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  1. nullmoon

    For some reason it really reminds me of the newer Saosin material.
  2. nullmoon

    I very much agree with this. Grotesque is my favourite on the album because it's kind of like Sukekiyo had a beautiful love child with DEG. The heavy stuff is pretty meh in my opinion but not like the garbage they used to come out with.
  3. nullmoon

    Any chance of an upload please now that you've awoken my musical boner?
  4. nullmoon

    Thanks for looking into this. I'm not sure why you're getting so much slack for trying to be helpful but I appreciate your efforts anyhow
  5. nullmoon

    Versus. Although their 'best of' pretty much covers their entire discography so I'd flick through that to see what era you click with most
  6. nullmoon

    As much as I loved Arche, you can't deny it was bloated due to its length. I think we could do with something a bit sharper and to the point a la Vulgar.
  7. Not sure whether to even bother preordering this. It's been so long I just feel no hype for the album.
  8. nullmoon

    Jesus, could Kaoru be any less enthusiastic?
  9. nullmoon

    Each to their own I guess; I find Beautiful Deformity to be the real snoozefest.
  10. nullmoon

    This is why I can't comprehend people disliking Toxic.
  11. nullmoon

    Why is it always a Tuesday in the UK? Plus I live in Birmingham PLUS PLUS I can't book time off work in October due to it being out busiest period Have fun, guys *sniffles*
  12. nullmoon

    I've listened to the album daily since it came out and thought it wag pretty good. Popped in Dogma today, knowing that it's just one long song, and still found it more enjoyable? XD
  13. nullmoon

    I dunno, I thought The Mortal was pretty fresh for them? But yeah, most of the album is copy-paste. I'm cool with that though as it means it has more longevity than Dogma. I loved that album when it first came out but I struggle to listen to it in its entirety now.
  14. nullmoon

    This is Ayabie all over again.
  15. nullmoon

    The three Gemini songs followed by Birth In The Death on Alice Nine's Gemini album. Such a great ending to such a great album!