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  1. Well that's shitty.
  2. Pho

    New Fukai is pretty cool. Don't really care much for the other two.
  3. Them calling it '#5' makes it sound like it's going to be a throwback to their early days, but I can't see that being the case considering what their output for the last few years has sounded like. I'll give it a courtesy listen and hope for the best, but I'm not expecting much.
  4. Pho

    This album is going to cure cancer. Holy shit.
  5. Have to admit that I'm not as fond of the new vocalist. She sounds like she's trying to sing in the same style as the others that Daijiro has worked with, but her voice doesn't suit that style anywhere near as well. Musically it sounds fine, though. Still looking forward to it.
  6. Pho

    I'm just going to forget that @Disposableever existed and listen to this on repeat for the next 30 minutes.
  7. Pho

    I choose to believe that it is, because that would likely mean the album is dropping soon
  8. Pho

    Album title is 'Culture Vulture' and will be released on 08.30. Tracklist as follows: 01. Massive Passive 02. 色彩 -Album Ver.- 03. ハレルヤ 04. end of refrain 05. loop 06. たりない 07. さよならワルツ 08. Q And A -Album Ver.- 09. 失う 10. ego-izm 11. Reset 12. Self I'm a little disappointed with this tracklist since only four of them are actual new songs. Tracks 2, 3, 4, 8, and 10 are all from their previous singles while 5, 7, and 12 were all uploaded to Youtube as demos 3-4 years ago. Actually if they were going to go the 'compilation of existing songs + a couple of new ones' route then they might as well have just added earworm and 28時 as well and completed the set. I'm still excited to hear the new stuff though! Source
  9. Pho

    So they advertised their new album with a track that was already featured on a previous album from a few years back. Nice
  10. Pho

    I want that guy to narrate my funeral.
  11. After five years since their formation, la la larks finally announced at their anniversary show earlier today that they will be releasing their first full-length album sometime in the near future. No date, title or tracklist yet, but at least they're finally doing something after all this time! Source
  12. Pho

    Ooooh, I remember this band! Didn't realise they're broken up, let alone reformed. Looks like they changed their vocalist too; thank fuck for that because their old one was awful. I don't remember their music too well but I do remember finding them to be one of the only decent non-Japanese VK bands I ever came across minus the shit-tier vocals. Here are a couple of their older tracks if anyone cares to check them out: Will check out their new stuff if I can get around to it.
  13. Pho