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  1. nullmoon

    They're hit and miss but they have some real bangers. I'd recommend checking out their singles albums as they contain most of their better songs (except Emily. Screw that song).
  2. nullmoon

    I prefer The Novembers' Hallelulah album to Rhapsody In Beauty *hides*
  3. nullmoon

    Thank you I guess like most things it just takes time, perserverence, and a lot of luck!
  4. nullmoon

    Thank you! I've just started and what little confidence I had is in freefall ^^"
  5. nullmoon

    I think it's finding that inner strength and knowing what you truly want. No point settling for second best just because From the sound of it, no one here is enjoying Tinder XD
  6. nullmoon

    My ex and I spent some time on Tinder...together. Just shows how well we get on even after the relationship! XD I have 0 matches since yesterday. She got 4 in around 30 minutes tonight. I feel like a troll.
  7. nullmoon

    We've all gone a bit loopy, but it keeps us all sane How are you finding the single life? 🙂
  8. nullmoon

    Forgive me, I've watched too much anime 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
  9. nullmoon

    We need our own dating group for COOL/SHY/CUTE people ❤️ It's weird. I want a shy, cute chick and yet I'm rubbish at making the first move sooooo I don't XD I keep end up getting scooped up by women who are much more independent so while I'm initially happy and flattered, my emotions eventually get stomped all over.
  10. nullmoon

    Agreed =.= None of the girls are my type at all. There are few alt girls on there, and the ones who are aren't attractive 😢
  11. nullmoon

    Oh ditto. Kind of the reason why I want to get on the dating scene/meet new people. I don't get out much and pretty much just keep myself to myself. Kind of wish I did the whole uni experience properly instead of being an introvert.
  12. nullmoon

  13. nullmoon

    I'm a dude...not sure if that's a good or bad thing right now XD I'm also 29 so maybe it's a maturity thing? 🙂
  14. nullmoon

    Saaaaaame! God damn, guys. Let's start a club!
  15. nullmoon

    This is pretty much my life and is the reason why online dating is horrific. Everyone I like doesn't like me, and I don't like anyone who approaches me XD Maybe try joining some meetups so you can at least hang out with people who have similar interests? Sometimes just being around like-minded people, rather than aiming for a partner, is good enough
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