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  1. HIME

    I hope they'll come to Korea and Germany because now I don't know where I'll be then, lol.
  2. HIME

    That's what I mean. Which is weird because a softer voice is common in symphonic metal, lol. Also I hate how fans are 'taking sides' now. Like, either Jupiter or Kamijo. That's just dumb since their working together anyway.
  3. HIME

    Well, the funny thing is: In the thread about Jupiter many users complained about them being better without Kamijo and now in this thread everyone's saying he'll do better than them ... Weird, isn't it?
  4. HIME

    When I heard "The Master is back!" I immediately began to cry, lol. Can't decide for which I'm more excited now but I guess I don't have to. Actually ... I think they don't want us to.
  5. HIME

    Well, I guess it's a strategy to release their stuff on the same date.
  6. HIME

    I still can't get over this, lol.
  7. HIME

    He just said he will be working with Lareine and Versailles members but on Twitter he said he met up with Machi and Emiru as far as I remember so I would guess they could have to do with it. (: Haha, I don't think he looks thaaat old lol. xD
  8. HIME

    I think so too, since he's working with his Lareine members again, too. Also since he's born in 1975 from what we know / are able to find out, it is his 38th birthday in 2013. In what way do you mean that? It's the 2013 birthday event and his 38th birthday. (:
  9. Well, I guess I should stop participating in this discussion here, I'm out. I think I made my point clearly enough so it is not necessary to say anything more now.
  10. Thanks, I totally agree to you. Also, why should they want to have a "new" Verailles if Versailles isn't even disbanded? Versailles and Jupiter are two projects and they excist both. It seriously unnecessary to compare them because you can't comepare a person with him / herself. The only thing that is different is the cencept and the vocalists but isn't that what makes these two bands two unique projects? So to conclude: I will support these guys no matter what they do. Oh, and I think Kamijo has the perfect voice for Versailles. It wouldn't have had the 'Lestat' feeling that belonged in the story Versailles is based on if there wouldn't be Kamijo. (Btw don't forget that in a symphonic metal band vocalists often don't have powerful voices, often even really soft ones like Kamijo has one.)
  11. HIME

    Interview with the vampire by Anne Rice. (Awesome book, Kamijo agrees!)
  12. HIME

    Username: HIME Country: Germany Gender: Female Link: http://www.monochrome-heaven.com/user/7525-hime/
  13. But that is what I've read (not only here but also on YT etc.). And Versailles still excists. Jupiter is a side band and so is Kamijo's solo project. They want to try out something new and they shouldn't be blamed for that. And how does the comparism has anything to do with their line-up? Of course, we know these four as Versailles members, but if they can play well together then it's just good. We should more see it like this: Versailles - with Kamijo and Jupiter - with Zin. No problem. This is a way they can have songs in different styles. And Kamijo can try out more with his voice that is more his Lareine style and that probably wouldn't fit with Versailles. They still are all connected. How is there a problem? And really, if anyone here doesn't like Kamijo - why did they even click on the thread?
  14. I seriously don't get why you're all hating on Kamijo and his vocals. I love his voice, I really do. But it's my opinion. Then secondly - ZIN is not trying to be a second Kamijo. Versailles stills excists too. And: This thread is about Jupiter, okay? We should be excited that they didn't stop making great music!