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  1. saiko

    Welcome! I'm glad there's still people intereste in vk! How did you find Kiryu?
  2. Mfw this song -that is basically one of my country's most memorable songs, while its live version had arguably the biggest mosh-pit ever- sounds almost identically to every early 90s Japanese indie vk band first album.



    The over-the-top dramatic chords and the hyper-melodic long solo makes me recall inmediately the reception of post-punk aesthetics that Malice Mizer did during the Tetsu era...


    Oh my, I feel so confused right now.


  3. saiko

  4. saiko

    I pray for someday heteronormativity just erases off from the vk scene. It's just so weird that every musician within it pretend to be full cis-straight in a scene where the basic dress-code is actually cross-dressing. I guess heteronormativity could never look so stupid itself.
  5. saiko

    This isn't for "shaming" on your doctor or on your own process coming through depression, but have you considered starting a psychological therapy instead of taking pills? Or at least while taking them?
  6. So, I'm planning a trip to Japan for october, for the full month, with possibilities of extending it to november as well. Yesterday I was looking at my playslist searching for names of artists I'd like to see live, and sadly realized 1) mostly of the bands I listen to are disbanded, 2) the only currently active bands I like don't seem to have any schedule listed in their OHPs for these months. The only bands that have any scheduled are Dir, R-shitei, Kiryu (a taiban)... and I have to stop counting. I'm dying to see Diaura, Kizu, Dimlim, but their live dates don't go further than september... I'm afraid that the only chance I'll have to travel to Japan in many years could be ruined by this fact...

    So I may ask you who know the VK scene schedule dynamics: should I assume that the schedules now available are definitive ones?

    I read you!


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    2. Duwang


      It's way too early for most bands to announce October lives. Wait another two months.

      Give DIMLIM a little more time than that. They often announce lives barely a month in advance unless the band that invites them tends to announce things further in advance.

    3. Duwang


      I can help you with DIMLIM tickets btw. I sometimes have extras.

    4. Kiryu999


      Don't worry too much about that, like said above it's a bit too early for bands to announce their schedule for October now. If you're going to Tokyo they'll be plenty of lives, I've been to Tokyo twice and there were gigs scheduled every day, you will probably have a band you like play during your stay :)

      I recommend using http://visual.eplus.jp/ they list every gigs scheduled in Japan, it's very helpful !

  7. I can't find the songwriting credits for Phantasmagoria's and Syndrome's music. I've only found a few. Does anyone happen to have a list? At least for the singles' A-sides.

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    2. Lestat


      What I can generally find from Mago at the moment. (Most of it is the same way as with Syndrome, 'all words and music arranged by Phantasmagoria'.)



      01. Vanish... (music and lyrics by Kisaki)



      01. actuality (music and lyrics by Kisaki)

      02. Lie Light&Lost Sky (music and lyrics by Kisaki)

      03. 光に降る雨 (lyrics by Riku, music by Jun)


      Seeds of brain

      01. Seeds of Brain (music and lyrics by Kisaki)

      02. Cry... (music and lyrics by Kisaki)

      03. Desperate Resolution for my Soul... (music and lyrics by Kisaki)

      04. My Mental State... (music and lyrics by Kisaki)

    3. Lestat


      For any further details, refer to @inartistic :D

    4. inartistic


      Like Lestat said, for KISAKI's bands, it's usually the band itself that is credited (unfortunately). Occasionally the real credits will slip through on karaoke sites or something.


      But 99% of the time, it's the lead guitarist of the band or KISAKI composing, with either the vocalist or KISAKI writing the lyrics. So for Phantasmagoria it was mostly JUN composing, for first period LIN it was KANATA, for Syndrome Ruiza, etc.

  8. Hi there!


    I'm requesting a rip of these two DVDs:


    - "Tafel Anatomie Tour 2006 ~12.06 Tour Final 渋谷公会堂~Tafel Anatomie Tour 2006 ~12.06 Tour Final 渋谷公会堂~" (D);

    - "LIVE CAFE 15th Anniversary Year Grand Finale" (An Cafe)


    Have any of you got any of these DVDs and would will to make the rip? 🙏



    1. suji


      Post on the Request section and you might get your wish! ;3

  9. saiko

    L'arc did the same filling Square Garden with Japanese people. They were pretty much more than half of the public in there; you could feel like attending a gig in Japan rather than in the US lol Btw, I think it's pretty obvious that they won't fill a bit of that bar with only US fans. They are still Japanese musicians, and even not the most famous Japanese musicians (don't know, the Gazette or One Ok Rock for example), so how many fans could their reach in NY? 20 people like very much?
  10. Very cool song. Seems well written and well executed. I most liked the singing and the countermelodic bass line at the chorus. Btw, I'm surprised nobody actually mentioned the similarities with late R-shitei funky A-side's.
  11. saiko

    Would like to hear that!
  12. saiko

    Regarding Toshiya, I feel I have a lot of wonderful stuff to say. But, in the other hand, I haven't listened to Kisaki in a while, so in order to make an impartial comparison between them I'm gonna listen to Kisaki's bands right now. Read you later!
  13. I'm playing a gig in two hours. I'm so scared, fuck! No matter how many times I played live, still can't avoid getting THE chills!😖😖😖


    May Toshiya be with me!💆🎸🎶


    Wish me luck!

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    2. Gesu


      Good luck, and have fun~! ^_^

    3. CAT5


      Ayyye, good luck. Hope you have a blast! :D

    4. yomii


      sorry i am too late to the party but i hope everything went good!! what instrument do you play? considering your reference to toshiya, i assume it's bass?

  14. saiko

    Although I nowadays consider myself much inspired by 'serious' stuff like Luna or Dir, I've came into vk and into musicianship itself because of An Cafe coming to my country to play a gig. Their music changed my life somehow, and I'm gonna be always grateful to them for that. So I've always loved them and never ceased to be open about it.
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