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  1. This sounds absolutely amazing. No regrets whatsoever about pre-ordering
  2. Only nine songs? You're killing me, Aoi. What's the bet this is going to be a re-recordings album like the "new" DuelJewel effort
  3. johnesh

    Oh yes! Their last album was amazing
  4. johnesh

    I don't think I've heard it either!
  5. johnesh

    So there are five new tracks on this album. Days, It's Just Love, and Chronos were on Story; Red Rose and Dead Man's Hope were on Duel; Live was on Jewel; and Yuki no Asterisk was released as a single. That said, I never bought the minis or Yuki no Asterisk (I don't think I've even heard it), so I only own three of these tracks. So I'm going to buy it, primarily in the hope that if they make enough cash from it they can go on to write and record another album of actually all-new material. I can also kind of see the point of it – they've been away for a few years so it's kind of like a catch-up compilation of their recent material for new VK fans who possibly don't remember them. And you would hope that the old tracks are re-recorded, especially as Hayato is supposed to have recovered from the dysphonia which was pretty painfully obvious on the last few releases.
  6. johnesh

    Hm yeah, this does seem a bit of a con. I'm happy though, as I never bought their last two mini-albums, so I don't have most of these tracks.
  7. johnesh

    ^ This
  8. You've gotta love D, they always give it their all, no matter what.
  9. johnesh

    His vocals do sound even worse on this than on any of his other releases so far
  10. After the abomination that was their last album, they're going to have to pull something pretty amazing out of the bag to win me back
  11. johnesh

    Definitely getting this! "Don Buraco" was super cheesy but fun. Stoked to see an album arrive so soon – expected at least two more BP singles first. Love the '60s Star Trek look.
  12. They've got back together?!! This and the new Tool album news on the same day... I'm in Heaven
  13. johnesh

    Woah, awesome! I thought these guys were gone for good
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