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  1. I never liked Slipknot until Psychosocial. Their music changed drasatically. Still don't really like corey's clean vocals, but I enjoyed their previous album.

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    2. ghost


      Also doesn't help that his melodies are dull (at least from their latest effort.)

    3. JRD


      lol I liked Solway Filth though D:

    4. ghost


      Solway Firth was good! But tracks like "nero forte", "critical darling", and "orphan" had choruses that left me underwhelmed. They've done better in the past (like with psychosocial, duality, or even devil in i)

  2. Jury Duty over. I'm happy. Defense attorney was hawt as fuck. 10/10 would let me butthole speak whatever language if asked.

    1. nekkichi


      get iT, sister

  3. Jury Duty has been hell. Why did they have to pick me as Juror #4?

    1. SubThatSong


      Jury duty has always fascinated me. But I'm tainted by the interesting cases made up by TV-series and movies 

    2. JRD


      Trust, it's not like the movies or T.V shows. XD. They get into personal information before they select you. It's really uncomfortable having to answer questions that pertains to yourself. Once we go to deliberations; my friends said that's when you see the ugly in humanity, that's coming soon. Can't talk about the case until after the trial is over or else I'd get "FBI OPEN UP!"

  4. Both albums are now up for pre-orders on Cross Cat. They were never sold out.
  5. Awesome news, btw you can stream their latest single if you didn't buy a physical copy yet I love that they're on top of the digital game and since I ship all my physicals in one go.
  6. JRD

    I just dislike the general I don't like X music, because Y music is superior and you just don't understand because you're a pleb. Or the constant bashing on pop music in any kind by "Rock/Metal" fans. If people opened up their mind to other music whole heartedly, they'd find more enjoyment than just listening to a genre a music. Constantly listening to only a certain genre after a while grates my nerves. Hell, I didnt think I'd like Nu-Metal, and then I found my current favorite band, and their sound in the beginning was Nu-Metal oriented(they since ventured off into different directions), and if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have open the possibility of trying more bands affiliated with that genre or gave them a chance.
  7. I was gifted a few ドドドドドドドドマイナーbands. My ears are bleeding.

    1. returnal


      that's the spirit!

  8. JRD

    This is actually pretty good! This is how you do djent kei.
  9. The lemon garlic wings at wingstop is just too wonderful T.T Wingstop>Bonchon>BWW.

  10. I'm cringing so hard at this. I wonder if their Kao fans are gonna support this.
  11. JRD

    I bought it yesterday on iTunes and starry night shouldn't have been changed. Everything else was great! loved future past. Gonna buy the physical copy when I get paid Friday.
  12. JRD

    Back when I was little girl I always wanted to hear: Pop'n'roll 3rd, Rusty, Lemon☆Squash, Sazae the Movie, MAG, Bullet Mark, $ウォンテッド$, and everything テディ released with えぼし that will never probably see the light of day.
  13. JRD

    Hey, just saw this thread. If you're going rare hunting and run into SPUN!'s Starry Night, the Vambie.'s round&loop, or MIMIC's first two mini-albums; I would gladly throw money at you.
  14. I love how every thinks I'm a total asshole when they don't know me; then immediately changes their minds once they find out I'm like the sweetest person ever. I'm an introvert. I'm scared of people I don't know lmao

  15. JRD

    I prefer the old Starry Night, everything else can stay. Matador I loved. I can hear it an event(in my french vanilla fantasy).
  16. When I decide not to renew my eye insurance this year, someone HAD to steal my custom glasses. The lens are customized to tint in the sunlight(my eyes are super sensitive to sunlight) and now I can see mostly 4 feet(1.5 meters) in front of me and almost everything else is a blur.

  17. JRD

    I immediately noticed the change in key in the song, the tempo is still the same, but the little autotune tweak on Koichi's voice isn't that noticeable, but he has improved a lot.
  18. Thanks to youtube for shoving Leetspeak Monsters down my throat, I got a shit ton of songs stuck in my head.

  19. JRD

    I have that same Diesel jacket as Genki but in a different color. And is he wearing hideous True Religion jeans? Koichi looks fab. Also looking foward to this release as the last few ones has nothing but bop after bop, except entry and 8bit boy, flight plan honestly should have been the music video for that single.
  20. Whoever got SPUN!'s Starry Night on PS. I hate you and can you send me the lyrics sheet?

  21. Never bash a band by a song trailer. I'm getting blown away by Unfinish rn. The vocals can use a little practice, but it's amazing.

  22. Reminds me of when Jimmy was in LAVERITE, except more polished. Gunnar looks like he signed up for a power metal band, but he got this gig, and was like fuck it, it's a job.
  23. Someone tried to steal my tires or something? I don't know. Neighbors caught them. Car was in the air. Really expensive car jack left. Cops came, and I got a free mechanic level jack. Gonna put it on craigslist for shits and giggles. 

  24. Sale at Diesel? I'm gonna go in and buy like 4 shirts and now I'm poor.

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