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  1. yomii

    happy birthday ꒰⑅•ᴗ•⑅꒱

  2. Happy Birthday!!

  3. Happy Birthday! 🎉

  4. happy birthday 💫

  5. I guess this year is my year of finding releases I've been looking for for 5+ years, would never have thought I would get them for less than 500yen either!

    1. xriko


      Can you share me a bit of your luck ? just need 2/3 CD to fully complete my collection x)

    2. JRD


      I'm sending you all my positive vibes and luck right now. 

  6. Finally listened to BLACKPINK’s new e.p and I freaking love it. Release after release, BP making BLINKS proud everywhere. Don’t know what to do and kick ughhhh love love love.

  7. FULL EFFECT' "MUSIC NEVER STOPS" is another Album. Oh gawd I can't, Hisato likes giving us what we don't deserve. Probably going to be 500yen like NEW ERA and 何でもあり始めました。

  8. JRD

    I want one in every color. Fashion Kei still lives!
  9. JRD

    I liked Mr. Moonlight; so I'll definitely keep an eye out for these guys.
  10. Sorry if anyone messaged within the last month. I'm starting to get a notification for them. 

  11. SHiSHi is selling their 0th single on their online shop. Go support them and buy 5 different types for 5 different アー写 of your fave member! 

    1. Gesu


      Damn, just put the info through a translator (because I can barely read a lick of Japanese) and they don't ship to overseas :( thanks for the update, though! :)

  12. Jin-Machine has so many releases, my iPad made an Alphabetical/Kana scroll for them alone.

  13. 君は鋭く。quiet e.r. is almost complete. Delayed as fuck, but I'm so excited for more music.

    1. chemicalpictures


      I'm really excited aswell, those guys are the remaining bastions of art kei

  14. JRD

    MIMIC - KING MIMIC Team-R - Tear LAY ABOUT WORLD - DROWN DEEPLY the Darling - 夏 the Darling - 秋 the Darling - 冬 Megamega Heart - サヨナラの唄 ANOTHER DIMENSION - Real (I honestly never thought this existed, holy fuck rare, it's a mini-album too!) ラジオ体操 - LAST ONEMAN LIVE @ Shibuya O-EAST
  15. The riffing sounds like Maple Tabasco Topping from FULL EFFECT' tbh I am here for this! The sound is soooo Koteosa. Brings me back to when I was a teenager with my Asian mullet with the right long bang dyed blue(Still a Panic Channel stan too).
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