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  1. Today I've found what seems to be two old web sites made by Western people that include information about J-rock/pop and/or VK, written by the owners.






    I decided to post this information via a status because I couldn't find the thread made by some user for the historical archive project. Could someone share the link for it here? 


    Btw, may the users interested in this matter report themselves here? Maybe we could meet to finally put our hands into some researching work. Although we all are grown-asses with their own full-dedication lives, I don't think it should take us much hardship. I mean, it shouldn't take more work than looking up for X site (perhaps we should figure out which search engine is the best; Google is not the best alliate for looking up for old web sites) and then simply save the sites' texts (downloading them as a *.pdf file is actually pretty easy, effective and tidy to archive, he).








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    2. chemicalpictures


      @crucifiction biggest databases around would be grass thread, vkdb and that other one focused on live dates I completely forgot the name, but vk.gy is BY FAR the easiest to navigate/most organized out there. It just lacks the manpower to feed the data


      this is actually something we should incentivize as a community. I'll definitely try to help at least filling the pages of my faves

    3. crucifiction


      grass thread is no longer around (and most stuff from it has already been added to vk.gy, from what I recall), vkdb lacks quite a lot of info and is a bit of a mess imho :P


      Imho, no other db is even close to vk.gy when it comes to the amount and quality of information, where - on top of general info, you can find HQ cover arts, flyers and such. Visunavi used to have a similar type of content but in much lower res.

    4. R/O


      Here’s the link: 

      Thank you for pointing this out!

  2. Does someone have a playlist made with VK songs that sound rocky yet kinda 'soft'? Pretty much like La'Cryma in here:




    Or at least, does anyone have any recomendations on songs that could make said playlist? 


    I need something 'rocky' to catch up some motivation vibes, but not that over-the-top br00tal or dramatic to blow my concentration plus my head off lol


    I didn't recall that La'Mule had a song called "eccentric Marxist". Lololololololol. Some great user here translated very carefully all their lyrics, so there's actually an English translation for this song with a funny name. I suggest you all go and read the lyrics.

    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      Hyura's great -- shame she doesn't seem to come around here all that often anymore.

    2. hyura


      I'm kinda still lurking here and flustered to read this ☺️ 

      Actually I'd love to get around to be active /post translations again sometime but my time became very limited since then. 

    3. saiko


      Omg, pleased to meet you @hyura!

  4. Never thought I might ask this, but is there any Aliene Ma'riage and/or Da'vid shito:al discography in 320 kbps around here?

    1. saishuu


      here in mh i'm not sure, but jpopsuki has the entire aliene disco both in 320 and lossless

  5. This song should enter every citypop top 5 ever made, yay or nay?



    1. colorful人生


      The chorus is certainly memorable. I prefer the Akina Nakamori ver. b/c Takeuchi originally wrote it with her voice in mind. Nakamori has a sultrier, deeper voice, which with the instrumental, feels more appropriate to the lyrics. 




      As a side note, while the Plastic Love phenomenon was certainly great for the genre, its timeliness and rise still comes off as a bit bizarre/head-scratching to me. Great singer-songwriter becoming an incidental leading figure for a movement largely founded on vaporwave, a meme-driven plunderphonic genre initially meant to be western consumer-capitalist satire. Most video games consumed in the era were Japanese, and six degrees of kevin bacon later, here we are.

    2. YuyoDrift


      Too R&B to be able to stay on anyone’s city pop top 5.


      Its gotta check all dem old school vibes, and so this will fall short once someone’s city pop collection gets more.....taste lol.

  6. I really doubt there's something more iconic in the scene's history than Atsushi Sakurai's gothic voice flooding the stage and making the crowd go crazy at 1:51. This is so much graciousness for me to put up with... 



    1. saishuu


      I watch this video at least once a year and it still gives me the chills to this day

  7. When I recall people in late 00's calling Visual Kei "dead" because hide was found dead and X and Luna Sea disbanded I think they didn't even imagined how much dead and full of absurd garbage could the scene be like it is right now lol

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    2. Zeus


      vk is a phoenix. it dies and is reborn every 10ish years.

