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  1. Jun_

    Well, if it's not Lolicon, it's """"""Safe"""""".....
  2. I mean, it's literally the same voice xDDD
  3. Jun_

    Oh boy. I still can't believe Ryu is back.
  4. Jun_

    After some researching, finally found it. Fufilling this for @IsuKa-san, who posted a request for it!
  5. Finally finished ULTIMA's romaji conversion [?]


    It really helps to practice hiragana and Katakana (Machine was really tricky)


    And I'm speechless for this album. It's great.

  6. Jun_

    Finally, it's done now~ OFC, sorry if there's mistakes. I'm still learning, so xD ULTIMA: Kanji: Romaji: XERO: Kanji: Romaji: BARRIER: Kanji: Romaji: EROS: Kanji: Romaji: ALLERGIE: IDOL: Kanji: Romaji: ZINNIA: Kanji: Romaji: IN THIS ERA: Kanji: Romaji: RUDENESS: Kanji: Romaji: P.S.: Hazuki whispers some lines in this song, but they're not on kanji lyrics and it's kinda impossible to hear :'D Sorry 'bout that~ MACHINE: Kanji: Romaji: ASTER: Kanji: Romaji: EUREKA: Kanji: Romaji:
  7. Jun_

    01 - Fukushuu wa Seigi Kanji: Romaji Gonna post the other lyrics next week xD
  8. Jun_

    +1. This song is really cool. Can't stop listening to it xD It's a shame Naoki left DEXCORE.
  9. Is it possible to buy Visual Kei on Japanese Apple Music without living in Japan?

    1. zombieparadise


      Yeah, but you'll need a Japanese iTunes cards as they don't accept overseas credit cards. You should be able to order them online somewhere.

  10. Happy birthday, mah man ❤️

  11. Jun_

    Shit. I just wanna find some pleasure on living again. My dad just had his engagement party. He lives the house next to me. He didn't invite me. He was out of my life for 26 years. Since I moved next to him (what mother and me didn't know about), I thought he'd be closer. Which he did. But in the beginning of the year, he decided to engage his girlfriend and since then, seems like I'm not even his son anymore. He's always telling about how good his fiancee's daughter is awesome and how she can do great things like speak english at early age and how smart she is... Damn. I just feel really bad about being hopeful that he would change. He probably won't even miss me if I die.
  12. Jun_

    Feb 26th was my birthday and I just couldn't be happy about it. It's really bad when you get older and literally have nothing because you can't find a job and things starts to get difficulty at home... Damn.
  13. Happy birthday, Kai-san! :D

  14. I hate so much the fact that no one from -OZ- went to another band. I also miss Natsuki's voice so much, but I'm glad he's doing what he likes! :D

    1. Aferni


      Like @Elazmus always says, the wound is opened again, Sfsfdsssddaerrrrfff

    2. Elazmus
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