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  1. Plug sesh is a go~! come, come~! https://plug.dj/monochrome-heaven

  2. Jigsaw9

    I love it when Imai uses his MIDI effects! I wish he did it more often or wrote more compositions that utilize them, it always makes the songs that much more interesting (like the eerie 'bells' in Taiyou ni korosareta or the synth lines in Chikashitsu no Melody). @RaeDesu Dress is a good gateway drug to B-T! I remember when Trinity Blood aired, it was a good time to be a B-T fan, new or old, especially how "13kai wa gekkou" just dropped so the #goth was eeeverything. Alice is a really fun song too! I like how it references Diabolo from the "13kai..." album in the beginning and with Imai's quirky little verse.
  3. Jigsaw9

    I love how they call literally one concert a 'tour'. Good for them tho!
  4. Jigsaw9

    THIS. Was fun while it lasted, too bad.
  5. Jigsaw9

    I love that song so damn much. ♥ The 2nd press/remastered version of that release, 第3実験室 改訂版, is actually the only "Shuuji 1" release that I own physically (mostly cuz all the other old stuff is expensive as hell for my wallet on auctions lmao), all three songs are excellent and show very diverse sides of the band.
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    cali≠gari cali≠gari began activities in 1993 helmed by guitarist Sakurai Ao, bringing a mixture of post-punk, art rock and new wave into visual kei. Named after the 1920 German expressionist horror movie "Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari", they are considered as one of the early 'eroguro' bands. They started releasing music in 1994 and after various lineup changes (most notably replacing their vocalist Shuuji for another vocalist named Shuuji) their major label debut finally came in 2002... only for them to go on hiatus a year later. The band restarted activities in 2009 and started playing gigs and releasing new music again. In the past few years they had short pauses, but are more or less active. After coming back from hiatus they released a string of albums through major labels while also maintining their own indies label Misshitsu Neurose (headed by Ao) for special interim releases. As of the release of their album "14" they have unexpectedly gone back to being an indies band. The cali≠gari guys have various side-projects and other bands, too, running simultaneously. Most recently Shuuji has GOATBED, Ao plays in ヘクトウ (Hector) and sporadically performs with LAB. THE BASEMENT (f.k.a. lab.), and Kenjirou has had an on-again off-again solo career. Shuuji, Ao, Kenjirou and Makoto also used to have a visual kei parody alterego band called La' royque de zavy. Current members: - 石井秀仁 (Ishii Shuuji): vocals, guitar, programming - 桜井青 (Sakurai Ao): guitar, vocals - 村井研次郎 (Murai Kenjirou): bass Notable former members: - 秀児 (Shuuji): vocals 1996-2000 - 武井誠 (Takei Makoto): drums 1999-2014 I know there are other Garists here, so I thought I'd make an artist thread finally to discuss random stuff. For one, I was completely surprised that the band went back to being indies full-time. Apparently this sudden change was the reason for the delays with the production of the latest album (there are more details in this interview). Well, it shouldn't make that much of a difference I guess since they already released almost everything through Misshitsu Neurose except for the albums and DVDs, but still... Anyway, how are you guys liking the new album? I'm hooked on it, although I feel it isn't as great as "13" was. There is some really cool stuff going on in tracks 1-6, but then the excitement kinda dips for me. The last 2 tracks are okay again. Especially the last one is interesting imo, I don't think I've heard this type of song from cali≠gari before (the atmosphere almost reminds me a bit of BUCK-TICK). Also, random trivia: apparently the short song "飛燕騒曲" is only comprised of various samples and ambient noises, only the bass guitar is played 'live' (even the guitar parts are sampled from another song on the album). Thought that was fun.
  7. Jigsaw9

    Fair enough, I can see your point. @crossparallel NOPE, haha (it's not bad tho).
  8. Jigsaw9

    @karai · ebi I gotta confess, I could never take SILENT NIGHT seriously because of the Engrish (so I have a bit of a different experience with it), lol. @crossparallel EMBRYO is a cool track! I love ICONOCLASM to bits, it's interesting to read some ppl prefer the rerecording. I've always adored the original, and come to think of it, I have to think really hard to find a rerecording by B-T that I like more than the original... tho the duo of the rerec'd TABOO and HYPER LOVE is pretty awesome, especially live!
  9. Jigsaw9

    Good start! Welcome to the 'gari family~ 8D Yeah, I agree that 14 isn't too hot, at least compared to some of their other recent stuff. シャ.ナ.ナ is from the "10" album so if you enjoy that type of sound you can't go wrong with that album! You can find a bit of a similar vibe on the album "8" and the mini album "≠" (released after "10"), too.
  10. Jigsaw9

    ^ I feel ya, sometimes I feel like JUST ONE MORE KISS is too syrupy and upbeat for my liking, haha. The music video is perfectly cheesy tho.
  11. Jigsaw9

    I want a new Mykki album... ;w; ♥
  12. Jigsaw9

    Ao has posted some of the design layout for the special live-only "0" rerecording mini album. Looks pretty nostalgic and badass~
  13. Jigsaw9

    The album "TABOO" was released in 1989, exactly 30 years ago today (18th January)! One of the most excellent old-school J-rock albums imo with many great highlights such as ICONOCLASM, ANGELIC CONVERSATION or JUST ONE MORE KISS. My favorites are TOKYO and FEAST OF DEMORALIZATION tho (the latter being one of only two songs whose lyrics Toll wrote in B-T history!). What are your faves from the album?
  14. Jigsaw9

