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  1. This might not be what you exactly had in mind, but I really recommend Making a Murderer. Despite being a documentary series, it's quite exciting. Another one in a similar style (tho it might not be on Netflix?) is The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst.
  2. I strongly approve of this (even tho 2 of the 6 tracks will be 'old' songs as I can see). New song/vid is pretty cool too.
  3. Let's be realistic, they'd be lucky if they just managed to make it a sold-out, lol.
  4. Here's a translated interview that goes quite in-depth with the new release: http://kyotakumrau.tumblr.com/post/162082332957/20170620-kyo-and-yuchi-interview-from Also good to see that even though it's just been released, they are already eager to work on new songs.
  5. That finale, daaaaaaaamn. Those lipsyncs were all A++++ I'm happy about the winner too, was one of my faves (tho it sucks that my other fave lost to her basically xD).
  6. djent kei bands be like 


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  7. Just finished End of Watch by Stephen King. Originally I wasn't much of a fan of the first installment of his 'Detective Hodges' trilogy, but it was not bad (tho mediocre by King standards imo). This is the third part of that trilogy, and was a bit better. Even though there's nothing new here (ooh telekinesis!), it was an exciting read. I guess now I'll have to track down the middle part too, huh? Right now I'm reading Glue by Irvine Welsh. This guy is totally mental, meaning that in the most respectful way possible. It's crazy how he made up this massive universe of characters that span different books. And all of them are memorable too! Seriously, if he just re-wrote the phonebook in an Edinburgh Scots dialect, I'd read that as well, lol.
  8. ^ I love how they basically built a 'brand' on lame weed jokes inserted into classic death metal album/song titles (there's many to choose from XD) and technically quite proficient playing / songwriting. I mean I'd still listen to them without the lulz, they're pretty cool. In other br00tal news, looks like a new Aborted EP is being released a week from now and I'm totally on board with this!
  9. New Cannabis Corpse album "Left Hand Pass" coming out on September 8! Can't wait, these guys are always awesome (as well as hilarious in the song title department xD). I mean, check out this dank tracklist, lol. 01. The 420th Crusade 02. In Dank Purity 03. Final Exhalation 04. Chronic Breed 05. In Battle There Is No Pot 06. Grass Obliteration 07. Left Hand Pass 08. Effigy Of The Forgetful 09. Papyrus Containing The Spell To Protect Its Possessor Against Attacks From He Who Is In the Bong Water 10. The Fiends That Come To Steal The Weed Of The Deceased ...and the new song, which is pretty solid.
  10. haha wow can't believe no one mentioned oh wait.
  11. Same same. xD Gonna prolly watch it on Sunday or something, and avoid this thread in the meantime, tho avoiding social media will be trickier. XD
  12. ^ lol, best concept for a session band in a long time.
  13. I was at home, kinda sick, so I figured this would be as good as a time as any to watch the new Orange Is the New Black season. It totally delivered, just like always. Honestly, this is one show that I just cannot get enough of (once I start watching an ep). Great stuff. Shoutout to the 'slasher horror homage' ep! Can't wait for the future seasons, tho obviously it's a bummer that now I'll have to wait one year prolly, cuz my addicted ass watched the whole thing in less than two days, haha.
  14. I'm usually not too big on the Reunited episodes but this one, omg. So entertaining. I was alternating between and the whole time, lmao.
  15. Oooh nice, this has a cool retro heavy metal vibe. Was not expecting this. Hopefully the rest will be just as fun.