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  1. the synths could go a few octaves higher still, I guess... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. ^ I love under-worldddd... if I somehow forget "Fuyu no Castanet" is tacked onto its butt, like some cancerous tumor. xD
  3. Never actually changed my username I think (?). confession: I prolly don't know who the hell half the people are who had more than one name change, lolol
  4. Looks/sounds excellent.
  5. They're not mocking anyone (I think?). The art was made my mangaka Maya Mineo, that is his art style.
  6. Good times. Wishing many more fun- and drama-filled years for MH~
  7. Not bad so far.
  8. T2 Trainspotting - Cool stuff. Brought back some memories and that old spark, even if it turned to melancholy. Stylish as fuck, I might add.
  9. love love love
  10. general

    Congrats to them
  11. Good to hear! Gonna check it today or tomorrow. Till then, a totally random find on YT. You probably know them already too, but that opening gave me a kick I needed~ I'm just listening to their 2nd album, awesome stuff. Gonna keep this 3rd one for last, sounds like this one's quite the energy-bomb.
  12. JUS† G⏀NNᐃ L∃ᐃV∃ †HIS H∃R∃ . . .
  13. I just couldn't let it slip, and been listening to their stuff since yesterday night, haha. So far the first album and the other random stuff around that era are my favorite by far. Excellent pure heavy metal joy. The 2nd album has its moments too, but I couldn't get into it much (I found the production to be kinda messy and overly noisy too, but maybe that's just the rip I managed to track down). Same for the 3rd one, only that one is actually downright boring at parts. Haven't checked out their 2012 album yet, but hoping it will kick my ass more than their mid-'80s stuff. Also, I didn't find Amulet as amazing as I thought I would, but they're still solid. I liked the demo a bit better than the album. But extra shout-out to "The Flight" - so cool '80s feeling synth interlude! (rarely does a random interlude catch my attention this much on a metal record, lol)
  14. They look like they're so much fun live~ ;w;
  15. Finally a vk album in 2017 to look forward to, and a pretty cool cover art too!