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  1. SHINE has to be the only LUNA SEA album that I just cannot tolerate whatsoever. (well, A WILL is a close second) The songs "SHINE", "STORM" and "MILLENNIUM" are some of my eternal favorites tho, so wtf.
  2. Couldn't listen to more than a minute of this mess but I appreciate the COMPLEX homage, haha.
  3. Also I completely didn't realize this before, but it looks like both bands share the exact same members, except for the drummers. No wonder they're touring/playing together, lol.
  4. Spectral Voice and Blood Incantation will have a gig here in Budapest about a week from now, so I've been spinning some of their stuff and damnnn this is some juicy filthy music right here! Good vibes, the stench of death permeating everything, likin' it. Also yes, that Spectral Voice album cover is awesome as hell!
  5. Nice! Looking forward to it.
  6. New vid feat. Johnny Depp, say10/say10.
  7. Just putting this out here: Dallas Toler-Wade (ex-Nile guitarist/vocalist) will be releasing a new Narcotic Wasteland album in a few days. Premiere track sounds pretty sick.
  8. Eh, I don't mind the cover. I sampled the new track, sounds decent enough. Actually it piqued my interest so that I might attend the band's gig in December here. (side note: I never really got into MA, but I've been spinning their stuff for the past couple days.)
  9. SPEECIES has just dropped a fun lil' MV for a new song titled ロックン露悪流マルカジリ. yyyyeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh
  10. Make it 6 months. They deserve to rest a bit.
  11. Finally, after years of missed opportunities I'll be able to see Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO live tonight. liiiiiiittle bit hyped.

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  12. Nice.
  13. Cover art (pretty much the same for all editions, only miniscule dimension/title placement changes)
  14. Haha, you were quicker than me! Likin' what I'm hearin' so far.