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  1. saiko

    How can you 'guarantee' that? Also, I've always tended to think that both Kaoru and Die's strength relied more on songwriting rather than on actual guitar skills. I mean, they managed to put out a really creative and always changing sound while at the same time attaching to current trends on metal, punk and alternative rock (and also local pop) since MISSA. In that sense, no doubts over why Yoshiki put the eye on them back in 1998... Nowadays I tend to believe that Kaoru and Die aren't mediocre guitarists, but rather have a different technical approach to the musical trends they want to craft over. To put it into few words, I sometimes have the impression that still today they try to play arranges inspired by bands of nu-metal, death-metal, etc., in the way their 'music papas' did back in the ending 80s, a.k.a. like post-punk goth acts (or "positive punk", like the proto-VK bands liked to label this trend in music). The most visible example of this Die: the resemblance to D'erlanger's Cipher in his playing is very strong, even on TIW. Like, what metal guy would hit those beautiful gothic syncopated chorused cleans within a brutal 0-1-00-1 atmosphere? (Same goes for Toshiya's cutting melodic lines). Of course, I'm not saying this approach of theirs is wrong, all on the contrary: that's one of the keys why the sound of Dir was and still is very unique. And also may be why every Western metalhead writing a review on them since 2005 still doesn't get a clue over their releases out of labeling them 'art-metal' or 'avant garde-metal' while comparing them only to Manson, Korn and Deftones...
  2. saiko

    Like actually trying not to realize what a tragedy is that one of the most creative bands in Japanese music history suddenly ran off of ideas lol
  3. saiko

    I know there's make up and also photo edition, but wow, is he really looking THAT young today? I wonder how old could he be... like 40 at least, couldn't he?
  4. saiko

    Is that the ex-Aliene Ma'riage Mast?
  5. saiko

    Where have you listened to it?
  6. saiko

    Best definition of hardcore VK fandom EVER GIVEN.
  7. saiko

    Wow, plenty of names I don't know!
  8. saiko

    Same here. But on the other hand, VK as a whole hasn't seen something really impressive coming up in the last 5+ years, worth the illusion of 'being part' of it. Summing, when I thought the 'free-speech' and Jordan Peterson stupidity was the worse that could have happened here, then Chic Boy's nasty, NASTY, last look happened...
  9. saiko

  10. saiko

    Are you seriously trying to end an argument pointing out the 'ridiculousness' of my 'colorful language' (which instead is a way of trying to discuss politely while not using my mother tongue)? Or even trying to reduce everything you and I've said to a thing of 'liking' or not each other when we actually never have met...? What unfair. Girl, you never cease to amaze me. Now it's clear to everyone reading this that the only 'weak' thing here are your ideas and so your own temple at the moment of discussing with other and making any sense trough them. Like I said, I'd rather want to believe that you are actually doing anything but trolling and you know it and get fun over people getting mad at you, because other way I'll have to have to think that you have serious issues. I won't continue this argument. Good luck.
  11. saiko

    This hasn't to do with politics anymore, this has to do with basic rules of coherence, empathy and respect for the Other at the moment of thinking and sharing your opinion.
  12. saiko

    @secret_no_03 The whole discussion about the necessity or estrategy of whether a centred or winged political position could be interesting at some point, but the actual scandalous way that you've constantly showed at the moment of bringing up serious stuff like a raging teeanger makes you no more different from the "SJWs" that you love to blame to, with all the generalizing, fanatic, ilogic and rude behaviour over it. Although considering "their" failures, at least they comitted (along other forces) to bring a 5% of decent media representation to lots of mislabeled 'minorities', among other stuff. Btw, I said "ilogic", because I obviously can't pass over the fact that while you are blaming, let's say, "gender-non-conforming lifestyles" for instance, at the same time you speak out all your words of admiration over the work of transvestite underground musicians and discuss about weird porn and sex practices that are very far from the standards for sexuality that your self-proclaimed 'liberal' messiahs share. Perhaps I could have more respect for your opinion if you were more consistent, that is, instead of talking out that 'schizophreniac', you could show your whole disrespect for these topics arguing from, for example, a conservative vision over sex and gender, and consider Közi a sick dude with 'gender dysphoria' (if that ever existed), or the fellows at the Sex/porn thread to need 'God' in their lives, whatsoever... I mean, have you ever, EVER, considered what the authors you cite here supporting your delusional 'free-speech' ideas would think about your hobbies or sexual interests? Sometimes I doubt I you are not more than a bored troll just trying to reach attention from people really concerned about these matters, because reading you is REALLY hillarious... MH was really a different place before you started your whole rant waterfall in every corner of it...
  13. saiko

    Wow. I just remembered that in first place we got here because we are enthusiasts of musicians who happen to be a bunch of guys in drag...
  14. saiko

    /thread, for Hide's sake!!!
  15. saiko

    I love some dom&sub play in my porn, but kinda in a light way, just for the "passionate" and "masculine" touch of the intercourse between the lovers. I like the use of force in a daddy-like spanking or even in a 'wrestling' manner, but not any farther from it. I can't stand the BDSM stuff that relies too much on "tormenting" a person, like really setting up a "horror" scene in some way, with the "dom" being much of a "villain" or "pyscho" rather than just a "master". That, and the excesive use of toys, oils, wax, latex and bondage it's also gross to me. Just a little of any of them alone is fine, but I don't like to watch a body being cruelly filled with dildos in every hole it has while hurting it with tons of hot wax and so on. It's just a plain ugly image. Puting things into an urethra, fist-fuck (and also the prolapse that obviously comes after) and scat are really nightmarish... I always try not to kink-shame on anyone, but I can't believe someone who says that these practices aren't harmful in any way...
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