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  1. jrocksama

    hello^^I like your avatar as well <3
  2. jrocksama

    oh dont worry I'm getting lulz from this thread~its highly amusing
  3. jrocksama

    tsumaranai (boring)
  4. jrocksama

    thats your opinion booooo i respect others but i dont respect you if you dont respect meanother reason to make me mad youre the dude who said that oldies sucks new ones is cool. you have a very narrow minded taste u jus mad cuz the new music is actually POPULARand if it's POPULAR then its good just take a look at MTV's top 40 and compare it to your stupid '80s bands and you'll see why nobody likes those old bands To the both of you: why does it either have to be liking only old bands or liking only new bands? There are people who like both new and old bands lol~
  5. jrocksama

    and also:Megaromania pan-d-ra Anli Pollicino DOGinThePWO ValettA Duel Jewel Megaromania? Hell no.They've been extremely popular lately, you could say that with Lin and NEGA, they create the imaginary "top UCP 3". Though it sounds stupid 8D ok well maybe your right about Megaromania but many of my friends that listen to J-rock still have never heard of them but I guess they are getting more popular~
  6. jrocksama

    saiko (cool/best/awesome)
  7. jrocksama

    guitarist from Juliette (disbanded) Yumeru ^^yay for left-handed musicians since I'm left-handed well actually I'm more ambidextrous
  8. jrocksama

    BUCK-TICK lynch. 9GOATS BLACK OUT Moi dix Mois Queen Secilia Luna HISKAREA Megaromania MarBell GOLDEN BOMBER D'espairsRay
  9. jrocksama

    pan-d-ra -GIFT
  10. jrocksama

    and also:Megaromania pan-d-ra Anli Pollicino DOGinThePWO ValettA Duel Jewel
  11. jrocksama

    does a good job of advertising D'erlanger : )
  12. jrocksama

    BUCK-TICK lynch. deadman 9GOATS BLACK OUT Moi dix Mois Hole Queen Secilia Luna Type O Negative HISKAREA Megaromania
  13. jrocksama

    really really likes D'erlanger
  14. jrocksama

    10/10 ^^
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