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  1. My partner was @reminiscing2004 who sent me a mix titled "cleanse" 1. Arve Henriksen - Opening Image Very ethereal sounding opening. This track makes me think of some mystical, untouched nature place far away. It's very simple song but full of atmosphere. Actually reminds me of something DJ Krush could sample. Although I don't really listen to this kind of chill music on a daily basis, I dig this track. 4/5 2. umber - Earth Feet, Lifted - Part 1 Similar to the previous track, I really dig the atmosphere here. Kind of early morning or late summer night vibe. I can enjoy this. 4/5 3. Hollow Gem - Gliss Harp I'm not sure if the artist(s) intended this track to be relaxing or not but for me it's vice versa. The song features a very prominent harp (or whatever the instrument is) which is too *in your face*, that and the weird effects make me anxious. 1/5 4. Rovo - Kyokusei At first I was a little worried but as the song proceeded the more I liked it. The jazziness (is that a word?) felt a bit too busy if you know what I mean and I thought the same thing would happen as with the previous track but this song managed to avoid that pitfall. Although the song may sound a bit chaotic there's this certain, almost catchy rhythm. 3/5 5. good music! - little by little the night turns around I was a bit daunted when I saw the song is 17 minutes long. The song itself isn't really bad but it's just kind of boring? It feels like chill-out background music like the whole playlist so far and I think that was the point too but I've never really understood the concept of background music. When I listen to music, I usually literally listen to it and don't do anything else. Sure you could listen to this like that too but for me that wouldn't work since the song doesn't really make much progress. 1/5 6. いろのみ - 水藻 (feat. Hofli) This gotta be the most minimalistic song so far on the mix. It's just a lonely piano and some weird bubbly aquatic sounds every now and then for 8 minutes. Not my cup of tea. 1/5 7. Opitope - Warmth Of Winter Woods I'm kind of sad because I'm sure someone else would surely enjoy this mix more than I do, because I'm not the type of the person who can just sit back and enjoy this kind of very minimalistic songs. The songs do evoke some nice imagery in my head but as songs they lack the aspects I enjoy in music. 2/5 8. Stars of the Lid - Even (Out) + Most of these songs would work pretty well in a movie score. I feel like this would be pretty good in a sci-fi movie or a movie set in space. In that setting it would probably work better for me too. Even thought it's a simple, ambient song, the feel is epic. 2/5
  2. Alright, thanks for the info. I'll send my mix as soon as I can
  3. I still have not received a mix 🥺
  4. indigo

