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  1. Need to give that a listen then because I don't listen to them that often...
  2. Kaji left somewhere in 2016 I believe...? Ryuzi is still their bassist. Current line up is: Vo. Ikuma Gu. Tano Ba. Ryuzi Dr. Kazuharu
  3. Oh yessss!!
  4. NoGod without Karin no... I can't imagine that...
  5. He's gonna try to get YouTube famous instead? lolol
  6. I forgot they were still around lol...
  7. Page is updated with the new shippingcosts
  8. I didn't know they were still active oops...
  9. Sounds good but too ''mainstream''. It didn't really get my attention...
  10. Take my money, they keep surprising me everytime <3
  11. I love the new look! I probably buy a copy because I'm in Japan at that time, they better produce some quality music!
  12. Happy birthday dear! Thank you for all your contributions to the forum thus far! Hope you have a wonderful day!! :music2:🎊🎉

    1. Devilish_Eye


      Oh my god!! I never expected this, thank you so much! <3

    2. Mamo


      Happy birthday! And a big thanks from me as well.:glitter:

    3. Devilish_Eye