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  1. FJ: We're sorry you're missing your stuff, but can you take pictures of every item in the box and the packaging it was in, plus the billed weight of said items, cause we totally don't believe you didn't get your shit.

    Like do you want me to re-wrap everything in bubble wrap and pack everything up and take pictures of it? Like seriously? Like this is the first time in 9 years of service with you guys and the only complaint I have and you can't even give me a decent, we'll go look and see if it's in your storage area?

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    2. nekkichi


      Idg why they're asking billed weight from you when the postal service (at least for both airmail and EMS express and whatever else they ship with) keeps a record of parcel weight on posting from japan, during transit and on arrival alongside the tracking data like wtf

    3. JRD


      I had them ship them FedEx, and it had the total weight of shipment and what FJ put. So I took a picture of that and told them is that enough proof for weight?

    4. Paraph


      i hope it gets straightened out for you, sounds like a nightmare

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