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  1. zetork

    that intro reminds me of the beginning of a song Akaku Somatta Kioku 紅ク染マッタ記憶 - 自殺ごっこ
  2. zetork

    you are welcome if I'm updating my list of active bands 😉
  3. zetork

    the band announced their separation in July [Last Live 25.07.2018]
  4. NEW SINGLE『Bottom of the Cleft』2018.11.08 Tracklist: 01 Bottom of the Cleft 02 A DAY IN THE LIFE https://hollowshade.com https://twitter.com/HOLLOWSHADE New Look 25.11.2018 Voc 双-Sow- (ex Scythe & Irony seek the Xenoblood) Gt 嘉紀 yoshiki (ex Scythe & Irony seek the Xenoblood) Ba 航平 kouhei (joined 15.01.2018) https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/bottom-of-the-cleft-single/1441295816
  5. zetork

    Here it says that the vocalist ギン (Gin) is ex-Xenoblood(双/sow)) but 双 sow is the vocalist of the band HOLLOW SHADE With Gut. 嘉紀 yoshiki Scythe & Irony seek the Xenoblood members: Voc. 双 sow Gt. 嘉紀 yoshiki Bass 史弥(Fumiya) HOLLOW SHADE members: Voc. 双 sow Gt. 嘉紀 yoshiki New Ba. 航平 kouhei ex Bass 史弥(Fumiya)
  6. apparently this band changed its name to "Sakurabana no tsuki 桜華の月" https://twitter.com/SoYa521 7 months ago 1st MV Banen no tsuki 絆宴の月
  7. zetork

    then the band dissolved? Now Voc. Taro is DJ
  8. zetork

    his twitter disappeared https://twitter.com/official_hallow
  9. zetork

    New Look FirstLive 12.30 Ikebukuro 池袋BlackHole 2019.2.25 Ikebukuro 池袋BlackHole DIERRYCALL PRESENTS 「HΛKU BIRTHDAY」 CD free distribution 3 songs limited Voc HΛKU -ハク- Mani. らむ Ram
  10. zetork

    AIDMA will dissolve. and the vocalist leaves the band have a last live performance on December 26, 2018 https://www.aidma-official.com/
  11. zetork

    AXiSS will end activities as a result of the performance on December 17, 2018. http://axiss-official.net/axiss-news/
  12. zetork

    Sick will disband 2018.12 but Screaming inside can kill. continue its activities http://sick-official.com/1204_news.html
  13. OGYAA おぎゃー Vo.ぬる nuru ex ゴア(Gore) @nurunuru_D Gt.いのり Inori ex ゴア(Gore) @inorizm_D Ba.はくや Hakuya now in CLACK inc. @Hakuya_D https://twitter.com/OGYAA_OFFICIAL_ Lyrics Video 『嗚呼、うざいうざい』 “Aa, uzai uzai”
  14. see that if it was a preview MV 😆