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  1. キズ ホールワンマンツアー「天罰」X「天誅」 「天誅」 2019.04.07 東京・国際フォーラムC 01.ストーカー 02.ステロイド 03.十五 04.中庭 05.蛙-Kawazu- 06.豚 07.夢 08.EMIL 09.ラブソング 10.平成 11.0 12.おしまい 13.ELISE 14.傷痕 15.天誅 アンコール 16.悪い夢 17.十九 18.東京
  2. Let's pray for the album, wanna hear 夢 and especially 走馬灯 😭
  3. The digests are four songs from their 2nd and 3rd oneman each. Nothing too spectacular, however their shows in general are pretty impressive. Hopefully we will be able to hear the song 走馬灯 in the near future since they didn't include that in the 2nd oneman digest as I thought they would.
  4. Sad they didn't include ヒトミドリ, still pre-ordered the limited edition. Also, they joined Gan-Shin Records (european vkei label).
  5. As far as I know, 夢 is a live-only song they played at every oneman so far. 怨ミ節 was the "main song" for the 3rd oneman, they played it last and even added a third verse, so on that day it had a special meaning; probably it seemed "unnecessary" for the 4th oneman.
  6. 01.傷痕 02.十五 03.豚 04.ステロイド 05.EMIL 06.へのへのもへじ 07.美しき日々 08.夢 09.中庭 10.ラブソング 11.ELISE 12.おしまい アンコール 13.蛙-Kawazu- 14.天誅 15.十九 アンコール 16.ヒトミドリ (http://blog.livedoor.jp/record_memory/archives/77052024.html)
  7. diva-rin

    I really loved Jackman, and I am sure I will love ZON too, but this cover is a bit inappropriate imo.
  8. diva-rin

    I love "gypsy" the most, I love how they used typical gypsy elements (yes, flamenco is music by the spanish roma) which I love very very much. Never expected it, but really love it! Overall, best album I listened to in a long time!
  9. I'm not sure, but Kaya did a cover show last summer and Nimo also covered some of her songs I think. ^^
  10. I love when vkei bands cover Nakamori Akina songs coz she is the queen!!! Still waiting for a great cover of I MISSED "THE SHOCK" and "サザン・ウインド".
  11. diva-rin

    Yay, omg I'm so happy! *.*
  12. diva-rin

    omg 5,000 yen for 15 songs?! and five extra songs? seems the last live is gonna be lame...
  13. diva-rin

    First I wondered about Yerevan too, but I read that "Radio Yerevan" is a term for political jokes, mostly used in the socialist countries of the 20th Century.
  14. Hopefully someone gets the live limited single to share, same goes for わすれもの >.<
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