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  1. Someone tried to steal my tires or something? I don't know. Neighbors caught them. Car was in the air. Really expensive car jack left. Cops came, and I got a free mechanic level jack. Gonna put it on craigslist for shits and giggles. 

  2. Sale at Diesel? I'm gonna go in and buy like 4 shirts and now I'm poor.

  3. JRD

    Sorz I found it weird to wait for bands. Maybe that's the introvert side of me, since I'm super shy at first. Sorry if I offended you.
  4. JRD

    I know. I've watched the last live DVD. It was one of the most heartbreaking things I've seen. That's how I knew how much it meant for them.
  5. JRD

    I feel like I'm being called out by this thread. Stanning a band is basically you devoting yourself to them(in my case) supporting the fuck out of them because you love their work and what they do. I basically have a shit ton of Panic Channel chekis, FULL EFFECT' chekis, and DragonWAPPPPPPER. I have every single アー写 Panic Channel has every put out and every releases sans 3 VHS tapes that are like impossible to get. I have アー写 from FULL EFFECT' that hasn't even hit the light of the internet because they're so indie. I bought 6 copies have each of their last two albums. I bought DragonWAPPPPPPER's limited 20 remix CD for almost $300. I have goods like towels, shirts, and hoodies I don't wear because I don't want to lose any of them. I own all their releases including a few live limited goods that are near impossible to find. That's what I think of stanning. Like if you are basically stalking the band like demachi or irimachi, then you're on another level that's not stanning.
  6. JRD

    Everyone has different music taste, it's totally understandable. I just can't fathom getting intensely mad at 2 individuals doing their thing that they love. If they didn't have passion in making music like this, they would have stopped and done other things akin to their liking. And it's not like they can't be in both Meji and 8P-SB. Look at Sonny Moore, he's cash grabbing the teen angst era by rejoining From First To Last and still doing Skrillex. It just pisses me off that they fired Spencer.
  7. Most of them are upset that they sound different. Some are upset that the lyrics sound like it's directed at the fans and at the former members, which I think it's totally directed at them after reading the lyrics. Some are butthurt they dropped the visuals.
  8. JRD

    RyO's eye makeup is beautiful. His whole look and hair is a toot.
  9. JRD

    I actually like this. 150 limited and live limited; which means no one is going to hear it unless so gya who's sole purpose is to buy multiple copies sells it online for triple the price.
  10. JRD

    I don't get the amount of hate they're given. I liked Mejibray too, but I can still dig this. Ready Player, Twily Boy, Starry Night, Flight Plan, Pictionary, almost a lot of them; if they played it at some sort of EDM event, I'd be dancing my ass off. If they have a live planned while I'm in Japan for a Month and a half in the winter; I'd buy a ticket.
  11. Anyone remembers when one of the mods on Batsu had like this line script that reflect the username of whoever read her sig on their account; and it caused chaos and pure confusion. And Gay Egyptians?

  12. JRD

    Yeah the name a formula has changed over the years and they still use Schwarzkopf. It has a different name over there in Japan, Fibreplex now?, but they don't import, they use their own Schwarzkopf bleach line since it's super more concentrated on Asian hair, but it's bleach me blond in the US. Schwarzkopf brand for bleaching hair. I have really thick hair for an Asian person; so my hair doesn't get damaged like crazy like some people. Someone should send them olaplex if their hair is that damaged. eek.
  13. JRD

    Those are horrible dye jobs and their stylist or hairdresser should be immediately fired. My hair has never looked like that ever, and I had platinum blond and now titanium grey. The only thing that makes my hair frizz out like that if it is wet and I don't blow dry it at all. I use a flat iron to straighten it out and it comes out natural looking.
  14. Get on the CieLGRAve hype trains guys. They really are an amazing band. Also if you buy any of the CDS from Zeallink you get a song bonus CD with a song called:とりあえずふざけて歌(lol at they're not accepting returns, do people really do that?) If you buy the any of the CDs from their buppan you get a CD with a bonus song: ヘデラの果実-demo version- Also that's what their six song is called @The Piass (Hedera no Kajitsu)
  15. Airo is wearing a funeral veil; so they will announce that they are leaving starwave and going back to making good music as Justice King, make impossible mail-order only CDs that you can only get for limited of time of 2 days after they announce it 1 day and a half and go back to making live limited 30 copy on CDs that only their 15 jouren can get. That's my french vanilla fantasy.
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