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  1. キズ (Kizu) 2nd single "蛙-Kawazu-" will be release in 2 type on 2017.10.10
  2. Hysteria 6th single "まほろば" (Mahoroba) will be released at their oneman live "Heavenly Landscapes" at Fukuoka DRUM SON on 2017/09/25.
  3. Taichi was previously in ガァベラ (Gerbera) unit.
  4. They also have a free distributed song "おやすみ" (oyasumi) at the live on 2017.10.08
  5. Due to production convenience, live limited single "Resolution" will be release on 2017.07.20 and first EP "REVism-EP" will be postponed on 2017.08.23
  6. LAVANS will release a new one coin single (500yens) on 2017.09.13 and available at ZEAL LINK shop. Title is not known yet
  7. Details of their live limited single have been revealed 01. BREAK THE LIMIT 02. Brave New World 03. FiVE 1500 yens
  8. Band name is GANMI ! GAIN is the song title https://twitter.com/GANMI_STAFF https://twitter.com/GANMI_JIGAI https://twitter.com/GANMI_minami https://twitter.com/GANMI_Yuriko https://twitter.com/GANMI_MAKO
  9. This ! Or maybe it's like for Julia. It was live limited before to be available in store. Julia seems to be sold out everywhere probably 'cause they had few stock. But I'm pretty sure you can find a second hand one, on closetchild or puresound. Envy Circus is live limited, haru have confirmed. And the mini album seems to be sold out since a moment.