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  1. Just saw 20th Century Women. Beautiful, immersive movie about a teenage boy and how his life is intertwined and influenced by the lives of the girls/women surrounding him, set at the end of the '70s (accordingly, expect cool post-punk/new wave soundtrack and the occasional moshpit / Talking Heads dance-out scene ofc). Just excellent acting and script. Amazing.
  2. Hey, this sounds kinda fun. Reminds me of later-era NEGA beefed-up a bit.
  3. cool spambot, bro.

    1. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Yeah... so annoying.

    2. nostalgia


      Please help report spams using the report button so the staff can see them. I have removed all the recent spam posts and banned their IP ranges, but they will probably come back.

    3. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Ok, good to know! Thanks!

  4. Awesome! Can't wait.
  5. I really liked this one, unlike Liar. Great energy and some fun crazy bits. Nothing too memorable but this is good enough for me. I actually went back and re-listened to Liar as well, and now I can appreciate it a bit more too.
  6. Cool thread idea! I love me some Animals As Leaders, and used to listen to Chimp Spanner and Angel Vivaldi quite a lot too (been neglecting them a bit lately somehow). Also, the band Blotted Science recently came to my attention, gonna try them out soon. The mighty Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse) is on bass!
  7. oh no...
  8. ugh, THIS.
  9. Gotta say I'm quite enjoying the new Grieva single. Fun & crazy stuff.

    1. Takadanobabaalien


      I am pleasantly surprised as well. Much better than liar!

    2. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      My copy should be coming soon. Hopefully they don't give me a photo of their awful costumes in full color ;(

    3. tetsu_sama69


      It's always pleasant when they do attempt to do their own thing instead of stan the shit out of other bands.

  10. Nice one.
  11. Gonna try to be at the Budapest gig. Finally, he is playing at A38 (a.k.a. the coolest venue with the arguably best sound system in Budapest).
  12. I found myself being less and less interested as the pages passed by, so dropped this altogether. Meh. Also recently finished Asleep in the Sun by Adolfo Bioy Casares, which was a quick and interesting read! With a bit of tweaks here and there I could totally imagine David Lynch or maybe Denis Villeneuve (or some European arthouse director) adapting this into a surreal unsettling movie. Mystery and suspense lurking in the background, quirky dark characters and some unexpected humor. It was everything I could have wanted in 200 pages. On the topic of 'currently reading', I'm about 1/3 through Patrick Ness' young adult novel More Than This. I admit, I've been struggling a bit with the actual 'current' plot of the book, while finding the flashbacks much much more intriguing to read ... but it figures I guess, since most of the story so far is a guy being alone in a weird empty world, lol. Things are starting to pick up though, so I'm curious what it'll all transpire to in the end. I've also just begun dipping my toes into Paul Auster's latest gargantuan novel, titled 4 3 2 1, apparently featuring the multiple 'could-have-been' lives of a guy born in the mid-20th century, featuring autobiographical elements and whatnot. Seems like a daunting read (it's 860 pages of zipping back and forth between parallel narratives!), but if nothing else, it's evident from the first 30 pages that Auster still knows how to elegantly deliver his thoughts... so I'm hoping it'll be a pleasure to read.
  13. Cool stuff! I dig it.