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  1. Jigsaw9

    Awesome, thank you for the summary. Can't wait for Oto Sex 2020 to be just suggestive Siri and Alexa noises.
  2. Jigsaw9

    I'm not sure what this is so just gonna put it here: Does it really say the ticket is 100,000 yen, and it's only limited to one person? (who gets a ton of special stuff in return) If yes, that's hilarious.
  3. Jigsaw9

    ^ It's supposed to be via "Eplus+" (it might be some Jp-only thing, I'm not too familiar with it).
  4. Jigsaw9

    Yeah, saw both of those but too expensive for my wallet / my sanity right now...... that session stream looks extremely tasty tho, with all the possible LUNA SEA and MALICE MIZER stuff~
  5. Jigsaw9

    Finally, my boy Mako grew up to be.............. vk Old Gregg. ♥
  6. Jigsaw9

    By the way, something that might also factor in to the high price (besides the CD being very limited): it also has a 68-page booklet. Plus it comes in a special case (colored, I think?) tho idk if that would inflate the price too much, heh.
  7. Everything I've heard so far was pretty lame, but this preview sounds actually decent!
  8. Jigsaw9

    ^ Thanks for clarifying, sounds good! Hopefully they won't wait long with the online ordering phase.
  9. Jigsaw9

    Welcome, welcome! Nice!
  10. Jigsaw9

    Looks like there will be some sort of collaboration between 101A, emmurée and MUNIMUNI called GHOST OF ROMANCE in September! There will be a collab CD too featuring covers of all three bands (and maybe some original songs too? not sure about that part).
  11. This is beautiful, it was well worth the wait.
  12. Jigsaw9

    I agree guys, The Cell is a pretty dope movie... The song is bangin' btw.
  13. Jigsaw9

    Due to the virus, the band won't be doing a proper album tour but a "film tour" titled BUCK-TICK TOUR2020 ABRACADABRA ON SCREEN where audiences can see video footage of the band playing their live set at the below list of venues: https://buck-tick.com/live/detail/10838/ Too bad they don't have a date for foreign fans, would have been pretty cool to capitalize on that. I'm sure there would be interest.
  14. Jigsaw9

    Lovely song & video ♥
  15. Jigsaw9

    Based on the radio rip, it seems like a really smooth mid-paced new wave pop tune~ ♪ I like it better than Datenshi at least. Really curious to hear the B-side too (and the whole thing in good quality)!
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