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  1. Some cool sounding stuff in here that I'll surely check out later! (Shohei Amimori, No Party for Cao Dong, THIS IS JAPAN, uyama hiroto, koh nakashima, Deep Sea Diver)
  2. Yay for MUNIMUNI! <3 Also daaaaamn, the new Kazuki Tomokawa album completely flew under my radar! Must...listen...nowww...
  3. ffffffuck no. Best LUNA SEA kei band ever. tbh I thought they've already disbanded like a year ago or so, oops. maybe that was just news of some members leaving?
  4. Currently reading Aldous Huxley's The Devils of Loudun, and it's pretty great so far. It's kind of a historical non-fiction novel dealing with demonic possession / witchery in a 17th century French town, but also has surprisingly long and in-depth passages about the workings of various faiths and philosophies of the time. I dunno if everything in here is 100% accurate but the guy sure seems to have done his research! Very interesting read.
  5. Cool stuff! I'm not too well-versed in this era, but I occasionally whip out this excellent compilation:
  6. Awww yeahhh, that was the good good stuff!
  7. @LestatGlad to see the love for Shaarimoth. @VisutoxNo probs, hope you'll like it! I managed to listen to Convulsing's album, it's pretty powerful stuff. Lovin' the guitar sound and sinister melodies! And speaking of sinister melodies, I've been revisiting Chaos Invocation's small but potent discography lately... magnificent, ferocious black metal all the way! I've just checked their Facebook page too and it seems like they'll unleash a new album this year not far from now. They write "early 2017", and the album title is "Reaping Season, Bloodshed Beyond". Can't wait!
  8. ^ Nice one, thanks for the recommendation! And I see it can be snagged for free at Bandcamp too, sweet~ I'm currently listening to my first 2017 release that deserves a "daaaamn, that's fine!" from me:
  9. I've just begun listening to Predatory Light's debut album from last year, and only one track in but HOLY SHIT If the rest is as good as this, I might have a belated 2016 favorite on my hands.
  10. The Blackcoat's Daughter - God damn. If you love dreary, eerie, slow-burning, menacing horror (like The Witch, for example), then just watch this. Excellent atmosphere, phenomenal music and photography, and a thoroughly intriguing (if a little simple) story. I am beyond impressed. I am guessing it is best watched if you don't know anything about the story at all, so please avoid the IMDB page (also, dunno what the imdb users smoke to only give it a 5.4 tho??).
  11. ^ Thanks for the suggestion! I actually started listening to their stuff semi-chronologically last year, but didn't get too far (I think I listened to a demo and an EP?). Gonna give their other albums a spin tho, that's for sure, cuz I like the unholy occult atmosphere they're going for. And HELL YEAHHHH, new Midnight!!! Can't wait!
  12. Finally listened to that Cultes des Ghoules album for the first time. Well... it sure was long, lol. I couldn't really get into it. It had its moments, and the atmosphere and production/sound was pretty cool too, but that wasn't enough to hold my attention for such a long time. Not gonna re-listen anytime soon. I know it's a bit different, but if we're talking "long-ass metal albums" I much much prefer Cobalt's "Slow Forever" from last year.
  13. ^ Thanks for the Nietzsche suggestion! To be honest, I only picked this up because there was a discount on it, lol (and cuz I've always wanted to read something by him). But yeah, I've read up on him a bit and it does seem to be one of his heavier works.
  14. Yeahhhhh boi, bring dat retro synth #aesthetics!