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  1. Previews for the other songs on the EP are up!
  2. @SHOKIThanks a lot, glad you liked it! And thanks so much for following us! I don't really compose often myself, but from my experience with the time and dedication you will eventually be able to come up with something good. I think that especially trying to analyse how other bands structure their songs helps a lot to come up with your own music. Hope to see your originals here some day too!
  3. Always surprised how much criticism these guys get, I think their stuff is still miles ahead of most of their peers and really high quality musically. Maybe it's because their first few PVs set an extremely high standard? Anyway, really enjoyed both songs and thought that warui kusuri sounds like one of their best ballads.
  4. One of my current VK favourites, I love how much passion and energy they have! Their stuff seems a little bit rough around the edges and rather goofy at times, but it's what makes part of their charm for me Akane was actually always what made it hard for me to enjoy D.I.D despite their amazing instrumentals, I just can't stand his overly processed high nasal vocals. Sho is a much better vocalist when it comes to cleans and in my opinion has a more pleasant tone to his voice, but he can't really live up to Akane's screams. I kind of hope that Sho stops the inhales and overhauls his screams, even though I absolutely love his shrieks, those should definitely stay! Favourite tracks so far are アハレワタ, 「初潮」, 虚妄の歌 and 浄土の花.
  5. Yeah I guess I should, really enjoyed Anaesthetist back then but never really got around to listen to the whole thing! Definitely, he always had his own thing going on, but he sounds better than ever now. And yeah, he has some really clever things in his lyrics! I really like his approach to social and political topics, seems so down to earth and still conveys a good message (I mean basically it's just "have some empathy"), stuff like "I don't wanna take my country back, I wanna take my country forward" is great in its simplicity. Overall, I'm glad to see they are aging well! It's kind of a funny story how I got into them haha. My brother was super into Take To The Skies back then and I thought it was rather ridiculous, I had my "huh it's not metul" phase back then. Since I was working for a metal webzine back then, I got the promo CD for Common Dreads and decided to pick it up so my brother could take a listen, too. Somehow, I ended up loving the album and have been enjoying them ever since!
  6. I still enjoy most of the stuff DIR EN GREY, Plastic Tree and MUCC release. Also, projects that involve aie and/or Ryo usually sound great if that counts, the two of them have been around forever but can't ever settle for one project I guess For more recent stuff, I think these bands are worth keeping an eye on: DIMLIM The Gallo sukekiyo Kizu Sioux RAZOR HOLLOWGRAM DADAROMA (still think they have good songs once in a while) Xaa-Xaa DEZERT Overall, I honestly don't really feel a huge decline in VK as a whole, seems like business as usual to me with enough interesting bands to follow. Just wish some bands would release more full albums, Gallo and Xaa-Xaa have done a good job in that regards.
  7. I don't think it's only the clean vocals that make this song more listenable, it's just that they included some more interesting stuff into their songwriting this time. They've always lacked the creativity that bands like Nokubura and now DIMLIM have, to me there was honestly nothing interesting about their old music and that has nothing to do with them being "brutal". On the contrary, I just feel they sounded boring and exchangeable compared to other deathcore bands. And while this guy's vocals are technically good and probably even way above average in VK, I still don't feel he doesn't do anything extraordinary apart from his highs, so using more vocal techniques is not exactly a bad approach. Anyway, this song gives me hope that they can actually write interesting songs, I want them to succeed and I am definitely rooting for them.
  8. I missed out on Mindsweep but checked them out again with this album. Pretty good stuff, I absolutely loved the more emotional tracks, Rou really pulls them off well, Airfield and An Ode to Lost Jigsaw Pieces are beautiful. Some of the tracks have also grown a lot on me, for example The Sights, which is one of my favourites now. Lyrics are also fantastic, the "prosecco-glazed lips" line is brilliant. The whole album still absolutely sounds like Enter Shikari, so I honestly don't mind them trying out some new stuff, even though I'd prefer some more of that good old craziness on the next album.
  9. To me it's actually their first somewhat memorable song - clean vocals could be improved, but it's an alright start I'd say. Going to check out the album I guess!
  10. For some reason DIMLIM give me back this good old feeling that bands like Black:List used to give me back then, their innocent approach and carefree approach combined with some raw talent just speaks to me

  11. The lyric video for our first single is out! You can download the song for free on Bandcamp if you are interested Definitely the most Metalcore inspired song on the EP, we took a somewhat different direction for the rest.
  12. Still waiting for the day a "Hizumi to reunite with D'espairsRay" newspops up here :( 

    1. WhirlingBlack


      I think he wants to but is still too sick to perform? I'm waiting for that day too...

    2. Kaleidoscope


      Yeah, that guy literally lives for the band and said in an interview that he is just waiting for the day that he can come back... He occasionally even posts pictures of all members gathering for a drink, so I think the possiblity of a reunion is still there!

    3. saishuu


      What is his condition again? How is he not better after all these years?

  13. Yes, huge influence for me personally, so I just needed to make that sort of reference somewhere along the way!
  14. I really underestimated this vocalist, he is so good live, props for going for all the high notes live and nailing most of them!
  15. Ah, Noir Deco sounds good, gonna check that one out. Love Gunship the most from Ghost's recommendations, gonna get their album! After listening to Soulless Computer Boy I feel like I am slowly getting into Trevor Something, I guess I'm going to through the same process as you guys