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  1. Devilish_Eye

    I can be seen on Arlequin's DVD at Shibuya Koukaidou and 0.1gnogosan's DVD at Akasaka Blitz. Also I was at DaizyStripper's 10th anniversary live and they filmed but I haven't found myself on the DVD yet. I also can be found on multiple crowd shots from all kind of bands but didn't keep track of that...
  2. They did a good job once again! Can't wait to hear it live!
  3. As far as I know it's Mar indeed
  4. Devilish_Eye

    I was at a Lovebites live and oh boi saw many babymetal shirts and many old drooling men
  5. Devilish_Eye

    Although Aki screams less their music got better. They are experimenting and somehow blow me away everytime (especially the newest releases BLESS and exist, they are so good!)
  6. I got more into them and I'm not disappointed, excited for this!
  7. Devilish_Eye

    The MV is from their latest release. Not for the coming mini-album
  8. Devilish_Eye

    I'm so happy that they're improving so much! If you have the chance to see them DO IT!
  9. Also a friend of me went to the instore last weekend and Yoshiatsu told everyone they're not planning to disband so~
  10. Devilish_Eye

    The end of the preview sounds really interesting!
  11. I'm so happy they added new members to the line-up!
  12. Devilish_Eye

    How many looks are they planning to do this year??! But I love it!