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  1. One of a kind band, thanks for the excellent write-up. I should get into them more again.
  2. So cool! I've only read about the BUCK-TICK connection before, but this concept in itself is pretty neat. I'm so happy for them, even though I found some of their newer albums lacking a bit. Here's to another 20 years of zany over-the-top #yankeeism
  3. Dunno why isn't anyone talking about this group but HOLY SHIT ALL THE '80s RETRO ANIME NEW-WAVE CYBERPUNK FEELZ BOIIIIIII Basically Bubblegum Crisis OST: The Band. They just released their first album and it's hnnnnngggg so good~
  4. I agree, awesome movie.
  5. ^ Good find, thanks!
  6. I'm equal parts horrified and intrigued.
  7. New single is the equivalent of that proverbial FIYAAA
  8. Monochrome Boiz in da houseeee feat. @Disposable
  9. Brand-new track from † BLΔCK WRIST † who will be unfortunately retiring soon from the witch house scene (after a last album that will be out soon apparently). I'll miss his dancey EBM-influenced vibe. He played some cool shows too.
  10. Hi

    Welcome, welcome~
  11. As much as I enjoy their lighter songs, this one's snoozeville for me. The guitar solo's kinda fun tho. (edit: lol, joke's on me, this isn't even a new song)
  12. to the grand total of 3 people who are interested, lol Church of Misery's official Facebook page has just announced the latest lineup of the band. As you may know, CoM has been pretty much a revolving door of musicians with bassist Tatsu Mikami being the center/main songwriter/head honcho. This time the group is back with an all-Japanese roster, as follows: From left to right: Tatsu Mikami - bass Hiroyuki Takanosith - vocals Junichi Yamamura - drums Yasuto Muraki - guitar The only member I could dig up previous band info of is Hiroyuki Takano who is also a guitarist/vocalist in "sludgecore" band Sithter.
  13. Okay, upon further listens it's an okay song. I'm just always expecting something with a bit of a 'bite' in it from these guys, but the last few albums were all very similar to this particular song (i.e. very upbeat melodic pop vk). Still, I can dig them I guess, especially after multiple listens. edit: btw the band's "REUNION 10th ANNIVERSARY -薔薇色の激情-" kickoff live just happened on 04/22 at Toyosu PIT. Here's the setlist: SE. Kain 01. dummy blue 02. SADISTIC EMOTION 03. 柘榴 (Zakuro) 04. So… 05. Angelic Poetry 06. Singe et Insecte 07. DARLIN' 08. BABY 09. LULLABY 10. Dance naked, Under the moonlight. 11. LOVE/HATE 12. an aphrodisiac 13. Skelton Queen 14. Loveanymore 15. LA VIE EN ROSE ENCORE EN1. CRAZY4YOU EN2. バライロノセカイ-Le monde de la rose- (Barairo no sekai)
  14. #flawless
  15. Okay, this is pretty wild: https://neoandertals.bandcamp.com/album/ebu-gogo-gutting-the-child A bassist/vocalist and a drummer, making weird primitive caveman death metal. The more I listen to it, the wider my smile gets.