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  1. They kept it totally old-school. I think they played everything off of "Anno Domini" in the main set, and then in the encore they played some songs off of "The 7th Day of Doom" (Branded by Satan, Mephisto and the title track if I remember correctly). Hopefully they'll play more in the future, not just the handful of summer festival dates they have announced currently. To quote Attila, "We'll meet again... if not sooner, then on the other side." lol edit: Found a pretty okay quality vid plus the setlist too:
  2. Very special gig last night at Budapest's A38 venue. The return of the almighty Tormentor in all its original lineup glory! Warmup acts were Cult of Fire (pretty cool) and local post-black band Perihelion (not bad but kinda out-of-place imo), nice vibes all around. It was obvious tho that everyone came to see Attila Csihar & co of course and we weren't disappointed. I had some minor fears beforehand, of how well they would play after all those years, but they absolutely killed us all. Total old-school black/thrash inferno! All the fretboards of the guitars were blazingggg and Attila was a surely evil sight to behold (and to hear!). Tormentor I, Elisabeth Bathory, Beyond and Branded by Satan were my highlights of the night. Absolutely killer gig. Strongly thinking about attending Rockmaraton fest this year for a second helping of Tormentor, coupled with some Carpathian Forest. Random pic from the gig (not mine): More photos here if anyone's interested
  3. Cringella status confirmed
  4. ^ Yeah, I just gave it a spin today too, really good stuff!
  5. Sounds kinda boring so far tbh. Still, gonna check out the full song when it drops.
  6. Doom - I dunno why, but I finally decided to watch this. All in all it was pretty entertaining midde-of-the-road B-movie action/horror, tho I got kinda bored towards the end (and that last fight was lame as hell for the most part). I hope they'll make a more over-the-top Doom adaptation someday.
  7. Setlist: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/x-japan/2018/empire-polo-grounds-indio-ca-13ecf9c9.html
  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Ghost, so much fun. Best video from them in a long time.
  9. I haven't listened to Aura Noir before but the advance tracks from the new album sound pretty kickass, so I'll give it a shot. In other news: it completely took me by surprise but apparently there's a new Craft album coming in June! Awesome! edit: Also, NEW CARPATHIAN FOREST YEEEEEEES
  10. I can attest to this, just saw them myself earlier this week. They kick so much ass live!
  11. Thanks for the gig reviews, @Bear, it was fun to read. I hope I can see Carpathian Forest live some day too~
  12. I like me some Ghost Bath, especially the Moonlover album! ♥ Got to see them live when they toured with that, great show too. Sadly I was completely turned off by the advance tracks I heard from their latest, so never checked it out...
  13. Not sure if it fits here, but I've been relistening to lots of Arcturus. Great band. Even the last album (that came like a decade after the previous one) is solid. Not sure whether they can be classified as black metal, but at least the first album is pretty kickass symphonic / atmospheric / avantgarde black metal, and the rest are amazing avantgarde extreme metal works. ...that's all.