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  1. Pho

    So, as I said in the news thread, math absolutely sucks. Bring back real Visual Kei! In all seriousness though the second half of the album is noticably stronger than the first, but overall I don't see myself giving too many of these tracks relistens. It has the same problem a lot of the other mathy bands cropping up all over the place these days have; their songs are serviceable but missing that extra something that makes them sound like more than the sum of their parts. Mathy music tends to have a lot more going on in terms of compositional complexity, sure, but that doesn't make it inherently more well-written. In this sense I think they've regressed a bit from CHEDOARA, so hopefully if they continue with this sound they'll at least rediscover some of those qualities. Also, can the vocalist stop sexually moaning for some guy called 'Richard' in out of the darkness please?
  2. Pho

    At least that'd make Sokoninaru interesting.
  3. Pho

    Not really sure how y'all could enjoy tracks like Rijin and Vanitas but somehow hate this. Sure they're emphasising the mathy elements more while downplaying the heavier side somewhat, but it's hardly a complete 180 from their last couple of releases or anything. Anyway I'm basically a math slut so I'll let this song have its way with me. All hail visual math kei etcetc.
  4. Now this I really, really like. I've been pretty underwhelmed with TK's solo material post-flowering but this track is hitting me pretty hard. I've noticed this and both of the recent Ling singles have felt a lot more messy and 'all over the place' compared to most of his other output for the last few years. Personally I really like it and hope it becomes a common theme in his next few releases.
  5. Pho

    That one second preview is the funniest thing I've seen in fucking ages.
  6. Pho

    Holy fuck! That track is amazing! Really really really glad @hyuragot me to check out CHEDOARA last year, this band is the shit.
  7. You really can tell when a band is actually enjoying what they're doing. This song's silly as shit but they sound like they're having the time of their lives.
  8. Don't mind me, just popping out of the woodwork to say that that song (and the demo track which wont be on the album) are both dope as hell.
  9. Pho

    Yup, new album is great. Glad they took their time with this one rather than trying to force an album out each year, it shows compared to their last one.
  10. Ooph, this sounds pretty great. Neither ARCHE of THE UNRAVELING did much for me, so it's been a while since I really enjoyed one of their albums but this is sounding promising. Values of Madness is a blast.
  11. Pho

    New Fukai is pretty cool. Don't really care much for the other two.
  12. Them calling it '#5' makes it sound like it's going to be a throwback to their early days, but I can't see that being the case considering what their output for the last few years has sounded like. I'll give it a courtesy listen and hope for the best, but I'm not expecting much.
  13. Pho

    This album is going to cure cancer. Holy shit.
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