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  1. efuru

    I actually like this. It’s very western rock but Yuuki sounds great. Hope they put their future releases on iTunes.
  2. efuru

    The chorus sounds like a watered down 毒虫 by コドモドラゴン.
  3. efuru

    I was liking it a little bit and then he started rapping. 🙃
  4. Sou posted this on his Instagram
  5. efuru

    Songs good. The video is really nice.
  6. efuru

    What a great set 😭
  7. efuru

    Very excited and lots of new songs!
  8. Look is nice. Last single was nice so hoping this one keeps it going before the album most likely in February or March.
  9. efuru

    Super excited. The previews sound great and I love the diamond effects in the MV.
  10. efuru

    Yay. I love them.
  11. efuru