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  1. That new Large House Satisfaction song was pretty good, nice surprise indeed! I had been a fan of theirs for a while but the "Crazy Crazy" song they released back in 2015 was so bad that I thought they had sold their soul to the bland anime opening pop rock devil to try to please the masses or something. It didn't have the trademark rough vocals and the composition was too easy on the ears and generic as hell. I'm not even sure if they released any more tracks like Crazy Crazy but that song sort of traumatized me so I never bothered to even check out the album it was featured on but the fault is mine. Anyway, seems like they're back to the old sound now and I'm glad about that.
  2. I'm late but here's my review! My partner this time around was @reminiscing2004 To be honest, this was a difficult task for me. 90% of the mix is way out of my comfort zone. In my partner's own words, its "a slow drift into anxiousness and delusion" and I can't emphasize the word slow enough. It almost drove on the brink of insanity. 01. yarmulke - 39.7/noIZe(TRES) This song is very chill compared to the rest. It consists of acoustic guitar and some background ambient noises, mostly people chattering. The image I get in my head is, it's a beautiful day and the main character is just chilling outside in a park. 3/5 02. Madeth gray'll - 楽園の黒霧 I can already hear the mood changing... It's a spoken word piece. It's like the person talking has no emotions. Makes me think of a doctor's office, the doctor explaining something to our main character. But it also could be the protagonist's inner voice. Anyway, I feel like this is very a crucial part of the story. It's hard to review a "song" that's basically just talking, but you guys have no idea what's yet to come..... 3/5 03. Hollow Gem - Bad Dreams A short piece, sounds like water dripping off a faucet. 2/5 04. 破地獄 (Scattered Purgatory) - 目犍連 - (Maudgalyayana) So this is the kind of stuff I just can't get into. Drone. I can appreciate the oppressive atmosphere but this just isn't music I would listen to on a daily basis. It reflects the theme of slow drift into anxiousness and delusion quite well, though. 2/5 05. 雛罠 - 貝殻草 Actually this sounds surprisingly jolly too. It's just a piano/keyboard riff with some distorted, sped up spoken word that sounds like a news flash of some sort. It's kind of catchy. 4/5 06. Supersilent - 2.3 Starts off really disturbing. Random, sporadic noises.. Its a great representation of the delusion / insanity again. Not something I would really find myself listening to yet again, but it's cool. I appreciate it for what it is. I especially like the last minute or so when the drums kick in. 3/5 07. ムック - ————。 It's just white noise interlude. So music wise nothing special. 1/5 08. killie - (there was no title.) I was excited when I saw killie was included on the mix, but this also was an ambient track, with spoken words. I'm not quite sure on how this ties to the story. I can't get a clear image in my head this time. 2/5 09. 岡村みどり - みかん屋くる Alright, on to the weird stuff again! It's a short one again, about 1 minute. That percussion is almost tribalistic. The mood is very anticipatory... I think something is about to happen soon. 3/5 10. Tool - Viginti Tres Ugh, it's hard for me to listen to this since I lack the patience for this sort of stuff. But that goes for the whole mix in general. This is basically 5 minutes of drone again. 1/5 11. Full of Hell - Fractured Quartz After about 30 minutes of ambient, noise, drone and spoken word parts... we have something I can with pure conscience call a proper song! A 41 seconds long grindcore song. And man, time flies, it feels like 10 seconds and is over way too soon. And to fill up some more on reminiscing2004's theme, "slow drift into anxiousness and delusion" it continues "...that eventually can't be contained, as shown by a few violent outbursts". This must be one of the violent outbursts. Funnily enough, and I'm not sure if my partner was actually thinking of this, but the theme also mirrors the listener's mood, at least in my case. After listening to so much ambient drone I'm bound to explode at some point. 5/5 12. Jazzkammer - Vet ikke Imagine listening to air conditioning or wind for 6 and half minutes. This is it. 1/5 13. cleaner - Ki Annoying feedback in the intro that caught me off guard, short drumroll, one scream and it's all over! These violent outbursts are getting shorter and shorter. 3/5 14. Toshiya Tsunoda - Curved Pipe Last time I told you to imagine A/C or wind, now imagine a spaceship hovering in the air. For 6 minutes. 1/5 15. The Carnival of Dark - crash the view This is pretty cool screamo song. I'm familiar with Japanese screamo but haven't heard of this particular band. I would prefer if the vocals were more in your face but they're buried in the mix. But that's just my preference. Otherwise I really dig this. Guitar riffs and drums stand out. 4/5 16. Coheed and Cambria - [silence] How am I supposed to review silence? 5/5 17. Fumio Itabashi Trio - My Funny Valentine The mix closes with a 15 minutes long jazzy number. I might as well share some of my thoughts on the overall mix while it plays. I think it was a bold move to make a mix like this. Reminiscing told me to listen to it with gapless playback to get the best experience. I regard myself as an very open-minded person when it comes to music but this was a difficult listen even for me. But reviewing these songs individually was even harder since it's a cohesive mix, and some of these tracks aren't really songs per se but what is a song anyway? That's a topic for some other time, I guess. And part of the reason I didn't enjoy this as much as I could have is, as I said earlier I don't have the patience for this sort of stuff (ambient, or drone). As I'm writing this, the last song is coming to an end soon. This definitely feels like a ending credits-like song. 3/5.