    3. nekkichi


      vk died at hide's birth (cc @unpopular_opinions_thread )

    4. YuyoDrift


      lol ouch


      you saying this timeline is worse than that day?

  8. Does anyone have an hypothesis about why Lin wasn't even a little succesful as Phantasmagoria? If Mago's sound managed to attract lots of fans, and if Lin sounded exactly like it, I can't figure out why Riku and Kisaki couldn't recover with Lin the popularity they had back in the track with Mago...

    1. suji


      think of Lin as a crappy sequel to a popular film. their modern sound doesn't compare to that of the classic kote sound of Phantasmagoria, especially with the lineup change in the 2nd half of their lifespan.

  9. Does somebody have a clue about the story into Sid's lastest pv?



  10. Is there any other well-know film-spot for VK PV's, aside from Lockheart Castle, Royal Chester and Oya History Museum?

    1. nekkichi


      we had a thread on this, but looks like early youtube links have died off following either a forum update, or yt purging uploads:


      newer, less dead topic:



  11. How didn't I never read this thread!

  12. Was/is there any bandoman who actually did/does his make-up, hair and/or costumes?

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    2. Gesu


      There's a picture of Hitomi (ex-Moran) putting on his makeup but idk if that means he always/usually did it himself. Personally, if I were a celebrity, I'd always do it myself. Lol :P

    3. nekkichi


      a lot of bandomen do their own makeup and hair if you watch the off-stage vids... I have no clue about costumes because that seems more or less restricted to VK brands for popular kids and h&m clearance rack for like initial l and shit, and it aint' RPDR, they can't sew????

    4. Masato


      Well, you can usually judge it by the way it looks. Is it light and crap, usually they do it. If it's a do-minor, they do it, if they can afford staff, they have a make-san that does it for them. 

  13. So, I guess @Cantavanda won't let us  now starving to death without the full Malice Mizer DVD rip...

    1. secret_no_03


      I check jpopsuki every day in hopes someone will upload it, the bounty for it is huge, over 300gb up for grabs.

    2. Cantavanda


      Hello! I'm planning to upload the full thing once I'm sure I won't get into trouble, don't worry!

    3. saiko


      @Cantavandayou could upload it to any file cloud out there and share the link here, it is for sure much more private than sharing it on Youtube, I think 🤔

  14. Mfw this song -that is basically one of my country's most memorable songs, while its live version had arguably the biggest mosh-pit ever- sounds almost identically to every early 90s Japanese indie vk band first album.



    The over-the-top dramatic chords and the hyper-melodic long solo makes me recall inmediately the reception of post-punk aesthetics that Malice Mizer did during the Tetsu era...


    Oh my, I feel so confused right now.


  15. So, I'm planning a trip to Japan for october, for the full month, with possibilities of extending it to november as well. Yesterday I was looking at my playslist searching for names of artists I'd like to see live, and sadly realized 1) mostly of the bands I listen to are disbanded, 2) the only currently active bands I like don't seem to have any schedule listed in their OHPs for these months. The only bands that have any scheduled are Dir, R-shitei, Kiryu (a taiban)... and I have to stop counting. I'm dying to see Diaura, Kizu, Dimlim, but their live dates don't go further than september... I'm afraid that the only chance I'll have to travel to Japan in many years could be ruined by this fact...

    So I may ask you who know the VK scene schedule dynamics: should I assume that the schedules now available are definitive ones?

    I read you!


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    2. Duwang


      It's way too early for most bands to announce October lives. Wait another two months.

      Give DIMLIM a little more time than that. They often announce lives barely a month in advance unless the band that invites them tends to announce things further in advance.

    3. Duwang


      I can help you with DIMLIM tickets btw. I sometimes have extras.

    4. Kiryu999


      Don't worry too much about that, like said above it's a bit too early for bands to announce their schedule for October now. If you're going to Tokyo they'll be plenty of lives, I've been to Tokyo twice and there were gigs scheduled every day, you will probably have a band you like play during your stay :)

      I recommend using http://visual.eplus.jp/ they list every gigs scheduled in Japan, it's very helpful !

