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  1. Oh that’s definitely a girl. Yaaaas. More female vocalist visual kei please. I like that she looks like any other vkei person. Most girl bands just look like girls.
  2. 苺69。- トリカゴ
  3. I like the PV spot with all five members more than with just three. I’ll keep an eye out for sure.
  4. Yes! I haven’t liked some of their releases very much but this one is good.
  5. Yaaaay. Album was very good and they waited a decent amount of time so it shouldn’t be rushed and bland.
  6. Just listened to P.O.P’s Catch You and it was cute! I can see why you felt nostalgic.
  7. Noooo. They started a while ago. Go to their official YouTube page and they have all the releases as well as their Loona TV episodes. If you just want the MVs search “LOONA MV” and they should be easier to find then sifting thru the million and one loona TV episodes
  8. Only a month and a week to go. :/
  9. Eclipse is still my shit. My favorite of all three.
  10. Anyone can be a vocalist these days.
  11. Has anyone been keeping up with LOONA? The last three members have been so good. If you don't know, LOONA is a twelve member group to debut in 2018. They're releasing a new member every month as well as sub units. Each member has a color and animal. So far they've released 8 members. July: June: May:
  12. Never gave them much of a chance before Dadaism#3 but I loved that and pornograph so I've been going back and downloading the rest of their discography and have been listening today.
  13. I feel like people cling to the older bands and don't even give new bands a shot. I've done the same thing in the past but I feel like if you really do like VK you'll do your research and find something new you like. There's a lot of shitty techno bands but there are some good bands out there that get overlooked.