with her ethereal voice... I would definitely trust her. Everything feels so calm and tranquil. Did we ascend to heaven already? 14. ANYO - in the end. NOW this is what I mean when I talk about Japanese rock having that certain melancholic mood. It's apparent from the beginning. I actually know about ANYO already and I love them! The hypnotic guitar riff gives me huge downy vibes. Very, very atmospheric stuff. I wish this was 4 minutes longer. This sounds nightmarish after Kanno Yoko & Sakamoto Maaya, like saying "this nightmare isn't over yet". It's crazy how powerful this song is despite it being pretty simple composition-wise. 15. THE YELLOW MONKEY - 天国旅行 And like we have D'espairsRay for the opening credits we gotta have a song for the ending credits too. I dig this kind of "epic" rock songs and with epic I mean 8+ minutes long songs with couple guitar solos. This has pretty nice atmosphere again, I'd say its bittersweet. 天国旅行 translates as Trip to Heaven so are we finally approaching heaven? As I see it, this is the goodbye song but is it a good or bad ending? That remains a mystery to me. My opinion is that it's a good ending for the protagonist(s) / narrator(s) because they found peace in death but in the end the world destroys. We have reached the end and man, I really enjoyed this mix. Very rock-oriented but it showed multiple different shades of rock, just how I like it. And there was a fair amount of engrish but it never bothered me much which is weird. O_o The flow was consistent too and the transitions felt natural. I even noticed some dramaturgy-like moments while listening. Good job Hakoniwa!
  3. Oh man, it's already time for a trade-off again? I almost missed this one completely but I'm IN
  4. that's some good shit
  5. ^ Great stuff!
  6. Thanks rekzer for your review! Here's the tracklist: My partner for this mysterious trade-off was @rekzer and they sent me a mix with no further explanation, just the songs. I (think I) recognized around half of these bands and I decided to put my guess for those I think I knew in spoilers after each blurb.
  7. Something came up so I will also post my review tomorrow.
  8. Made some upgrades to my PC: A full-modular 650W power supply, no trouble with that one. And then a Phanteks CPU cooler to replace my stock cooler. After installation I noticed that the cooler is being noisy. It should be around 600-1800 RPM and it's constantly going 1700 RPM. I tried to change the settings in BIOS but no luck.
  9. Interesting~ I'm in
  10. indigo's unpopular favorites of 2016 It's a little after midnight here, so basically I missed the deadline, but it's still sunday somewhere! I'm not in it for the prize really, I just wanted to get this list out there for fun so I didn't really invest in creativity, it's just a simple list. I imagine these artists won't appear on many - if any - lists. It's good to have a bit of diversity too, right? Some of these videos might be blocked for you, my apologies for that! Here are the Japanese albums I enjoyed the most last year! #1 ムニムニ (Munimuni) - A KILLS A I feel like this album would be on a bunch of EOTY lists if it wasn't for the hmm... unique vocals. I have never been bothered by his voice, though. And he uses his lower register a lot more on this mini-album anyway. I must admit the vocal melodies and delivery can be for an acquired taste. Every time I hear someone say "I love the music but can't stand the vocals" about a band I enjoy, it makes me particularly happy for some weird reason. Few of us have been waiting for new Munimuni material for ages and finally we got a new mini-album! A KILLS A is only 17 and half minutes long but it's still something. And that something is 17 and half minutes of quality music: melancholic rock with fucking awesome atmospheric, wailing shoegazey guitar. Just listen to it on BIG MONEY or NEO SONG, for example. Third song &4 is the weakest point on the album but it's still good. Sample song Highlights: BIG MONEY, NEO SONG, KOGEN #2 Age Factory - LOVE I'm not entirely sure, but I like to think that this album is about a summer, two teenagers and first love. As you know, everything feels 10 times worse when you're a teenager, especially a break up. This album has that whole bittersweet, exaggerated end of the world atmosphere. You could almost cut these feels with a knife. I simply adore the vocalist's voice, I just want to give him a man-hug and say "it's alright". It's near impossible to pick a favorite song, they're all my favorites. This album needs to be listened to from start to finish as one consistent piece of music. For me "LOVE" hit hard, one of my favorite rock albums in a long time. Sample song Highlights: EVERYTHING, maybe with the exception of Veranda #3 iri - Groove it I stumbled upon iri's music randomly. I saw the cover art and was intrigued. A few youtube song samples later I was excited. After the full album I was hooked. The album is influenced by urban music; R&B, soul, funk, hip-hop. The production on the album is smooth and groovy. The list of producers include mabanua (ナイトグルーヴ), STUTS (Wandering) and Kenmochi Hidefumi (breaking dawn, フェイバリット女子) among others. iri's voice is soulful and despite her young age she sounds mature. There's even some parts where she is rapping but she is comfortable with it, it doesn't sound awkward or try-hard. Perfect music for a night drive in the city! Sample song Highlights: breaking dawn, Wandering #4 友川カズキ (Kazuki Tomokawa) - 光るクレヨン (Gleaming Crayon) Tomokawa has been around for a long time. He's been churning out albums regularly for 40 years and I think we're close to 30 studio albums by now. He's known for his avant-folk style of music and Gleaming Crayon continues on the same line. The most well-known characteristic of Tomokawa is his idiosyncratic voice, I'd describe his technique as "coughing-your-lungs-out". It's desperate, disgusting, intimidating. Most of the time his voice is accompanied by acoustic guitar. There's also some occasional instruments; distressing drums, scary strings, sporadic saxophone, you name it but which ever the