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  1. saiko

    So, according to @Seelentau's deep anaylisis, this is the hide and Tusk photoshoot that inspired Toshiya to enter the VK scene! Awesome! 😍
  2. saiko

    Beautiful, thank you!
  3. saiko

    This can sum up everything posted in this thread to date. It's so evident that I can't understand why people tend to get entangled so much over anything else. Suffering over sex or love matters happen over a wide range of politic, social, economic and psychic questions that transverse the life of each individual, just to reduce it to the mere desires or practices people have.
  4. saiko

    Hm, another one got into the recent Kagerou nostalgia train. I got interested in how they'll develop soon.
  5. saiko

    I fucking know that the guitar phrase at 1:10 was directly extracted from a VK song I've heard a lot of times, but I can't recall which one! Halpp!!!1 Btw, sill sounding so much like a song from Kuroyume's "Feminism" album (with 'Sugizoesque' solos), bordering plagiarism. But still much fresh than almost anything else today in the scene. So it's a yes for me.
  6. Are there actually loaded people that crave for uninspired cosplay musicians? I'm curious about what kind of job they'll have. Japanese culture of "supporting an artist" is fascinating.
  7. Still don't have a clue on why even in 2019 Japanese people insist so much on making up funny English gramatics lol
  8. saiko

    You are right, how come I hadn't paid attention to it lol
  9. saiko

    I think I've got what you say, but music wise I wouldn't put Dimlim in the same level with Mamireta. After "Ojamashimasu" -a song that delivered a genuine concept while at the same time revived the 00's 'Kagerouesque' legacy- Mamireta still hasn't released a single song you can actually say it's worth the listening in a sense of "Wow, this is really filling the gap other bands have left and definitely doesn't sound samey at all". At least, that is my meaning for "VK saviour".
  10. saiko

    Thanks. No tolerance for hateful minds.
  11. saiko

    I tried to figure out why was that comment offensive, but I couldn't...
  12. saiko

    I really think guys need to play a lot in Japan, build their loyal fanbase even if it is little, and then think about moving on to something else. I feel they are rushing things a bit. Btw, how come they don't have "someone" behind? I mean, the releases, the recordings, the PVs... I mean, I always supposed they actually had an 'infrastructure', to say, I think they are far from being just guys composing djent in pajama in their parents house at 3:00 a.m. (Btw, how old are they?). But if this isn't the case, their output is by far so good for today's scene standars that I'm sure they already had a bigger VK-bands managing house interested in asking Dimlim to join them!
  13. saiko

    What? Misery's solos are all about that VK vibes! Seriously, if I think of a guitarist who actually has a place in the scene it's him!
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