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  1. Don't care for the look very much but it sounds great! Definitely excited
  2. Oh thank god. I was worried they were going to disband.
  3. IV died and has been replaced with a clone. A conspiracy theory thread.
  4. @AlexisMichelle
  5. Meh. The vocalist. :/ And the masks are creepy. It-kei.
  6. Every song sounds like something they've already released. I want to still like them but they're making it hard.
  7. But he's still in Glamscure right?
  8. Yeah but they just came back. I mean I don't want them to but I could see it happening. :/
  9. eeh. Most of these were already on their other best album Memorial 2005 - 2006.
  10. They're gonna disband. A best album and now surgery for Sou. ://///
  11. Yay. Now become official.
  12. Hospital-kei always reminds me of LuLu.
  13. These are really good! The characters are really cute and I love the underwater references. The house is SO COOL.
  14. Cinema Staff - メーヴェの帰還
  15. Me and my mom. ------------------------------ Oh, I thought this was supposed to be our own baby pictures.