  3. Just wanted to let you know that my review of @reminiscing2004 mix will also be a bit late.
  4. I've seen a bunch of movies lately... I had a weak moment and watched Divergent, I don't have much to say about that. There was loads of plot-holes and unlogical things but even though the movie was well over two hours long it went by quickly and I wasn't bored. I might check out the sequels too. Then, in anticipation of the new Blade Runner I watched Villeneuve's Arrival as I hadn't seen that yet. I also rewatched the original Blade Runner to freshen my memory because... today I went to see Blade Runner 2049 in theater. In a few words: Fuck it was great. It's got the slow-burning neo-noir atmosphere of the first movie, there's a bit more action than in the first one but only like 15-20 minutes max, maybe? A lot of callbacks and references too which I loved of course. The movie looks gorgeous and sounds too. The soundtrack was pretty crazy on the theater's audio. So loud. I think it was Hans Zimmer's composition that they used quite a lot. Sounded very similar to his music used in Dunkirk. But it also sounded like some of Johann Johansson's music in Arrival at some points. Too bad that Johansson left this project. The short part of dialogue in finnish was cringey as hell as I'm a Finn myself but it was cool to hear Finnish in a Hollywood movie. Denis Villeneuve has proven to be one of the greatest modern directors. I was 90% sure he wouldn't let us down with this and he didn't as far as I'm concerned. I have no real complaints about the film but I guess I have to let it sink in for a while and re-watch it at some point because I'm so hyped right now. Strong 9/10.
  5. I can't be the only one who instantly thought of a certain other band when I saw that promo pic, lol.
  6. During their 20+ years of existence, Envy have released full albums, EPs and countless splits. Albums: Breathing And Dying In This Place (1996) From Here To Eternity (1998) All The Footprints You've Ever Left And The Fear Expecting Ahead (2001) A Dead Sinking Story (2003) Insomniac Doze (2006) Recitation (2010) Atheist's Cornea (2015) EPs: Angel's Curse Whispered In The Edge Of Despair (1999) The Eyes Of Final Proof 7" EP (2000) Burning Out The Memories 10" EP (2000) The Eyes Of Single Eared Prophet EP (2000) Abyssal (2007) Splits: Endeavor / Envy Split (1997) Envy / Sixpence Split (1997) Envy / This Machine Kills Split (2000) Yaphet Kotto / This Machine Kills / Envy Split (2002) Thursday / Envy Split (2008) Envy / Jesu Split (2008) What are your favorites and why?
