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  1. I'm a fan for 8-8,5 years now and yes Yugiri's voice has improved. Still, I admit, his voice can still be a bit annoying/bad but music is fun, band is fun, lives are fun so I'm okay with that! Two years ago I said to myself it would be amazing if I could be there for their 10th anniversary and there I stood on June 5th in the Tokyo Dome City Hall, I made it! It was a live I will never forget! My shoppingservice already ordered it, a little bit pricey but worth it! Let's say it's gonna be a birthday gift from myself to myself or something xD
  2. Liked them too, this is a pity
  3. Wooooow so quick!
  4. What is this omg....
  5. Wow not so fast Gosan I still need to revieve the newest single
  6. I saw the photo of Motoi on tumblr without tags so I thought I missed a new Dadaroma announcement or something. Turns out it's this, hope they will have a nice sound!
  7. Same, let's wait and see!
  8. Yeah I know it's Amstelveen, have been there a few times already but they did this with their Kpop acts in P60 too so I don't know..? xD Also busses from Amstelveen to Schiphol airport run till late (I believe even in the night, not sure about that) and there are always trains in the night from Schiphol to Amsterdam, The Hague, Leiden, Delft, Utrecht and Rotterdam. Not all cities in the Netherlands of course but these do!
  9. Interesting
  11. Saw someone with the CD, the band is called 'POIDOL' and their first live is on October 15 in Harajuku Quest Hall. It's an event live with Arlequin, Pentagon, A9, Unite and more
  12. Really excited for the dates!
  13. Ah I see, thank you!!