  16. I can't find the songwriting credits for Phantasmagoria's and Syndrome's music. I've only found a few. Does anyone happen to have a list? At least for the singles' A-sides.

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    2. Lestat


      What I can generally find from Mago at the moment. (Most of it is the same way as with Syndrome, 'all words and music arranged by Phantasmagoria'.)



      01. Vanish... (music and lyrics by Kisaki)



      01. actuality (music and lyrics by Kisaki)

      02. Lie Light&Lost Sky (music and lyrics by Kisaki)

      03. 光に降る雨 (lyrics by Riku, music by Jun)


      Seeds of brain

      01. Seeds of Brain (music and lyrics by Kisaki)

      02. Cry... (music and lyrics by Kisaki)

      03. Desperate Resolution for my Soul... (music and lyrics by Kisaki)

      04. My Mental State... (music and lyrics by Kisaki)

    3. Lestat


      For any further details, refer to @inartistic :D

    4. inartistic


      Like Lestat said, for KISAKI's bands, it's usually the band itself that is credited (unfortunately). Occasionally the real credits will slip through on karaoke sites or something.


      But 99% of the time, it's the lead guitarist of the band or KISAKI composing, with either the vocalist or KISAKI writing the lyrics. So for Phantasmagoria it was mostly JUN composing, for first period LIN it was KANATA, for Syndrome Ruiza, etc.

  17. Hi there!


    I'm requesting a rip of these two DVDs:


    - "Tafel Anatomie Tour 2006 ~12.06 Tour Final 渋谷公会堂~Tafel Anatomie Tour 2006 ~12.06 Tour Final 渋谷公会堂~" (D);

    - "LIVE CAFE 15th Anniversary Year Grand Finale" (An Cafe)


    Have any of you got any of these DVDs and would will to make the rip? 🙏



    1. suji


      Post on the Request section and you might get your wish! ;3

  18. I'm playing a gig in two hours. I'm so scared, fuck! No matter how many times I played live, still can't avoid getting THE chills!😖😖😖


    May Toshiya be with me!💆🎸🎶


    Wish me luck!

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    2. Gesu


      Good luck, and have fun~! ^_^

    3. CAT5


      Ayyye, good luck. Hope you have a blast! :D

    4. yomii


      sorry i am too late to the party but i hope everything went good!! what instrument do you play? considering your reference to toshiya, i assume it's bass?

  19. Seriously, Kizu is the last band I would want to get overproduced. Their music is so fresh, skilled, well-produced, that it would hurt me a lot if they start releasing boring ghost-written formulaic music, as happened to many big acts of the last 5 years that were my favorites (R shitei, Kiryu, Arlequin).


    Now that I think of that, only Diaura seemed to remain big but also produce 'music' instead of idol anthems 🤔

  20. The resurgence of so much hate over Mejibray made me feel like watching their 2014's performance at ShibuKo. And re-confirmed that they actually did pretty well their job honoring visual kei back in the day. 


    So I'm leaving this in case you get intrigued or triggered.


    Now you can go back and listen to Royz😉

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    2. platy


      It satisfies the eyes and ears, no complaints



      Edit: Koichi used to look so elegant and cool... I miss it 

    3. yomii


      it is a stunning performance, but i am kinda underwhelmed by the fact koichi didnt use slapping there, as he did in the original recording :c

    4. nekkichi


      「THE RESURGENCE OF SO MUCH HATE」highkey sounds like a fitting title for their next lineup/comeback debut single nnnn

  21. Yeah baby, gimme all those fast over-the-top dramatic VK choruses ❤️



  22. So, I've suddenly remembered some names that totally fell out of my radar and that of every VK community I'm into:



    -Chemical pictures

    -Jinkaku radio

    -Sex android


    Do any of you guys recall anything about any of them? I was never enthusiast about their music tbh, except for one or two tracks by two of them. I was just so busy discovering An cafe and Ayabie, hehe. Now I've just looked up for them in Youtube and got surprised over some live videos with important amounts of crowd, which I suppose means they weren't irrelevant though they surely weren't big acts. 


