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  1. Jun_

    ANOMIE, by Matenrou Opera, added:
  2. Does anyone plays Clone Hero? xD

  3. Jun_

    All charts are updated, plus, Full Difficulty for: - Oboreru Sakana, by DADAROMA - S[k]ape;goat, by DELUHI
  4. Jun_

    The time I kinda dressed as "Casual" Sasuke to play with my band xD
  5. Happy b-day Jun_! ❤️

  6. happy birthday you adorable little cupcake ❤️

  7. Jun_

    FILMY, by -OZ-, added:
  8. Jun_

    SUISEN, by BIOSPHIA, added:
  9. Jun_

    s[K]ape:goat, by DELUHI, added:
  10. Jun_

    sacrifice, by Luzmelt, added:
  11. Jun_

    Bonds~Kizuna~, by An Cafe, added:
  12. Jun_

    Liking my pictures is a rare moment.
  13. Jun_

    Oboreru Sakana, by DADAROMA, added:
  14. Jun_

    follow the night light, by deadman, added:
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