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  1. Limited edition bonus contents: BONUS DVD:『SEXY STONES TV SHOW』 STUDIO LIVE:「Watching TV〜English Lesson〜」「フルサト」「Bang!」 「Vinegar」「DEVIL」 MUSIC VIDEO:「Beautiful Death」「Ginger Shaker」 PARIS SHOOTING DOCUMENTARY Also, here's the short version of the music video of a new song... that's unavailable from outside Japan.
  2. LMAO I literally did not have a clue they were still active. Bummer then... I guess?
  3. I guess they had . . . no desire to continue. ;<
  4. Lazerpunk will release his new album "Death & Glory" on January 31st! Here's the killer opening track:
  5. Hey, this sounds pretty good! Too bad their lifespan is so limited...
  6. That surprised me too, lol. Hoping that they've already begun the recording for this new album last year with the current lineup~
  7. Fun fact: tomorrow the band's having a gig at RUBY ROOM TOKYO, titled "MUNIMUNI 美NEOアルバム「A Diary of Mr.Moonlight」早期発売祈願ワンマン公演". In other words, they're making the same joke they made with "THE DOGUU ALBUM", i.e. holding a gig "praying" for the early-as-possible release of their next album "A Diary of Mr.Moonlight" (which should be released sometime later this year if all goes well). Let's hope the prayers will be effective this time too, lol.
  8. Just listened to that new Satan's Satyrs song (Succubus), sounds cool! Has a bit of a Black Sabbath vibe to me. Nice. Super interested in that new Immortal album btw.
  9. They published the cover art:
  10. Continuing their tradition of rearranging and rerecording their old tracks, cali≠gari will release their new self-cover mini album "3" in spring. They will commemorate the release with a double gig at Shinjuku LOFT on 2018/03/14 (first concert starts at 18.00, second one at 20.30). Unfortunately I could not find the actual release date of the mini album itself, only something about a general sale starting at 02/24 (but I suspect that's for the live tickets). Here's the complete blurb from their site.
  11. The songs sounds decent and they look good. I'm gonna come back to them when they drop a mini album or something.
  12. LMAO the music vid is so campy and the music's so over-the-top I actually kinda like this. Gonna check the album out after it drops. (It's been ages since I last listened to anything with Asagi in it, so I might just be having withdrawal. XD)
  13. ^ I watched the 1st ep too, so far I'm not sure what to think. It wasn't bad but I'm more motivated by this being Junji Ito stuff than the actual quality itself, haha. So I'll definitely stick around till the end. Also, since the series is in an an episodic format I guess there are bound to be some weaker stories too. I'm also watching Devilman Crybaby on Netflix, just finished episode 3. Fun stuff with some stylish visuals and over-the-top trashy atmosphere, exactly what I expected based on the old OVAs (and the few episodes I saw back in the day from the old-old anime series).
  14. Sounds good so far~
  15. cali≠gari will release their new DVD set "13-映像集-" on 2018/02/07. The set contains 3 DVDs and a CD-ROM and is limited to 1000 copies which can only be mail-ordered in advance. The main portion contains their whole gig at Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo (25 songs) as well as an offshot/making-of footage. There will be heaps of "official bootleg"-quality footage of their whole "TOUR 13" circuit spanning more than a dozen venues. The CD-ROM part will have the same 25 tracks as the main concert in mp3 format. The whole thing will come in a deluxe box set with a 76-page booklet to boot. Below is the tracklist: [収録曲] 1.トカゲのロミオ 2.マグロ 3.トイレでGO! 4.君が咲く山 5.汚れた夜 6.色悪 7.東京ロゼヲモンド倶楽部 8.三文情死エキストラ 9.舌先3分サイズ 10.紅麗死異愛羅武勇 11.マッキーナ 12.ファニソン 13.混沌の猿 14.淫美まるでカオスな 15.落下枝に帰らず破鏡再び照らさず 16.深夜、貨物ヤード裏の埠頭からコンビナートを眺めていた ENCORE 17.オーバーナイトハイキング 18.オヤスミナサイ 19.いつかどこかで 20.青春狂騒曲 ENCORE 2 21.ゼロサムゲーム 22.-187- 23.37564 24.一切を乱暴に 25.サイレン ・メイキング (野音楽屋でのオフショット映像) ・ツアーダイジェストDVD収録曲決定! TOUR 13 F.A.D YOKOHAMA /ゼロサムゲーム〜トカゲのロミオ ※ツアー初日からの熱量 本八幡ROUTE14 / 三文情死エキストラ ※意外と良い 静岡Sunash 初日 / マネキン ※さわやか祭 静岡Sunash 2日目 / トイレでGO! ※続、さわやか祭 青森Quarter / クソバカゴミゲロ ※テンション高め 仙台MACANA / 色悪 ※桜井ゆうかい疑惑 高崎club FLEEZ 初日 / 初恋中毒 ※貴重 高崎club FLEEZ 2日目 / 淫美まるでカオスな ※テンション大分高め 新宿LOFT / 汚れた夜 ※歌舞伎町記念 新潟GOLDEN PIGS BLACK STAGE / 一切を乱暴に ※とにかく乱暴すぎる 心斎橋 FANJ twice 初日 / 落花枝に返らず、破鏡再び照らさず ※照明きれい 心斎橋 FANJ twice 2日目 / バンバンバン ※予定外アンコール 名古屋ell.FITS ALL / 紅麗死異愛羅武勇 ※紅麗死異ぽん太 岡山IMAGE / 誘蛾燈 ※票数かなり多かった 福岡DRUM Be-1 / 混沌の猿 ※友情出演:ピン子 札幌cube garden 初日 / ファニソン ※いい感じ 札幌cube garden 2日目 / 深夜、貨物ヤード裏の... ※有終の美 TOUR Re:13 umeda TRAD / マグロ ※大盛り上がり 名古屋BOTTOM LINE / 舌先3分サイズ ※中盛り上がり Truth be told, I only made this thread so that I could link this trailer video where Ao lifts up a toilet seat dramatically. Enjoy.