    Here's my review of @yomii's "Best of 2003" mixtape. I did not have any idea of what kind of music yomii would send me but as soon as I saw the tracklist and some familiar names there I got a pretty good idea what to expect. 01. MONAURAL CURVE - story weep Instrumental intro, sets the mood. It sounds quite dark and ominous. I wonder if this is the soundscape I should expect from the rest of mix too. Transition to the following track is good. It's great for what it is, as an intro but on its own it's nothing special so that's why I give it a 3/5 02. emmurée - 祈り emmurée is one of the bands on the mix that I'm familiar with but I've never really listened to them THAT much but I do know that their style of melancholic, nagoya kei suits quite well to the music territory I'm into. I don't remember if I have heard this exact track before but it's pretty much the kind of track I expect from them. Atmospheric guitar work, great vocals. My favorite part is probably the chorus. I love how you really don't even notice that it's the chorus because it's incospicuous but it's still catchy. Great track. 5/5 03. deadman - rem. Another familiar name obviously. I have to admit that I'm a huge aie fan. Unsurprisingly there are some great riffs in this song too, fantastic vocals, the prominent bass and drums are great too, but the drums production is a bit annoying. I don't like the snare sound. But that's just a tiny issue. All in all, great song, which makes you want to bang your head. 5/5 04. 椎名林檎 - 宗教 I didn't even notice at first that there's a Ringo Shiina song on this mix, lol. So that's a nice surprise. I know that 加爾基 精液 栗ノ花 is usually considered her best work but my favorites are her 2 first albums. Anyway, I can't deny the fact that this is a brilliant song. I don't like the weird underwater-like vocal filter in the intro but after that things get interesting. The song composition is amazing. The song switches between noisy, grunge rock-ish parts and "classical" pieces, and parts that aren't that far from breakcore or something like that. Somehow all these fit very well together? Shiina's amazing, soulful vocals are a cherry on the top. I'm obliged give a third 5/5 in a row. 05. Közi - Ism This is a sort of cool song. It reminds me of 90's drum and bass / jungle music. The vocals are not my cup of tea, though. It's definitely something different. 3/5 06. 人格ラヂオ - 回路 This one's a more traditional sounding pop rock visual kei song but I'm not really feeling this song either. There are some nice, crunchy guitar riffs in the chorus but other from that this song doesn't really do anything for me. The vocals are a bit off-putting and mixed too in your face. 2/5 07. ナイトメア - Love Tripper Here we got some questionable production values again, but if we leave those aside and just focus on the song itself. Yet again, the vocals are off-putting for me, but there are some good things going on. Some of the vocal melodies are actually catchy and the songwriting is interesting at some parts. I like the chill, almost a bit blues-y riffs/licks during the verses and outro. The chorus is catchy. If I were to compare this to the previous track, this is better but not as good as the first half, so I would give this a 3,5/5 08. Be≒Luna - GRAVE This might be the heaviest track on the mix, thus far at least. There's chugging guitars and occasional growls but also lighter parts with some acoustic guitar. The song is surprisingly long too, being over 8 minutes. I guess it's basically two songs because in the middle there's a minute of sounds of waves(?) I think. Or just white noise. Anyway, the later part might be even heavier than the first one, with lot more typical vk-screams and shouts. Unfortunately I feel like the song isn't very memorable. 2/5 09. GULLET - deracine Reminds me of that emmurée track. This has that kind of "driving" sound to it, which I like. The atmosphere here is nice, it's decent instrumentally and vocally. It's just missing "that" something for me to really get into it. 3,5/5 10. MONAURAL CURVE - deep guilt Ooh, this is the same band as the first one, but I guess it's not really cheating since the another song was just a sort of intro. I'm not a huge fan of the synth bleep, but the guitar riff is quite good. It's basically what makes this song as good as it is. Kind of reminds me of post-punk and bands like Killing Joke with the guitar sound, rhythm and pounding drums. 4/5 Thanks to yomii for the mix! Visual kei is always such a hit-or-miss stuff for me, sometimes I love it and sometimes I loathe it. This mix was basically visual kei oriented and there were both types of VK there, as I expected. The first 3 proper songs were my absolute favorites, though. Those were also the artists/bands that I was already most familiar with. This is a nice showcase of what kind of VK was produced in 2003.
  5. indigo

    Sent my mix to @yomii!
  6. indigo

    Great way to start off your day. One of the best Japanese songs ever!
  7. indigo

    Not sure if you're looking for VK bands but unless not.. One of my favorites: Yellow Studs. They're like jazzy garage rock. If you don't mind the raspy vocals, personally I love them.
  8. Really cool idea. I wish I would've participated but it was fun to read these reviews nonetheless. 😁
  9. indigo

    This first one is definitely one of my all time favorites. It's very cathartic moment for the song, the solo comes in at a perfect time, In a perfect way. It's loud, great tone and lots of emotion. The solo starts at 2.38 My second favourite consists of similar elements. Again very loud, no frills, no bullshit just a badass solo. Starts at around 1.50 The last one is interesting, because I don't listen to X Japan but this solo has Been among my favorites for ages. When I think of Best solos, this always comes To my mind first. It's different compared to the stuff I usually dig but I can't help but smile whenever I hear this solo. Starts at 3.44
  10. indigo

    New album sounds pretty good and fresh. I definitely enjoy the rawer songs more than the synth-heavy tracks. My favorites are Bad Dream, Down To Heaven and Ghost Rider. But the rest of the album Will grow on me, I'm sure of it.
  11. indigo

