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  1. This is fantastic, reminds me a bit of pre-Sunbather Deafheaven, but they definitely put their own spin on it. Highly recommend this album, already ordered the vinyl! Unrequvited's new album is out as well, I only listened to one track so far, but it sounded super promising.
  2. I am not turned off by the image of a band often, but Ghost Bath's interviews, videos and live performances were a little too much for my taste haha Heard of Madman's Esprit before, going to check them out later. DWEF are indeed really good, I also recommend Ära Krâ if you like them, even though they are disbanded by now unfortunately.
  3. Kaleidoscope

    Thank you so much, glad you liked it!
  4. Kaleidoscope

    Hey everyone, since I recently revived my YT channel I felt like posting it here again. I've been singing weeb songs on the internet for many years now and it all started with the first karaoke contest here on MH, so it only makes sense to come back here every now and then! This is my most recent cover, but there is a ton more covers on my channel.
  5. The new Kizu single is exactly what I wanted from them, sounds a lot more versatile than before and gives me a lot of hope for a good mini or full album!

  6. Basically what Bear said, I feel it is impossible to actually pin down what Post-Black Metal is supposed to be, I feel the bands that are named within this genre are so far apart in their style of music. Anyway, I'll just go for a few recommendations that I guess would fit the term in some way! I second Deafheaven (Sunbather might be hyped, but to me rightfully so, pretty much the best you can find in this genre for me), The Great Old Ones and Altar of Plagues, all fantastic bands. Oathbreaker is also pretty cool, even though their last album is kinda all over the place. They had strong hardcore influences before, but now the whole thing has a lot more clean vocals and really quiet songs. This song is fucking intense: Show Me A Dinosaur are also pretty good, despite the weird name: Tanpopo Crisis might be interesting if you like Deafheaven, used to be a grindcore project but now the style is rather dreamy and somewhat positive.
  7. Kaleidoscope

    Your cleans vocals are pretty damn good man! Mixing sounds a little rough still, but your voice is great
  8. Kaleidoscope

    First time trying a new hair colour, I look different
  9. Kaleidoscope

    The best thing is that he even claimed this would show all his vocal skill and create a "rocking" live atmosphere, I have no idea what is going on in this guy's mind.
  10. Kaleidoscope

    What the hell is going on Satsuki
  11. Kaleidoscope

    @blackdollyeah he definitely did, but pretty much never as consistently high as on KERBEROS. You can kinda hear that it is uncomfortable for him, so maybe that's what's putting you off - usually he sounds pretty smooth and never has to struggle to reach notes (at least for studio recordings haha) I do have a thing for vocalists who strain a little though, so it's cool with me! And I 100% agree, the single is definitely a grower and needs quite a few listens. @chemicalpictures I'm kinda bad with remembering their song titles, so I can't really give any single song recommendations, but I highly recommend checking out DIAVOLO again if you haven't, it's a fantastic album with a lot of catchy melodies. The weirdness is still there though haha
  12. Kaleidoscope

    The reason he sounds so different on KERBEROS is just that it's sung a lot higher than most of their other stuff! I think it changes things up nicely, absolutely love this single.
  13. Kaleidoscope

    That was sick, holy shit
  14. Kaleidoscope

    Yeah, I was thinking the same, it does sound more and more worn out on every album. Still really enjoying this album though, a lot more than the last one.
  15. Don't be fooled by THE KINKY, Dadaroma's new EP is one of their most consistent and heavy works!