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  1. inartistic

    This 😁 Although it's technically possible to host the full-page scans, I think it's better if we stick to official promo material like band images and flyers. You can dump the text stuff into the #research channel on our Discord server. Thanks for asking! @SakuraFox512
  2. inartistic


    Long time no see!
  3. inartistic

    https://vk.gy/search/artists/?active=1#result And here's a list from an English-language site, vkgy. Longer than the Wiki (and open to contributions, so feel free to help us make corrections if you see anything wrong )
  4. inartistic

    🎉 Free Stuff 🎉 Hello party people! I'm giving away a few free vk-themed things from vk.gy for the Christmas season. --- 1️⃣ vk.gy Christmas/New Year postcard - All you have to do is PM me your address, for an original vk.gy postcard. If you've created a visual kei avatar at vk.gy, I recommend grabbing one, for secret reasons 🙊 --- 2️⃣ vk.gy 2019 sticker - All vk.gy Patreons (regardless of tier) are receiving a special sticker for the new year. Any new Patrons during the month of December will also receive the picture. (Design is secret 🙊) --- 3️⃣ ATAMA t-shirt contest - I recently designed a VK/headbanging themed t-shirt (produced by @evenor), based on a certain adult beverage. Right now, I'm running a simple follow/like/reshare contest, and 1 person will win a free shirt. Here are the links to that:
  5. @ramrod is living his best twunk life, but we'll never forget the king of VHS rarez 😭💕🙇
  6. inartistic

    Oops! Fixed.
  7. inartistic

    @Arkady Added the LAREINE date, added VALETTA to labels, added the live dates to NEW SODMY's profile, and gave your account permissions to add/edit artists.
  8. inartistic

    Eve (ex-Lycaon) wrote all of AvelCain's good songs, and GOEMON RECORDS was openly searching for composers for ARLEQUIN/PENTAGON/POIDOL. There's also a rumor that KISAKI wrote *all* of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION bands' music, but that's pretty laughable/giving him too much credit.
  9. inartistic

    https://vk.gy/releases/omnibus/583/demo-tape-collections/ https://vk.gy/releases/omnibus/1411/matina-presents-2007-kinenban/ https://vk.gy/releases/omnibus/3171/matina-20th-anniversary-memorial-cd-rare-track-collectionz/ All three of these are great. The 2007 one has a really solid selection, and the 'demo tape' one has a huge amount of rare stuff in great quality. The 20th anniversary one has a good mix of good tracks and rare tracks--and it's the only one you can reliably buy anymore. I also highly recommend this DVD if you're looking for live footage: https://vk.gy/releases/omnibus/6764/lorelei-bootleg-dvd-series-vol-2-matina-presents-1999-1999-5-23-shibuya-on-air-east-2nd-press/ There's another with great Madeth gray'll footage as well: https://vk.gy/releases/omnibus/6765/lorelei-bootleg-dvd-series-vol-3-osaka-rock-summit-1999-12-29-osaka-big-cat/
  10. inartistic

    Me fighting off the haters on my way to buy my 18th copy of Gensoukyoku
  11. inartistic

    But did they ever say what was in the basement
  12. Anyone know of Gossip's TOGURO included 'Yami wa blah blah' on the super-gorgeous edition as a secret track, or is that just for digital versions?

  13. Maybe this is the gaijin in me, but I feel like KAGEROU, Kagrra,, and D'ESPAIRSRAY have to be on that list. Three renowned bands, two whose vocalists are deceased, and the third whose vocalist doesn't sing anymore? Yaaa (Also, any native English speakers wanna unpack that last sentence and tell me if it's grammatically correct? The fuck.) Ooh and now my brain is percolating, what about [YUKIYA bands here]? Kαin is in that weird spot where they're certainly not the most popular, but YUKIYA can sell a one track CD for $200 at a live, have it sold out, and then appear at auction the next day for $400 and people are actually paying for it. That has to be the actual meaning of “cult favorite” imo, which must make them legendary(???).
  14. inartistic

    Just a random screenshot from vkgy 💕 Hi all! Just wanted to bump this thread with some updates regarding vkgy. --- New and updated features Collect releases: show that you own, want, or are selling a release. Collections display on your profile, along with an estimated total worth. You can download your collection (or just the items you're selling) in .csv format, for easy import into Google Docs. Comments: users can comment on news, artist pages, release pages, and VIP posts. The main page has a feed of all recent comments. Flyer of the day: a random exclusive flyer scan is uploaded each day. Many have never been seen before, and we have enough lined up for the next ten years(!). Exclusive artist info: many artist profiles feature new information that is not present at other sites. Use the “exclusive” filter on the artists index to see them. Exclusive images: if you've uploaded your own scan to vkgy, mark it as “exclusive,” and it will be watermarked with “vk.gy” and your username. Only VIP members (and the original uploader, regardless of VIP status) can view the full-size, unwatermarked version. MP3/music tagging: users can now use vkgy as a data source within Mp3tag to automatically tag their music files with artist, album, song titles, date, and cover. Both Japanese and romaji tags are supplied. To install this feature, sign in at vkgy, go to your user profile, then navigate to Edit Account. Artist popularity (beta): a graph of live activity has been added to artist profiles. And based on the size of each livehouse, an estimation of popularity has been assigned to each band that has live data. Tag artists and releases (beta): artists and releases can now be assigned tags, such as “oldschool” or “rare,” from a predefined list. Releases can also be searched by tags (search by artist tag will be available in the future). *Note:* please feel free to suggest tags that should be implemented! Social media Twitter @vkgy_: where I'm most active; also includes news, artist of day, flyer of day. Facebook at vkgyofficial: includes news, artist of day, flyer of day. YouTube at vkgyofficial: occasional unboxings, VIP-exclusive videos, and other random content. Signature banner: use your custom banner link to display the latest news, flyer, and artist updates, plus your username and collection size. (You can see mine below. To get yours, add this link to your signature: https://vk.gy/sig.jpg?yourUsernameHere) Patreon (details inside spoiler, to be slightly less annoying) Contributing to vkgy If you'd like to contribute to vkgy, please make an account first. All users have the ability to comment on artists/releases/news, so feel free to point out corrections or additional information. All users can tag artists/releases. All users can add/edit releases. If you would like permission to add/edit artists, please contact me (@vkgy_ on Twitter, vkgyofficial on Facebook, or here). I want you want to help with social media or some other aspect of the site, contact me and we can look into it. --- Once again, I want to thank everyone for their involvement and support (special thanks to all Patreon supporters, and contributors to the site). As always, please feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions or concerns. Thanks!
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