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  1. how was masato in catfist ? i knew catfist but not following them . i just know a little but didn't notice masato .

  2. hello , how are you ? i miss online here

  3. maybe just a few months before , i downloaded Tik Tok because my favorite bandomans use it . now my country blocked Tik Tok . i know i can use vpn or can see their video if they share it but yeah why (T_T)

  4. Yuuya Miyagi

    just found this and read this thank you so much especially for Hack #6: Trying to See Better if You’re Short i am short but i always want to get in to the front , and want to get attention from my favorite member lol
  5. many of my friends get bored with visual kei , why i am not getting bored of it ? lol . i listen to many songs but i will be back again listening  japanese visual kei bands .

    1. Bear


      Because people are different?

    2. colorful人生


      Visual Kei fatigue definitely exists. To whom and how often are different questions. I have to it mix up with other genres or I get burnt out.

    3. Yuuya Miyagi

      Yuuya Miyagi

      @Bear yes i know , but i am just curious about it sometimes lol  .

      @colorfuljinsei me too , i have to mix up with other genres but i will go back again . 

  6. tbh, i want to go back in 2006-2011 where i had so many favorite vkei bands .

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Yuuya Miyagi

      Yuuya Miyagi

      @Zeusyeah same XD

      @xrikowaw that's great , but i never go to osaka yet

      @lichtluneyes that's what i mean too :grin:

    3. xriko


      @Yuuya Miyagii wasn't here, that's the problem x) they were so many good indies band at this time.

    4. Yuuya Miyagi

      Yuuya Miyagi

      @xrikoyeah so many , missing the old days :(

  7. Yuuya Miyagi

    https://www.instagram.com/yuuyavalism/ upload photos about daily life , food , travelling , cat , and visual kei
  8. i have japanese visual kei band's favorite member , it doesn't mean i want to have boyfriend/husband like that .

  9. try blogging on blogspot http://yuppichuu-xx.blogspot.co.id/

    get bored with social media

    maybe in this age sometimes i can't post that something on social media so i will post on my blogspot

  10. rendang is not crispy

  11. my country blocked tumblr


    ok fine !

    vpn !


    actually i don't really use it but yeah sometimes i like to read some stuff there .

  12. does anyone in here have niconico premium members  outside japan ?

    can use credit card outside japan ?

    and how to records niconico program ?

    1. suji


      yes, it's 500 yen a month


      as for recording, idk

  13. Yuuya Miyagi

    i think so too i love his voice when listened to RAINDIA his voice really old school
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