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  1. I want a soroban revival instead of zoro.
  2. I liked this more than the EP so I'm excited to see where they go.
  3. As for now but with how things are going and the direction the unit seems to be going in it would be weird to add a you get member. I tho k Yeojin is already kinda young but from solo debut to their group debut she should be almost sixteen which is better. I think this new group is gonna be the more mature side.
  4. Kim Lip was the first girl I got into but going back I think I like Heejin the most of 1/3. Heejin and Hyunjin are on Mix 9 doing really well.
  5. She’s an actual angel. She smelled amazing and was so sweet and the concert was really really good.
  6. Welcome!! Who’s your favorite member so far? Mine is Kim Lip
  7. LOONA just dropped their 9th member and whoa. Love it. The video and the song.
  8. Oh yes! The real queen of the VK gays.
  9. Oh. Dang. :/ Well hi. haha
  10. Really liked their other stuff so I'm hoping this is good too.
  11. Some chili with a ton of cheese and cayenne pepper.
  12. I've posted before I'm a libra sun but I'm also a gemini moon with an aquarius rising so I'm basically the last airbender.
  13. I see that this has died and I want to revive it so homosexuals, hello.
  14. After the big fight with Sakura and the grandma versus the Akatsuki puppet guy (it's been a while, I forgot names. Satori?), I googled episodes with Hinata in them and watched most of those just cause she's been my favorite since the beginning. lol And other major events I watched those episodes. I loved the movie when Naruto and Sakura get caught in the genjutsu and Sakura's parents died during the war and Naruto's parents were still alive. The entire town's characters all had a reversal of character. it was so good. Hinata was a skanky bitch. lmao
  15. Exactly. And then I got into Naruto and then Shippuden was great, what I watched. I don't have time for EVERY episode.