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  1. inartistic

    Me and the slags about to pull up on u xx
  2. inartistic

    Rare promo version
  3. inartistic

    Bumping just because I updated the main post for 2019. If you've never been to vk.gy before, swing by and say hi!
  4. inartistic

    What are your thoughts on James Charles
  5. inartistic

    This 😁 Although it's technically possible to host the full-page scans, I think it's better if we stick to official promo material like band images and flyers. You can dump the text stuff into the #research channel on our Discord server. Thanks for asking! @SakuraFox512
  6. inartistic


    Long time no see!
  7. inartistic

    https://vk.gy/search/artists/?active=1#result And here's a list from an English-language site, vkgy. Longer than the Wiki (and open to contributions, so feel free to help us make corrections if you see anything wrong )
  8. inartistic

    🎉 Free Stuff 🎉 Hello party people! I'm giving away a few free vk-themed things from vk.gy for the Christmas season. --- 1️⃣ vk.gy Christmas/New Year postcard - All you have to do is PM me your address, for an original vk.gy postcard. If you've created a visual kei avatar at vk.gy, I recommend grabbing one, for secret reasons 🙊 --- 2️⃣ vk.gy 2019 sticker - All vk.gy Patreons (regardless of tier) are receiving a special sticker for the new year. Any new Patrons during the month of December will also receive the picture. (Design is secret 🙊) --- 3️⃣ ATAMA t-shirt contest - I recently designed a VK/headbanging themed t-shirt (produced by @evenor), based on a certain adult beverage. Right now, I'm running a simple follow/like/reshare contest, and 1 person will win a free shirt. Here are the links to that:
  9. @ramrod is living his best twunk life, but we'll never forget the king of VHS rarez 😭💕🙇
  10. inartistic

    Oops! Fixed.
  11. inartistic

    @Arkady Added the LAREINE date, added VALETTA to labels, added the live dates to NEW SODMY's profile, and gave your account permissions to add/edit artists.
  12. inartistic

    Eve (ex-Lycaon) wrote all of AvelCain's good songs, and GOEMON RECORDS was openly searching for composers for ARLEQUIN/PENTAGON/POIDOL. There's also a rumor that KISAKI wrote *all* of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION bands' music, but that's pretty laughable/giving him too much credit.
  13. inartistic

    https://vk.gy/releases/omnibus/583/demo-tape-collections/ https://vk.gy/releases/omnibus/1411/matina-presents-2007-kinenban/ https://vk.gy/releases/omnibus/3171/matina-20th-anniversary-memorial-cd-rare-track-collectionz/ All three of these are great. The 2007 one has a really solid selection, and the 'demo tape' one has a huge amount of rare stuff in great quality. The 20th anniversary one has a good mix of good tracks and rare tracks--and it's the only one you can reliably buy anymore. I also highly recommend this DVD if you're looking for live footage: https://vk.gy/releases/omnibus/6764/lorelei-bootleg-dvd-series-vol-2-matina-presents-1999-1999-5-23-shibuya-on-air-east-2nd-press/ There's another with great Madeth gray'll footage as well: https://vk.gy/releases/omnibus/6765/lorelei-bootleg-dvd-series-vol-3-osaka-rock-summit-1999-12-29-osaka-big-cat/
  14. inartistic

    Me fighting off the haters on my way to buy my 18th copy of Gensoukyoku
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