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  1. By the end of the summer, there will be no more uploads from me. I've been called a bitch, elitist, e.t.c. I spend my hard earn money to share bands I love with you guys. I've been with TW/MH since the beginning, some of you even have my personal cell number. I'm trying a new twitter @nameinbiography I'm not very social-able. You can also catch me in discord. I'll still be here giving my opinions or fan girling or stuff. I don't dislike any of you, some of you even make me laugh with your wits and I respect you for it. I'm very approachable so don't be afraid of me cause I'm more afraid of you.

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    2. JRD


      It's just built over the years and I finally got tired of being the person to say  yes or no to certain releases and if they can't get their way they throw a fit. If you guys know me, I always share releases I have if you ask me to, I don't even upload them here, I do it because of course I like the band, and you like the band, so it's like sharing things in common.  Random throwaway account  dm me for releases when they know I have it; then don't talk to me ever again until I have something they want or throw a fit because I won't give it to them because I don't know them. I know you all for so long it wouldn't bother me if you asked me for something I have that you want. I grew up here; with most of you, and I really do like all of you. Trust me you guys have been awesome to me, random throwaway accounts, can't really tell who they are, but I'll still be around. I won't publicly upload anymore, but if you slide me a DM and I known you for so long, it wouldn't bother me to give you it.

    3. Keiyuh


      Why would you listen to them?

      Do their thoughts matter? 

      When have they ever shared? 

      Do they give emphaty to those who wants fulfilment in these times?

      Know this I've reached a point where I can no longer learn or understand because I've been in the middle of every thought and all I can muster to say is I appreciate and gratify to those who share their thoughts and emotions without second thoughts but you do what you do because you care about everyone it doesent matter if he called you names believe me all I can ever share in these deppresive times is just a little smile to give hope to people on this war on love

    4. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      I'm sorry that people have treated you like this, and I totally get why you'd stop sharing. I'm gonna miss that good shit™, but I'd much rather you feel comfortable and happy. I hope that they'll leave you alone now 😢

  2. Why do all these new Vkei bands dress like Kpop rejects? I guess asking your friend who knows how to sew or a mistu/Tsunagari doesn't work anymore. Go big and flop like Xodiack, at least that's an attempt at visual kei artistry. Remember it's us gajins fault for not buying their digital mini.

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    2. platy


      Cheaper. Harajuku fashion is a lot more pedestrian anyways, I think the days of extreme styles are over. 

    3. filth_y


      In general, the brands, magazines, stores for "rockish"/"gothic" vk style (not the extreme costumes) changed/vanished completely in the last 3-4 years I felt. At first everywhere stores changed towards a more colorful/"hip hop" look and since 2-3 years K-Pop Style. And that is what I felt I could looking at people especially in Harajuku. The only store l feel is left is Civarize and even that is more miss than hit lately for me (with the renewal of 109mens so many cool stores closed and change to such a bad style in my opinion..).

    4. JRD


      I know that fashion trend, but why does it has to go into the melting pot that is visual kei. I read somewhere from an article from the 90s, it's all about the costumes and atmosphere, and a shoujo magazine character coming back to life. It's just being lazy. I have a lot of offshots of bands designing their costumes from the past. Now you can throw on Uniqlo/H&M with visual kei makeup, and bam now you're a visual band. This should be branded ストリート系.

  3. MIMIC will be releasing their very 1st single "曖昧傘" on 2020/07/06. So I guess they're running out of ideas for songs and rehasing them, since 曖昧傘 is a Visper single as well. I wouldn't be mad if they include テロメアのオーケストラ into the single. Would love to hear the djent chugging into a kirakira song.
  4. JRD

