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  1. Alright, despite still not being a fan of his weird nasal vocals in some parts, Akane's stuff has grown on me a lot lately. His songwriting sounds a bit like a heavier and more progressive version of Napoleon, definitely has a unique touch! And slowly but surely I'm also getting used to his voice haha
  2. I love how confused and uncomfortable ZERO looks when they have to strike a pose, he has literally no idea what to do with his hand
  3. The new Scapegoat mini is so sick! Can't believe I never noticed these guys

    1. Takadanobabaalien


      I haven't listened to them yet either but I'm considering checking them out... 

    2. Mamo


      I hadn't until last year worth it guys they're spectacular. 

  4. I agree that the umbrella song is amazing, definitely following these guys now. LACK-CO. also sounds great.
  5. Released a new song! The EP is coming out next week
  6. These guys are so goofy, can't help enjoying it though
  7. All samples sound really good! Loving Ryo's vocals, sounds like he is really expanding his range
  8. Vocals sound fantastic, looking forward to the single!
  9. I actually really like the song, sounds like a ballad done right. But I agree with Tokage - it's not even the effects, they just Melodyne'd the vocals so hard that he sounds like a vocaloid in some parts.
  10. Great review, I agree that they need to become a bit more versatile to unlock their full potential! However, I'm surprised that people think that Lime has a bad range. His range is honestly pretty massive, some of the high notes he hits are insane and he seems to have a decent lower register as well. While I do agree that his vocals will determine on how good they will be on the long run, I feel positive about his potential to develop a more versatile style.
  11. Really enjoying the A-Side.
  12. Previews for the other songs on the EP are up!
  13. @SHOKIThanks a lot, glad you liked it! And thanks so much for following us! I don't really compose often myself, but from my experience with the time and dedication you will eventually be able to come up with something good. I think that especially trying to analyse how other bands structure their songs helps a lot to come up with your own music. Hope to see your originals here some day too!
  14. Always surprised how much criticism these guys get, I think their stuff is still miles ahead of most of their peers and really high quality musically. Maybe it's because their first few PVs set an extremely high standard? Anyway, really enjoyed both songs and thought that warui kusuri sounds like one of their best ballads.