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  1. Plug sesh is a go~! come, come~! https://plug.dj/monochrome-heaven

  2. Jigsaw9

    I love it when Imai uses his MIDI effects! I wish he did it more often or wrote more compositions that utilize them, it always makes the songs that much more interesting (like the eerie 'bells' in Taiyou ni korosareta or the synth lines in Chikashitsu no Melody). @RaeDesu Dress is a good gateway drug to B-T! I remember when Trinity Blood aired, it was a good time to be a B-T fan, new or old, especially how "13kai wa gekkou" just dropped so the #goth was eeeverything. Alice is a really fun song too! I like how it references Diabolo from the "13kai..." album in the beginning and with Imai's quirky little verse.
  3. Jigsaw9

    I love how they call literally one concert a 'tour'. Good for them tho!
  4. Jigsaw9

    THIS. Was fun while it lasted, too bad.
  5. Jigsaw9

    I love that song so damn much. ♥ The 2nd press/remastered version of that release, 第3実験室 改訂版, is actually the only "Shuuji 1" release that I own physically (mostly cuz all the other old stuff is expensive as hell for my wallet on auctions lmao), all three songs are excellent and show very diverse sides of the band.
  6. Jigsaw9

    Fair enough, I can see your point. @crossparallel NOPE, haha (it's not bad tho).
  7. Jigsaw9

    @karai · ebi I gotta confess, I could never take SILENT NIGHT seriously because of the Engrish (so I have a bit of a different experience with it), lol. @crossparallel EMBRYO is a cool track! I love ICONOCLASM to bits, it's interesting to read some ppl prefer the rerecording. I've always adored the original, and come to think of it, I have to think really hard to find a rerecording by B-T that I like more than the original... tho the duo of the rerec'd TABOO and HYPER LOVE is pretty awesome, especially live!
  8. Jigsaw9

    Good start! Welcome to the 'gari family~ 8D Yeah, I agree that 14 isn't too hot, at least compared to some of their other recent stuff. シャ.ナ.ナ is from the "10" album so if you enjoy that type of sound you can't go wrong with that album! You can find a bit of a similar vibe on the album "8" and the mini album "≠" (released after "10"), too.
  9. Jigsaw9

    ^ I feel ya, sometimes I feel like JUST ONE MORE KISS is too syrupy and upbeat for my liking, haha. The music video is perfectly cheesy tho.
  10. Jigsaw9

    I want a new Mykki album... ;w; ♥
  11. Jigsaw9

    Ao has posted some of the design layout for the special live-only "0" rerecording mini album. Looks pretty nostalgic and badass~
  12. Jigsaw9

    The album "TABOO" was released in 1989, exactly 30 years ago today (18th January)! One of the most excellent old-school J-rock albums imo with many great highlights such as ICONOCLASM, ANGELIC CONVERSATION or JUST ONE MORE KISS. My favorites are TOKYO and FEAST OF DEMORALIZATION tho (the latter being one of only two songs whose lyrics Toll wrote in B-T history!). What are your faves from the album?
  13. Jigsaw9

    The band has announced a special 2-days gig titled "Locus Solus no kemono-tachi" that will be held on 2019/05/25 and 26 at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 9・10・11. They put up a cool trailer for it too, I suspect the video footage might be teasing the "TOUR No.0" DVD/Blu-ray too. Random trivia on the 'Locus Solus' reference here~
  14. Jigsaw9

    This looks cool 'n' all, but I hope we'll get a more substantial release with new music from them this year too (as opposed to these '1 new track' or '1 new demo track' joints). In any case, they seem to put on a sweet live show so it's not too bad that they milk it so much, lol. Gotta collect dat money for studio recordings somehow I guess.
  15. Jigsaw9

    ^ Daaaaamn, that was a great deal!