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  1. @filth_yI can see where you coming from, at least when it comes to the production. While their new production does sound a lot more polished and makes them lose the gritty sound the used to have, however, I don't feel like this song is a major shift from their old stuff (which I listened to a whole lot, way more than to any of their newer stuff) - Hentai and Ohaiyo clearly were, but with a different production this one could have been on one of the first two albums and nobody would have noticed. They've always had a soft spot for pop-ish tunes, even though the songwriting is arguably more interesting in some of their older songs. Personally, I'm still on the fence when it comes to whether I like the new production they have or not (like I said, I like the song itself). I happen to enjoy the girugamesh-like production, call it bland or generic or whatever, but I have to admit that I'm going to miss the dirty sound. Then again, they released plenty of strong material before changing their sound, so I'm honestly not to upset if they try a new direction and to appeal to a wider audience. Anyway, it seems like I meant a different riff since I was talking about the intro riff when I was referring to the main riff What did they say though that makes you think they might disband?
  2. Well, it's somewhat difficult to write an entirely new nu metal riff, plus DEZERT has never been known for being particularly innovative. It's more of the same with better production, so basically what most listeners of these guys want.
  3. Sounds fantastic, what a great main riff
  4. Haven't shown myself in so many years, here we go
  5. Any thoughts on the new single? I personally think that the title track is great and a nice addition to their more catchy stuff. The rest is alright, but not too memorable. I do love the death metal part in the otherwise rather lackluster third song though, probably good stuff for lives.
  6. Went to Rock Harz Festival this weekend and had a blast, so many good shows. My highlights were Blind Guardian, Death Angel, Dark Tranquillity, Eluveitie and Iced Earth. Pretty sad that I couldn't see Alcest, but the Blind Guardian special show made up for it - they played "Imaginations From the Other Side" (which is my favourite album of theirs) in its entirety and it was nothing short of amazing, props to Hansi for going for some of those high notes again!
  7. Any opinions on "Shin Homura Uta"? I'm positvely surprised with it, the rerecordings sound modern, but still have the raw intensity of the original. I honestly didn't expect Tatsurou would still be able to sound that raw and emotional! Really glad these guys are still around and are looking back at their past, their latest album was also great.
  8. I think that this album is actually pretty strong vocal-wise, the thing is that Kyo is using his full range in pretty much every song, so it's somewhat hard to surprise anyone with that anymore. Still some pretty amazing performances of him on this album, especially on the first MV song, forgot the title.
  9. Very good impression from my first listen, 白濁 is stunning. /edit: Disc 2 seems pretty hilarious, the collaboration with Gara sounds like a karaoke evening with Kyo
  10. No deathcore once again, still sounds great though. I like that death metal riff at the end, haven't heard something like this from them before!
  11. I've got the feeling that the verses of this will actually be heavy... Either way, the preview sounds great, really nice and somewhat memorable chorus!
  12. Just checked out Aussitôt Mort, fantastic stuff!
  13. Anyone familiar with Au-Dessus? Just discovered these guys and really digging their stuff so far, their first album is available for free on Bandcamp! Sounds like a mix between Sludge and Black Metal with surprisingly strong vocals, intense stuff.
  14. During the karaoke contest you guys liked my Gackt stuff apparently, so have another one