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  1. It's actually 48 straight hours of that awful guitar wailing from Devote My Life.
  2. nullmoon

    Off the top of my head... Enmity Zenith Blaze (those drums ❤️)
  3. nullmoon

    This looks awesome!!
  4. I wouldn't get too excited. From the look on Kenzo's face, he's one step away from killing Yumehito (who appears to be on some amazing crack). That's a disbandment right there XD
  5. nullmoon

    It's a toughie but if you ever want to shoot the shit, feel free to DM me. At times like this your mind can be your own worst enemy and it can help to just purge your brain
  6. nullmoon

    Stay strong. Hopefully it'll be over before you know it ^^
  7. Haha I shall forever be filled with pride
  8. Who remembers when this was a thing?
  9. nullmoon

    Awesome! I'd love a tshirt if the designs are any good
  10. This is brief, biased, vague, and most likely wrong but here goes! -Everyone ditched Aoi (because the music was getting lame) and made a new band, creatively named AYABIE. Aoi stayed on the record label out of a sense of duty? -Aoi did a poppy solo album and some boring side projects. -AYABIE released some pretty good shiz. People hate on Yumehito's singing but he's a'ight. -Everyone left AYABIE except Takehito for various reasons. Maybe it was because of that keyboardist they took on? I think Intetsu quit music altogether? -I assume Takehito called it a day too. -They all came back together (including Aoi) to do some one off gig I think? Sans keyboardist I assume. They later announced they were coming back and recently brought out an incredibly forgettable album.
  11. I personally felt AYABIE were doing a good enough job without Aoi. Aoi's reappearance (as much as I love him) has just resulted in the (boring) stuff they made pre-disbandment. Maybe I need to give it more of a chance but I just want more pre-Irodori material damnit! XD
  12. Wow, that was quick? I imagine it will be just as bland as their new album though 😕
  13. nullmoon

    Completely overlooked that, sorry! I keep forgetting you're one of the few people on this earth who agrees with me regarding Kisou XD
  14. nullmoon

  15. nullmoon

    Mine is ever-changing but at the moment it's (from best to worst) Uroboros Vulgar Arche Macabre Gauze Withering To Death Dum Spiro Spero The Marrow Of A Bone Kisou The Insulated World
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