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  1. Devilish_Eye

    The end of the preview sounds really interesting!
  2. I'm so happy they added new members to the line-up!
  3. Devilish_Eye

    How many looks are they planning to do this year??! But I love it!
  4. Devilish_Eye

    Not that enthusiastic (yet) about it but that was the same with exist and I love the full songs so maybe it happens again xD
  5. Devilish_Eye

    I like all songs in this list actually haha. Thank you for this, I hope more people check them out. I'm following since the start (but became real fan in august 2015) and I can see them growing and trying everytime!
  6. Nooooooeeesss.... T_T
  7. I did! Barely though... haha But it was fun!
  8. Looks like (a part of?) the limited/first edition of the DVD has finally been shipped. A date for the regular DVD will announced later.
  9. It's crazy, it's funny, I love it!
  10. Devilish_Eye

    Still have a ticket for that live since I went to another band haha... so I'm really glad they are releasing a DVD!!
  11. Devilish_Eye

    Honestly for me their songs are gonna sounds the same now... Maybe they need a break from releasing so much...
  12. Aww sad to hear that a band I was interested in years ago is gonna disband. Good memories with them!
  13. Devilish_Eye

    What even the fuck xDDD