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  1. johnesh

    I'm ragin'... I just bought (literally a couple weeks ago) the webshop-limited regular edition of Adoratio through a shopping service. Cost me about 35 quid! Still... nice to know I'll can get the new album cheaper, and sooner.
  2. johnesh

    I'm really excited about this. I've liked everything he's done so far. Jakigan is my second-favourite of the post-Nightmare solo projects, after Gremlins. The criticisms of his vocals are valid, but imho the quality of the songwriting makes up for it. Looking forward to the previews and preorder info.
  3. Significantly cheesier than I was anticipating... guess I should have expected as much from the costumes
  4. They're not major so far as I know, I think they just mean the main chart as opposed to one of the specialist charts
  5. Lovin' the crazy pirate look. Can't wait for the previews.
  6. johnesh

    You get this a lot in the West now as well, particularly among major-label rap artists (e.g. Kanye) – release an EP's worth of music, call it an album, and charge full album price for it. Fucks me right off.
  7. johnesh

    New chapter: Gotharocka
  8. johnesh

    It's this bizarre linguistic thing of artists operating "under" a label. I don't know whether it's a Japanese or an American thing.
  9. johnesh

    This is ridiculous!
  10. johnesh

    Beautiful look and album covers. Samples sound really good as well. I am totally here for this.
  11. johnesh

    This is disappointing, but not surprising. I got their album, which I enjoyed, but their last couple of releases were not great. Don't think I heard the 47° single though, will have to check that out. Let's hope some of them come back in another band.
  12. johnesh

    I loved 13, hope this album has more of that art-jazz goodness. Also that limited edition gold foil embossing is gawjuss
  13. johnesh

    This sounds really, really nice. Beautiful visuals too. I am totally here for this. Loved Nega, loved The Black Swan, loved Screw. Bring it on.
  14. johnesh

    This is disappointing, these guys were shaping up to be rather interesting
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