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  1. I love the blue look.
  2. Yesterday I watched The Blackcoat's Daughter and it was really good. Surprisingly scary without much happening until the end. Great build up and I like the twist at the end.
  3. Was it ADAMS? That was two boys and their cover art had changed to be more art than photos of them... kinda?
  4. Back to work tonight.
  5. Happy birthday!!

  6. Me featuring my coworkers black animals. <3 Friday the black shepherd sleeping. I forgot her name. ;_; Cupcake the pit bull mix being cute.
  7. Look at my hit thread.
  8. Someone tag me in the mystery bands threads when they release a single preview.
  9. Literally.
  10. My thoughts exactly. Like if he fixed the vocals it would be really good. There's definitely potential.
  11. A family friend always comments under pictures I post, "Hi Thomas! Love to you. How have you been?" Like he doesn't tag me and he doesn't mention the picture at all. It's strange and annoying cause I feel like I have to reply.
  12. Rihanna - Pose (Salva Remix)
  13. It's okay. I prefer his natural voice with the screams. I don't want him growling the entire song. :/
  14. What would you do if I was there with you?