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  1. saiko

    I'm actually surprised at my liking of the whole advertising output: don't know why, but make up, hair and clothing seem to me kinda refreshing in the context of the actual trends in the matters of the last years. Those color water-light tubes work as an amazing background. The Akira-esque graphic seems cool, too. Music-wise, the sample listens like something we heard a lot of times (like 99% of the VK stuff today), tbh. Btw, vocalist's voice seems actually very nice. Perhaps I'll be trying the whole thing when it cames out.
  2. saiko

    How much did they do?
  3. What disaster are you talking about? Besides, was the Raid associated with BP? I'm getting noticed right now.
  4. ~~jamming with the 90s SADboYs~~ I don't know what's actually happening into Karma's head, but this madness is definitely new in the whole history scene and I couldn't expect it by any means. So my interest got forced to get into it! I can't blame on him at all! So much charming than anything else put out recently!
  5. Song is good; but everything in it screams "fake" so loud... How can I take seriously that approach on djenty breakdowns and screaming if they were doing a full k-pop routine on stage like... what, two years ago? Don't know, this band is so messed up, which is really sad considering all of them are talented musicians...
  6. I think the song is really good for the niche it aims. I mean, it's very well crafted, which isn't sadly something established within indie bands of the scene. But of course that doesn't mean it's necessarily interesting, at least for someone who binges into metal and/or a more mature avantgarde sound. PV is also really well done; we are not accustomed to see this quality of display and shooting within the indie releases of the scene. I think we should cheer that effort!
  7. saiko

    The levels of crazyness reached by this trainwereck of a situation shouldn't be never forgotten in the heart of the scene. If there ever exists a VK History museum, they should be elegantly put in the show-window of cringe next to Satsuki's antics.
  8. Hazuki's looks like the visual kei god he is with those all-black hot pants and trench coat. It suits his singing and overall performance so good I can't avoid thinking about it.
  9. saiko

    There couldn't be any VK without it, sorry.
  10. For some reason, there is always something exciting about listening to lynch. At least to their promo songs... for me, it is something as simple as that combination of Hazuki's faux-baritone voice (with the backing vocals somewhat 'incrustated') doing his trademark anthem-like melodies over that speedy hardcore groove with the drummer hitting the crash on the last quaver of the measure... It's just so 'visual-kei' I can't resist the pleasure. This is fucking why in the last 10 years every act in the scene, even the 'leaders', are doing anything but selling formulaic fan-fulfilling garbage and don't seem to plan to someday stop and put their minds into something with a little plus of 'artistic' value...
  11. I have a very soft spot for this kind of groove in the electric guitars and bass of a rock song. Luckily, 90s VK is plagued with this rhythmic pattern.




    Any recommendations of songs like this?


  12. saiko

    Wow. Never seen something like this before... What's the point of this?
  13. saiko

    Same happened to me with this song.
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