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  1. From 2007 to 2011 I played guitar in the band Dark Cherry, formed by a group of friends. We made kinda poppy emo/alternative rock/metal with electronic elements (implicitly influenced a bit by D'espairsRay, Abingdon Boys School, L'Arc and stuff like that). Home-recorded a bunch of crappy sounding demos, studio-recorded two better sounding singles and played a few dozen gigs mostly locally, it was fun. From 2006 to this day I'm in a hobby/"just for fun" music project with my vocalist friend (who is also ex-Dark Cherry) under the alias The 21st Cherry Boys (the name came from BUCK-TICK's song, lol), or T21CB for short. We record stuff at home, in totally random styles that come to our mind at the moment. But usually it's some kind of silly weird pop/rock music coupled with electronics (for a while a friend of ours joined too, he played the cajon). We're doing a 12-month single release campaign this year, tho dunno how far we'll get due to the virus scare, lol. We also had a short-lived project Sunshine Demons with the guitarist cousin of said vocalist friend. We recorded an EP in 2012, kind of a mixture of punk, post-hardcore and pop-rock. We also have an album's worth of unreleased and mostly unfinished tracks recorded during 2018-2019, which we are slowwwwwly working on getting finalized. So far it seems like it will have somewhat of a Latin flair in the music, and it will be a concept record telling a story about cowboys, crime, ghosts, revenge,...stuff like that, lol. From 2007-ish onwards I'm also doing some solo stuff here and there under the name JigsawJohnny, but I'm super lazy so I haven't recorded that much music. Genres range from noise, industrial to hardcore, death metal, post-punk, whatever I feel like. My latest release was a dark ambient record with a dystopian cyberpunk concept last Halloween. Most of the music that isn't totally terrible to listen to for even those involved can be found on Bandcamp.
  2. DOBE's livestream just started (the band hasn't hit the stage yet and there's no audio as of yet) edit: oh ok, the gig only starts at 18:30 Japan time (in 20 mins). This was pretty fun, despite the expected ass sound quality/mixing. Sadly the video froze towards the end, so the last 2 encore songs were audio-only, but it was still okay (the sound might've even become slightly better for the encore portion). Pretty long gig too, they prolly played almost all their recorded output, lol.
  3. Jigsaw9

    I was kinda looking forward to this album, but seeing how I'm struggling with just the previews (I turned it off halfway in due to boredom/cringe) this one's prolly not for me...
  4. This is giving me war flashbacks to those early '00s omnibus albums where 8 out of 10 no-name bands used that same drum machine, lol. Not sure if this is a good thing, but I can't say I wasn't entertained for these 50 seconds.
  5. Jigsaw9

    Rabid - Not the original one, but the 2019 remake by the Soska Sisters. I was optimistic about this back when I first heard about the remake, but ultimately I didn't enjoy much of it. Some fun scenes and ideas, but overall I was either bored or annoyed at what was happening. Not even the visual effects were particularly memorable (some only for their lameness). The ending and the scene leading up to it was complete Z-movie garbage. At least one positive thing this movie achieved: made me wanna re-watch the original, lol.
  6. Jigsaw9

    The band uploaded the full footage of yesterday's live. Haven't watched it yet, just sampled it for a bit but it looks great~ edit: ok this was pretty cool. They were really hammin' it up, lol The one new song they play from the upcoming album starts around 12:38 btw, for those curious.
  7. Jigsaw9

    jk, but yeah, really digging the sample. These guys are on a roll lately.
  8. Jigsaw9

  9. Jigsaw9

    Oh no, not him! R.I.P., damn...
  10. Hell yeahhh can't wait for that Hail Spirit Noir album! There's also a short trailer out: Sounds good.
  11. Jigsaw9

    Slave to the Grind - This documentary has been up on Youtube to watch for free, it's a great chronicle of grindcore music. Some interesting facts and funny anecdotes in there. Highly recommended for extreme music fans (I'm not sure if this doc will tell anything new to someone who is super-into grindcore but for a surface-level fan like me it was perfect). Lady Bird - Dunno why it took me so long to finally see this. It's a bittersweet coming-of-age story so naturally I enjoyed it a lot. That's all.
  12. Jigsaw9

    If I remember correctly most (if not all) VK music videos filmed in church-like locations are actually establishments that you can rent for activities like filming or hosting various types of events. Similar to that big "European" castle seen in some MALICE MIZER and Psycho le Cému vids, iirc.
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