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  1. Holy fuck I need to  check my PMs more often.

  2. Sorry, about the lack of updates. Working a lot and I can't load MH on my phone at work (<.<). Anyways, over the next few days on my EBAY I'll be putting live distributes and other privileges no listed here up for sale. There are buy now options but also Best offer options.
  3. Still trying to get rid of these because its causing a huge strain on storage. Also I have some magazines for sale just message me for more info.
  4. Shipping update: USA buyers: ~Special~ Flat rate shipping cost of $4 for up to 5 regular sized cds (up to possibly 8 for cardboard sleeve releases). International buyers: To get an idea of what shipping looks like use - http://pe.usps.com/text/dmm300/notice123.htm#2117992 Scroll down or ctrl + F to find your country to figure out which group number you are. In my area, ISAL and Airmail are not available.
  5. Added some more items, more to be listed* * I got lazy with all the typing. More items are available as pictured in the Photobucket folders.
  6. Updated: New items added, prices lowered. Still negotiable.
  7. Prices updated but still negotiable.
  8. I'll try to reply as fast as I can to questions/inquires, note it might take a while since I am working. Shipping from the United States. * Marks unopened items, ** marks open plastic, but never played, *** Marks No obi Prices are not set and are negotiable . Shipping not included. Will take paypal,trade and concealed cash (USA only) as forms of payment Proof of items (CLICK HERE) Ebay feedback 12012 Play Dolls ** ( Teeth to cd holder is broken due to shipping from Japan to USA) $2 Shudder DVD CREATED MOVIE 2~modern films~ DVD Pistol regular edition tattoo Swallow Aitai kara . . . (逢いたいから....) type B 839 0game Acid Black Cherry Nemurihime ((眠り姫) Limited edition Aki Come into Conflict Visionary w/trading card $4 Alice Nine Kasou Musoushi (華想夢想紙) w/plastic slip case SOLD Fantasy Regular edition SOLD 九龍-Nine Heads Rodeo Show- regular edition SOLD Akatsuki/Ikuoku No Chandelier (暁/幾億のシャンデリア) limited edition SOLD Complete Collection 2006-2009 Vandalize [limited edition] Vandalize [regular edition] AND -Eccentric Agent- Bluff type B Annie's Black Devote Aoi & Ryohei Monochrome (モノクローム) Avex regular edition AnCafe Natsu Koi ★ Natsu Game" (夏恋★夏GAME ) Type B $6 SOLD Tekesuta Kousen (テケスタ光線 ) $3 SOLD Escapism (エスカピズム ) $3 Merrymaking" (メリメイキング ) $3 Smile ichiban ii ♀ (スマイル一番 イイ♀) $4 10's Collection March (10's コレクション マァチ) $3 SOLD Kimi no machi (キミノマチ)* (Kanon cover) SOLD Gokutama Rock Cafe (極魂Rock Cafe) [Cd+DVD] Gokutama Rock Cafe (極魂Rock Cafe) BB Parallel World(BBパラレルワールド) Limited Edition (2 copies) Shikisai Moment (色彩モーメント ) Limited edition *** Amedama Rock (飴玉ロック) 2nd press Magnya Carta (マグニャカルタ) *** Arc End at Time * $9 Nagareboshi Ayabie Mikazuki no Kiseki w/trading card Type A $6 Aitakute Type B Ecumenical (エキュメニカル) Balzac -Atom Age Vampire In 308- Terrifying! Art Of Dying - The Last Men On Earth II Barogue Monodrama(モノドラマ ),Teeny-Tiny Star , Rinzen Identity (凛然アイデンティティ ) Boxset * $9 Gakidou (我伐道) $4 Tokyo Stripper (東京ストリッパー ) $5 BREAKERZ Big Bang [Regular edition] w/Akihide trading card Best -Single Collection- [Regular Edition] w/Shinpei trading card Byakura Yubikiri $4 Chachamaru (group) Amelia $2 Chisato Organic Groover Cindykate Nudy & Cool ** $5 SOLD Clearveil Anthology Type A** $4 Craysia Are you Juilet? Cube Twilight Star $3 D=out Zange no Hanamichi regular edition Zipang Daigo Daigold w/trading card