    The band has announced a special 2-days gig titled "Locus Solus no kemono-tachi" that will be held on 2019/05/25 and 26 at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 9・10・11. They put up a cool trailer for it too, I suspect the video footage might be teasing the "TOUR No.0" DVD/Blu-ray too. Random trivia on the 'Locus Solus' reference here~
  15. Tomorrow's the release of the latest BUCK-TICK DVD/Blu-ray, aaaand they announced another one again, lol. The DVD/Blu-ray "TOUR No.0" will be released on 2019/04/24 and will show all the live footage from the band's July 26th 2018 gig at Tokyo Kokusai Forum Hall A. The limited editions will also contain a 2nd disc with another full gig from 10th November 2018 at Toyosu PIT from the band's livehouse tour "TOUR No.0 - Guernican Moon -", as well as a photobook and special packaging. Again, there will be four versions: - regular DVD - regular Blu-ray - limited 2 DVD set with 64-page photobook - limited 2 Blu-ray set with 64-page photobook TOUR No.0 @ Tokyo Kokusai Forum Hall A, 2018/07/26 (regular editions' main disc) 01. 零式13型「愛」(Reishiki 13gata 'Ai') 02. 美醜LOVE (Bishuu LOVE) 03. サロメ - femme fatale - (Salome -femme fatale-) 04. Ophelia 05. 光の帝国 (Hikari no teikoku) 06. ノスタルジア - ヰタ メカニカリス - (Nostalgia -Vita Mechanicalis-) 07. PINOA ICCHIO - 躍るアトム - (PINOA ICCHIO -Odoru Atom-) 08. メランコリア-ELECTRIA- (Melancholia -ELECTRIA-) 09. IGNITER 10. 残骸 (Zangai) 11. 楽園 (Rakuen) 12. BABEL 13. Moon さよならを教えて (Moon sayonara wo oshiete) 14. ゲルニカの夜 (Guernica no yoru) 15. 胎内回帰 (Tainai kaiki) 16. GUSTAVE 17. 薔薇色十字団 - Rosen Kreuzer - (Barairo juujidan -Rosen Kreuzer-) 18. ROMANCE 19. NATIONAL MEDIA BOYS 20. REVOLVER 21. Solaris TOUR No.0 - Guernican Moon - @ Toyosu PIT, 2018/11/10 (limited editions' bonus disc) 01. エリーゼのために (Elise no tame ni) 02. 美醜LOVE (Bishuu LOVE) 03. 光の帝国 (Hikari no teikoku) 04. サロメ - femme fatale - (Salome -femme fatale-) 05. 月蝕 (Gesshoku) 06. IGNITER 07. BABEL 08. Moon さよならを教えて (Moon sayonara wo oshiete) 09. GUSTAVE 10. Baby, I want you. 11. 薔薇色十字団 - Rosen Kreuzer - (Barairo juujidan -Rosen Kreuzer-) 12. Cuba Libre 13. Mr.Darkness & Mrs.Moonlight 14. BOY septem peccata mortalia 15. Memento mori 16. 零式13型「愛」(Reishiki 13gata 'Ai') 17. ゲルニカの夜 (Guernica no yoru) 18. 胎内回帰 (Tainai kaiki) 19. TANGO Swanka 20. 狂気のデッドヒート (Kyouki no Dead Heat) 21. 鼓動 (Kodou)
  16. Jigsaw9

    This looks cool 'n' all, but I hope we'll get a more substantial release with new music from them this year too (as opposed to these '1 new track' or '1 new demo track' joints). In any case, they seem to put on a sweet live show so it's not too bad that they milk it so much, lol. Gotta collect dat money for studio recordings somehow I guess.
  17. Jigsaw9

    ^ Daaaaamn, that was a great deal!
  18. Jigsaw9

    This mini album mmmmm yes. Perfect from start to finish, gotta love the reworked songs. Fun fact: "701125" most likely refers to 25th November 1970, the date of famous author Yukio Mishima's death (who died by ritual suicide after attempting to carry out a coup at a military base).
  19. Jigsaw9

    This is giving me discount E'm~grief~ vibes, hah! At this point tho I'd rather take this than "new br00tal kei band #2423". edit: lmao, check their snazzy OHP intro guys, 10/10
  20. inb4 it will actually become their last live until we get there
  21. Jigsaw9

    This was pretty much me too. Loved their early stuff on UNDER CODE, then soon as they became major... BIG NOPE. This song was my jammmm
  22. Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas has announced on their official site that bassist Kei has passed away on 12th January at midnight, due to acute heart failure. His funeral was held on 15th, with only his family and close relatives. The band's upcoming tour, events and album are indefinitely postponed. They will continue activities sometime in the future. The members have posted their comments on the OHP apparently, but the site cannot be reached currently (I'm assuming there's an influx of traffic due to the news). R.I.P.
  23. Jigsaw9

    Nice newcomer band! They actually caught my ear because of the vocals, haha. And then the instrumentals are competent and nice too. Of course, it's early to judge but their first two singles gave them a really promising start imo. Can't wait to see what they can offer us through a full album... I just hope they have enough steam to make it exciting, seeing how young of a group they are (unlike, say, MEJIBRAY did with their first full-length).
  24. Jigsaw9

    Yeah, ギラギラ is pretty fun! Otherwise I think 憧憬、睡蓮と向日葵 might be my least favorite c-g mini album next to 'turn-1'. It was lacking the weird crazy shit for my taste (tho I can understand that there's not much room for more out-there stuff when your album theme is 'summer' ).
  25. Jigsaw9

    I've had a dusty old Hungarian copy of Les Mots (The Words) by Jean-Paul Sartre so I thought why not read it. It's basically an autobiographical book focusing on his childhood. Can't say I'm thoroughly impressed but it has its moments. I'm about halfway through, but losing steam a bit.