    Btw, 'that' 2006-2009 sound... man, what a strange feeling I'm getting... Tfw some apparently innocuous thing of the past becomes suddenly relevant in the present...


    ... then thinking about Yumeleep or 0.1mg no gosan makes everything more confusing and embarrasing... 

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    2. Paraph


      second those Doremidan recos. they're the only two i own from the band and imo are their best.

    3. Jigsaw9


      Doremidan were great, just reading their name really takes me back! :D I've never been super into them, but I remember spinning their "Retsujou Lullaby" mini album A LOT back when I was just diving into this whole vk business.


      Jinkaku Radio was a really cool group too, very nice moody/melancholic sound. Again, I wasn't a huge fan but one song of theirs that will always remain with me is "Nejimaki dori". ♥ (the live version is amazing too)


      I really dug Chemical Pictures when they started out and they were truly in their prime back when Jimi was the bassist (you could tell his fine-tuning went a long way!). After he left I gradually lost interest in them... they were still okay but nowhere near as fun. Solid band overall tho, very creative!

    4. saiko


      Thank you guys! I'll check your recos out immediately!

  23. What is "menhera kei"? And how does it 'sound' like?

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    2. platy


      Menhera kei = yumeleep. Look at all the cute in their videos, you'd never think they were singing about dying and being fucked in the head. Also the singer loves giving the middle finger. 

    3. monkeybanana4


      Here is more about the fashion style and culture of menhera kei that @Komorebi mentioned earlier: https://fymenhera.tumblr.com/info


      I think the band gozenreiji. fits the theme? The singer tends to talk about wrist cutting.

    4. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      AvelCain, R-shitei, Amai Bouroku, Savage, Depain, Meary, Zigzag, Gossip (both old and new, to an extent), 0.1g Gosan, Mathilda (kinda), Yumeleep, SHELLMY (probably), and probably 3-dozen other bands would fall somewhere onto that spectrum. It seems to be less of a subgenre, rather than an aesthetic, although bands that fall under it tend to sound like R-shitei or Savage.


      I know it's been used within the scene itself, so I don't think it's solely a web-generated term (Meary had an album named "Menheler-ism", and there was a history of vkei video the lead singer of Golden Bomber was in where they discussed how today's vkei uses "mental illness as a subject" or something to that extent). Mental illness and self-harm are definitely not new subjects in vkei, or music in general. The concept has just been more stylized and #branded than it has been in the past. Had time been rearranged, groups like Mucc or Earl Grey probably would have been considered part of that scene just based on lyrical content.

  24. Has Mamo gotten any better today? I love a lot of R-shitei stuff, but seriously, dude doesn't hit a SINGLE note -totally into Sakito(Due le quartz)-level league! It's painful to listen to! 



    Since they haven't put out many live videos, maybe someone actually looking forward them in Japan could answer this.

    1. sleepy coffee

      sleepy coffee

      i have to imagine hes probably gotten better since 2013 but idk im always weary of vocalists who scream a bit cause i just assume theyre throat is always destroyed for live performances 

    2. saiko


      Right? But since R-shitei became very "pretty-but-edgy-boy pop" oriented, thus catered to people who want to see pretty boys and dance... He is very good-looking indeed, and he does have a good in-character performance, so maybe he or even his managment hasn't considered vocal improving a priority, haha. 

  25. My god, how come I never had an interest for Gotcharoka?! VK guitarist never looked SO skilled and 'showmanshiped' like Jun! Also, just those solo-clips gave me goosebumps about every song in the setlist -chord progressions look gorgeous like no release VK in the last time!-.



    Totally digging Gotcharoka starting tomorrow!



    1. Komorebi


      They are really skilled and it shows. These guys are pretty amazing.

    2. anadentone


      Jun and Jui are hot and awesome . Plus neither looks like they're damn near 40 either.

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