  7. Age: My The Novembers age is 5 years old since the first time I heard their music was in 2012. I don't remember the exact date so I don't know my birthday! How you found them: My best guess is it was through last.fm's similar artists pages. I watched the MV for dnim and fell in love with the song but I didn't enjoy the rest of the EP on which that song was featured. Then I lost my interest for some time until they released zeitgeist. I thought it was an interesting album but I still couldn't really get into their music. Rhapsody in beauty changed everything. I enjoyed that album immensely from the get-go. After that I went back to their older material and something very rare happened... something that has happened to me only a few times. We're talking about their 2010-2013 material here. I put some song on: "this is so good!" I put the next song on: "omg this is amazing too" and same thing happened with almost every song. And now I can proudly say that I love all of their albums. Favorite albums: It depends on the day but as of now EPs: GIFT > Elegance > Fourth Wall > Paraphilia Full-lengths: To (melt into) > zeitgeist > Rhapsody in beauty > Hallelujah > Misstopia > picnic Favorite songs: Wire (Fahrenheit 154), 再生の朝, Reunion with Marr, ただ遠くへ, 彼岸で散る青 Extra: I remember I watched this one video interview of theirs, but I can't find it anymore!! In it they said that the most representative song of their music is (either the 1st or 2nd song on To (melt into) but I can't remember which one and it bugs me) I need to find that interview!
  8. Wall of text incoming! Pop/ska-punk is waaaay out of my comfort zone so this is interesting! I usually tend to lean more toward the "edgier" subgenres of punk. The first three songs Go Back Home, No Worry and Skate or Die don't really do much for me, I find them forgettable to be honest. Endless Sorrow is where it gets pretty good; the brass section is the catchiest it's been so far, the gang vocals make me want to raise my fist up and yell along with them. The chill brass breakdown is a cherry on the top. Over isn't able to top the previous track but it's still got some of those sweet gang vocals in the chorus and there's also more of that catchy brass action. I also dig the energetic outro. We'll Be Alright is one of the most feel-good tracks on the first half of the album - a bit too positive for my tastes, haha. The First Love Song, as the title might suggest, is a cheesy love song with even cheesier lyrics: "Cuz you are the only one, Everything for me, I feel like being with you all the time, Cuz you are the only one. You're mine". I'm not really into that. Free Your Mind, the title track of the album, caughts me off guard with a surprisingly groovy intro with a big band feel to it and it can also be heard later on the song. This has the best vocal performance from the dual vocalists, I think there are two vocalists? This is the second shortest song on the album, clocking out at only 1 minute and 49 seconds. It's also the hardest rocking song so far. Definitely one of my favorites. Judgement Day continues the streak of good songs. Like Free Your Mind, its an banging, rocking song, I'm sure this will get the crowd hyped up. The vocalist sounds a bit like the dude from The Offspring here. I am also noticing a pattern here. There's always a couple of songs I'm not so into and then a couple of songs that I am into. As I expected, the next offering, Jump!! is again a song that I'm not feeling. Sure, it's chill and ska as hell but I expected something more energetic considering the song title Jump!! NOW we're talking. Change Your Life.I thought they're gonna go hardcore on us with that intro with its vocal sample and feedback. Then the guitars and drums kick in, they haven't been this "aggressive" on this album yet. There's some sort of screaming too in the background, it gave me a good chuckle. I'm digging this second half of the album more and more! Family is one of the more fun, feel-good songs again. This time I'm enjoying it! The guitar solo in the middle is reaaally neat. It's just got a nice vibe going on. School Of Sax is a school I would love to attend, just saying. It's a VERY chill sax-filled, instrumental song. Sax is always good, the lack of engrish is even better, almost. Just a fun song to close the album. Surprisingly I enjoyed this album quite a bit! The first half had some good songs but the album got much better towards the end. The songs are also short and sweet, only two songs are over the 3 minutes mark. I would give the first half 6/10 and the second half 8/10, so that makes it a 7/10 album in total. I'm gonna be listening to some of these songs when I just wanna chill out and not be depressed as hell. I don't listen to as many positive / happy bands as I should anyway... Favorite songs: Endless Sorrow, Free Your Mind, Judgement Day, Change Your Life
