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  1. Kaleidoscope

    Need to give it a few more spins as well, but I like the direction they are trying! Hotaru is a fantastic song.
  2. Sounds great, even though I kinda hoped they would keep the heavy direction of "This is LIVE"
  3. Demo#2 is absolutely beautiful, the last track might be one of my favourites from 2018.
  4. Only gave it three listens so far, but I must say that I am very positively surprised. Wasn't too hyped after the singles (really liked Ranunculus though), but this is a lot better than Arche to me and maybe even than DSS, at least I find the fun factor a lot higher. Surprised that people are claiming that Kyo lost his range. Yeah, sure, he is past his prime, but the guy is still hitting fifth octave notes like it's nothing and sounds a lot more energetic than on Arche if you ask me. His performance in "Aka" is incredible and sounds super effortless, probably my favourite on the album.
  5. Kaleidoscope

    Super hyped to see them live this year, the times they've been here before never worked out for me. I listened to their whole discography again and felt like writing down my thoughts! I can't seem to get into "Macabre" at all, it has some great songs, but overall it feels a bit random to me. Guess I need to give it some more listens. "Cage" is an amazing song. Weirdly enough, I really like "TMOAB" by now, Kyo has huge moments here and especially the calmer songs are among the best material Diru has put out if you ask me. I like "Arche" a bit more now, but I feel like it is the first album that doesn't really push any boundaries, it almost seems like they tried to achieve something similar to sukekiyo, but didn't quite succeed. Also, Kyo's high notes really don't have the old strength anymore (live he sounds incredible though). I enjoy everything they've shown after "Arche" more than that album, I suppose I just like my Dir En Grey catchy haha
  6. Kaleidoscope

    I feel "Inconvenient Ideal" is so underrated compared to all the other ballads! As for the "Ranunculus" preview, I actually really enjoyed it and didn't find it boring at all. Maybe the visuals are distracting me a bit though, it's been a long time since I actually enjoyed the circus theme
  7. GosT got signed by Century Media, not sure what to think about that. Haven't listened to the song yet (I'll give my opinion later), but here it is in case you guys haven't heard it yet: Gave it a listen now, it's an okay song, but somewhat underhwelming after Possessor. Also not really fond of his vocals - while I do think that his voice fits the music, his delivery is kinda boring and he sings the same slightly off-key way like his wife (?) on the older albums.
  8. Kaleidoscope

    Ah don't worry, no offense taken, glad to get any feedback at all! Since you showed some interest in the project, I guess I can at least tell you a thought or two on the whole thing so you get some insight on what we are trying to achieve. The band is still in a very early stage and we haven't really settled on a proper style yet, so to be honest, none of us is completely happy with our visual material yet - it's always hard to pull off the visual image as a non-asian band because of all the negative stigma surrounding it, but we will see what we can do in the future when it comes to that. As for the sound itself, I just recently joined the band, they had a female vocalist before me, so for the vocals I've been in a weird spot where I either had to record in her range (which is okay, but slightly above the range where I feel most comfortable) or in the lower octave, which sounds somewhat boring most of the time. Our next release will be tailored to my vocals, so I hope I can change your mind if you care to check it out then We will definitely try to improve and redefine our sound and image, so thanks for your input! Also, the last statement honestly made me smile a bit, so I take it as a compliment haha
  9. Would they really announce a disbandment like this and make people wait for so long before revealing it? Doesn't seem likely to me, but then again I have no idea how these things are held in the scene
  10. New DADAROMA single is amazing, that riff at the end of "Boku wa Android" is so good and "汚れる前に私を抱いて" is one of their most unusual songs in a while!

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    2. Komorebi


      I agree, the first two tracks are solid. Fake is... repetitive.

    3. Elazmus


      I thought I was gonna skip the fuck outa FAKE most plays.. but then I heard the verse in falsetto entirely and I don't think that anymore...

    4. Shmilly


      Excited to hear them all live next month! ALL SONGS FOR YOU will be epic.

  11. Loved the new Gunship song too, can only agree with you there! The new The Midnight song is decent too, even though for the first time I feel like they are repeating themselves a bit too much this time around.
  12. How is not true when statistically there are only 2-3 of these deathcore songs in their early discography? You have Oboeru Sakana, Ame no Waltz and Lucid Dream, which are three songs out of maybe 9-10 around that time, which were all either the Industrial Rock/Metal style stuff they are still mostly playing or the lighter stuff you mentioned. Dadaism#1 was alright, but it really only had two songs of the style everyone wants to hear, party stuff like "SEX!" existed back then too. Don't get me wrong, I much prefer their deathcore stuff too and wish they would keep it as their standard style, but I think people are being mislead just because Dadaroma chose these songs for their PVs and built up people's expectations, but in reality their sound has always stayed more or less the same. "This is live" had a deathcore like track as well by the way (the one with the long title and piano), so not much has changed. I agree that Dadaism#3 was super forgettable though, by far their weakest release in my opinion. Lots of their stuff afterwards was really catchy though, "Pornograph" was great, "Innocent Holic" is really fun and say what you want about "The Kinky", the chorus might be lame, but it's definitely quite memorable in a way.
  13. Can't tell that much from that short sample really, but the riff towards the end gives me hope this one might be rather heavy during the verses. Kinda sad that it has become cool to hate on these guys, they haven't even changed much at all and have always put party songs on each bigger release, the deathcore stuff has always been more of an exception among their songs. More people should check out their latest mini-album and not avoid it because of "The Kinky", it's their heaviest and most consistent release in my opinion and beats the two Dadaism minis easily.
  14. Kaleidoscope

    That was incredible, best VK song of the year hands down