    Since I'm on the list of countries ban hammered this is I bought until I ship it with expensive ass DHL and some I already got from FJ AL-アル- - BOOTLEG VOL.001 AL-アル- - BOOTLEG VOL.002 AL-アル- - BOOTLEG VOL.003 AL-アル- - Last Live DVD AL-アル- - Lament for...(acoustic ver.) Azlina - CountingRhymes PV (ゆのver) Barkiraca - 虹 Belmosaic - 知らない空 PV Benchmark Cafe - エヴァーライン BLACK SHIP - The 1st(I bought another copy) Bloody Mary - Rayla SOMATIC GUARDIAN - 夕暮れの銃星 SOMATIC GUARDIAN - Four Seasons -Season 3- SOMATIC GUARDIAN - Four Seasons -acoustic version- MIMIC - BLACKBOX + 月曜になったら殺す-無料配布盤- DICTAVE - ANOTHER ORDER へルタースケルター - キラーチューン + ワルドエンド + 子猫と飴玉 + 櫻の樹の下には + 今すぐに首を絞めて殺して てんさい。 - 「僕らの明日」PV Channel Bitch - カラフル Dio D'honner - unsolved lover Jaki - IN THE MIRROR SPUN! - STARRY NIGHT SAT - S盤 SAT - A盤 SAT - T盤 ハル - 花ト散るらん ハル - 雨色メモリアル グラビティ ラブサイ グラビティ Y.W.G〜死の呪いサンバ〜 グラビティ リフレイン グラビティ なんだっけオーバー TYPE-A グラビティ なんだっけオーバー TYPE-B グラビティ 決意ゼロヒャクMAX!! TYPE-A グラビティ 決意ゼロヒャクMAX!! TYPE-B HuV - 少年の蒼-last song- Marvelou Maiden - Unknown Song Vier la drain - 蒼 Virulent - Bring it on Virulent - Londslaite THE CRIME - CODE OF ZERO XYLORiDE - BorroWorroB/FOX(Double A side single) XYLORiDE - BorroWorroB (SIngle) ZeeK - Acoustic Final Battle ZeeK - Best of ZeeK ジミニークリケット - ソアラ メカクシ - メモリーズ 午前五時の殺意 - 独裁と愛 午前五時の殺意 - 午前五時の殺意 マイフレ - 2nd音源(DMs will be ignored koichi fans) if you don't get the hint BLOCKDT クレクル - クレクルザベスト~ありがとう~ クレクル - クレクルザベスト~セイッ!ウォーッ~ ペンデュラム - Grab/Restart ヴァージュ - USB STICK FROM THEIR LUCKY BAG ONE OF A KIND. 紅蝉 - ハイエナ 紅蝉 - あしおと Jin-Machine - Everyone released that they released last year to this year.(I basically own their whole discography) カルト -「恍惚モンタージュ」(I wanted this for long time, LUCKILY I found it under $20 and not for $150 And a bunch of rarez that make my pee pee feel big. DM=BLOCKT. unless you have Sonic Death Moneky's らららgoing my上へ in it's full entirety or 君は鋭く。quiet e.r SINGLE(NOT THE MINI-ALBUM). And you can't fuck with me either cause I actually know how the songs sounds like.
  5. MIMIC is so good(in my homosexual opinion(Dixie Lynn Cartright + Aunty Chan™)). I'm in love with all the songs on BLACKBOX. Also think ViVi and eight are brothers.

  6. Neru's new internet limited unit with some guy named Hikaru from Luff(I don't know who the hell he is) and supported by Mikage and Hal from Helter Skelter too.
  7. Kote-Osa making a comeback with that Jaki solo mini-album. Bring back ブラックPIG. I miss how terribly bad Kote-Osa was, but it was bad that it was good. Calling it now, the Kote-Osa Kei revival is gonna happen. I hope someone covers uNrust's 鎖. Plugging the single https://www.monochrome-heaven.com/topic/41391-savage-孤独-april-fools-unrust-極死天鎖/?tab=comments#comment-486103


  8. MFW Jaki's solo stuff sounds exactly like blackpig and I love blackpig and starwave made it sound exactly how blackpig sounded on record. Now I just want him to record another Ska song like Darlin' and my life will be complete.
  9. This was a solid release. I enjoyed it a lot. Also yoyaku the album or else you won't get the tokuten. It's probably their full live performance from 2019/05/24 which consist of 6 songs they played that night. If you don't yoyaku before the release date, you're not gonna get that DVD. I also bought the shirt.
  10. JRD

    I'm gonna support both and ask Club Science if I donate twice if I can be immortalized in both monitor and chopsticks.
  11. JRD

    Mask and Nana re-burial onemans aren't Kote-Osa anymore since they're not dressed the part(Same with with Ayabie or whatever the hell they want to call themselves). Ziggrat at the top of my head is the only Kote-Osa band around and no one gives a fuck about that band besides me. JACK+MW just disbanded and they were Kote-Osa and AMONOVA(sp?) and they only just disbanded last month; Matilda had "いただきます。", which was a Kote-Osa song (obvs 愛狂います。rip-off), and they had the look. Then they went with the current Uniqlo/H&M while visual look. Paradeis was the last big Kote-Osa band, and it's been 9 years? So my guessing since reviving Kote Kei was a thing for a while, the next wave of Kote-Osa bands are gonna come by and we'll get those poppy kote kei songs again. TL;DR
  12. JRD

    Osare has been dead for over ten years >.> It's Kirakira. Osare-->Neo Visual-->Kirakira. I just want to Clarify that. The only remnants of Osare is Kote-Osa kei bands that are popular(or kinda still).
  13. I know a lot of albums without booklets. I liked the song, so I bought it >.> but 7 months until a full album T.T Well anyways I think it's a hate crime that they haven't released a music video for Pictionary, a remix, or anything related to their best song. If you end your set with Pictionary almost all the time, sell the fuck out of that.
  14. Did anyone save that instrumental by Project Delta? I really liked that song, but they took it down T.T If anyone can send it to me I'll upload a rare.

  15. JRD

    Lossless, or the least I will go for is 128kbs if I don't own the CD or if it's a rare or a demo tape. If you go listen to Girl Goomie's only two song they gave out for free, you would want to rip your ears out at how bad it sounds. If they gave a higher bitrate, the songs would definitely sound better. I also converted my best friend into a lossless listener. I bought him a pair of Sennheiser's for his birthday and he was blown away by all the sounds he never heard in songs he listened to; and realized why I always prefer Hi-Fi man lossless player vs an iWhater or Android. Of course I'm not crazy, so I use my Momentum's on the go, cause I'm not gonna carry a DAC and 1k headphones around.
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