instrument, it's always a harrowing feat. Sample song Highlights: つつじ, 愉楽 #5 SALU - Good Morning I remember when I saw the PV of first single Tomorrowland and thought to myself "this is trash". Well, since then I have changed my opinion a bit, it's still my least favorite song though but the rest of the album makes up for it. The opener "All I Want feat. Salyu" is a strong one. It's nothing like "Tomorrowland". It's an emotional song, with a piano-based beat. The subdued "la la la's" which serve as a chorus are beautiful and last minute lets Salyu shine. The production on this album is great for the most part, it's soulful. There's jazzy horns, piano aaaaand I just noticed that I love to list instruments. SALU flows on these beats effortlessly and he got some good hooks. There's surprisingly lot of singing too, like on "How Beautiful" and "Lily". All featuring artists do a great job, there aren't any rappers but singers Salyu and Mika Nakashima and trumpeter Kuroda Takaya. Especially Salyu almost steals the show on her feature. Sample song Highlights: All I Want feat. Salyu, How Beautiful, タイムカプセル #6 Yellow Studs - door There are bands that I wish would evolve with every album, and then there's bands like Yellow Studs. They have basically been doing the same thing since forming - garage-ish rock with hints of jazz - never really changing their sound, and damn I'm glad they haven't! They have nice melodies, raspy vocals and great instrumentation with catchy guitars, cool upright bass and some lovely keyboard/piano. I've always enjoyed their faster tempo songs the most, and this album proves it true again. おはよう (Ohayo) is a great example, it might be one of the best songs they've done so far and it's one of my favorite songs of 2016! It's simply a fun album which never fails to lift my spirits. Sample song Highlights: ガラクタ, おはよう
  11. ^ awwww yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!
  12. we are gonna plug tonight, right? ;3
  13. Alright, here we go! My partner this time was @Delkmiroph and his mix is called "S y n o n y m s o f S a d n e s s" 01 rice - あかしあ It's obvious early on that Delkmiroph went for a bit different approach here compared to my own mix. "あかしあ" starts with just a piano and vocals and slowly builds up from there to something grander. It's a feels song alright, with its sad melody and instrumentation but the vocalist... His vibrato is like a fence between me and all the possible feels one could get, but that's a matter of taste. 02 amber gris - feel me Even the song title is asking to be felt so this could be good. The vocals are definitely to my liking now and this type of visual kei has always been close to my heart. Guitar playing and riffs are usually the thing I get the most feeling out of, even moreso than vocals or anything else. On this track the guitars are great; emotional and melancholic. It's a fantastic song all around. 03 9GOATS BLACK OUT - 願い When I saw the tracklist I was pretty certain that amber gris and 9GBO would be a good fit consecutively - and to no one's surprise they are! If I were to compare the two, amber gris's song was more straightforward, this one is more dynamic and dramatic. This just doesn't hit me as hard as the previous one but I can dig this too! 04 Versailles - Serenade ...And speaking of dramatic, look who it is! The intro is really nice with the strings and all - actually the song isn't that bad at all, but every time the symphonic guitar wankery (I mean no offense) starts I'm like ehh.. 05 Enya - Watermark This is like a short-ish, around 2 minutes long interlude, with mostly piano in it. That piano melody is sad as hell ;_; Also a nice transition after the Versailles song! 06 Plastic Tree - 黒い傘 Ryutaro's voice fits so well with the lonely and even desperate atmosphere I get from the song. This is also the darkest song on the mix so far. It's the closest equivalent to my own music tastes (along with #2), and this is sort of what I have in mind when I think of emotional songs. 07 magic love - Wait For Rain I have not heard about this band and I was expecting it to be western but turns out they're from Japan! They have that shoegaze/dream pop sound with ethereal female vocals. It's definitely a music style that I enjoy when it's done well and the engrish vocals don't bother me on this particular track. The female vocalist has such a pleasant voice. Apparently these guys are quite freshly-formed? They have potential, that's for sure. 08 THE NOVEMBERS - Romancé Ahh, finally I get some of The Novembers's stuff in a tradeoff! They are one of my favorite bands in the J-music realm. Romancé, as the title suggests, sounds romantic and nostalgic. In fact, this is the song that got to me the most emotionally due to it evoking all those nostalgic feelings. 09 björk - black lake I have to admit that I have never really tried björk's music. Sure I have heard some of her stuff but that's all, aaand then here we have a 10 minutes long björk song! Her vocal delivery is off-putting for me but musically and lyrically this is pretty interesting. I think that with time I could be able to appreciate this song more. 10 Cesar Franck - Sonata in A Major for Cello and Piano Time for the last song. Classical pieces are so hard to review, though. This features only piano and cello and they complement each other well, at some parts I almost feel as if they're having a conversation. The lonely and lack of faith-sounding cello gets intensive and then the piano calms it down. I'm not a avid fan of classical music even though I do have my favorites and I could imagine myself listening to this every now and then. Delkmiroph delivered a lot of surprising choices, a few familiar names and a diverse mix of different genres on his mix. I noticed that on my first listen I didn't necessarily feel all these songs as my partner probably does, but as I listened to the mix multiple times, it definitely grew on me and I got something new out of the songs each time. I would give it a score of
  14. I'm also a bit late with my review. I will post it tomorrow, sorry for the inconvenience!