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  1. Is this how Japanese trans people adress their coming out publicly?
  2. saiko

    This is the first thing that comes to my mind every time I read complains about Dimlim.
  3. saiko

    May someone translate at least some lines?
  4. saiko

    Same question here!
  5. saiko

    What's the thing to fear? I don't get what you are talking about, perhaps because I've never payed attention to DID.
  6. saiko

    Kudos to them for this song. It's cool that they took the kote kei archetypical song structure and clichés (like every other indie vk band launching their first releases in the late 90s) and blended it with a really interesting, mysterious, instrumental interlude. Also, I wished they had kept the more androgynous, white face doll-like make up for the rest of their career (very inspired in Malice Mizer, I guess? Is Aya tributing Közi in this video?).

    I didn't recall that La'Mule had a song called "eccentric Marxist". Lololololololol. Some great user here translated very carefully all their lyrics, so there's actually an English translation for this song with a funny name. I suggest you all go and read the lyrics.

    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      Hyura's great -- shame she doesn't seem to come around here all that often anymore.

    2. hyura


      I'm kinda still lurking here and flustered to read this ☺️ 

      Actually I'd love to get around to be active /post translations again sometime but my time became very limited since then. 

    3. saiko


      Omg, pleased to meet you @hyura!

  8. saiko

    Isn't "kayoukyoku" a Japanese term used for refering to J-pop?
  9. saiko

    This is the real nerd shit I crave for here in MH. Keep on!
  10. Same opinion here. 'Absolute zero' started with the perhaps obligatory-to-keep-in-metal-trend, Polyphia-like taping, which is actually nice. Then it evolves to the sound of D's first songs released as a major band. Not really impressed, but indeed still very pleasant to my ear. 'Serum' is another one that sounds like classic D. Are them making some kind of throw-back in this single?
  11. Not bad, but I don't need another R-shitei clone into my playlist. Next.
  12. saiko

    Diaura's 'FOCUS' and 'TRIANGLE' remain to me as the two of the best releases of the whole VK history. Both are filled with a wide range of diverse climaxes and also a very unique composition work. In my opinion, nothing they've released after that to date compares to the gems packed into those two albums, it even sounds repetitive many times. They are one of the best examples of artistry within the scene.
  13. saiko

    Sounds thrilling!
  14. saiko

    Is this a trusted source?
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