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  1. Shoyo is a monster on bass, a very charismatic performer and also a cutie lol
  2. saiko

    What a bunch of cute fellows we are! Also, surprised by the amount of handsome guys here... 😶 👉👈 Should I point out my crushes? Lol
  3. saiko

    Very interesting! Love the sound and visuals! I've heard that the usage of hair and make-up in Kpop was pretty inspired into vk bands of the 90s. Is that true?
  4. saiko

    Literally screaming
  5. saiko

    I'll quote it here if there's anyone interested. Tl;dr this guys is total edgelord level dressing-like-a-fucking-faggot-and-pretending-to-spread-hate-over-faggots. He doesn't even hit a single note for fucks sake!
  6. saiko

    I always liked the girl in sailorfuku theme, it's like the very key of their aesthetic and I feel it sums their concept very well. I've never could guess what you are talking about lol Then, homophobic tweets? That's even serious stuff. Do you have a proof of that?
  7. saiko

    Why would someone hate Mamo?
  8. saiko

    Could be, but 'Inside beast' isn't EVERYTHING the Gazette actually did or does.
  9. saiko

    The Gazette a rip-off? Well, I get that some people won't like them and that's ok, but saying that they are a mere 'rip-off' speaks of literally not having anything in your ears out of a massive necessity of identification with A so you need to hate B in order to love A. That said, whether liked or not, and although nobody can't deny that they still have their flops -in terms of uninspired works-, the Gazette actually DID their job and seated a precedent in a majority of the 'formula' that defines modern and also classic 'visual-kei' sound, visuals, lyrics, etc., like a few artists did. Same goes for X, Luna, Kuroyume, L'arc, Rouage, Laputa, Malice Mizer, Pierrot, Shazna, Dir, Nightmare, Mucc, Sid, baroque, Kagerou, Antic Cafe, Kagrra, Deluhi, Kiryu, Nocturnal Bloodlust, and a long -LONG- etc. including and every band that has some status of cult-following. Just stop hating freely and try to listen carefully to the artists that made the bands you like to happen. And if you don't want to, that's ok, but try not to sound pretentious. Hm.
  10. Oof, that was close hehe
  11. An Cafe has actually had some teary 'last lives' instances in their history: Bou's last live, before-hiatus last live and now this. Such an emotionally-unstable band, he. I deeply admire how they struggled till the end to remain together and achieve big goals.
  12. Thus said, seriously, I think the main reason why VK bandoman usually don't go all the way telling their bangya they are actually married is, aside from the specificities of Japanese artist mangaments, because they are actually non-straight in most cases.
  13. Right? Moreover, I smell this could have to do with the suddenly massive-closing of VK stores. Like VK fandom started to stretch out and managements are doing their best effort to keep their signed artists 'appealing' to the bangya that left in the scene?
  14. So, suddely bandoman are getting pushed by their managements to start covering their own asses pre-announcing they are already married so their bangya won't be delusioned after knowing it by themselves? Takemasa Kujo marked precedent over the subject, I think.
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