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  1. Wow, what a honesty strike. The marketing for VK bandomen themselves usually skip the set of personal reasons behind their motivations for making VK music, in favour of making them up worship material for bangya. So yeah, reading this is pretty surprising and sad...
  2. Seems that somebody has created a channel exclusively for purposes of sharing Kiryu video stuff. I think there are some full DVDs splited into videos for each song of the setlist. 




    This is super good news, since Kiryu video stuff was always hard to find!

  3. saiko

    Why am I not reading anyone here stanning the early-Kuroyumesque vibes of Kura kura's chorus?????
  4. How many VK songs/PVs with a LGBT+ story/filmed secuence within them can you count? As far as I'm concerned, there are:




    Pierrot's "Yuuyami suicide";

    Kiryu's "Etsu to utsu";

    Acid Black Cherry "Chou";

    Dezert's "Ikaiyou to Rousseau no sakkaku";

    Acme's "Houkagou no shiiku".




    Cali gari's "Blue film".





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    2. nekkichi


      kaya's pv for monday monday is the only one that matters x

    3. violetchain


      Psycho le Cemu's "Mirai Shounen x Mirai Shoujo" MV



    4. suji
  5. saiko

    Horrible arranges, and voice listens like a good parody of VK voice clichés
  6. saiko

    Lanju's is a great bassist, so I'm getting a little excited after this!
  7. saiko

    Tell us more
  8. Good lord, I love this hot hunk kei™
  9. Since there are many old-Dezert hardcore fans, I thought one of you could explain the meaning behind the lyrics and PV for Ikaiyo to Rosseau no shikkaku? I've always loved that song, and wondered about why they would use a not-sure-if-he-is-a-psychopath-or-psychotic gay guy history to portray the concept...
  10. Run, you surely are going to get slaughtered here!
  11. saiko

    I liked the chorus melody. At least isn't embarrasing in levels of Hueye.
  12. MASCHERA's first album "Akutoku no sakae" (1994) is what you have been looking for if you are fond of the sound created by Kuroyume within its early releases. Songs in "Akutoku" sound almost identical to the compositions of guitarist Shin, so this album won't guarantee you much of a almost perfect reproduction of the aforementioned. Although the lack of a more genuine work, the songwriting sounds pretty decent and neatly executed, praising Takuya's sweet solo work and Michi's strongly dramatic stream of voice.

    1. Himeaimichu


      I always knew of Maschera, but never got into them, but hearing this, I'm definitely going to try that album out! I fucking love that early-Kuroyume sound.

    2. saiko


      @HimeaimichuYou are welcome! Good listening! Say your opinion here after it!

  13. So, I decided to start digging into Merry once for all. Is there any place where I could find their entire discography into 320 kbps? Thanks 😍

    1. suji


      there should be a discography thread of all their albums thus far in the dl section ;) 

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