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  1. KRAD new single "abyss" will be released on 2018.04.04 in 2 type. They also planned their one year anniversary oneman "abyss gate" at Ikebukuro Black Hole on 2018.05.15. Tracklist : 01. abyss 02. 曼珠沙華 (Manjushage) 03. Grief of microorganisms (regular edition) DVD : abyss Music Video (limited edition)
  2. Cool, can't wait to get it ! Sounds better than MESS.
  3. It was announced on 2017.12.01 at the "Raphaelesque Head Bursting" 時限式:uadjet's sponsored event at EDGE Ikebukuro, llll-Ligro- restart their activities from today with two new members : Gt. Jesse and Ba. 羽鳳(hao) They were on hiatus since december 2013. They will have their oneman 「THE BEGINNING OF THE END」 on 2018.03.04 at EDGE ikebukuro. Voice. ヒナタ (hinata) Guitar. kazari Guitar. Jesse (ex ZeR'0-ゼロ (ジェシー(jecy)) Bass. 羽鳳 (hao) (ex ZeR'0-ゼロ (蓮 (ren)) Renewal OHP : http://llll-ligro.info/
  4. Ba. はやと (Hayato) have joined REVIVE. He is ex (?) グランギニョル (Grand Guignol / band in wich who play also 悠蛇-Yuta and 絶楠-Zechs)
  5. Here the tracklist of the full album : A type 【初回限定盤】 : 01. アイシア (Aisia) 02. MASTER PIECE 03. 【NEEDLESS】 04. ファンタジア (Fantasia) 05. ロストワン (Lost One) 06. ガラス越しの君へ (Glass goshi no kimi he) 07. MAD MAGIC 08. D.I.D 09. NEVA 10. クリアノート (Clear Note) B type 【通常盤】 01. 【NEEDLESS】 02. 24/7 03. DAHLIA 04. 非エラルキー (Hierarchy) 05. スターマイン (Starmine) 06. VICTIM. 07. Dispect 08. ジャパニーズ・マジョリティ (Japanese Majority) 09. Star Dust 10. ディアレスト (Dearest)
  6. It sucks ! But not very surprised 'cause he appears as the most indented member in the band. I hope it will not affect too much their activities.
  7. Far East Dizain 4th single "Beyond These Walls" will be released on 2017.12.27. It will contain 2 songs, for 1296 yens. Tracklist : 01. Beyond These Walls 02. farewell