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  1. UPDATE I still sell: - cheki - posters - magazines - merchandise - anime Please take a look at my page! I also have Arlequin's new single "exist" for sale. All 3 types and still sealed. PM me if you're interested and maybe we can make a nice deal!
  2. I love it so much, the song, the pv, the look, yaaaasss!
  3. I have some rock and read, shoxx, cure, stuppy etc. If you're interested please PM me. Be aware that shipping is gonna be really expensive though!
  4. Everyone has their own opinion and here is mine: I've seen them 2 times (one time in June 2017 and 1 time in March 2018. 3 times if we count Melvel in August 2015) Instrumentally they are good and really improved over time, Nemu's voice is in my eyes the same as on the recordings. You really have to like it, and I like it because it's different than other bands and you don't hear it often. Maybe he sometimes sings them wrong/crooked but it wasn't a problem for me. I've heard so many worse vocals at lives and this isn't one of them. I also really like their looks and atmoshpere/aesthetics. At the live where I was the pillow was thrown in the audience and fans kept throwing it around (in a good way, they were playing a game with Nemu which wanted it ''back'') I got a 2-shot in March and took it with Nemu, and he was really kind and funny to me, maybe because I was a gaijin? I don't know but I was surprised by his reactions.
  5. I saw them yesterday and they played lots of old songs. I was surprised to hear songs I knew from years ago!
  6. Oooh that's so awesome!! I didn't notice haha...
  7. I was there too! I can confirm this! Crowd surfing was in a boat hahaha! Also lots of male fans! Furi game really difficult but I kinda caught up haha. Also there was a free style zone where you were allowed to not follow the furi and do your own thing.
  8. Heard the songs live on the 21st and holy shit it's so good. I hope they continue like this!!
  9. I can confirm it! The liveshows are so much fun and full of energy!
  10. I love it!!
  11. I LOVE IT!! Those basslines though
  12. I always have 1 or 2 songs I don't like on their mini-albums but this one doesn't have that for me! (According to the previews, who knows what the full songs will bring lol) Gonna buy this!
  13. I really like this song???
  14. *throws money*