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  1. The resurgence of so much hate over Mejibray made me feel like watching their 2014's performance at ShibuKo. And re-confirmed that they actually did pretty well their job honoring visual kei back in the day. 


    So I'm leaving this in case you get intrigued or triggered.


    Now you can go back and listen to Royz😉

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    2. platy


      It satisfies the eyes and ears, no complaints



      Edit: Koichi used to look so elegant and cool... I miss it 

    3. yomii


      it is a stunning performance, but i am kinda underwhelmed by the fact koichi didnt use slapping there, as he did in the original recording :c

    4. nekkichi


      「THE RESURGENCE OF SO MUCH HATE」highkey sounds like a fitting title for their next lineup/comeback debut single nnnn

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