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  2. Okay, there you go, it actually is, lol.
  3. Totally went down the vapid autotuned-to-hell trash hip-hop rabbit hole since yesterday, but discovering some true gems here... also getting into Desiigner and Lil Yachty a bit, lmao.
  4. Yay, thanks! The world needs more English karrygarry~ <3 Also, to me that line feels like a corny/edgy self-description from a dating profile or something (to keep with the theme of the song xD). Like, "I'm this and this, and 26 years old".
  5. There are 2-3 tracks there that piqued my interest, but so far it sounds pretty meh to me, as expected.
  6. This is the most random pairing ever, but cool nonetheless!
  7. For now, I've kinda 'got over' VK I guess. I cannot go more than half a minute listening to any sort of Japanese music basically, just got so tired of the same tropes repeated over and over again. Sometimes I go back to some old favorites ofc, like maybe once every month. Also, this isn't unusual for me. It's like this with any kind of music genre or style. Sometimes you get over-saturated with a particular sound and then you need to take a break from it to listen to something else. I'll prolly find my way back in a few months for a bit again. But will I return to the habits of the first few years after I discovered Japanese music (and that was basically everything I listened to)? Not likely.
  8. Yeahhhhh boiiii excited for this one!
  9. New song. Just wanted to be as spontaneous and random as possible. Inspired by James Chance & The Contortions, with a side of cali≠gari and The Cramps. https://jigsawjohnny.bandcamp.com/album/rag-bone-dance
  10. noooooooooooooooooo my boizzzz ;w;
  11. I just wanted to say how much I love Guruguru Eigakan and everything they released. ♥