  9. Imma go with individual song reviews again, if that's fine, I'm more comfy with that format. But I'm going to leave the intro, outro, interludes out of the review, in other words all the clown shit, since there are so many tracks. Actually I can give you a short review of the CLOWN stuff: I don't like any of them. But don't lose your faith in me just yet! Clown intro, clown/10 I have never quite understood the idea of starting an album with a slow burning song like BUCK-TICK does here with 降臨. Something that crossed my mind was that they want to let the audience understand that this ain't gonna be a peachy, sunshine and rainbow filled ride. The intro of the song gives quite the dark vibe already. I was half expecting Atsushi to start speaking in tongues and doing all kinds of nasty sounds and foaming out of his mouth. That's not quite the case but Atsushi does a great, sinister vocal performance. I'm not super good at Japanese but it sounds like he's telling some disturbed tale and seems like he's a good storyteller. Like I said before, it's a slow burner but the chorus hits hard. And then we move on to 道化師A. I gotta give it to the band, they're doing a good job laying a solid ground musically. The guitars sound great, some sweet riffage going on. The song title Cabaret doesn't really get me hyped up since I'm not a fan of cabaret but this is my favorite track so far. The composition is far more interesting than that of the previous two songs. And that lead guitar riff is just(y) nasty. I've always been a fan of dynamics and Cabaret uses that to its advantage. The vocal filter Atsushi uses is also cool. Daaammnnnn! 異人の夜 is one hell of a song. As soon as I heard that majestic bass and guitar I couldn't help but nod my head. Atsushi is being outshined here. The string instrumentation adds a nice touch, I can dig dramatic stuff like that when done right and it's done with taste here. This is definitely my favorite song so far. Clown stuff, clown/10 Cabaret already gave some funky / groovy vibes but Goblin takes that to the next level. Groovy, like Ash would say. I think this actually sounds more cabaret than Cabaret did. The occasional violin(?) and the interesting guitar solo are the stand-outs of the song. Atsushi is in his element too. ALIVE is next. I like this. I instantly got the "I could listen to this when driving" vibe which is in my books the best compliment a song can get. Atsushi even mentions highway. Songs to listen to when driving are the best. I wish the chorus was better though, it blends too much to the verses. Also it seems like the middle of this album isn't quite as dark as the first four songs. 月蝕 starts off with Atsushi summoning the devil. Well, basically he's doing that the whole song. On a more serious note, the vocal performance is great yet again. The mood is very anticipatory, I'm just waiting what's gonna happen next. Awesome gang vocals / chanting on this song! The song ends and I'm left wondering whether the summoning was successful. Ugh. DOLL is my least favorite so far. I didn't like it to begin with but they completely lost me on the part that sounds like The Gallo's vocalist's gargling vibrato. It's way too wacky for my tastes. I wouldn't mind if this song didn't exist at all on the album. Let's just imagine it doesn't. The intro of Passion is like out of a 70's horror movie's soundtrack. That's awesome. The build-up is fantastic OR it could be but the climax of the song leaves much to be desired. But I have to give them credit for making the composition quite unexpectable again. And I still like this song a lot. This is now my favorite along with 異人の夜 and ALIVE. ROMANCE -Incubo- definitely has a lot of 80's post-punk / new wave influence and I'm loving it! Such a nostalgic sound. Especially the guitar, the synth and the chorus melody. As the song title implies this sounds very romantic, quite a contrast to the rest of the album. But this is now my favorite song, haha. BUCK-TICK suddenly turned into The Novembers on this song and the one previous this? Imai is doing some magic with the guitar again on seraphim but the vocal melody reminds me of a lullaby. Okay, sometimes that's alright but I'm not into it this time. Turns out the two previous songs were just a sweet dream and we're back to 夢魔 -the Nightmare. Now I can also hear the gothic influence some people talk about. I'm kinda on the fence whether I like or hate the vocal melody. It is quite catchy I must admit... DIABOLO -Lucifer- Oh? Now we're into the lo-fi, trash cans as drums, carnival type of sound? I like it. Clown outro, clown/10 Damn, this album is diverse. It's been a while since I last listened to this but now I'm sure I will be listening to a majority of these songs again. I think I would give it 8/10. Oh and favorite tracks: ROMANCE -Incubo-, Passion, 異人の夜 and ALIVE Indigo out.
  10. I would like to reserve the Nov 26th - Dec 2nd slot, or any slot that's free. I think I can find an album to assign. Somebody just needs to remind me of it when the time comes if I forget.
