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  1. zetork

    8th Concept Single 『虚言癖』(Kyogen heki) 2020.07.22 CD 01.虚言癖 (Kyogen heki) 02.だらりどろり (Darari dorori)
  2. zetork

    Gt.薫 Kaoru is currently suspending band activities due to various reasons Release Postponed
  3. 3rd Single 『地雷ちゃん!ボカン!』(Jirai-chan!Bokan!) 2020.08.26 Type レモン味 (Lemon Aji) CD M1.地雷ちゃん!ボカン!(Jirai-chan!Bokan!) M2.ハッピーOD (Happy OD) DVD 1.「地雷ちゃん!ボカン!」 Music Video+Making Type ピーチ味 (Peach Aji) CD M1.地雷ちゃん!ボカン!(Jirai-chan!Bokan!) M2.ハッピーOD (Happy OD) M3.東京メンヘランド (Tokyo Menhe Land)
  4. 「逆しまな歯車を仮面が嗤う。」(Sakashima na haguruma o kamen ga warau)
  5. Notice about miniAlbum] It is Astaroth 1st miniAlbum "Genesis of "Astaroth"-Chapter 1-" which was scheduled to be released today, but the release date will be 2020.06,26 one week later.
  6. zetork

    interesting they could be a good band vk
  7. zetork

    New Album Postponed Will inform you when the official release date of "EMOTION'S" and the transfer date of the release commemorative one-man tour are decided. We are very sorry for everyone who looked forward to it. https://planet-child.jp/neverland/
  8. zetork

    Postponed The venue-only single "Dying "GOD"" scheduled to be released in June will be postponed due to delays in recording due to the influence of the new coronavirus and cancellations/postponements of live performances in June. We will announce the release date as soon as it is decided. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers, Thank you for your understanding. http://damila.jp/news265425/
  9. zetork

    人間失格-第一の手記- (Human Disqualification-First Note-) これは僕等の新しい物語の序章である。 (This is the beginning of our new story.)
  10. zetork

    Disc has been postponed No date decided Soon more information
  11. Sacrifice Start live decision at a free sponsored event. 2020.10.11 at 愛知一宮Style 1st Distribution DEMO「Ugly Figure」 Songwriting:Yodo(Bass) Present conditions ①Retweet this tweet & like it ②Follow this account ③DM for # 無料配布希望 (# Free Distribution) and sending ④The staff will send the music download URL!
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