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  1. Happy b-day Jun_! ❤️

  2. happy birthday you adorable little cupcake ❤️

  3. Jun_

    FILMY, by -OZ-, added:
  4. Jun_

    SUISEN, by BIOSPHIA, added:
  5. Jun_

    s[K]ape:goat, by DELUHI, added:
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    sacrifice, by Luzmelt, added:
  7. Jun_

    Bonds~Kizuna~, by An Cafe, added:
  8. Jun_

    Liking my pictures is a rare moment.
  9. Jun_

    Oboreru Sakana, by DADAROMA, added:
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    follow the night light, by deadman, added:
  11. Jun_

    DOGMA, by the GazettE added
  12. Oh my god. The first one is so freaking awesome...
  13. Jun_

    Utakata, by Kagrra,, added
  14. Jun_

    Well, for now, you can try those charts on Expert only xD I'm gonna release all of them on Expert diff first and then I'll start to work on other difficulties and lyrics I hope you'll enjoy. And anyone is free to make requests, btw~
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