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  1. nullmoon

    Berry is fucking great. Taiyou no Ao, for sure.
  2. nullmoon

    May as well remove half the album while you're at it and you'll end up with a solid mini-album 😛
  3. nullmoon

    I keep meaning to listen to these guys as I adore the song Iolite. I can't see a discography on here though?!
  4. The best thing to do is come back to this in a few weeks/months. I can imagine people's opinions will have changed wildly by then
  5. I have the exact same sentiments and will be replacing the album version with the single version ASAP. Save the one-take versions for future bonus tracks, don't put it on the album we've been waiting 4 years for.
  6. I think it's genuinely interesting that everyone has such different lists when it comes to this band. I listened through all their albums recently in the lead up to TIW and Gauze really shone for me in particular
  7. Surely this is in reverse order? There are many here who would burn you at the stake for putting the holy quadrinity dead last 😂
  8. Unpopular opinion: I think I'm the only person here who isn't blown away by the new album. Maybe it'll take more listens but barely any of the tracks are grabbing me at the moment. On first impressions it's like a bland Dum Spiro Spero, and I'm not a huge fan of that album. Ranunculus is the stand out track to me. 赫, Followers, and 谿壑の欲 interested me the most I think. The rest just washed over me. I think it's the first time one of their albums hasn't immediately grabbed me unfortunately. I cannot stand the new vocals on 詩踏み, they sound like a half-arsed live version in comparison to the original vocals. I find it akin to the album version of 激しさ. Ew. Anyone else agree? No? I'll just sit down Glad to see so many people having fun in the lead up to, and the release of, the new album though! Happy listening everyone! ^^
  9. nullmoon

    Yeah those SEs are garbage. I took these out and put Hito to Katachi as the first track; it provides a Sukekiyo-esque opening with a strong closer in the form of Vanitas
  10. nullmoon

    Don't get me wrong, it's certainly a strong album and an astounding one when compared to first albums from other VK artists Miles ahead of that terrible EP they released many moons ago!
  11. nullmoon

    Same here. There was a lot of hype for it on here but after the record dropped there wasn't much activity. I assume people were disappointed? I myself built it up in my head quite a lot but after a few listens I find it just 'OK'. There are some great songs on here so i'm not sure why.
  12. nullmoon

    Had anyone noticed that the Utafumi on Spotify is the preview version? I was surprised at its brevity compared to the single version but found that it flowed much better?
  13. nullmoon

    D'espairsray's Yozora, DEG's Jessica, Skull's Starry Night, and Alice Nine's Yami ni Chiru Sakura also spring to mind.
  14. nullmoon

    For some reason it really reminds me of the newer Saosin material.
  15. nullmoon

    I very much agree with this. Grotesque is my favourite on the album because it's kind of like Sukekiyo had a beautiful love child with DEG. The heavy stuff is pretty meh in my opinion but not like the garbage they used to come out with.