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  1. First of all, sorry for being so late with the review! Caught the flu and had to catch up with some other stuff. Regardless, here we go! My partner was @The Reverend and he sent me (as intended) a mix without any information, even though I did recognize some artists and songs. Overall, I really enjoyed this mix and the concept of the trade itself! Seems like our music tastes go together quite well. It was a lot of fun jumping in here without any preconceptions and I'm burning to find out who some of the artists are. As for the theme, my guess is that it is either „Birds“ or „Wings“? The Gallo, Fukurou, the fable song, Swallow and the last song all refer to birds in some way, so that was my first serious guess – however, then I suddenly realized that a butterfly (which is mentioned in track 10) is definitely not a bird hahaha. Since Coaltar of the Deepers do have an EP or single called ''Penguin'', it might be a song of that name, which would further support my theory. Excited to find out what the theme was, it was super fun guessing it and trying to put the pieces together!
  2. Might have to delay my review until tomorrow, sorry about that!
  3. Glad you enjoyed the mix @The Reverend, thank you for your detailed review! You guessed quite a few of the bands I included, which isn't surprising since it seems that our tastes match quite well! Anyway, here is the tracklist: Sorry about the length, I was already thinking that it might be a bit too much, originally it went beyond 70 minutes even haha. Great to see that I got matched with someone who enjoys Deafheaven and Mutyumu as much as I do, fantastic bands! The theme/title of the mix was "A Sequence of Dreams" and was supposed to mirror, well, a sequence of dreams It's way more vague than your theme though I suppose. I tried to make the thing to be like a continuous, yet changing experience - the glitch noises in the last song were supposed to be the waking up in the end. A little surprised that you didn't recognize Ryutarou's voice since you included Plastic Tree in your own mix As for the songs that you enjoyed the most, I highly recommend checking out Archivist's Bandcamp, their debut is up their for free and it's an amazing concept album! They do indeed seem to be influenced by Deafheaven, but give the whole thing their own spin with some additional elements like sludge-y moments and occasional clean vocals. The other song that seems to have sparked your interested was by An Autumn for Crippled Children, who have been around since before Deafheaven actually, but never got too much attention. They have a lot of albums, but "Everything" or one of the two albums that came after it are a good starting point! Gonna have my review up later today most likely!
  4. Quick question before I send my mix! Can I tell my partner about my theme or should that also be secret? Also, how can I remove an album artwork from the file?
  5. @Bear I gave Emperor's In the Nightside Eclipse a few spins so far and enjoyed it, thanks for the recommendations! Not sure what to think about they keyboards yet though @VisutoxPantheion sound great as well, good stuff. Also love the artwork, might actually order this one. @pazzi314 I already knew and like Harakiri, gonna order their Aokigahara vinyl that is coming out soon! Never heard of Downfall of Gaia, but I enjoyed what I heard on YT so much that I ordered their latest album Their sound reminds me more of a heavier/more sludge-y version of Deafheaven, Ghost Bath and the likes, but I enjoy them way more than the latter at least. Thanks for the recommendations! I found something nice too a few days ago, they are called Archivist and seem to have some members of Fall of Efrafa. If you like the bands I mentioned in my message to pazzi314, I highly recommend checking them out, really high quality stuff and their album is free on Bandcamp!
  6. I agree with everything that has been said about the language of the music, but I also think that the image of the band plays a huge role. If band A and band B both play similar music in style in quality, but band B has an amateur-ish look/a terrible band logo/lame cover artworks, whereas band A has a great look/great artworks/seems professional (which is all subjective of course), a lot of people would say band A is better. I don't know why some people have a problem admitting it, but for me the whole image of a band plays a large role and influences the way in which I enjoy or don't enjoy their music - this applies to VK as well as pretty much any other genre or style imaginable. Aesthetics are just something a lot of people look for when it comes to any form of art. Even scenes like the metal scene who often claim they don't are about appearances suddenly care a lot if a metal band doesn't fit the visuals a band in this genre is supposed to have.
  7. Count me in as well
  8. I got back into Black Metal a bit recently and dug through some of my old favourites, really starting to enjoy some stuff like Darkspace, Xasthur and Midnight Odyssey again. Just recently, I also rediscovered the whole Post-Black Metal whatever thing, I still love Lantlôs, An Autumn for Crippled Children and now Deafheaven, which I actually had never heard before despite their huge popularity (they seem to be quite controversial though). You guys are probably familiar with most of the stuff I named, so I guess I will share some of the lesser known bands which I only know through the local scene. Der Weg einer Freiheit have some pretty good stuff, I interviewed their guitarist and vocalist a couple of times when they had their first releases. This one is the last album by them that I listened to - they do have some modern influences, but are rooted in the Norwegian scene according to themselves. Very good live band also! Ära Krâ are also nice, but they could be rather described as Blackened Metalcore I suppose? Especially the vocals take some time to get used to, I'm still not sure if I really like these guys or not, but they definitely do have some great melodies. Not from Germany, but a band I also rediscovered in my collection. Resplendent Grotesque was one of my favourite albums at the time, really creative and twisted Black Metal with an amazing vocalist. Curious about what they are up to nowadays, even though I heard that their old vocalist left. Gonna look through some of you guys' suggestions, I already saw Bear mentioning Cultes des Ghoules a lot, so I guess I will give them a try later. Also looking for a good starting album to get into Emperor, is anybody familiar with their discography? I'm interested in any other recommendations that might fit my taste - I usually enjoy more modern takes on Black Metal, but definitely like the more traditional stuff as well.
