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  1. I somewhat agree with you, I thought the mini was rather average unfortunately. Masturbation is the only song that I immediately liked as a simple, but pretty fun song - sounds like catchy industrial rock/metal, which fits them well. I'd say that the album grows on you a bit after a few listens, I actually thought that ロマンスグレー was one of the stronger songs. In general, there is not really a bad song on the mini, but there is just nothing that really stands out as amazing either, even though there are some fantastic parts like the end of 狼少年と毒林檎. On a more positive note, I do think that they are becoming more consistent and polished when it comes to songwriting and Yoshiatsu's performance, plus the jazz-y songs are finally absent for once. I'm still pretty convinced that the deathcore-inspired stuff is where their greatest strength lies, but it doesn't seem like they want to pursue that as their primary style.
  2. Pretty tough to decide on only 9, but here we go: 1. D'espairsRay - [Coll:set] 2. D'espairsRay - Mirror 3. Deafheaven - Sunbather 4. 9GOATS BLACK OUT - devils in bedside 5. Epik High - Remapping the Human Soul / Tablo - Fever's End (Can't decide on one, but only want to include one Tablo record) 6. Subway To Sally - Herzblut 7. ONE OK ROCK - Niche Syndrome 8. girugamesh - girugamesh 9. Dir En Grey - Uroboros
  3. D.I.D's Akane is a terrible vocalist especially when he attempts high notes. The super unnatural sounding pitch correction doesn't make it any better, making it incredibly hard for me to enjoy their great instrumentals. /edit: Just to be fair, his screams and mid-range singing are alright.
  4. New Dadaroma mini seems like a letdown at first listen, I hope it will grow on me

    1. Disposable


      Was it middle of the road singy songs like the previews. I'll get it later today

  5. The other two songs were definitely a bit more memorable, but this is pretty nice as well. I went from disliking this guy's vocals to actually really enjoying them
  6. Oh my god I live for this
  7. I find enjoying myself this band more and more, even though I agree that the triggered basedrum really makes it hard to enjoy some of the heavier parts. The voice is indeed quite cool and has grown on me, I prefer the more natural/messy sound of the new song.
  8. That shriek in the beginning is one of the coolest things I've heard in a while. Clean vocals are pretty messy and the pitch correction does more bad than good in this case, unfortunately it makes his voice cracks stand out more. Solid first song though, interested to see what they are up to!
  9. Preview of a Dadaroma cover I'm working on! https://app.box.com/s/rb6pbk798nj4eqo373fd2r1uujxmjwt0

    1. Disposable


      Their heavier songs are fun as hell to cover. This one is probably my favorite ( I think it's the most challenging also? ), but zouka, belka to strelka and lucid dream are great well.  

    2. Kaleidoscope


      Definitely, it was a blast recording this one! And yeah, Ame no Waltz is pretty demanding especially when it comes to breathing technique and transitions, but it's fun since you can go wild. Apathy Human is pretty tough as well. I wish they'd do more in this style - I mean I enjoy their other stuff too, but the ratio of br00tal stuff could be a bit higher.

    3. Mihi


      omg this sounds awesome! Good job! :D

  10. First of all, sorry for being so late with the review! Caught the flu and had to catch up with some other stuff. Regardless, here we go! My partner was @The Reverend and he sent me (as intended) a mix without any information, even though I did recognize some artists and songs. Overall, I really enjoyed this mix and the concept of the trade itself! Seems like our music tastes go together quite well. It was a lot of fun jumping in here without any preconceptions and I'm burning to find out who some of the artists are. As for the theme, my guess is that it is either „Birds“ or „Wings“? The Gallo, Fukurou, the fable song, Swallow and the last song all refer to birds in some way, so that was my first serious guess – however, then I suddenly realized that a butterfly (which is mentioned in track 10) is definitely not a bird hahaha. Since Coaltar of the Deepers do have an EP or single called ''Penguin'', it might be a song of that name, which would further support my theory. Excited to find out what the theme was, it was super fun guessing it and trying to put the pieces together!
  11. Might have to delay my review until tomorrow, sorry about that!
  12. Glad you enjoyed the mix @The Reverend, thank you for your detailed review! You guessed quite a few of the bands I included, which isn't surprising since it seems that our tastes match quite well! Anyway, here is the tracklist: Sorry about the length, I was already thinking that it might be a bit too much, originally it went beyond 70 minutes even haha. Great to see that I got matched with someone who enjoys Deafheaven and Mutyumu as much as I do, fantastic bands! The theme/title of the mix was "A Sequence of Dreams" and was supposed to mirror, well, a sequence of dreams It's way more vague than your theme though I suppose. I tried to make the thing to be like a continuous, yet changing experience - the glitch noises in the last song were supposed to be the waking up in the end. A little surprised that you didn't recognize Ryutarou's voice since you included Plastic Tree in your own mix As for the songs that you enjoyed the most, I highly recommend checking out Archivist's Bandcamp, their debut is up their for free and it's an amazing concept album! They do indeed seem to be influenced by Deafheaven, but give the whole thing their own spin with some additional elements like sludge-y moments and occasional clean vocals. The other song that seems to have sparked your interested was by An Autumn for Crippled Children, who have been around since before Deafheaven actually, but never got too much attention. They have a lot of albums, but "Everything" or one of the two albums that came after it are a good starting point! Gonna have my review up later today most likely!
  13. Quick question before I send my mix! Can I tell my partner about my theme or should that also be secret? Also, how can I remove an album artwork from the file?
  14. @Bear I gave Emperor's In the Nightside Eclipse a few spins so far and enjoyed it, thanks for the recommendations! Not sure what to think about they keyboards yet though @VisutoxPantheion sound great as well, good stuff. Also love the artwork, might actually order this one. @pazzi314 I already knew and like Harakiri, gonna order their Aokigahara vinyl that is coming out soon! Never heard of Downfall of Gaia, but I enjoyed what I heard on YT so much that I ordered their latest album Their sound reminds me more of a heavier/more sludge-y version of Deafheaven, Ghost Bath and the likes, but I enjoy them way more than the latter at least. Thanks for the recommendations! I found something nice too a few days ago, they are called Archivist and seem to have some members of Fall of Efrafa. If you like the bands I mentioned in my message to pazzi314, I highly recommend checking them out, really high quality stuff and their album is free on Bandcamp!
  15. I agree with everything that has been said about the language of the music, but I also think that the image of the band plays a huge role. If band A and band B both play similar music in style in quality, but band B has an amateur-ish look/a terrible band logo/lame cover artworks, whereas band A has a great look/great artworks/seems professional (which is all subjective of course), a lot of people would say band A is better. I don't know why some people have a problem admitting it, but for me the whole image of a band plays a large role and influences the way in which I enjoy or don't enjoy their music - this applies to VK as well as pretty much any other genre or style imaginable. Aesthetics are just something a lot of people look for when it comes to any form of art. Even scenes like the metal scene who often claim they don't are about appearances suddenly care a lot if a metal band doesn't fit the visuals a band in this genre is supposed to have.