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  1. nullmoon

    Huawei P20 Pro but I would bin it in a heartbeat if I could have a decent flip phone again. I hate smartphones and yet it's impossible to live without them nowadays
  2. nullmoon

    Just finished DMC5 and I dunno...I feel kinda underwhelmed? I enjoyed the story and the combat was fun but I just kinda shrugged and moved on after the credits. I found 4 much more engaging, even with the repetitive locales.
  3. nullmoon

    Compared to the usual representation of black people in anime, this is completely fine.
  4. Anyone interested in DEG's Blitz 5 Days DVDs? Clearing through stuff and realise I've watched this once XD 

  5. nullmoon

    Spyro is solid aside from the god awful loading times. They're pretty much on par with the original games which is nuts! I prefer it to the Crash trilogy because they at least kept in all the original sound effects and left the controls as they were. Crash just felt weird.
  6. nullmoon

    Completed the Spyro Reignited Trilogy and started DMC 5 recently. V is much cooler than the trailers made him out to be
  7. nullmoon

    Currently going through the same thing and it sucks *hugs*. I'm currently trying to live for myself; doing what I want, when I want. All within reason of course! It's about trying to take control of your life and living on your terms instead of those of others. Being constantly let down by others sucks, so it's best to become self-sufficient in your happiness. That way when worthwhile people come along, you'll appreciate them so much
  8. nullmoon

    Oh really? Although I guess if the bag brings a lot of 'meaning' to people's lives, it's ok...? XD Glad to hear your recommendation, I saw Goodbye Things and thought about buying it (digitally of course :p).
  9. nullmoon

    I watched a great documentary called Minimalism on Netflix today. I've already de-cluttered a lot of my life but the documentary has inspired me to rid myself of more needless belongings!
  10. nullmoon

    But it's so good! Maybe try some of his shorter works first and build up? ^^
  11. nullmoon

    I'm late to the party but Aggretsuko is life. It makes me want to watch Detroit Metal City all over again ❤️
  12. nullmoon

    You guys are super cute ^^
  13. nullmoon

    Haha I'm so spineless XD Authority: 0.00 Self-Sufficiency: 2.00 Superiority: 0.00 Exhibitionism: 1.00 Exploitativeness: 0.00 Vanity: 0.00 Entitlement: 1.00
  14. I missed the last one so I'm DEFINITELY heading to London this time
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