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  1. saiko

    Ok. Let's say it loud and clear: vk is already gone. The ship is wrecked. Run before you drown down into deep shit.
  2. VK songs that I deeply regret they didn't become anime openings:


    An Cafe - Snow Scene

    Penicillin - NICE IN LIP+L

    Janne Da Arc - Lunatic Gate


    Seriously, I love this kind of anison-kei.

  3. I feel very pitiful about BPRecords bands. Kiryu have very good musicians within it. I can't stand the fact of their managers trying to squeeze them all they can, and sadly, seeing how things are coming, it seems that I won't have enough of it. I hope Mahiro or anybody don't burn out completely before it's too late...

    1. IGM_Oficial


      That's right, but, unfortunately, this is the only way to make them constantly "hot" and getting money.

  4. saiko

    Who the hell is Hayato?
  5. Does anybody remember that alter-ego band of An Cafe's? It seems impossible to find it on the net...

    1. Ultra Silvam

      Ultra Silvam

      is it ChaosMaker?  That's the closest thing to an An Cafe alter-ego band that I can think of

    2. saiko


      Yes, thank you very much!

  6. Does anybody know how are Resistar Records bands doing? And also, is it me, or Diaura kinda flopped the non-stop rising popularity they had around 2014-2015?

    1. Takadanobabaalien


      Diaura is just as popular now as they were back then, if not more. At least in Japan. They also seem to have a fairly big overseas following still so I have no idea what you're talking about tbh 

    2. Mihenno


      Yeah I don't think Diaura flopped at all. I think they're doing really good for themselves right now.

    3. saiko


      Just asking.

      They fell out of my own radar after Triangle, actually. That album was a true masterpiece, and continued the greatness of Focus. Those albums really saved visual kei. Ruin, Engima and My Resistance were very promising, but never got to reach the quality of Triangle, imho.

      I still love the band, because they are one of the very few artists of the scene that seem talented and genuine, so I try to check out every release they put out till today, but since there is nothing actually worth listening on their most recent catalog, I supposed they run out of ideas, and thus maybe started to lose fans, etc.

      I hope they reach Budokan someday. They deserved it.

  7. If it wasn't for "Jisatsu ganbou", "Meikyou shishui", "Re:plica", "Rodeo", "-0°C", Due'le Quartz would be actually a prety shitty band. Miyavi was already a fierce player and genuine showman back then, but aside from the songs I mentioned, his compositions were very weak plagios of MISSA-era DEG songs like "Zan", "S" or classic "Byoushin". Seriously, it's very hard to listen to their discography entirely, and Sakito's voice makes it only more painful (I'm sure his voice will be remebered as one of the worst to have ever reached the scene).
    Bassist and drummer were skilled, too, but their arrangments didn't add anything interesting (Re.plica and Rodeo are the coolest ones, in this sense).
    I don't understand how they became so succesful back in the day, considering 2000-2001 was the era in which VK started to dramatically lose all the little, but overall significant, attention it got from the mainstream audicence.

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    2. saiko


      It's very interesting how this awkward standards became nowadays a legitimate "aesthetic" that is seeked by many people to listen or watch to, with all this "homage-kei" stuff that emerged as a trend in the last few years...

      A few years ago I could enjoy it, but today, after realizing how lazy and bagyaish the scene became in general,  I find it untolerable. That said, for satisfying my hunger for indie kotekote stuff I have done my own selection of songs that I find actually really well-worked (pre-Gauze Dir, pre-FINALE Pierrot, some Baiser, the Due song I mentioned above, and many others).

    3. reminiscing2004


      everyone already knew sakito was a struggling vocalist. you're missing out on mad gems like "luna e", "utakata no...yume?", "omocha shuurisha", "re:shake spear", so its hard to take this argument srsly.

    4. nekkichi


      miyabussi's selling power HA IMPACT, henni! they don't make them like that anymore


      I still bop to シュガーレス・シャンハイ and selfish on the reg tbh

  8. Does anyone know where can I look for cali≠gari's discography in 320 kbps at least? 😕

    Also, Vidoll's one would be fine, too.

    1. evenor



  9. saiko

    Are you being serious?
  10. The more I dig into classic vk and pre-vk bands, the more I understand that vk is actually a scene with 3 decent artists out of 17 copy-cats. The sound, lyrics, visuals and overall aesthetics haven't really evolved in the almost 30 years it has existing. The idolized system that is actually the managment strategy of the 95% of the bands born in the last 10 years moreless came out really not surprising.

    Tbh, this makes me really, really upset, and seeing bands like Mamireta, Mathilda or Londboy being claimed as the cool novelty makes me want to die instead. 

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    2. CAT5


      Ain't nothing new under the sun, bro. Everything has an origin, but that doesn't have to negate subjective experience.

    3. PIZAZ


      Try not to let it upset you so much, just enjoy what you enjoy for the reasons you deem appropriate and keep it pushing. No need to challenge people over their tastes.

    4. Takadanobabaalien


      its ok to appreciate both buck-tick and mamireta

  11. Sure the musicians seem very skilled, the music decent and look is on point, but what do you see/hear on this band that you actually haven't heard/seen before?
  12. Is there anyone with the accurate Japanese knowledge interested in doing a translation work for subbimg the dialogues during some live releases? There are some out there with a lot of talking (such as Malice Mizer, Kamijo's bands and Gackt), which I assume is related to the overall concept that the show are about. I'm curious as to why nobody seems to have done it before, since these lives are so well-known by the people in the fandom since the beggining.
  13. This kind of nationalism kei aesthetics appeal to me, but it has been copied like million times since R-shitei made it a cliché of them and thus became trendy. Ok, so the look's cool. Now I just hope they put it togheter with a decent sound, at least a bit creative, and not just plain boring formulas... For some reason I feel it may have the Kagerou psycho-grunge sound that Mamireta took for their concept... at least that sound hasn't really peaked great levels of plagiarism...