  11. I'm going to use the "review every song individually" format this time. Mudai 5 starts off with "赫灼セルロイド", a real banger of a song, at least on downy's standards, making it one of my early favorites on the album. The bass on the track is the standout element with its catchiness and in-your-faceness, if that's a word. With proper headphones or sound system it's gonna blow your mind. "曦ヲ見ヨ!" continues on the intensity but I'm sure for some people this will be a tougher nut to crack. I would describe this as a quintessential downy song; hypnotic percussion, bursts of atmospheric guitar... and just a bit of electronic effects to add some more flavor. Time to slow things a bit on "下弦の月". I think this is a good spot to say that I have always thought downy have this rare talent to make their music sound ethereal, beautiful and distressing simultaneously. The guitar playing is always on point. Guitar (and drums) is usually my favorite thing about downy's music. It may be something really simple sometimes but they just make it work. It adds so much to their music. This song doesn't count among my absolute favorites on 5 but it's good nonetheless. I love how the song gives more room to Robin Aoki's distinct vocals. Like does one certain upcoming song too, *cough*, slight foreshadowing there. Like Seimeisen already said before me, "時雨前" and "黒" could very well blend into one song and if I don't remember horribly wrong they even released a music video with these songs combined together. Great downy-esque guitar riffs on 時雨前 again. Aoki's repetitive vocals in the second half (well if we think this as one song, then it's second quarter) are great, I wonder what he's saying though. The transition to 黒 is impeccable. If I had to pick a favorite, I would say 時雨前. The vocal melody on "春と修羅" is haunting. This is again a good example of their ability to write beautiful but distressing music. Here's another possibly misheard piece of lyric: I know night fly flower as heard on "雨の犬". While I for the most part love the songs on this album, this one I'm still not so sure about. It's definitely growing on me. Oh well, let's just continue to "燦". This is the song I was teasing about earlier. Aoki's vocals get to shine again and I freaking love them. Here they're the rawest, most vulnerable and most emotional out of all the songs on Mudai 5. This is at the moment my favorite song on the entire thing. "或る夜" is really cool instrumentally, or let's say this has a lot of cool elements; the quick hi-hats in the chorus(?) are something I haven't heard before on this album. They make me think of trap music to be honest, in a good way, lol. The part at 2:15 - 2:40 is also one of my favorite moments. And the short bass riff around 3:43 is also one of those sweet little nuances. That leaves us with the closing track of Mudai 5, titled "椿" and my impression and experience is that any downy song with one kanji title is a goddamn amazing song. To name a few; 葵 (Mudai 2), 苒 (Mudai 3), 漸 (Mudai 4). Sadly this might be my least favorite song on the album. It's not a bad song by any means but I just haven't been able to get into it for some reason. But some day... some day. At the moment I'm writing this, Mudai 5 is my second favorite album from downy. The first spot belongs to Mudai 3 and I don't think that's going to change any time soon. I think #3 is the most atmospheric and melancholic album of theirs. It's nearly perfect but #5 is nearly perfect too. Like all of their albums are. I give this 9/10. Favorite songs: 赫灼セルロイド, 燦, 或る夜 Indigo out.
  12. I've actually been working on a Japanese chill hip-hop mixtape, probably gonna post it on the mixtape thread soon..
  13. Nice review @platy! I'm surprised you liked this, but I'm glad you did! Fun fact: the vocalist was almost 50 years old when they recorded this (47 I think?) and still got energy to scream like a young man!
