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  1. The new singer is not better than the previous one... without me for this release.
  2. To correct a mistake, title is not "Occultism" but seems to be (according to the video) "Ocar dism". Don't know what it supposed to mean
  3. モンストロ (MonstlloW) 3rd single "指切りげんまん" (Yubikiri genman) will be released on 2018.08.22 and sold in advance at their live at Holyday Shinjuku on 2018.08.16. More details come.
  4. Jiyo

    The album will be available through Like an Edison store on 2018.07.04 and will cost 3500 yens. (1st single Julia too at the same date)
  5. Love the preview ! Hope it will be available in store like the first one.
  6. Jiyo

    Oh great news ! Their 1st single was so cool !
  7. Jiyo

  8. 【TYPE A】 01. マントラ (Mantra) 02. メローサンセットビーチ (Mellow Sunset Beach) DVD : 01. 「マントラ」 MUSIC CLIP 02. Off-shot 03. 2018.04.25 ペンタゴン 感謝の3周年!全国ワンマンツアー「GA-CHA HEAD-CHA-LA」 TOUR FINAL&千吊バースデー 渋谷WWW X公演より、: 03. 真昼間は別の顔 (Mappiruma wa betsu no kao) 04. 少年ワルツ (Shounen Waltz) 05. 反抗声明 (Hankou Seimei) 【TYPE B】 01. マントラ (Mantra) 02. MONOCHROME DVD : 2018.05.05 GOEMON RECORDS 5th ANNIVERSARY 大名行列2018「絆-キズナ-」EX THEATER ROPPONGI公演より、: 01. テツキズ (Tetsu Kizu) 02. Here I am 03. 今日から僕は改札機 (Kyou kara boku wa kaisatsuki) 【TYPE C】 01. マントラ (Mantra) 02. メローサンセットビーチ (Mellow Sunset Beach) 03. MONOCHROME
  9. They will release their 1st single under their new name, "オカルディズム" (Ocar dism) on 2018.09.11. [tracklist] 01. オカルディズム (Ocar dism) 02. VENOM 03. Solitude 1620 yens