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  1. The best thing is that he even claimed this would show all his vocal skill and create a "rocking" live atmosphere, I have no idea what is going on in this guy's mind.
  2. What the hell is going on Satsuki
  3. @blackdollyeah he definitely did, but pretty much never as consistently high as on KERBEROS. You can kinda hear that it is uncomfortable for him, so maybe that's what's putting you off - usually he sounds pretty smooth and never has to struggle to reach notes (at least for studio recordings haha) I do have a thing for vocalists who strain a little though, so it's cool with me! And I 100% agree, the single is definitely a grower and needs quite a few listens. @chemicalpictures I'm kinda bad with remembering their song titles, so I can't really give any single song recommendations, but I highly recommend checking out DIAVOLO again if you haven't, it's a fantastic album with a lot of catchy melodies. The weirdness is still there though haha
  4. The reason he sounds so different on KERBEROS is just that it's sung a lot higher than most of their other stuff! I think it changes things up nicely, absolutely love this single.
  5. That was sick, holy shit
  6. Yeah, I was thinking the same, it does sound more and more worn out on every album. Still really enjoying this album though, a lot more than the last one.
  7. Don't be fooled by THE KINKY, Dadaroma's new EP is one of their most consistent and heavy works!

  8. Seems like they are getting a lot of hate here - I'm not a fan of THE KINKY either, but the rest of the previews sound a lot better than their last mini! The overall sound seems to be quite heavy this time around, definitely looking forward to this one.
  9. Alright, despite still not being a fan of his weird nasal vocals in some parts, Akane's stuff has grown on me a lot lately. His songwriting sounds a bit like a heavier and more progressive version of Napoleon, definitely has a unique touch! And slowly but surely I'm also getting used to his voice haha
  10. I love how confused and uncomfortable ZERO looks when they have to strike a pose, he has literally no idea what to do with his hand
  11. The new Scapegoat mini is so sick! Can't believe I never noticed these guys

    1. Takadanobabaalien


      I haven't listened to them yet either but I'm considering checking them out... 

    2. Mamo


      I hadn't until last year worth it guys they're spectacular. 

  12. I agree that the umbrella song is amazing, definitely following these guys now. LACK-CO. also sounds great.
  13. Released a new song! The EP is coming out next week
  14. These guys are so goofy, can't help enjoying it though