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  1. JRD

    I'm so out of the loop I didn't know Tetsuya left lol. He probably got head hunted by Tenten to reform MBHI, since Tetsuya was the main song writer(we all know Re:My BACTERIA HEAT IsLAND was a mess that only Tenten did). I can only dream, it's been 5 years...
  2. JRD

    I would have chosen Balloon, Smile, or Tyrannosaurus. Those were the best bops on the album to make a MV to.
  3. The day after I posted the for the first time since my regular hiatus, I GOT FUCKING FIRED the next day. HR suspended me for a month, then last week I had to sign my termination papers. Someone apparently said I orchestrated smoke breaks with people to go get high(I don't even smoke weed) and they didn't even drug test me. Luckily I found 2 job offers yesterday thanks to my 10 years of working Business Management and everyone hates that bitch that got me fired.

    1. tetsu_sama69


      y i k e s

      Sorry to hear that. Good luck with your future opportunities and hopefully the person to blame gets a nice serving of karma for their bullshit.

    2. inartistic


      Holy crap that's fucked. Glad that things are already moving. Hopefully it's one of those situations that works out better in the end.

    3. ChaoticEnding


       Good luck with your future opportunities²

  4. only on FB can I get chastised for caring more about coronavirus than Kobe Bryant's death. I get all the contributions he had made and all the liveshe has affected, but only in America can celebrity death outweigh something that can turn into an epidemic.

    1. colorful人生


      having facebook, fertile ground for that zero-sum/"false dilemma" mentality, is the first mistake in that sentence, lol (though that's clearly reflected by the people, not so much the platform.) the deaths of those helicopter occupants was tragic, but people have to understand that the nCoV situation has exponentially higher priority for those dealing with it. 


      dunno, stupid gonna stupid.


      *also forgot to mention that I realize the need for FB, for like work or extended family where it's the SNS of choice. i'm glad I can just get away w/ LinkedIn and GitHub when it comes to my actual identity... for now...

    2. diryangrey


      coronavirus won't be an epidemic. you're no more at risk than from the common flu. spreading panic only helps US spread propaganda against china & racism against chinese people

    3. platy


      I like how people would rather you fake-cared about some celebrity's death (sorry, I never heard of him until now and that's the truth) than actually express your real feelings about a real issue that's affecting people on a global scale. USA is gonna USA. 

  5. JRD back from my usual hiatus(unless you follow me on insta and know I'm back into raving again; and there's literally no more PLUR left in the scene. Breaks my old ass heart). Update me on the terrible shit I like and the good shit that I like. I haven't been following VK for at least 5-6 months now(save for FULL EFFECT'; you guys know I stan Hisato so hard), so all your rares were safe for then. Also Richardland had bops and you can't deny that Tyrannosaurus, Smile, and Ballon were bops. They're gonna rule the no one knows stage at EDC soon.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. platy


      check the dimlim threads for a good time. +1 on the 8P-SB love.

    3. JRD


      Skimed it; had a few chuckles. I have to go back and read the whole thing hahaha 

    4. BrenGun


      Haha, happens.


      But we also grow older.



      I'm in my 30ties now, and last time when I went to Tokyo I only went to a few VK gigs. all others were other kind of music or just drinking with band people (non visual kei band people).  


  7. When someone you met here over ten years ago moves to your city and now we get to hang out more ❤️

  8. I guess my hiatus is over again. It was short this time around.

  9. It felt so good deleting a negative person off of every social media. 15 years of friendship down the drain, but I don't fucking care. I hope he can get all the help he can, if he wishes me failure. I still have a job and I'm not living under unemployment I help him get. So fuck you, dead beat bitch with no irl friends now. Leech, scumbag, etc.

    1. spockitty


      my sincere congratulations. shit's not easy to do~

    2. SubThatSong


      Fuck them leeches. Cutting out people who bring you down, no matter the history, is just sometimes necessary. I'm happy you could do it! ♡

  10. BICTH finally they offcially released Dream Rush!!! It's my favorite song of theirs!! It was a tokuten instore purchase only on one day at like an Edison 5 years ago! Now I can hear the recorded version! Fuck yes!
  11. Had to show MEGURU my collection for Panic Day. All photosets, shit ton of chekis, whole discography including rare VHS, posters, flyers, postcards, e.t.c. I hope it made him happy!


    1. chemicalpictures


      maan, that's so cool!

      I really wish he would come back someday

  12. 829の日おめでとう!Today is the day we celebrate the only band that made me cry like a bitch when the announced their indefinite hiatus. 16 years ago I discovered an up and coming band; I've been a stan since. PANIC☆ch/パニックちゃんねる. Yes, as with most us パニっ娘 and パニ男, we can say most of their "gya" were Kao fans of Tara, Tsubasa, and Takumi, and they can go die in a fire for making MEGURU cry before their first hiatus.

  13. I never liked Slipknot until Psychosocial. Their music changed drasatically. Still don't really like corey's clean vocals, but I enjoyed their previous album.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ghost


      Also doesn't help that his melodies are dull (at least from their latest effort.)

    3. JRD


      lol I liked Solway Filth though D:

    4. ghost


      Solway Firth was good! But tracks like "nero forte", "critical darling", and "orphan" had choruses that left me underwhelmed. They've done better in the past (like with psychosocial, duality, or even devil in i)

  14. Jury Duty over. I'm happy. Defense attorney was hawt as fuck. 10/10 would let me butthole speak whatever language if asked.

    1. nekkichi


      get iT, sister

  15. Jury Duty has been hell. Why did they have to pick me as Juror #4?

    1. SubThatSong


      Jury duty has always fascinated me. But I'm tainted by the interesting cases made up by TV-series and movies 

    2. JRD


      Trust, it's not like the movies or T.V shows. XD. They get into personal information before they select you. It's really uncomfortable having to answer questions that pertains to yourself. Once we go to deliberations; my friends said that's when you see the ugly in humanity, that's coming soon. Can't talk about the case until after the trial is over or else I'd get "FBI OPEN UP!"

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