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  1. Ishii Shuuji out there writing lyrics like



  2. I didn't know what the world was truly missing.... but now........ finally......... an Evangelion themed deathcore band from China.



    1. Desqui


      The lyrics remind me of that penguin that won't get out of bed because it's too cold, except this has no happy ending.

    2. togz


      NO WAY.

    3. IGM_Oficial


      This is brilliant

  3. Now THIS is what I call A+ virus prevention gigging 🎶



  4. Man, it's so hard to believe emmurée has been around for two decades and still whatever they keep releasing over the years sounds so consistently high-quality. Not a bad song among them. What a band.

    1. Ikna


      I just wish they were more well known and popular. They are basically veterans at this point, but I feel not many people actually know they exist.

    2. Anne Claire

      Anne Claire


  5. Just a reminder that today's the last of BUCK-TICK's DVD livestreams, this time it's their special LOCUS SOLUS gig (Day 2) from last year. Huuuge live at Makuhari Messe, with a special acoustic section to boot!



  6. I look at this and have a feeling someone lost a bet, lmao.





  7. that one release the virgin vk fans don't want u 2 listen 2



  8. this is how i wanna be



  9. Just a heads-up, BUCK-TICK's live DVD stream will start in 30 mins! This time it's the 2017 DAY IN QUESTION gig (Day 2) so we can expect a good mix of new, old and rarely played songs. :)




  10. a vk version of David Lynch's daily weather report but it's by Gackt and it's about bitcoin and diamond stocks

    1. IGM_Oficial


      Sounds promising

    2. Jigsaw9


      .................... and penis training. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    3. IGM_Oficial


      Perfect 👌

  11. throwback to when Imai & co covered YMO ~ ♪



  12. One of the greatest '90s VK lives will be streaming in 20 mins:



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. saiko


      what was this? seems down

    3. Jigsaw9


      @saiko Climax Together (1992). BUCK-TICK is doing streams of previously released live DVDs every Saturday if you're interested (the rest will be much newer footage tho). :)




    4. saiko


      Oh, a true classic!!! Thanks!!

  13. If anyone's still interested in WING WORKS, they just made tons of their releases available to buy digitally in lossless format on OTOTOY (their complete discography if I'm not mistaken?).



  14. I always forget about dieS for long periods of time but DAMNNnn they made some bangers



    1. saishuu


      that album of theirs slaps!

    2. Jigsaw9


      ANGEL JESUS dieS in EDEN is probably one of the most vk titles of all time, lol.

    3. saishuu
  15. don't talk to me about vk if u don't rock with this  i c o n i c  trio



  16. Not sure where to post this but here's 30mins of HIGH FASHION PARALYZE live from back in 2015 (gibkiy×3 just uploaded this to their official YT channel).



  17. Not sure which thread to post it in so mentioning it here: the new King Dude album is awesome! ♥ 



  18. no one:

    literally no one:


    MH suddenly:


  19. hooo boy the new Swans album's out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1. Tokage


      ids coming :DDDD

      ids real :DDDDDDDDDDD

  20. Someone might've already mentioned this before, but if you enjoy stuff like (the more heavy/demented side of) NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST or Deviloof and wanna crank up the cheesy epic-o-meter even more, go check out Shadow of Intent. You won't be disappointed.

    1. Himeaimichu


      My partner is a huge fan of Shadow of Intent! I don't know much about them, but he can confirm they're amazing lol

    2. Jigsaw9


      @Himeaimichu Nice! Honestly I just got into them very recently, but already blown away, haha.

    3. Enki


      Thanks for the awesome recommendation

  21. Can't get enough of this Dendö Marionette archival release. So good!!



    1. Tokage


      peep the Nihon No Wave v/a too! some of their stuff on there  (presumably stuff included in the archival as well) along w/ some other cool 80s obscurities

  22. yooo new Battles album out in mid-October! Almost forgot about these guys.



  23. God bless Bitter Lake Recordings! Cool new-ish underground label from New York remastering & digging out obscure old Japanese experimental / synthy music.


    I'm highly recommending their release of "傀儡電伝 LP" by Dendö Marionette!



  24. For br00tal fans: new Guttural Slug album just dropped & it's slammerific~



    1. God


      this sounds dope but it’s not on spotify yet(?).  rip me.

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