    Sorry I'm a bit late. My partner was @suji who sent me their chill out mix! 1. MERRY - 窓から逃げたラブソング (acoustic) We're off to a great start since Merry is one of my all-time favorite bands. Regardless of that I'm not sure if I have heard this acoustic version of 窓から逃げたラブソング before. The acoustic guitars bring out a mellow and melancholic vibe. The main guitar riff sounds just as good acoustic or electric it seems. Gara gives an emotional vocal performance. I imagine this would work perfectly as a song you listen to around a campfire. The only small gripe I have with the song is it's maybe a bit too long, it could've been around 3 minutes instead of the 4 and half minutes. 4,5/5 2.honeydip - summer's gone I really like the way this song starts. A small acoustic guitar intro and then the transition to the shoegaze goodness. The best way I can describe the main guitar riff is hypnotic. It reminds me of the siren-like riff in The Novembers' Rhapsody in beauty. You can just doze off and listen to that riff play over and over. If in the previous track I complained about the duration of the song, this one doesn't have similar problem even though it is 8 minutes long and quite simple and repetitive. Some songs just work regardless of the length. 4,5/5 3.Plastic Tree - 時間 坂 Sweet transition again. I always have to praise good transitions. And I keep hearing these great Plastic Tree songs and I have more and more reasons to listen to their stuff but I still have to get around to do that. This track is also on the shoegaze side of things. I mean, there's nothing wrong in the song, it's decent but it just doesn't grab me. I guess for chilling out it is good though that nothing about it really stands out, it's just a chill song. Have to give it 4/5 4.Kisaki Project feat. Satsuki - 勿忘草 I really don't care about anything Satsuki has done after Rentrer en Soi but.. this sounds pretty cool. The reason for that is mainly on the instrumental part though. Around the 3 minutes mark I thought "okay this is starting to get a bit jarring" but then the song changes gear. I'm glad the composition keeps things interesting, switching between the more tranquil parts and then the "epic" moments which remind me a bit of RES. The guitar solos are great I must say. This is not something I would usually listen to but it's a great song. 4/5 5.Dir en grey - アクロの丘 Hmm, who are these guys? Are they newcomers? Just kidding. I think this may be my favorite song on GAUZE. At this point I think it's safe to say that I like the mood suji went for this mix. Yes, it is indeed chill but also melancholic, which I personally love. It's not happy kind of chill, more like alone in a dark room kind of chill. What can I say about the song? It's a classic. Dir en grey have always known how to make great lighter, atmospheric songs. 4,5/5 6.Shiver - 「××××ノ僕カラ君へ…」 When I first heard the vocals, I thought of those 80's J-pop female singers. It doesn't say the year in the metadata but this sounds like it's pretty old school visual kei. Audible bass, some sweet guitar riffs. Especially I dig the guitar solo in the middle, great soaring sound. The vocals might be the weakest link of the track but at least they've got character and don't annoy me. 4/5 7.Solanum - This Time... Well, this is pretty interesting. I'm not sure if it's a thing but first thing that popped to my mind when I heard this was lo-fi baroque metal. I'm still not sure if I like the lo-fi aspect in this song or not. It could sound pretty amazing with good production too. My favorite parts are the faster, thrashier parts with screams. I'm not sure if could chill to this song though, as it gets pretty intense at some parts. I give it 3/5 8.Cult of Fire - खण्ड मण्ड योग Cult of Fire is a band I'm somewhat familiar with. I have heard some songs. In this case I get the "chill" part, even thought it is a black metal band. The long instrumental part with the soaring guitar riffs yet again is fantastic. The way the vocalists growls has a weird therapeutic effect on me. I love cathartic moments in songs, like the one at 4:51 mark. The production bugs me a bit again, but I can handle that. Best song on the mix so far! 5/5 9.Burzum - Burzum (aka Dunkelheit) That riff is just nasty, but I mean I can't handle it for 7 minutes straight. I loved the repetitive riff in the "summer's gone" song but this is a different case. I like the atmosphere here, though. And the additional synths or whatever they are haha. 3/5 10.Athos - Plutonas This goes into the lo-fi, raw black metal category again. I love black metal but usually not this type of it. I need me some blast beats! Pretty cool idea to have the occasional female(?) background vocals. If there are black metal ballads, I'm pretty sure this is it. And with repeat listens it kinda grows on me. 3,5/5
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