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  1. Jigsaw9

    I have no idea, but having spent the last few days on Twitter I am about 89% sure it is cake.
  2. If it's any consolation, I ordered mine with EMS but the tracking site did not update at all, after the first two days (still showing it's in Japan) ...and then a week later, without any further tracking update the package magically arrived to my doorstep. So fingers crossed for you~
  3. Jigsaw9

    wtfffffffffff nooooo
  4. Jigsaw9

  5. Jigsaw9

    And here we are the end, with 昏睡カルパ (Konsui KALPA): https://linkco.re/zFD6tnTY
  6. Jigsaw9

    Cool band, I enjoyed reading about their influences. Thanks!
  7. LOL wow, that's a first...........
  8. Jigsaw9

    Thanks for all the info, guys (and the random tidbits... I love reading the random tidbits lol). ♥ Can't wait to hear how the reworked 'ero album' will sound! Also, that song is...............wow ok. edit: also, I really really really hope the deadman x cali-gari stream will be accessible through some platform that's readily available outside of Japan too...for a change. 9 out of 10 other bands can do it so I hope they'll manage too. :')
  9. I'm always up for new 'gari even if it is old 'gari. GARRY ON!
  10. I'm a lame sack of potatoes, but I try to jog/run a few times a week recently. I've been neglecting this for like over a year now, so I'm trying to get back into it these days. Still a bit far from my 'golden period' but I think I got the hang of it again. Nothing too extreme tho, just a couple of kilometres broken up by some casual walking.
  11. Ishii Shuuji out there writing lyrics like



  12. You mean What's Up People by MTH, haha... and the list could go on and on I guess.
  13. @sads123 Yeah, one would think they could make a quick buck easier with a DVD release... I might have misunderstood this because I'm using translator websites (lol), but the article does seem to say that the re-recording album is only "part one" of the special 2021 anniversary project. Sooo I guess we cannot rule out a potential DVD release in the future (or other stuff).
  14. Ah you just beat me to it by a minute! Too bad it's not gonna be an album of new songs, but... still... SO EXCITED!!!!
  15. Jigsaw9

    I guess this might fit here: the new HAIM album is just perfect. Excellent summer-vibe music with warm songs and a killer production. Also, this livestream they did was fireeee
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