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  1. johnesh

    This actually sounds pretty good. Had almost forgotten about this guy. Love his voice
  2. johnesh

    This is a great release, but they're stretching credibility by calling it a "full album" – it's 25 minutes long! Must be taking a leaf out of the Western hip-hop stars' playbook...
  3. It couldn't be that, as "デー" represents an elongated /deɪ/ sound, as in "day", whereas the "e" at the end of "merde" is silent. I'm no expert, but "merde" would probably be transliterated "メ—ド" or "メアド" or possibly "メルド" or possibly even "マ—ド ". Great tune by the way
  4. johnesh

    This sounds absolutely fantastic. Really got that old-skool Sadie sound. I'd forgotten how much I love his voice.
  5. johnesh

    I thought these guys had disbanded years ago
  6. johnesh

    I've already deleted their last album from my mind
  7. johnesh

    Musically, this sounds absolutely amazing and I have no regrets whatsoever about pre-ordering it. Production-wise, however, it sounds like it was recorded in a tin can, and his vocals are very much an acquired taste...
  8. johnesh

    2,420 yen for four songs?! That's a maxi-single, not a mini-album! dat title doe
  9. johnesh

    That would be amazing
  10. johnesh

    I might pick this up. They're a band I always felt I ought to get into but never really could for some reason
  11. They always do this when they go major, their indies career ceases to exist
  12. johnesh

    I completely unironically and unashamedly love this album. I think it's the best album Dezert have done yet and may just be my favourite VK album of the year. Put that in yer pipe and smoke it!
  13. johnesh

    Just hurry up and release a new album already
  14. I'm lovin' this! Never really listened to them before (I think I heard the mini once), so it all sounds new to me, and really fresh! I'll definitely pick this up. Also really love the look, especially his giant monster hand
  15. johnesh

    I love it when VK bands name songs with obscure words of English that even most native English speakers don't know
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