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  1. I think both parties are at fault and I hope everyone has learnt a lesson
  2. Thanks for translating! What's the truth, what to believe, it's still odd.. :'D
  3. Yes it is so dunno if you should still include them. I don't understand sublabels and such at all haha
  4. Dunno what Nemu's tweet says since my Japanese is bad but what I do know is that drummer Urara is replaced by Kabane. A friend of me said it's because of bullying in the band. Wtf... Also Nemu seems to have issues with people sending him nudes and stuff
  5. Actually Arlequin has their own label ''anima'' now so no Goemon anymore
  6. Devilish_Eye

    Sad but expected. I was a bit of a Pentagon fan in the past but their last releases were meh. The softer songs sounded the same. The harder songs had some variety. Hope the guys will return in projects that suits their wishes
  7. Gonna skip this one sadly to save money. Prefer to spend money on new music
  8. Devilish_Eye

    They convinced me, I'm gonna order type B!
  9. Devilish_Eye

    Wanted to go on the 7th but then I remembered I have a JLPT test I payed €100 for. Maybe next time! People who are going: have fun!
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