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  1. What are you currently using that you aren't happy with? And if you headphones are backordered, I would cancel them and go with the HD6XX's. I'm bad at articulating how things sound - my daily drivers at work are the AKG k7xx's, they are great - clear, clear, and fairly flat. The HD6xx's are my home pair - they have more clarity that the AKGs imp and overall they just sound much more lively, I think partly because of the punchier mids. The thing is, the Senns require more power to sound great and the AKGs are more comfortable (I'm wearing them for like 6+ hours a day), thus the AKGs are my daily drivers at work.
  2. Why not just go for the Massdrop HD 6XX's They are basically the 650s, and I would be hard pressed to want to spend another $300 for a mild improvement. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-sennheiser-hd6xx
  3. So this is a thing I did
  4. Can't say I was digging the preview, but I am trying not to judge it too hard.
  5. I wouldn't put them in them as the GOAT of the Nagoya Kei genre, I think that has to go to Deadman, but I do really enjoy Gibkiy. If anything, that award should just be given to aie.
  6. Man, I am just happy that they are actually putting out an actual album. I have yet to listen to it, but here to hoping this is the first step in them actually being a most consistent group.
  7. I've been playing a surprising amount of games lately. I bought a new TV as a wedding present to myself (lol), so it's been encouraging me to spend more time in front of it. The three games I have finished in the past month or so were NieR Automata, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, and Doki Doki Literature Club....and man, that last one, if you guys haven't played it, you seriously need to stop what you are doing and pick it up. It's free on steam, and I don't want to say anything about it, as the less you know, the better it is.
  8. Sorry I haven't been around in the forum much lately. In related news, I'm getting married in 6 hours!

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      ayyy congrats, man! <3

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      Congraaaats! Excited for you!

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      You should be married by now, congrats!

  9. Girugamesh and Sel'm hit me hard. These were bands that were around and putting out great material when I was first getting in to VK, and they were some of the very few that were still remaining. They felt kind of like nails in the coffin.
  10. Quick thoughts of a grumpy old man. Scale: Yeah Hmm Meh Ugh "天上天下" by ARCHEMI. It felt like the song had no meat to it. I normally appreciate a traditional Japanese flavor to my VK, but here is just felt like an attempt to sprinkle some flavor on top of something that was really bland. I guess that saved it from be a "ugh" on my scale though. "鮮やかな矛盾" by NoGoD I've been off of the NoGod train for a while now. After a bunch of mediocre releases, I had a hard time caring about following them. While I did enjoy this track, I kind of feel like it also feels a bit like more of the same. Does make me a bit curious to jump back in though. "昏睡" by SCAPEGOAT Some parts reminded me of mid 00's numetal inspired VK and the chorus felt reminiscent of Cocklobin, which are two things I would mark as positives. Production sounded shit, but I am hoping that there was just same major compression involved on the youtube upload. "青年ナイフ" by ニトロデイ Sounded like I was listening to it with cotton stuffed in to my ears. Also, there is something about the way the vocalist pronounces things that I just can't stand. "Sorry, I Am Not" by SHE TALKS SILENCE It felt like this song was trying to go somewhere but it never quite reached its destination. In a crude way of putting it, I feel like this song blue balled me. "雨” by 游彩 I feel like there is a lot of promise here that isn't realized. I feel like a bit more passion and dynamics in this song could have helped pushed it over the top. I think this song could be a lot of fun live as I think perhaps part of the problem is that it is over produced. "虚言癖" by DAMY Been a while since I've heard a song in this style from a band that I didn't know that was actually memorable. This is a song that gets its life from lots of small details - little vocal flairs or riff changes that I wasn't expecting. Going to be checking this band out more in the future. "⚪︎と×" by ザアザア I don't think I've ever quite liked Xaa-xaa as much as the rest of the community has, but this song is dope. The the vocals are incredibly emotive without playing things too far in to melodrama. It's also been a while since I've enjoyed a song with a guitar solo. "burst" by Zill Not sure if I can get behind the vocals - like, there is some points where I really enjoy them, but others where I feel like they are just too rough. Instrumentally the song is mostly solid, but like the vocals, also has some rough points (like the chorus imo). "Dystopia -Vanishing Point-" by Boris Ive always been a fan of Boris's drone/doom work, but even I feel like this track takes perhaps a bit too long to get to its main point. Even when the song hits full stride, I don't find it quite as enjoyable as some of their work in this genre in the past. I find it hard to put in to words, but this one really left me wanting more. Not to say that I dislike this track, which isn't the case....more that it was disappointing. Also, man, do I ever hate how this song ends. "声飛行" by Gutevolk This is one of those songs that I don't really enjoy all that much, but I totally see the appeal of even if it isn't for me. Wow, lot's of good VK tracks! What year is it? XD
  11. I watched about as much as I could over the course of the week. I wanted to actually go this year since it is only 5 hours from where I live, but work and other obligations screwed with that. Super Panga World was nuts and super fun. Some of my other favorite runs that I watched were Super Monkey Ball and Kingdom Hearts II. I'm going to try and watch some of the ones that I missed over the next week or two.
  12. That's enough internet for today...
  13. Whelp this for sure tells me that I am not going to need to make an effort to watch this.