  9. Much better than their first song, Juri's vocals actually have improved quite a bit since Deluhi.
  10. Only had one listen so far, but really enjoyed it - might be their best since Shion for me.
  11. Love the previews, the whole thing sounds pretty oldschool. I like that they moved away from the party rock thing a bit and sound more organic again, looking forward to this one!
  12. Ah yeah, I loved the Shokran album too, good stuff! My most played albums from last year are probably Napoleon's "Newborn Mind" and Architect's "All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us". The former is just the most passionate and inspired Metalcore (even though they seem to be rooted more in Hardcore) album I've heard in a long time. The lead guitar is clearly what makes this band, but the new vocalist is also an amazing and very fitting addition. As for Architects, I've heard that quite a few people don't consider it their best work - I definitely do and think that the removal of most of the clean vocals and the cold and aggressive atmosphere work perfectly for them. And those vocals man, holy shit. As for non-core related stuff, I recently got into Dødsengel. "Imperator" is definitely one of the most interesting (and longest, two and a half hours) Black Metal albums I've heard in a while. The linked song is pretty straightforward compared to the rest of their stuff, but it's definitely worth to check out the whole album. Pretty mindblowing stuff in my opinion.
  13. These guys sound promising. The first verse gives off a slightly old D'espairsRay vibe and his cleans are pretty strong, definitely gonna keep an eye on them.
  14. Awesome news! I thought it would have been cool if they included their last three singles, but maybe they are confident enough in their new material, looking forward to it.
  15. Here is my review for the mixtape provided by @Flame-X! Overall, the songs were in a rather mellow rock style. Fortunately, there was no song that I really disliked, so it was a very enjoyable listen with some nice surprises for me. This was quite a fun trade-off and I will gladly take part in the next one! Aimer – Kyo Kara Omoide Despite not being into female vocals that much, I always enjoy Aimer's songs a lot. This one is no exception and a great way to start off the mix with some of that sweet melancholy that Aimer is so known for. Beautiful voice and beautiful piano, I've always had a soft spot for these kind of sentimental songs. above and beyond – Lonely Girl I will be honest and say that I didn't care too much for this song. It's pleasant to listen to and has a somewhat hypnotizing atmosphere to it, but it didn't really give me the feels some of the other songs did. girugamesh – puzzle Ah, you can do no wrong with girugamesh for me. I've always loved these guys to death and used to listen to their self-titled and MUSIC a lot, so this is definitely a song I'm very familiar with. When I heard this song for the first time, I was a bit sceptical about it since it felt so incredibly short (which it is compared to their other ballads), but I have come to appreciate it as what it is – one of girugamesh's most unique and dynamic songs that lives and breathes through Satoshi's soulful vocals. Kaggra, - Shizuku I actually never listened much to Kaggra, apart from a few songs taken out of the context of their respective releases. That does in no way stop me from enjoying their music though, on the contrary, I feel I can appreciate their greatness a lot more if I don't listen to a full album of theirs for some reason (I am usually more of an album listener). Speaking about this song in particular, I felt it had a bit less of the traditional Japanese influences I'm used to when listening to them, however, it did not take away any of the enjoyment for me. Isshi's singing is as beautiful as ever and goes perfectly with the subtle melodies that this band likes to create. Lucifer – Regret I honestly had no idea who this band was, but I felt it sounded somewhat Anime-ish. Even though I did not particularly dislike the song, it didn't move me either. To me, it is the kind of song that is enjoyable to listen to in the background, but nothing that I would have on repeat or get feels from. Trust Company - Stumbling Never heard of this band, but it does have a (slightly heavier) 90s alternative rock vibe. While I thought the song itself was fine, I'm really not a fan of the vocals. He is by no means a bad singer, but sounds rather generic to me. If I listen to this type of music, I usually need a standout vocalist like coldrain's Masato to make the music worthwhile for me. LUNA SEA – I for you To my embarrassment, I have to admit that I have never listened much to Luna Sea, even though I always enjoyed their stuff a lot when I came across it. Turns out that this one is one of my favourites on the mixtape – amazing songwriting, amazing atmosphere and man, what a voice. abingdon boys school – Kimi No Uta I'm a big fan of Takanori's voice and have always enjoyed his work in abs more than in his solo project, so this one is right up my alley. Even though Kimi No Uta is not among my favourite songs of them, it's a great, uplifting song that is a nice twist between the more mellow style of the rest of the mixtape. SIAM SHADE – Kumori Nochi Hare I've come across this name a lot of times already, but I've never heard a single song of Siam Shade. I always assumed that they are an 80s heavy metal band, but this song is completely different from what I expected – maybe it's just one of their power ballads? Either way, I didn't care that much for the song to be honest, even though I thought it was alright. Pay money To my Pain – Illumination Woah, this one took me by surprise. I always wanted give this band a proper listen, but kind of got discouraged when their vocalist passed away. Seems like I've really been missing out, I absolutely loved this song. I can't pin down exactly why this song reaches me so much, but I suppose it is because of how genuine and heartfelt it feels. Are all vocals done by K in this song or is there a guest vocalist? REDMAN – FLAME OF LIFE Surprisingly, I've mainly heard bad things about this band for some reason. I suppose it's because people want Satoshi to be in a heavier band? I thought this was a great song with a really nice progression. Satoshi's vocals actually caught me off guard a bit here, since he goes for a rather light style in the beginning, which gives the great finale a strong impact. A great way to finish the mix, this song certainly makes me want to check out the rest of their discography.