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  1. I put Kagerou on pause to listen to this crap. What a horrible 30 seconds.
  2. I physically cannot stop listening to Reol's new album ❤️ I love pretty much all of her back catalogue but this album is utter perfection! Can anyone recommend similar artists? I'm not a pop fan usually but Reol's mix of pop, rap, and bombastic sass has ensnared me. 

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    2. 123Sandman321


      Damn, how'd I miss that for over a month? Gotta get on that immediately :D

    3. monkeybanana4


      Oh, shit XD I loved her last album and didn't realize she released something new *runs away to listen to it*

    4. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      @nullmoon If you are a keen of experimental pop, you shouldn't miss Charisma.com and Wakusei Abnormal, both female fronted... those are the closest ones to Reol I have in mind...

  3. nullmoon

    Trust me, I had all the same reservations and was pretty disgusted at the straight up sexism I saw. You're absolutely right, potential fans should be hooked from the get go! So when the episode ended with that attack I thought "hmm...I'll give it another shot". The next few episodes have the same effect admittedly but once it gets going, you'll enjoy it. Granted, Meliodas and Elizabeth are probably the most one-dimensional but the other characters are really likeable with their own respective, heart-wrenching arcs.
  4. nullmoon

    I've yet to see the new episodes but this is a fucking crime =.=
  5. nullmoon

    How much have you watched? I felt this way for the first few episodes (with the first episode being so damn perverted it almost put me off entirely). However it really improves once they focus on the actual plot.
  6. nullmoon

    Best picture ever
  7. nullmoon

    You clearly haven't read the Dimlim thread XD
  8. nullmoon

    Man, the lyrics to What's Up? are pathetic as fuck. Grow up 🤦🏻‍♂️
  9. Not at all. Everyone makes out like the band only ever makes clown shit and that they've never been heavy or interesting since the first Dadaism. MOST of their output since then has been great. Sure they've had a few duds, but in VK who doesn't?
  10. nullmoon

    Such a beautiful album
  11. nullmoon

    I still need to listen to his last one >.<
  12. nullmoon

    As an update, Silent Hill 3 is terrifying and I'm pretty much permanently tense whenever I'm playing it. It really gets under my skin, jeez!
  13. I've always loved Shin's voice so it's nice to hear him cover one of my all time faves. Shou's vibrato is so exaggerated nowadays though, what's with that? He sounds like garbage. Agreed on the awkwardness of the MV. At least they're not facing each other and doing the same though XD
  14. nullmoon

    You are so welcome! It was great to meet you and such a blast to see you enjoy the gig so much 😊
  15. nullmoon

    Agreed. Hopefully the next tour is a good mix of material
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