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  1. K4C90

    http://www.facebook.com/chantelle.windsor Add me if you want
  2. K4C90

    ??り??????????。「thanks dear?? ^^ you're so cute You're welcome and hehe thanks
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  4. K4C90

    Wow! So beautiful!
  5. K4C90

    Omg I love your piercings!
  6. K4C90

    Chinese food!
  7. K4C90

    This is me lool
  8. K4C90

    Lol thank you Haha it's not all that great here, although some parts are alright Oh! I must of seen you then lool, because I was at the gig also Awww thank you
  9. K4C90

    and I love yours too! x)
  10. K4C90

    Tyler! Love you <3
  11. Hiii! Firstly my name is Chantelle, I'm 20 years old and I live in London, England . I just love Japanese and Korean music so much, it's so addictive lol . I currently attend college and I'm going to be studying fashion and clothing from September. . Well I hope I get to know a lot of you, so if you want to chat to me about anything in private or whatever. Add my msn
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