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  1. Clearing through some stuff at the mo and wondered if any of you were interested in the following? (Ideally I'd like to sell the Dir En Grey albums as a bundle for GBP£100). I'm moving soon and I need to make some extra space! I've literally opened these once to copy the disc onto my PC. I've even kept some of these in their original packaging. =Full List= DIR EN GREY (£100 if you take all!) **Gauze RESERVED **Macabre RESERVED Kisou Six Ugly **Vulgar RESERVED Withering To Death The Marrow Of A Bone Uroboros (Remastered and Expanded) Dum Spiro Spero Dum Spiro Spero (Digipak Version) The Unraveling Arche I also have a copy of Blitz 5 Days AYABIE Euro Best Virgin Snow Color D'ESPAIRSRAY Coll:Set Mirror Open to offers but I'm looking at GBP£10 per album. I can offer discounts for multiple purchases. Can ship worldwide but you will be responsible for the postage charges Feel free to ask for more info/images. I appreciate this is pretty slapdash https://imgur.com/a/emBQjT6
  2. My boy Yuura absolutely KILLING it! This actually sounds pretty good. Looking forward to hearing the full song. NoGoD's last album was a bit meh.
  3. nullmoon

    Certainly sounds like Akane.
  4. nullmoon

    Surprised there isn't more of a buzz for this album! I've spun it quite a few times now and for a first album I think it's great! Like Chedoara it has its pros and cons but I think I actually regard both albums as equals. And damn, that vocalist is good. Those high pitched screams are something else. The only thing I really can't stand on the album is the guitar tone on some tracks. The sweeps end up sounding really ugly at times.
  5. nullmoon

    Agree with everything you're saying here. I was so disappointed with TIW but Arche just gets better and better with each listen. It's no Uroboros but it's got some damn good tracks.
  6. nullmoon

    Ahhhhh that makes sense
  7. Any bands out there similar to Dimlim/D.I.D? Need more tasty stuff to listen to! I tried Deviloof but deathcore is just a garbled mess to me XD 

    1. Elazmus


      dexcore? and then maybe check out the news thread for NAZARE lmao

    2. nullmoon


      I can't gel with Dexcore for some reason 😕 Nazare sound interesting though. Gotta share some clicky drum love XD 

  8. nullmoon

    I think I'm the only person who preferred Adolfism (minus the name XD)
  9. nullmoon

    It's pretty quiet on here! What are your thoughts on the band's output overall? I only had Near Equal until recently and wow, I was missing out on some amazing tracks. However I'm not convinced by the direction they're going in. Does anyone else feel the same? 😕 Pre-Near Equal = Awesome. They're clearly finding their sound but this resulted in a lot of good experimentation. Near Equal = A few decent tracks but otherwise meh. Pre-Utopia = Lots of experimental, harsh tracks, and some of the strongest singles to date. Utopia = Same as above. The title track was a bit meh but this was a huge step up from Near Equal. Post-Utopia = Er...where did the screaming go? Most of the singles sound generic and even the B-sides seem to have lost their charm.
  10. nullmoon

    Berry is fucking great. Taiyou no Ao, for sure.
  11. nullmoon

    May as well remove half the album while you're at it and you'll end up with a solid mini-album 😛
  12. nullmoon

    I keep meaning to listen to these guys as I adore the song Iolite. I can't see a discography on here though?!
  13. The best thing to do is come back to this in a few weeks/months. I can imagine people's opinions will have changed wildly by then
  14. I have the exact same sentiments and will be replacing the album version with the single version ASAP. Save the one-take versions for future bonus tracks, don't put it on the album we've been waiting 4 years for.
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