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  1. We're actually living in the fictional reality of the X Files series and it was actually Agent Scully investigating whether the new X JAPAN album really existed or just a hoax (plot twist: it's a government cover-up to draw attention away from UFO sightings). Mulder still wants to believe.
  2. X files....... X... you get it.
  3. Jigsaw9

    Flyer giving me peak "random band with one ad in a 2006 FOOL'S MATE never to be heard from again" vibes.
  4. The title track sounds the catchiest so far (rest are okay too). My body is ready.
  5. It's just the two songs glued together.
  6. Randomly found this old death metal band called Sepsism and their '95 demo and '98 album are just so perfectly produced and executed. The huge guitars, the relentless drum pounding, the tasty bass and barbaric vocals. The songs themselves... dare I say, catchy! TOTAL DEATH PERFECTION. That's all.
  7. Jigsaw9

    Short Japanese live report with a pic from the gig: https://www.barks.jp/news/?id=1000168639
  8. Setlist of the gig in question: 01. OBVIOUS 02. THIRTEEN 03. GROTESQUE 04. JØKER 05. CREATURE 06. MIRRORS 07. JUDGEMENT 08. LIE 09. RENATUS 10. AMBLE 11. SENSE OF EMPTINESS 12. D.A.R.K 13. GALLOWS 14. EXIST 15. EVIDENCE 16. FAITH 17. pulse_ 18. FIVE 19. A FOOL ENCORE 1 01. BLØOD 02. GHOST 03. ALL THIS I'LL GIVE YOU 04. ADORE ENCORE 2 01. THIRTEEN 02. TIAMAT
  9. Jigsaw9

    If anyone's curious, looks like one of the single's songs was already released under the おぎゃー name:
  10. To cap off their 25th anniversary celebrations, cali≠gari is releasing a new EP titled "この雨に撃たれて" (Kono ame ni utarete) on 2019/08/28. It will have the theme of "rain trilogy", i.e. the songs will be connected to rain. Except for the title track, the rest will be previously released songs but in newly recorded versions. Interesting tidbit, the EP will be released under Victor Entertainment. The release will come in two types: 2CD "Yuudachi-ban" edition and CD+DVD "Akisame-ban" edition. 夕立盤 (Yuudachi-ban) tracklist: 【Disc-1】cali≠gari "Rain Trilogy" new recordings M1. この雨に撃たれて (Kono ame ni utarete) M2. 冷たい雨 (Tsumetai ame) M3. 続、冷たい雨 (Zoku, tsumetai ame) M4. 冷たい雨~続、冷たい雨 (Tsumetai ame ~ Zoku, tsumetai ame) 【特典】特別教材1週間でマスター!ボーカリスト養成講座 課題/M5.この雨に撃たれて 自由曲/M6.冷たい雨 M7.続、冷たい雨 (I have no idea what this last part is, something about teaching vocals? Maybe karaoke versions of the songs?) 【Disc-2】10-Rebuild- (remixed and re-recorded version of the "10" album that was released 10 years ago) M1. ママゴトセンター M2. マッキーナ M3. 偶然嵐 M4. -踏- M5. ハラショー!めくるめく倒錯 M6. 月光ドライブ M7. 飛蝗者読誦 M8. 混沌の猿 M9. シャ.ナ.ナ M10. スクールゾーン M11. 電気睡蓮 秋雨盤 (Akisame-ban) tracklist: 【Disc-1】cali≠gari "Rain Trilogy" new recordings M1. この雨に撃たれて (Kono ame ni utarete) M2. 冷たい雨 (Tsumetai ame) M3. 続、冷たい雨 (Zoku, tsumetai ame) M4. 冷たい雨~続、冷たい雨 (Tsumetai ame ~ Zoku, tsumetai ame) M5. この雨に撃たれて (Kono ame ni utarete) (in-store BGM short ver.) M6. この雨に撃たれて (Kono ame ni utarete) (in-store BGM long ver.) 【Disc-2】映像集 ※“この雨に撃たれて”に関する様々な映像の予定です。乞うご期待! (I guess this will be music video(s) or compilation of images connected to the title track?)
  11. Jigsaw9

    Awwww such a short amount of time. :< Well, better than nothing I guess.
  12. Jigsaw9

    Just bought a ton of Spawn: Origins and Hellspawn collected hardcover comic books these past few weeks, brb reliving my teenage years. ♥
  13. Jigsaw9

    Tonight's setlist from "ALL TOMORROW'S PARTY 2019" at 名古屋BOTTOM LINE: 01. please god 02. 溺れる魚 (Oboreru sakana) 03. 受刑者の日記 (Jukeisha no nikki) 04. 盲目の羽根と星を手に (Moumoku no hane to hoshi wo te ni) 05. follow the night light 06. 桜と雨 (Sakura to ame) 07. imp 08. lunch box 09. quo vadis 10. re:make 11. 蟻塚 (Arizuka) deadman's back y'all~ ♥ Also, the remastered 2nd press of "SiteOfScafFold" can now be ordered from zoisite shop: https://zoisite.shop-pro.jp/?pid=143796168 They seem to have re-stocked their 2004 mini album "701125" too: https://zoisite.shop-pro.jp/?pid=34236311
  14. Jigsaw9

    Nice pairing... quite a hard choice too. This will take me some time, lol. On one hand, I find Kizu's output far more consistent, but DIMLIM has more highlights and memorability in some of their songs (but also some terrible misses). Also, funnily enough, both are bands I didn't quite like initially but gradually warmed up to over time. Ah screw it, I'm going with Kizu.
  15. Jigsaw9

    Hoping they'll make a music video referencing The VVitch.
  16. All samples sound okay so far. They're generally an 'okay' band, but I can never remember more than a small handful of their songs. So, just as always, I'll listen to this single too, enjoy it while it's on, and then completely forget about this band until their next single comes around, lol. Not saying this as something negative, I do like their stuff but uniqueness is not really their forte.
  17. Nice. Looking forward to them!
  18. Jigsaw9

    Oh my, that's horrible. May he R.I.P.
  19. Jigsaw9

    ...and it unexpectedly has lyrics translated to English too, yesssss ♥
  20. Jigsaw9

    This will probably end up as something generic but till then, I'm onboard! lol.
  21. First and last 30 seconds with those monotonous vocals and overused autotune are atrocious, but sandwiched inbetween is a decent song I guess, lol.
  22. Jigsaw9

    B-side sounds far better to me than the title track. Cool sound.
  23. Jigsaw9

    Yeeaaaahhh, bring it on!! This time I won't hesitate with ordering it, lol.
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