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  1. Like I said; I wasn't going to judge them until I heard it, and I wasn't disappointed, yet they're kinda lacking. I really like the breakdown though ❤️
  2. JRD

    Guess who's having fun ripping all these today >.> If my room wasn't a mess full of CDs already
  3. Happy Birthday! ❤️

  4. JRD

    Definitely Voice, and I think maybe 勇者 and live your… They recently started playing melody in December if I recall; so it's definitely not a KAI song.
  5. I like the visuals; the music I will judge in 5 days.
  6. Came home to watch the finale of shitstain 4. I am none to pleased.

  7. JRD

    I was waiting for this tracklist forever. 4 Songs that are digital downloads, and the rest was written when Kai was in the band lol. 5 new songs total + the SE we know is track one. Sad it's released a day before my birthday D: I guess this will be a b-day present to myself.
  8. JRD

    メロディック渦巻 - キミイチマイル グラビティ - だだっだー!! グラビティ - テンテコマイ グラビティ - 人狼ゲーム グラビティ - 人生カワタニエン [冬のコンポタージュ暖かいんだから盤] グラビティ - 人生カワタニエン [自販機でコーヒー押したらおしるこが出てきちゃった盤] Jin-Machine - Re:Born [Type A+B] with Like an Edison purchase bonus photo :/ Jin-Machine - ホワイトデーソング A≠ris - ヒカリ with 4 chekis Silver Linings - Unnamed Song 0.1gの誤算 - 平成誤算大全 [会場限定盤]
  9. JRD

    Well, you can see that if you've seen my pictures before, that I've changed my overall appearance. I like playing with make-up, I do wear it to work and I let them know if they fuck with me, I have HR on speed dial and HR said I can wear makeup to work, no one cares though that I wear makeup sometimes; so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. JRD

    Panigyao here. MMF was their label until 2006. Then everything was produced by Kana himself; he wore himself out doing all the managing, producing, making album art, e.t.c and retired, thus ending Panic Channel(save for Meguru doing sessions under Panic Channel with his current project's memebers; also because KYO~YA retired as awell). They were never on sequence; Tomozo is Meguru's close friend, so they got featured on a lot of sequence stuff, but never were signed with the label.
  11. I want to be in the new FULL EFFECT' PV. Too bad they're only asking for gyas to do a fucking furi video.

    1. BrenGun


      Just ask them if you can be in the new pv. 

  12. If y'all wanted to know what's happened with me during my absence 


    1. Shadowtear


      I'm sorry you have been getting these issues, i understand life is hard but its good to see you managed to go trough it so far.

      I can only hope for your sake that you try to focus on finding awnsers on the issues you have and try to beat it even if it seems impossible.


      Feel free to always message me if u need anything, not that i can really do much but im available.

      Sometimes a unknown person could help if you do not feel like talking to people you particularly know.

    2. Zeus


      welcome back

    3. chemicalpictures


      feel for you, man. I hope you find the strengh you need to stay strong and sober for years to come. Always remember the people who love you, the people you love, and all the difference you make in their lives.

  13. JRD

    This is gonna be long. I suffer from GAD, Social Anxiety, Bi-Polar, and depression. I've been taking these with a lot of meds. including Alprozalam; which in itself is extremely addicting and after a while your body becomes dependent on it. I've been suffering 4 years of trying to ween off of this, which most would consider xanax. I hold a high paying job and working on my graduates in English; the stress level that comes with it combined with my irrational fear of looking people in the eyes, sitting next to people, eating out in public, being around people I don't know would give me extreme anxiety and panic attacks. Xanax would calm me down and destroy this fight or flight response, but I began to abuse it for the littlest of things; like running to the grocery store, shopping, etc. Every day I've been taking less and less of Xanax and my Therapist has been trying to get me into group therapy; but I can't stand being in a room talking about feelings with people I don't know. What triggered all this was just one acid trip from hell. I've been raving for well over ten years at this point, but a fateful day 5 years ago, at EDC, that changed my life forever. I've always suffered from these symptoms, but the bad acid trip from hell forever changed my life. Don't judge the drugs on this kids; once you try something and you like it, there's a fight everyday of your life to resist the urge to stay sober. If it wasn't for my determination to live abroad for 2 years, I would never have been here today. I thought about suicide to end my suffering. I still have the scars from my attempt, but in the end seeing the eyes of the people you love when you struggle to live or die is the most hurtful.
  14. JRD


    I hacked this account. I've read all the messages and please inbox me anything that I left unfinished 2 years ago. I'll gladly sort everything out. And why fuh am I not an Iconic member. More than 300 of these post have been me uploading rares for you kids.
  15. efuru

    Happy birthday!!