Daisy Stripper GZSKK Mousou Nikki(妄想日記)* Dali SEIMEI LONELY DAITAI AITAI TYPE B* $4 Dir en Grey Kasumi $3 SOLD Myaku $3 (2 1 copies) The Final $5 SOLD Drain away $5 SOLD Glass skin $5 SOLD Lotus $3 SOLD Different sense $5 SOLD Agitated scream of Maggots $4 SOLD Agitated scream of Maggots Dozing green Taiyo no Ao (太陽の碧 ) $5 SOLD Hageshisa to, Kono Mune no Naka de Karamituita Shakunetsu no Yami (激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇 ) Deluhi Revolver Blast D'eiz Spider Fake? taste maximum the fool Salamander (サラマンダー) * Eccentric Agent 「上等宣言」 - live distribute SOLD Gackt Asia Tour DIABOLOS~哀婉 no toki~ in KOREA w/photos $10 SOLD Training days in Taiwan Drug Party Moon (does have plastic slip case) the GazettE Guren limited edition SOLD FIlth in the Beauty SOLD Regret SOLD Glam Grammar 初回限定盤 type A $5 Yojigen Orchestra limited edition* Yojigen Orchestra regular edition* (2 copies aval.) Glay Thousand dreams* regular edition Answer limited edition * 天使のわけまえ / ピーク果てしなくソウル限りなく(九州版) w/card White road Beautiful dreamer/Street Life Golden Bomber Dance My Generation [Regular Edition] $4 Dance My Generation 8cm edition limited edition Mata Kimi ni Bango wo Kikenakatta regular edition Yowasete Mojito 101 Kaime no Noroi (101回目の呪い ) type a The Past Masters Vol.1 (ザ・パスト・マスターズ ) The Past Masters Vol.1 (ザ・パスト・マスターズ ) type B The Past Masters Vol.1 (ザ・パスト・マスターズ ) type C Hurts Akuma no Uta - Ketsumei (悪魔ノ詩 -血盟-) [Limited Release] Inoran won't leave my mind w/card fragment w/card Irokui Negaomo Type(ネガオモタイプ) JILS XXI $2 Kain if/search for...e.p $4 Kalen mellow ~Sou no Senritsu~ (mellow ~創の旋律~)* SOLD Kasumi Shinjo Re-name Kibou-YA© ANALO Gunsou(アナロ軍曹) ELEC Tousui (エレク統帥) The Kiddie brave new world Kirito (キリト) Door $4 Klack intifada 2004 $3 Kra dhar*ma $6 Hoshizora Ressha no Kiteki wo Kikinagara (星空列車の汽笛を聞きながら) $7 Shikitabi no Sanposha (四季旅の散歩者) Lamina Lapiel Laputa Shape SOLD L'arc~en~ciel Nexus 4/Shine $5 SOLD Good Luck My Way SOLD Hurry xmas 2008 version La'cryma christi Sculpture or time *** Lhasa Licker Oath $3 Lin Kisaki and Kanata $6 Complete trading card set (Flowers Bloom) $12 L'luvia Blanc Neige LMC Super Duper Galaxy Regular version (NO RING) Love Diving Shout it out Mask Masker Maskest Merry Gekisei type C $5 SOLD Komorebi ga Boku wo Sagashiteru Type 3 $6 SOLD Mirage THE END OF EPISODE 「DELETE」 -2000.1.16 OSAKA HEAT BEAT- w/sticker ** $12 SOLD Miyavi -offers Freedom Fighters - アイスクリーム持った裸足の女神と、機関銃持った裸の王様- Limited edition (w/DVD) ジングルベル(仮) Original release [PSCM-0006] ジングルベル(仮) Re-release [KICM-10001] Jibun Kakumei -2003- (自分革命-2003-) Original 03.04.16 release (PSCM-0007) *** Tariraritarara (タリラリタララ♪) Orignal 03.06.25 release (PSCM-0008) *** Rock no Gyakushu - Super Star no Joken / 21seiki-gata koshinkyoku (ックの逆襲 -スーパースターの条件- / 21世紀型行進曲) Type A (w/dvd) Señor Señora Señorita (セニョール セニョーラ セニョリータ) *** Subarashiki kana, Kono Sekai type A (2 copies aval.) Kimi ni Negai wo [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] What's My name SOLD Mucc Fuzz Yakusoku limited edition Nightmare Naked love limited edition Konoha (このは) limited edition PANIC☆ch Zenkoku taikai sanbon sen ~kesshousen~ (全国大会3本戦~決勝戦~) $10 Pashya Niji 虹* Phantasmagoria Dejavu~Sanctuary of Revival~ * (4 copies, 1 is opened) $45 Kami uta limited edition w/Iori card PIERROT Shinkei ga Wareru Atsui Yoru (神経がワレル暑い夜) w/clear group trading card 2000/09/27 $5 Barairo no Sekai/Neogrotesque/Yuyami Sucide (夕闇スーサイド/ネオグロテスク/薔薇色の世界) $8 Agitator Kowareteikukonosekaide (壊れていくこの世界で) Pizzcato. ( ピチカート ) 新世紀型:電脳トレンド企画案 Plastic Tree Jyomyaku (静脈 ) Regular Edition Type A & B *** $4 ea. Makka Na Ito (梟 -フクロウ-) Type A $5 Sanatorium (サナトリウム) Type A $5 Kuchizuke (くちづけ) Regular Type B w/佐藤 ケンケン trading card *** $3 Moshimo Piano ga Hiketanara (もしもピアノが弾げたなら ) $4 Planetarium (プラネタリウム ) $5 SOLD 春咲センチメンタル w/group sticker $6 Tremolo SOLD Plu'to Hyper sonic music(ハイパーソニックミュージック)* the Riotts Starinvitation w/signed privilege disk R-Shitei (R指定 ) Yanderu Kanojo ReivieЯ (リヴァイア) 桜/ 追憶 – I believe this was a self-release/ live limited - offers Sads Tokyo SANDY Saya (ex-mask) Hitori Hoshi 一人法師 limited edition Hitori Hoshi 一人法師 regular edition Screw Cavalade* Sendai Kamotsu GEI SCHOOL OTOKOGUMI!! / OVER THE GEINBO TYPE B $6 Shazna Promise Eve $5 SOLD SID (シド) Ranbu no Melody (乱舞のメロディ ) type b *** $3 Monochrom no Kiss (モノクロのキス ) w/postcard type B (cd+dvd) *** $3 Uso (嘘 ) w/Fullmetal Alchemist Card Type B(cd+dvd) *** $3 SERIAL⇔NUMBER (シリアル⇔NUMBER) Clip shuu~GO!YA!NUMBER/Attention Please/TOKYO NOISE~ (クリップ集~GO!YA!NUMBER/アテンション・プリーズ/TOKYO NOISE~) $9 Clip shuu 2 ~COLOR STYLE/Airashiisaa/Futari no Paradise~ (クリップ集2 ~COLOR STYLE/愛らシーサー/ふたりのパラダイス~) $9 SuG Gimigimi regular edition Gimigimi [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type A] Koakuma Sparkling regular edition Mujouken Koufuku Ron (Gold Version) Crazy Bunny Coaster Type B limited edition Syndrome Best Collection 2000-2002 * $10 T.M.Revolution Cloud Nine * $12 SOLD Cloud Nine poster $7 SOLD Vistlip B UniTE Heartless Classic Memory (ハートレス クラシックメモリー) w/ Zeal Link priv* $8 ViViD Yume" ~Mugen no Kanata~ (夢」~ムゲンノカナタ~ ) w/trading card Type A *** $3 Yume" ~Mugen no Kanata~ (夢」~ムゲンノカナタ~ ) Regular edition Fake *** Blue w/ Shin trading card regular edition *** REAL*** Answer Message limited edition Message Regular edition Vneu The 25th Century Love $3 Wizard Bribe of love $10 Zuck Zero Star $5 Zoro Gold Card w/trading card*** $3 House of Madpeak *** $3 Other Gaku- X Versailles cover magazine w/Darkest Labyrinth promo $2 Undercode Production Nihon Seiatsu 10th anniversary jrock bag (2 aval.) $4 ea. V.A Punish of Sin -2009- $3 SOLD 葉x隠~ハガクレ~ & ∀NTI FEMINISM 新伝説創造 2006.12.21(木曜日)東京・目黒鹿鳴館 DVD - $10 D - Birth sticker sheets - $4 D- Birth t-shirt (Japan jr.Medium) SOLD Fool's Mate Summer Dive special feat. An Cafe - $3 Lulu Like an Edision card privilege w/drawing Shinko shuyko gakudan nogod live distribute SOLD Photo sets: $4 per photo, $6 for entire set in image, $45 for all of the photos ($1.50 per photo) free shipping for USA buyers on photos only, $3 flat rate for everywhere else (9 Dollis Mary Photos SOLD)
  9. draincherry2021

    Sharing a few of my drawings. All are watermarked, because I have dealt with several art thefts. On my deviant art there will be a combination of drawings, sports photography, and soon sculptures that start from 2004 to present. Linking to these because these are huge. Kamijo Evgeni Plushenko - Godfather Nega- Jin Captain Renard Kousei Harvey Specter
  10. draincherry2021

    Thank you, for the comment and welcome.
  11. draincherry2021

    Hello people, thank you for the welcoming. I'm all over the board with bands but I have to say some of my favorites are Xjapan, Nega, Lupo Label, lyacon, Sadie, Thomas, and Tokami.
  12. draincherry2021

    Not really good with these things. So hello I'm draincherry or aka uruha-kouyou (other sites). In all honesty, I'm a big lurker and I joined up to share some of my uploads outside of tumblr and jpopsuki. So yeah...I'm prett boring outside of my uploads and drawings.
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