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  1. johnesh

    4 hours ago, suji said: That person writing this really needs to work on their English. _________________________________________________________ The tone is weird, but there are only a couple of actual errors there. I've seen a lot worse English on this very forum. (Apologies for double post)
  2. johnesh

    FFS! Another of my favourites bites the dust. To be fair, I did kind of see this coming as well, their last few singles were a bit of a mixed bag, but I really liked their last album. Here's hoping they can put out one more album before they call it a day.
  3. 24/08 is the digital release date: http://ayabie.info/release/400/ Physical version is available to order now through the crowdfunding site Wizy: https://wizy.jp/project/219/
  4. johnesh

    Ah nice, thanks for this, I somehow failed to spot that they have a webshop. Will be ordering this through a shopping service.
  5. johnesh

    When the hell will we be able to order the damn thing?!
  6. johnesh

    Half the songs have already been released as singles!
  7. johnesh

    This sounds great. Anybody know where you can order it? It doesn't seem to have a catalogue number. Is it self-released or are they on a label?
  8. johnesh

    Can't believe how long it's been since they released a full-length album, hope there's going to be one before the end of the year
  9. I might have to get this. Infuriatingly, I just bought 10 about a month ago.
  10. This sounds absolutely amazing. No regrets whatsoever about pre-ordering
  11. Only nine songs? You're killing me, Aoi. What's the bet this is going to be a re-recordings album like the "new" DuelJewel effort
  12. johnesh

    Oh yes! Their last album was amazing
  13. johnesh

    I don't think I've heard it either!
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