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  1. I'm slow. I have listened to only a handful of albums so far but 2017 already turned out to be better than last year. I won't bother with singles. I will update the list as I progress with albums. Updated 08/13 水曜日のカンパネラ - SUPERMAN (Kenmochi Hidefumi proves yet again that he is the man. Smooth production all around. Also their most cohesive release to date.) SuiseiNoboAz - liquid rainbow (Great comeback with banging production and nostalgic soundscape. And that guitar sound / tone? Mmmmh! Especially the guitar solos take me to the seventh heaven. The Zazen Boys/Number Girl worship is still there to be found and it's completely fine but they put their own little twist on it too. Pika is one of my favorite songs of the year and I will be listening to it even after 10 years) té - 『櫂』 (After the horrible disappointment that was last year's 閾 EP (or that's how I remember it, haven't listened to it since) their new EP 『櫂』 is a return to form. This is what té are about, pounding and commanding drums and wailing guitars that make your heart beat faster) Heaven In Her Arms - 白暈 (The wait is finally over! Kent's vocals have improved!) Norikiyo - Bouquet (I appreciate Norikiyo's slick flow and he's got a good ear for beats, be it trap, boom bap or something else entirely. The problem with his albums has always been the length. They're always around 15-20 songs long and even though is flow is good it can get a bit repetitive sometimes) MONDO GROSSO - 何度でも新しく生まれる (Mondo Grosso's latest album has some real gems. 春はトワに目覚める with UA and ラビリンス with 満島ひかり are some of the best songs of the year but as a entirety I'm left with a lukewarm feeling about the album) Creepy Nuts(R-指定&DJ松永) - 助演男優賞 (Creepy Nuts, at least on this EP, is like a weird combination of RIP SLYME's pop-rap and J-rap's more eccentric artists, nanorunamonai and Sibitt. Especially the vocal delivery and voice of R-指定, the group's rapper, remind me of those two. The first two tracks don't do much for me, but the 3 remaining songs are great!) 浅井健一 & THE INTERCHANGE KILLS - METEO (Yet again a new Kenichi Asai project! It's good as Asai's releases usually are but it's nothing special. Third track "細い杖" is the highlight of the album) empty SALU - Indigo (SALU does know how to name albums, I'll give him that. I like his 2016 album but this sounds even more commercial and poppy. I could even forgive that but the songs just aren't very good. The closing song, "Yedi", which has full-english lyrics by the way, is my favorite. Tough Salu, as heard on that song is just adorable) YUKSTA-ILL - NEO TOKAI ON THE LINE (forgettable J-rap album with bland production)
  2. I was just messing around on my profile and found out that you can now set a track as your current obsession. Obviously that's just a little thing and it won't bring back the glory days of ol' last.fm but I thought it was neat. The reason I dig this addition is that way you can also change the artist banner under your name and avatar.
  3. just wondering, who should I message if I want to submit something to recommended tracks?

    1. CAT5


      Either myself or @fitear1590will get you squared away bruh! 

    2. indigo


      alrighty, thanks! will do if i have something worth submitting

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      Cool! Looking forward to it if you do! :D 

  4. Found a radio rip of the new single. I think it's kinda catchy song but... it still feels like a TK one man show, I need 345 and Nakano to shine more. The guitar solo part at 2:25 is neat, though. And let's all take just A moment to let this fantastic magic unravel again. that's what I call an artist. I try to watch this at least once every week, even at AM 3:45. this is is this one of the greatest live performances?
  5. First of all, I must give @Hohchicano96 thumbs up for mentioning certain color in their review. And some comments about @chemicalpictures review RADWIMPS is hit-or-miss for me personally but I've always liked this song, this was also the first song I chose for this mix and it gave me the idea for this theme. Mainly chose this song because of the frantic guitar. Not my favorite by them by any means. This is the turning point of the mix. Your description is spot on, it's exactly how I feel about the song and how I feel about many of their other songs too. The biggest reason for including Safe in Here is because I also love the title, lol. It's fitting. Yep, the vocals aren't for everybody, that's for sure. Sometimes I also hate them myself but she has certain weird charisma.. And the production is godly. Now that you mentioned it I probably should have switched positions with the previous track haha. Glad you like this. She has very mature voice despite her young age, that's what I like about her too. I suggest you try her album or latest single if you haven't already! At this point of the mix I'm questioning if these two sides are almost too different when comparing to each other. Buuut I like contrast anyway... It's happy indeed, lol. Ahh yes, this song is full of catchy guitar-parts, even if I say so myself. I decided to go with an up tempo closing track for once.
