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  1. mallefyksword

    Oh yes finally !!
  2. mallefyksword

    I'm not really sad because I didn't like their music anymore, their circus kei annoyed me af and the only songs that started well were wasted by a poor chorus. Unfortunately they lost my interest since a while, but I hope Yoshiatsu will come back with his powerful growls in a new band !
  3. mallefyksword

    A little bit disappointed by the chorus (like always with them) but the whole song is cool.
  4. mallefyksword

    I'm going to the french live and with the hype I made this fanmade trailer. I'll be happy to have your opinions https://youtu.be/8mI0nz0cG6A
  5. mallefyksword

    FInally !
  6. mallefyksword

    It's really heavy !! But am I alone to find that the drums sounds really fake ?
  7. mallefyksword

    Oh yes yes yes !
  8. mallefyksword

    Good yes, but original... =/
  9. mallefyksword

    According to RUKI on Twitter, the live of 2017/03/10 is a small part of 15th anniversary. I think they will expand this concept on the year like Project DARK:AGE, with new tour and maybe new songs.
  10. mallefyksword

    Seriously ? Just 3 sentences in japanese and they call it a japanese version ? WTF
  11. mallefyksword

    I did not expect that... All these "woooooh ooooooh" damn I hate that !!
  12. mallefyksword

    This cover is ugly... >< First time I say it to them
  13. mallefyksword

    The song (preview) is "useless" for me, insipid, too american pop, I can't realize this is ONE OK ROCK behind this... thing.
  14. mallefyksword

    This cover art (if it is) is awful... Preview :
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