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  1. LOT OF NEW ITEMS ADDED ON 29.11.2019!! Shipping is from Finland. Payment is done via paypal, prices do not include paypal fee or shipping. Photos here http://miharou-sales.tumblr.com/ All items are in great condition unless stated otherwise. Buy multiple items=get discount. Everything in tumblr posts is sold as set and they have set prices, so I'm more than happy to sell as sets!! But individual buyings are also ok Kagrra, 10th anniversary fan 50e Kagrra, Miyako dvd 10e Kagrra cd all together 3e Unite cd and photosets SOLD Alibi cd all together 15d Kameleo cd all together 8e Jealkb cd&dvd all together 10e Janne dar arc and acid blac cherry cd all together 30e Both Kiyoharu cd together SOLD SID 15th anniversary bag 10e Noriyuki makihara cd and towel 5e Himuro kyosuke cd all together 5e Namie amuro 2e Exile 2e Lmc 2e All towels 10e/per towel or 3 for 22eur. Towels have never been used! Towels from bands: - SID - THe gazette - Unite SOLD - Codomo dragon Towels from kameleo, jealkb washed once, 3e/per towel The gazette RAD black moral bag 3€ Jealkb bag 5e Jealkb photobook 3e Jrock magazines - fool mate, shock wave, cure 2e - everything else 1e (gab with unite and born sold) Tour shirts, all in great condition - Girugamesh european tour 2014, S, 15€ - UNiTE Lin 今田 2014, M, SOLD - GIGAMOUS gold tour 2015, M, 15€ Flyers, ask for pics. Can add few for free when you buy something, Wanna buy just flyers? All for 15e. - Alice Nine/A9 - Anfilh - arurukan - Eat you alive - golden bomber - gran rodeo - Jealkb - lm.c - kameleo - kanonxkanon - kra - kiyoharu - Luna ses - Mitsu - Poidol - R-shitei - razor - smile berry - the kiddie - the raid - kurounite - vr tour
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