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  1. saiko

    Japanese morals over drugs are seriously hillarious. Social apology? Dissapear for a while? This can't be real even today. I want to believe that, although this whole moral acting is done by their management because the current social moratorium says so, fans aren't that idiotized and don't support a bit this kind of measures...
  2. saiko

    Although not impressive, it sounds much more fresh than the majority of the releases today. Guitarist stands out with that solo. Also, good to have a VK band with a female voice!
  3. Idol kei became literal, run!!!
  4. Was/is there any bandoman who actually did/does his make-up, hair and/or costumes?

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    2. Gesu


      There's a picture of Hitomi (ex-Moran) putting on his makeup but idk if that means he always/usually did it himself. Personally, if I were a celebrity, I'd always do it myself. Lol :P

    3. nekkichi


      a lot of bandomen do their own makeup and hair if you watch the off-stage vids... I have no clue about costumes because that seems more or less restricted to VK brands for popular kids and h&m clearance rack for like initial l and shit, and it aint' RPDR, they can't sew????

    4. Masato


      Well, you can usually judge it by the way it looks. Is it light and crap, usually they do it. If it's a do-minor, they do it, if they can afford staff, they have a make-san that does it for them. 

  5. I've never tried Verxina before because of who-knows, but the constant bump of this thread in the Activity list of today made me realize the number of active people here on MH who stans it... So I decided to give it an opportunity, listened to the video above... and, honestly -and, please, don't kill me- not only I couldn't get interested in it, but I actually found the song to be completely awful. Like, in so many ways: sloppy writing, low quality recording, painful vocals, and the whole emphasis on puting as many old-school clichés as possible... The visual were pretty boring, too. Nothing really new, since most indie bands in the last 10 years sound the same, but I can't but ask myself why many of you (who support actually quality acts, like Kizu or Dimlim) seem to be "excited" about this band 🤔
  6. saiko

    This. Sometimes I feel that while we blame young bandoman for the current mess of the scene we forget who creates the projects they got involved with. This should be brought to discussion as well. I think Kizu is very well funded. Sure they won't get as groundbreaking or influential as MM was, but I can't recall any indie band of the last 10 years that actually enjoyed THAT quality over playing skills, songwriting, costumes, music and pv recordings since day 1.
  7. saiko

    Is that blond guy in the porn pic really Subaru? It doesn't seem like him, specially because of that nose...
  8. saiko

    This image of older bandoman being delinquent boys, and how that 'spirit' was somehow in the core of the music they created, is lately coming a lot to my mind. I've noticed it after reading some translated tanuki therads on the old Fuckyeahtanuki tumblr, where several self-proclaimed old bangya described the terrible behaviour of some famous musicians with kouhai or even their bangya (like that bizarre story of Dir's Kyo and Kagerou's Daisuke abusing bangya on parties and so on), and how it changed during mid 2000s with bands who took conscious over the subject and decided to put and end to it (I've read that Nightmare brought it up on and old interview). Other way, once popped up here on MH the idea of the severe -and actually harassing- nature of the relationship between producers, bands and members in the origins of the scene being something that, although cruel, created some kind of 'quality filter' that assured a decent output of production, thus explaining that more accesible music media and technology, plus a more 'healthy' lifestyle, didn't contribute to anything but the rising of bland 'idolized' and plagiarizig acts. I'll appreciate if someone who believes in this idea could elaborate more over it. While I actually mourn over recent VK being in most cases uninspired, unskilled, etc., and wish they could someday bring us a new Malice Mizer or The Gazette, I find kind of problematic to consider that toxic relationships, power abuse, risky life-styles, social marginalization, internalized hate, cruelty, etc. is actually the key to deliver great and memorable art... Btw, nice thread! This is for the things I'm here in MH: interesting discussion about VK's scene development!
  9. So, I guess @Cantavanda won't let us  now starving to death without the full Malice Mizer DVD rip...

    1. secret_no_03


      I check jpopsuki every day in hopes someone will upload it, the bounty for it is huge, over 300gb up for grabs.

    2. Cantavanda


      Hello! I'm planning to upload the full thing once I'm sure I won't get into trouble, don't worry!

    3. saiko


      @Cantavandayou could upload it to any file cloud out there and share the link here, it is for sure much more private than sharing it on Youtube, I think 🤔

  10. @secret_no_03 posts trying to bring "serious" politic discussion over plain stupid facts (OMG YOU WONT GUESS WHAT A FEMINIST SAID LOLOLOL XDDDD!!!11) is what made me reduce the times I lurk this forum.
  11. Maybe they work as writers or players for other artists, or maybe they produce, who knows. But what's sure is that, when you come from such a huge name, you won't starve to death...
  12. Wow, reading this thread is like realizing that almost every big band of the scene is filled with deep hate between their members lol Now I want to hear about that fight between Toshiya and Shinya
  13. "Feminists" say this, "feminists" do that... You won't believe what a feminist did, click here!!!1!1
  14. Wow fellows, you surely are rude. I can't get why. Seems like you've never put an effort into an artistic project.
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