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  1. SALE SALE SALE Posters 1e Cheki 1e All flyers together 10e All magazines together 10e Everything else 30% off Updates with lots of new items! 10.02.2019! Shipping is from Finland. Payment is done via paypal, prices do not include paypal fee or shipping. Photos here https://beta.photobucket.com/u/pipari-chi/a/c9390481-7bf7-4f7f-9de1-bb076e79f2fc (Photobucket beta sucks so if there's any problems I can send photos via DM too, or you can also check photos here http://miharou-sales.tumblr.com/ ) All items are in great condition unless stated otherwise. If you buy multiple items I'll give you discount! Magazine/Flyers for free for every 5e bought (So buy for 20e, get four magazines/flyers) Tour shirts, all in great condition - Girugamesh european tour 2014, S, 20€ - UNiTE Lin 今田 2014, M, 20€ - GIGAMOUS gold tour 2015, M, 20€ - All magazines 1e/per magazine - The gazette black moral RAD plastic bag, 7e (small damage on the text, ask for details) - Unite bag SOLD - Kagrra towel 10th anniversary 15e - Kagrra bag, 10th anniversary, 20e (both Kagrra, items for 30e) - Jealkb Narcists photobook 5e - Jealkb gig photos, 4e whole set - Jealkb sticker set 2e - Jealkb poster 2e (never hung) - SID poster 5e (two sided, never hung) - Kagrra, poster 3e (small damage) - Kameleo bag SOLD - Kameleo towel 4e - Jealkb towel 3e (washed twice) - Unite pouch SOLD - Himuro Kyosuke DVD+CD 20€ - Cheki 3€/per cheki (kameleo, gigamous) (unite sold) - Aqua timez - utai sarishi hana 1€ Flyers 1€/one flyer, 5€/10 flyers + shipping! I won't ship just one flyer. - Alibi - Alice nine/A9 SOLD - Anfilh - AKi (AKixMUCC) SOLD - Acib Black Cherry - Blu-billion - Canzel - Crazy Shampoo - Daizy stripper - DEZERT SOLD - DIV - Eat you alive - EVE - GIGAMOUS - Girugamesh SOLD - Golden Bomber SOLD - Jealkb - Kiryu SOLD - Kameleo - Mitsu - POIDOL SOLD - Royz SOLD - R-shitei - RAZOR SOLD - SCREW - SUG - the gazette - the kiddie - UNiTE SOLD
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