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  1. Very good impression from my first listen, 白濁 is stunning. /edit: Disc 2 seems pretty hilarious, the collaboration with Gara sounds like a karaoke evening with Kyo
  2. No deathcore once again, still sounds great though. I like that death metal riff at the end, haven't heard something like this from them before!
  3. I've got the feeling that the verses of this will actually be heavy... Either way, the preview sounds great, really nice and somewhat memorable chorus!
  4. Just checked out Aussitôt Mort, fantastic stuff!
  5. Anyone familiar with Au-Dessus? Just discovered these guys and really digging their stuff so far, their first album is available for free on Bandcamp! Sounds like a mix between Sludge and Black Metal with surprisingly strong vocals, intense stuff.
  6. During the karaoke contest you guys liked my Gackt stuff apparently, so have another one
  7. Good to see that it will be possible to get their stuff after all! Not a fan of having to get both editions for all songs though...
  8. Happy b-day Kaleidoscope! <3

  9. Happy birthday dear! Hope you have a wonderful day! ♥

  10. Haven't been doing much VK on my channel in the last few years, but I felt like returning to it recently. Hope you enjoy!
  11. I'm actually looking forward to this one solely because I can appreciate lynch. more if there are less songs, I actually can tell them apart better like this. That being said, the samples sound decent, I find them more appealing than their last album to be honest.
  12. I somewhat agree with you, I thought the mini was rather average unfortunately. Masturbation is the only song that I immediately liked as a simple, but pretty fun song - sounds like catchy industrial rock/metal, which fits them well. I'd say that the album grows on you a bit after a few listens, I actually thought that ロマンスグレー was one of the stronger songs. In general, there is not really a bad song on the mini, but there is just nothing that really stands out as amazing either, even though there are some fantastic parts like the end of 狼少年と毒林檎. On a more positive note, I do think that they are becoming more consistent and polished when it comes to songwriting and Yoshiatsu's performance, plus the jazz-y songs are finally absent for once. I'm still pretty convinced that the deathcore-inspired stuff is where their greatest strength lies, but it doesn't seem like they want to pursue that as their primary style.
  13. Pretty tough to decide on only 9, but here we go: 1. D'espairsRay - [Coll:set] 2. D'espairsRay - Mirror 3. Deafheaven - Sunbather 4. 9GOATS BLACK OUT - devils in bedside 5. Epik High - Remapping the Human Soul / Tablo - Fever's End (Can't decide on one, but only want to include one Tablo record) 6. Subway To Sally - Herzblut 7. ONE OK ROCK - Niche Syndrome 8. girugamesh - girugamesh 9. Dir En Grey - Uroboros
  14. D.I.D's Akane is a terrible vocalist especially when he attempts high notes. The super unnatural sounding pitch correction doesn't make it any better, making it incredibly hard for me to enjoy their great instrumentals. /edit: Just to be fair, his screams and mid-range singing are alright.
  15. New Dadaroma mini seems like a letdown at first listen, I hope it will grow on me

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      Was it middle of the road singy songs like the previews. I'll get it later today