  6. I finally got Netflix, wohoo! So I had one week of vacation and watched the first 2 seasons of The Killing. And if you're not familiar with the show it's about two detectives who are trying to solve the brutal murder of a 17 year old girl. And there's a shitload of red herrings. I think I had my doubts about every person on the show being the actual murderer at different points. I thought Season 1 was pretty good, season 2 was weaker. I enjoyed the investigation / detective stuff the most and season 1 had more of that. And if there's two detectives, as there was in this case, the chemistry between them is very important. I felt that it was really great on these 2 seasons. And I've got a question for y'all. Are there any other great shows about solving a murder? I don't want any of those episodic shows, though. I've seen True Detective obviously, Fargo's first season and The Bridge (the Danish/Swedish version) to name a few.
  7. Alright alright alright finally got around to write the review for @chemicalpictures mix called "pitiful emotional picture". And they said: "I tried to tell a story of an average person falling in and out of love due to life happening. Reasons are left to wonder, but I tried to convey each phase people may go through with a song, each song is a portrait of a moment, with the feeling I think most represent that moment" There was also a subtitle for each song, and I put it in brackets after the song title 1. Plastic Tree - Thirteenth Friday (Void) This is a superb opener for the mix. I actually get huge The Florist (Japanese shoegaze band) vibes from this track. In fact I did _almost_ mistake this to be The Florist but Arimura Ryutarou's vocals give it away, even though his vocal performance is rather subdued here, reminiscent of downy's Robin Aoki. The shoegazey wall of guitar is really sweet and the overall sound really fits the subtitle "Void". Best Plastic Tree song I have heard. I would give this full 10/10, but there might be something even better coming so I'll save it for now and give it 9/10. Heh. 2. kannivalism - ユリカゴが揺れている (Sweet Numbness) I wasn't expecting the second song to be acoustic ballad. One of my first thoughts was "I hope the rest of the band won't join in later because that would be cliché as hell" and I'M GLAD it never goes down that road. Sadly, I'm unable to form any kind of personal, emotional attachment to this song and that just leaves me with a run-of-the-mill vk-ballad. Sorry. 5/10 3. ANSIA - lien.. (Tranquility) Imagine a music video... It's about a couple on a date, they go to the ferris wheel, eat ice cream, take pictures together, go for a ride in a boat on the nearby lake. Then just add this as the music. That's the image I get from this song. I just can't make up my mind about the ending of the PV. Does the guy wake up and realize it was but a beautiful dream or does he wake up and there's his girlfriend asleep next to him and it was all real. I'm not into the song, I don't think I ever listen to this type of music but it does create love-related scenarios in my head and as that was the theme of the mix I gotta give it props for that. 5/10 4. LAMP IN TERREN - 緑閃光 (Buried Emotions) Okayyy, now we are onto something! These vocals are fantastic! Warm and pleasant. For some reason I wanted to say they're butter to my ears...? There can never be too much vocals like this in the Japanese pop rock/indie scene. The song does a great job of building up during the verses and when the chorus hits you it's almost an instant cathartic moment. One of the only negative things about this is the length. Clocking in at 6 minutes 6 seconds, I feel it could be about 1 minute and 30 secs shorter. Regardless, 8/10. 5. 12012 - alone (Solitude) If you just take a look at the title, I think the feeling 12012's "alone" is supposed to represent is quite obvious. The chorus is super nice, especially the "alone alone" line. Even though the theme is solitude I do also get minor "light at the end of the tunnel" vibes. 7/10 6. Capella - reminder (Walk of Life) I like the instrumentation. This is one of those tracks where it's kinda hard to pinpoint the mood... it's like this care-free, romantic song but on the other hand it's very bittersweet. The "walk of life" subtitle hints that the both sides of the relationship come from different backgrounds and such but is it a good or bad thing in this case, I wonder? This could be when the relationship is just starting or when it's already over, it fits both cases. This is pretty similar to the song #3 but this one does everything much better in my opinion. 7/10 7. kei - ring clef. (Love) Is he THE kei of baroque/kannivalism? I have heard one of his solo songs prior to this but it was very different compared to this one. It's funny that I said about the kannivalism song that I'm glad it didn't go down the cliché road you know. Well, this song does also start mellow, this time with acoustic guitar, piano and violin! I'm such a sucker for violin... Anyways, this time later the drums and guitar and bass do join in! But I guess I have to forgive it this time since it's about love. The cheesiest feeling ever. And the outro is actually my favorite part, even the engrish doesn't bother me much. And that violin! Ahh! 7/10 8. xTRiPx - limpid (Aftermath of a Breakup) For a sec when I heard the vocals I was like eh.. I'm not so sure. But they grew on me surprisingly fast. The vocal delivery and performance is almost RnB-like, I can dig that. I haven't heard stuff like that very