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  1. nullmoon

    This is Ayabie all over again.
  2. nullmoon

    The three Gemini songs followed by Birth In The Death on Alice Nine's Gemini album. Such a great ending to such a great album!
  3. nullmoon

    Awesome, thank you!
  4. nullmoon

    Is there a way to get a HQ audio file for the Falling MV without resorting to ripping from YouTube? I was so underwhelmed by the album version despite cranking the volume up in my car. This is 'Dir En Grey album version of a single' type fuckery.
  5. nullmoon

    Completely overlooked the fact Undying wasn't on the new album either O.O
  6. nullmoon

    Where does Ugly fit into all of this by way? Is it a leftover from Dogma? A transition song? A leftover from Ninth? I feel bummed out that it's discarded by wayside despite being a great song. The same happened with Before I Decay I think?
  7. nullmoon

    I strongly disagree (but Taiyou no Ao can fuck off).
  8. nullmoon

    ...could the lyrics be any more obvious? I assume this is an unpopular opinion but I haven't clicked with these guys since dadaism#2. What are they doing?!
  9. nullmoon

    You don't like anything from Redeemer?
  10. nullmoon

    I'd probably show audience KILLER LOOP. It has a bit of everything to be fair; the gloomy tone, vocals that are actually sung, some older/better harsh vocals, some jangly instrumentation...that shit is hard but with purpose (not just being heavy for the sake of it). I think it's pretty accessible for a newcomer too compared to their earlier and later tracks
  11. nullmoon

    If we're talking bands like early Ayabie then early Lolita23q, early An Cafe, and Aicle probably fit the bill too, right?
  12. nullmoon

    Thank you! Thanks, I'll give this a try tomorrow!
  13. nullmoon

    Due to the huge differences between Clever Sleazoid's single and albums versions, I'm curious; how many singles do the band have that differ wildly to their album counterparts? (I'm aware of Hageshisa's differences (album version is shit, single version is THE shit) and Sustain The Untruth (the single version actually has an audible, bitching bassline) but that's about it).
  14. nullmoon

    Do tell
  15. nullmoon

    I wish it wasn't. It's such a mess.