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    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS ♥ ♥ ♥ (too bad it's not the full band tho, but this is as good as it gets)
  2. Their new single featuring the anime ending theme will be released on 2019/05/22, titled "獣たちの夜 / RONDO" (Kemono-tachi no yoru / RONDO). It will come in three versions: regular SHM-CD, limited Type-A SHM-CD + Blu-ray, and limited Type-B SHM-CD + DVD. Both songs' lyrics are written by vocalist Atsushi and music composed by guitarist Hisashi. Tracklist: 01. 獣たちの夜 (Kemono-tachi no yoru) 02. RONDO 03. 獣たちの夜 (Kemono-tachi no yoru) ※alternate version Limited versions' extras: ・DVD or Blu-ray with music video ・special digipak packaging
  3. Not sure what to expect from the new Darkthrone, but that's the best metal album cover art I've seen this year. I'm not worrying too much tho, whatever they release I usually like (or end up liking).
  4. Jigsaw9

    The new album is love at first listen. Near perfect.
  5. Jigsaw9

    I don't mind the production that much (tho it took a bit of time to get used to). Songs are okay, nothing special but decent.
  6. Jigsaw9

    Out of those samples only "Purgatory" really caught my interest. The rest could be good too, we'll see.
  7. CORE edition is da bomb, rest of the artwork looks like garbage, lol. Looking forward to it, still!
  8. Yoshiatsu 20 years from now be like
  9. Jigsaw9

    a cry for help
  10. Jigsaw9

    It's a headless guitar. Shame it's wasted on........... this, lmao.
  11. Jigsaw9

    Damnnn that is rough! Wishing him all the best and a thorough recovery.
  12. Jigsaw9

    Sadly it's been harder and harder to find time to actually immerse myself in any quality reading since I got my new job, but hopefully things will pan out soon. I'm making my way through the Hungarian edition of Patti Smith's Kids achingly slowly, but enjoying every page of it. I had already read the book in English before but got the translated volume as a gift from a dear friend, so I figured now is the time to delve into it again ('now' being, like, two weeks ago and I'm only halfway through lol). Before reading this book I only knew Patti as a singer-songwriter and never imagined she would be such an excellent literary author. Her writing is very genuine, wholesome and lyrical (but not on the artsy end of the spectrum). Good stuff.
  13. Jigsaw9

    Nice energetic song, I dig it. Do the beginning and the verses remind anyone else of The Gallo for some reason? lol.
  14. Jigsaw9

    big OOF.
  15. Jigsaw9

    The guys finally released the PV for 天国で待ってる: is this my brain on drugs?
  16. Jigsaw9

    That preview is hilarious, it almost sounds like a generic neo VK band badly imitating SIAM SHADE. How the mighty have fallen...
  17. Jigsaw9

    I'm already on board with this based on the preview. Sounds like they are picking up where Grieva finished. But yeah, album art could be better, lol. Looking forward to it in any case!
  18. Jigsaw9

    Curious to see what this is if ex-Grieva members are really involved...
  19. Some extra info: according to the members' comments on the official GeGeGe no Kitaro homepage, we can expect the new song to be romantic and reflective of B-T's gothic worldview. It will also feature a violin and an accordion.
  20. According to the band's Twitter, 弱小の美学 and ガタガタ will be remixed for the album... even though I don't recall them previously releasing the former song, so maybe they meant 妄執, lol.
  21. New Martyrdöd track just dropped, album will be released on 10th May. Song slays as expected. Pulverizing but melodic crusty goodness.
  22. I'm quite hopeful about the new song too. Even though I found their last few albums kinda unremarkable, they've always really shined when it came to anime tie-in tracks for some reason.
  23. Bustin' out the retrock kei, I see~
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