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  1. Devilish_Eye

    Wanted to go on the 7th but then I remembered I have a JLPT test I payed €100 for. Maybe next time! People who are going: have fun!
  2. Devilish_Eye

    Saw them at a taiban this month and the new songs are really good and fun live!
  3. Devilish_Eye

    Some venues are offering their spaces for the planned instores!
  4. Devilish_Eye

    So guess I won't have my instore then... Sad but not too surprising, only visited that shop like twice
  5. Liked the older recording better but I can get used to this for sure!
  6. It's sad that it's a re-recording and not a new song
  7. Devilish_Eye

    I can be seen on Arlequin's DVD at Shibuya Koukaidou and 0.1gnogosan's DVD at Akasaka Blitz. Also I was at DaizyStripper's 10th anniversary live and they filmed but I haven't found myself on the DVD yet. I also can be found on multiple crowd shots from all kind of bands but didn't keep track of that...
  8. They did a good job once again! Can't wait to hear it live!
  9. As far as I know it's Mar indeed
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