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  1. inartistic

    Hot take: The initial seed for a lot of people is seeing cute boys in crazy makeup. We need to start spamming Twitter threads with slow motion gifs of [insert guitarist here] sticking his tongue out while looking to the side.
  2. inartistic

    Yes! Sorry for not responding. I'll send you a preliminary list of questions today, and we can edit from there. Thank you!!
  3. inartistic

    Kk, added the lives and a note about their pseudonym. Didn't add the instore events since there's not a great way to do so. But here's the list of those: 9/25 sapporo multi-space f 9/26 sendai super record 9/29 fukuoka noiz 10/7 shinsaibashi rock rock 10/08 nagoya jeez 10-14 shinjuku like an edison 10/28 shinjuku rock love 11/10 ikebukuro brand x 3/3 shinjuku like an edison 3/10 harajuku rock love 3/17 sendai super record 3/20 sapporo multi-space f 3/26 fukuoka noiz 3/29 osaka jeez 2/31 nagoya jeez 4/3 ikebukuro brand x
  4. inartistic

    Awesome! I have time, so I'll add them now. Do you know if WEAWOLF is the correct spelling of the name they used for secret lives? Looks like we have WEREWOLF on vkgy.
  5. inartistic

    For release information, band history, etc, that can of course go into vkgy. I’d be happy to repost interview translations in the blog too, but I would want permission from the translator first. For everything else, I think your best bet would be to download HTML copies of the pages you’d like to preserve, and just upload them to a server somewhere.
  6. inartistic

    Me and the slags about to pull up on u xx
  7. inartistic

    Rare promo version
  8. inartistic

    Bumping just because I updated the main post for 2019. If you've never been to vk.gy before, swing by and say hi!
  9. inartistic

    What are your thoughts on James Charles
  10. inartistic

    This 😁 Although it's technically possible to host the full-page scans, I think it's better if we stick to official promo material like band images and flyers. You can dump the text stuff into the #research channel on our Discord server. Thanks for asking! @SakuraFox512
  11. inartistic


    Long time no see!
  12. inartistic

    https://vk.gy/search/artists/?active=1#result And here's a list from an English-language site, vkgy. Longer than the Wiki (and open to contributions, so feel free to help us make corrections if you see anything wrong )
  13. inartistic

    🎉 Free Stuff 🎉 Hello party people! I'm giving away a few free vk-themed things from vk.gy for the Christmas season. --- 1️⃣ vk.gy Christmas/New Year postcard - All you have to do is PM me your address, for an original vk.gy postcard. If you've created a visual kei avatar at vk.gy, I recommend grabbing one, for secret reasons 🙊 --- 2️⃣ vk.gy 2019 sticker - All vk.gy Patreons (regardless of tier) are receiving a special sticker for the new year. Any new Patrons during the month of December will also receive the picture. (Design is secret 🙊) --- 3️⃣ ATAMA t-shirt contest - I recently designed a VK/headbanging themed t-shirt (produced by @evenor), based on a certain adult beverage. Right now, I'm running a simple follow/like/reshare contest, and 1 person will win a free shirt. Here are the links to that:
  14. @ramrod is living his best twunk life, but we'll never forget the king of VHS rarez 😭💕🙇
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