  14. My partner was @platy and here's my review for PLATY'S MIX OF LIFE! 01. raw - 9GOATS BLACK OUT The first song "raw" lives up to its name: for the most part it has a lo-fi feel and the instruments are subdued. It's an interesting soundscape. There are some parts where Ryo's voice is trembling, I wouldn't call it vibrato. I haven't listened to 9GBO in a while so I don't remember / know if he does that in every song, but it really gives off a creepy vibe. His falsetto kinda rubs me the wrong way but mostly it's 'cause I'm just not the biggest fan of falsetto in general. Apart from that I like his voice and the last minute does have some divine vocals! Especially at 2:22 he does a fantastic "howl". 4/5 02. 「ルシッド•ドリーム」- DADAROMA Ugh, the intro reminds me of dark cabaret / circus / carneval type of thing and I can't stand those. Thankfully it's not a very prominent element during the rest of the song except for a short bridge. I get the feeling that they try to convey a nightmarish atmosphere and I'd say they succeed pretty well. I like the simultaneous growls / screams and the tone of the clean vocals is pleasant but that's a double-edged sword because it is a nice voice but it lacks personality and that's part of the reason the song doesn't manage to pull me in like it should. 2,5/5 03. 交響曲第9番「真夜中の第二音楽室 - ぞんび I'm not sure if I have ever heard of this band. Instrumentally this is pretty cool, the piano blends in well with the drums. Awesome breakdown in the middle! I'm not a huge fan of breakdowns but I quite like this one. The chorus sounds generic. I would rather listen to this without the vocals to be honest. 3/5 04. Sustain the untruth - DIR EN GREY "Sustain the untruth" is a song that I'm already familiar with. The guitar riff in the verses is great as are the vocals and they're versatile as always. And I have to praise the hoarse vocals in the outro. I swear Kyo needs to use them more often! The verses get me pumped the fuck up. The chorus doesn't count among my favorite DEG choruses and the guitar solo is lackluster too. The rest of the song is more memorable and that's why despite some negative feedback I'm going to give it a 4/5 05. Material Pain - PHANTASMAGORIA Trade-offs always educate me on visual kei bands I have heard the name of but never had the time to listen to! Based on this song I think I should familiarize myself with Phantasmagoria's music. This is very reminiscent of 90's VK, especially the vocals which I like a lot and instrumentally its also solid. The guitar riffs, bass and drums are sweet. They're not amazing or virtuoso-like or even very memorable but everything just works so well together. And the flow of the song is good. 4/5 06. 大雨警報発令 - ザアザア I'm sure I've heard that one guitar riff a million times before on songs by MUCC or lynch. et cetera but it doesn't take away from the fact that this is a pretty kickass song. At first I thought they are yelling "xaa-xaa" but apparently it's "zaa-zaa" as in heavy rain or something? Anyways, I don't like that part, but it's slowly growing on me. The rest of the song I do like. Would headbang. 4/5 07. 新聞マスコミ関係者の方へ・・・ - vidoll Another band that I know of but haven't really listened to. And the song title is really interesting.. The intro's atmosphere is very classic vk-like. I guess it's the guitars. I gotta say I enjoy the atmosphere of the song thoroughly. This is the stuff I like. There's no distracting bells and whistles. My favorite parts are, I think, the guitar solo and right after it the sludgy instrumental part with the best riff of the song. 4/5 08. 「私」と“理解” - アルルカン Let's start with the negative things first: the synths. I can't remember any VK-song in which I'm fine with them and this isn't an exception. But as it turns out they don't play a big part in this song so I can just pretty much ignore them. I often confuse this band and DADAROMA. I think they both do have some cool elements in their music but also some turn-offs for me personally. That being said I enjoy this more than the DADAROMA song of this mix. The vocal melody especially is nice and the song is catchy. And the sudden guitar solo? I dig that too. This contains some awesome headbang-inducing instrumental moments too. 4/5 09. ハロハロ☆極楽★5PANCALL - ASS'n'ARRow〜あすなろ〜 No. NO. NOOOOOOO! This is just so over the top. Almost like the visual kei equilevant of Maximum the Hormone? It goes from beach party to cutesy pop to "brutality" and back again. I'm fine with crazy crossovers of genres like that but this is just too over the top for my tastes. You're such a troll platy! 1/5 10. 彩- 己龍 I'd say I'm a fan of 己龍 but I don't think I have heard this song before? But you really can't go wrong with them. I'm a sucker for the traditional Japanese instruments. The short part with vocoder / voice filter at 2:05 is annoying and unnecessary, though. No idea why they would do that since it doesn't fit their music at all. Apart from that little thing I have no real complaints. 4/5 11. 綺麗事 - ダウト I like the short spoken-word part in the middle and some of the instrumental work is cool but the vocalist's voice is just too distracting for me to properly enjoy this. 1/5 12. ジャンヌダルク - 水曜日のカンパネラ Now this is an unexpected departure from the rest of the mix!! I'm biased when it comes to this band since I'm a big fan. The music is so uplifting, the vocal sample has an epic feeling to it. This is a great closer after the eleven tracks of VK-oriented rock music. This is food for your soul. 5/5 I'm exhausted after typing so much so I'll keep this short: I think me and platy have a quite different view on life-giving mixtape. And I don't mean that in a negative way by any means. Song-wise there were definitely more good moments than bad on this mix. I'm a bit surprised myself since I haven't been that into visual kei for a while now.