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  1. Awesome! I've been waiting for someone to make a thread like this so I can dump all my mixes somewhere. Now these first ones are not for everybody's tastes but maybe someone can dig them. Here's my japanese hip-hop super mix (3 mixtapes). I didn't just pick some nice songs and put them one after another but instead I actually put quite a lot of thought into these. All these mixes have some sort of theme/story. Some artists might be featured on multiple different mixes, sorry about that. But I tried to include as many different artists as I can. Enjoy!
  2. this theme has proven to be a good challenge but I'm going to make you a nice mixtape for sure @togz
  3. Obsessed with this song. What a jam!
  4. As long as Nobukata doesn't retire I'm okay. ...and that lineup is not bad at all tbh.
  5. No problem, man. You probably noticed that some of their music is free on bandcamp! Let's have a session some time again. It was fun ^^
  6. I'm glad to see Epik High included! I haven't had time to listen to the entire new album yet but the songs I have heard were solid. Bleed was my favorite. I got to listen to the album ASAP. And big props for the layout / design of your list. Easy on the eyes and stylish.
  7. It was actually platy who made all these mixes. Btw. how come Plastic Tree's ツメタイヒカリ (Tsumetai Hikari) was at least on 3 different mixes?!!
  8. I'm eager to make a new mixtape thread but idk...

    1. reminiscing2004


      im always doooown

    2. Original Saku

      Original Saku

      let's do it, I've actually been thinking about a revival as well. Somewhere I can dump my many many trade off mixes

  9. I must admit that 2007 was a really great year music-wise now that I think about it. Inspiration is DEAD and The bottom of chaos were life-changing albums for me. I browsed my own music library and I have to shout-out some other fantastic Japanese rock albums released in 2007. Even though they are no1curr bands for the most part. I wouldn't say they are groundbreaking albums or anything but still, they are close to my heart. So I guess they are remarkable for me personally. - The Birthday's Teardrop, one of my absolute favorite rock albums ever. - ミドリ (Midori)'s Second - ムニムニ (Munimuni)'s underrated 曲がる世界 mini-album. - 浅井健一 (Asai Kenichi) released not one but TWO great albums, CHELSEA and Rod Snake Shock Service. - And I have to mention Tha Blue Herb's Life Story, my favorite album by them, even though it's not rock.
  10. Imma pick "Snowful Nights, One Blithe Evening"
  11. I sent my mix. When will we be able to choose a mix?