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  1. Really like this. The music the video, everything.
  2. They’re kind of a guilty pleasure. I hope it’s good
  3. Not feeling the song that much but I have hope for the album.
  4. Sapphire was a little lack luster but I like them overall so I’m hoping they’ll pull me in with a good single. The look is great tho.
  5. Excited! Sounds good. Better then their last release
  6. Aww yay! I missed them.
  7. Have you seen Ga Won?! She was just revealed.
  8. Yeah I agree. And Choerry has the potential to provide some cute stuff. I hope they’re the only cute ones. I don’t want anymore cutesy members.
  9. Glad he’s okay but I hope this doesn’t end the band. :/
  10. Ooh. Female vocalist
  11. Yas I can’t wait. Their first album was phenomenal.