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  1. mallefyksword

    I'm going to the french live and with the hype I made this fanmade trailer. I'll be happy to have your opinions https://youtu.be/8mI0nz0cG6A
  2. mallefyksword

    FInally !
  3. mallefyksword

    It's really heavy !! But am I alone to find that the drums sounds really fake ?
  4. mallefyksword

    Oh yes yes yes !
  5. mallefyksword

    Good yes, but original... =/
  6. mallefyksword

    According to RUKI on Twitter, the live of 2017/03/10 is a small part of 15th anniversary. I think they will expand this concept on the year like Project DARK:AGE, with new tour and maybe new songs.
  7. mallefyksword

    Seriously ? Just 3 sentences in japanese and they call it a japanese version ? WTF
  8. mallefyksword

    I did not expect that... All these "woooooh ooooooh" damn I hate that !!
  9. mallefyksword

    This cover is ugly... >< First time I say it to them
  10. mallefyksword

    The song (preview) is "useless" for me, insipid, too american pop, I can't realize this is ONE OK ROCK behind this... thing.
  11. mallefyksword

    This cover art (if it is) is awful... Preview :
  12. I love your avatar so awesome ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

    1. mallefyksword


      Oh thank you !! =D I'm proud of it =P

  13. mallefyksword

    I don't say the music is basic and predictible, it's the release of a single (3 songs and 1 MV). I prefer a new album or a DVD or something huge like a world tour. They can do this and they can expand their notoriety.
  14. mallefyksword

    I’m really disappointed by these news... It's so basic and predictable. In fact, the project dark age is useless (and the golden ticket too) --"
  15. mallefyksword

    New single "INFECTION" Release date : 2015/12/16
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