often, especially in visual kei. The random growl near the end caught me by surprise. But what surprised me the most was how fast this song just flew by even if it's 6 minutes. And there are proably as many reactions to a break up as there are people on this earth. This is't really a particularly sad or angry one. Just based on the music I think this sounds like "yeah it sucks but life goes on" kind of aftermath. I have to give 9/10 9. xTRiPx - past<future (Hope) It's the same band! Is mellow nu-metal kei their niché? The vocalist still does that Rnb/half spoken/rapping thing. At times his voice sounds like Hyde in that one VAMPS song where he had a bit rougher voice. I can actually imagine myself checking these guys out further. Maybe I'll do that. 8/10 10. bis - The Limit of Heart (Overcoming) Well this definitely has some nu-metal influences. Heavier guitar riffs, the rapping, scratches.. The rapping can get a bit cringey and it's a forgettable song. But the attitude definitely fits with "overcoming". 5/10 11. FAKE? - BELLEZA (Closure) I think this is the only song with full english lyrics so far. I like the message of the lyrics about self-confidence. The sound is pretty typical to grunge / alternative rock. I like some sort of little twists or unpredictabilities (is that a word?) in the music I usually listen to and this sounds pretty safe, so I'm not that into it. 6/10 12. Pay money To my Pain - Rain (Regret) ...but there are some exceptions. And PmTmP is one of them. Just seeing their name pretty much overwhelms me with dem feels due to what happened with their vocalist. K was (and still is) my favorite Japanese vocalist with english lyrics. He made me identify with him regardless of what he sang. I'm not sure if there's anyone better than him in Japanese music scene to sing about regret. Great way to end the mix. 8/10 Verdict: On this mix there were songs that I really liked and some that I didn't like that much but I none that I hated. Most of the mix was visual kei-related and I have grown out of VK almost completely, but it was interesting to hear these bands 'cause there were a bunch of them that I knew by name but had never heard their material. I think I will check xTRiPx out at some point. And will listen to more of Lamp in Terren and Plastic Tree. It was interesting to hear your view on these feelings in music form. Thanks for the mix ^^ I might also post a bit longer reply to your review of my mix at some point.
  8. SuiseiNoboAz just released the MV for my favorite song by them!
  9. sounds like a challenge i'm in as well.
  10. FINALLY, new Tamaki Roy album! June 21st.
  11. JUST GOING FAR Genres: Indie rock, shoegaze, pop etc. Duration: 48:29 Description: I imagined a long night drive when I made this mix. It's got a pretty romantic atmosphere in a melancholic way, even if i say so myself. The album title came from The Novembers song included in the mixtape. Tracklist: 01. Ogre You Asshole - また明日 02. The fin. - Night Time 03. 阿部芙蓉美 - A Thousand Days of Love 04. THE NOVEMBERS - ただ遠くへ 05. The Florist - Middle of Winter 06. SuiseiNoboAz - Pika 07. Ropes - dialogue 08. きのこ帝国 - ドライブ 09. JUDE - エメラルド 10. ゆらゆら帝国 - つぎの夜へ Get it here! More mixtapes coming soon ^^
  12. I've been a bit late with my reviews the last few times but now I shall be the first to post my review My partner was @Hakoniwa and they sent me a mix called MONOCHROME Is this mix about the future of MH? Soon we will find out... 01. COCCO - カウントダウン The first song's title is appropriately "Countdown". It begins with the combo of mellow piano and delicate vocals but then comes the grunge/alt-rock-esque chorus (I especially love that loud drum fill transition into the chorus.)! The whole energy of the song switches. She now sounds more determined but I can still feel the pain and sorrow in her voice. Actually I could put this into the same category with some Japanese female-fronted alt-rock bands with emotive vocals, such as me-al art or fra-foa... And that's a compliment! There can never be too much music like that. And when it comes to the post-apocalyptic theme, this sure is an interesting start to this journey. Hakoniwa told me that their mix would be centered around "survival and desolation and living through it until you can die peacefully". I will try to interpret or make up my own vision of what each song is about. The ending of this song already feels like such a cliffhanger! A dramatic, deep breath and then it just ends there... SCORE: 02. D'espairsRay - Tainted World ...and then shit gets even more real. If this was a movie this would be the opening credits song. I think it describes the world in which this story is set in. And let me tell you: it does not sound like a nice place to live in. I have no complaints about the song itself. I never was a D'espairsRay fan (nor a hater) but thanks to their songs like this one I understand 100% why people like them. 03. ムック - モノクロの景色 Could it be that the mix got its name after this MUCC-song "Monochrome Scenery"? This was a bit harder to interpret for me but when I listened to this song I had this idea: what if the mix is a collection of experiences and stories of different people who lived in the world of this story? Tatsurou's vocals in some parts sound surprisingly positive to me or maybe they're just... sarcastic? But the song in general is good ol' melancholic MUCC with some good riffage and melodies layed here and there. 04. 草莓救星 - Bad dream (acoustic) This is pretty cool acoustic song. It sounds like a dark lullaby. In fact reminds me a lot of Finnish singer-songwriter Mirel Wagner. I hope this is how slow death feels like. 05. Pink Floyd - Is There Anybody Out There I know Pink Floyd are legendary but they're just one of those bands I never really listened to, even though I do enjoy 60's and 70's music and as far as I know they released their well-known works during that era. Actually "Is There Anybody Out There" is a 3 minutes long interlude and those are always hit or miss. But I like this! The first half consists of a man asking if there's anybody out there with some ambient sounds, the second half is a mostly acoustic guitar piece and it's so gooood! The acoustic part is like a reprise of the earlier song in a way, that's neat. The melody is haunting, it's lonely, it's peaceful. It feels like finding something beautiful in an ugly world. 06. The Feather Side - AM 419 Damn... The intro piano hit me straight in the feels. This is not the type of music I usually listen to. The vocalist sounds vk-like and the guitar solo could very well be in some visual kei song. But wow, I live for that piano! The rest of the song doesn't really impress me. 07. ichika - Inversion Short interlude and the title is actually very fitting since the song before and after this are very different if compared. Thanks to this Inversion it's a smooth transition! 08. RENTRER EN SOI - THE ABYSS OF DESPAIR This happens to be my favorite RES song! The song title pretty much explains the mood. I've heard some nasty rumors that some people don't like this song and that's fucked up. They fit so much cool ideas into the 2 minutes and 42 seconds. 09. the brown - tragic prayer -Aesthetics of ruin- A bit of an odd choice if you ask me. The mood doesn't feel as heavy compared to the others, at first glance. But I might be digging too deep when I say that I do hear some themes of anxiety here. That might explain the annoying under-water filter the vocals have. It's a very short song anyway, just a bit over 1 minute mark. 10. Creature Creature - COSMOS BLACKNESS Morrie with his engrish just made the post-apocalypse sound sexy, with his deep voice. I like how he says "cosmos blackness". There are some pretty trippy/proggy parts too. Alright, time for a new interpretation. To quote Hakoniwa's description again: "living through it until you can die peacefully", all of these songs could be about death. Cosmos Blackness sounds like the narrator has accepted his fate (death) and is now ready to die. 11. Antikaruna - save me from the darkness Antikaruna is one more band whom I'm familiar with but haven't had the time to delve into their music properly. They're also a female-fronted alternative rock band, but they have more of a western-influenced sound and I was never a big fan of that stuff. They don't have the same melancholic vibe that bands like me-al art just ooze of, in my humble opinion. Anyway, the vocalist does have a pleasant voice and good english pronunciation but I find the instrumentation and melodies quite generic. If my interpreation of the previous song was about accepting the death, this is about someone who's tired and is begging for death. 12. L'Arc~en~Ciel - EXISTENCE "I'll make you watch documentary movies every single night" sounds like such a threat. Now it's confirmed that this isn't a nice place. Apparently Hyde is the self-appointed ruler of this post-apocalyptic wasteland who forces his people to watch documentary movies because those are the only form of entertainment that's left in this world. "Take away their existence", he sings in the chorus. Hyde has basically stripped people of their humanity. 13. KANNO YOKO feat. SAKAMOTO MAAYA - Trust me Ah, this is such a nice change of pace. The song is somewhere between downtempo and pop with hints of jazz. Feels very jazzy even though it really isn't. I guess it's the jazzy piano. Sakamoto Maaya singing "Trust me" with her ethereal voice... I would definitely trust her. Everything feels so calm and tranquil. Did we ascend to heaven already? 14. ANYO - in the end. NOW this is what I mean when I talk about Japanese rock having that certain melancholic mood. It's apparent from the beginning. I actually know about ANYO already and I love them! The hypnotic guitar riff gives me huge downy vibes. Very, very atmospheric stuff. I wish this was 4 minutes longer. This sounds nightmarish after Kanno Yoko & Sakamoto Maaya, like saying "this nightmare isn't over yet". It's crazy how powerful this song is despite it being pretty simple composition-wise. 15. THE YELLOW MONKEY - 天国旅行 And like we have D'espairsRay for the opening credits we gotta have a song for the ending credits too. I dig this kind of "epic" rock songs and with epic I mean 8+ minutes long songs with couple guitar solos. This has pretty nice atmosphere again, I'd say its bittersweet. 天国旅行 translates as Trip to Heaven so are we finally approaching heaven? As I see it, this is the goodbye song but is it a good or bad ending? That remains a mystery to me. My opinion is that it's a good ending for the protagonist(s) / narrator(s) because they found peace in death but in the end the world destroys. We have reached the end and man, I really enjoyed this mix. Very rock-oriented but it showed multiple different shades of rock, just how I like it. And there was a fair amount of engrish but it never bothered me much which is weird. O_o The flow was consistent too and the transitions felt natural. I even noticed some dramaturgy-like moments while listening. Good job Hakoniwa!