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  1. Happy b-day Minami! ❤️

  2. Minami

    Awesome! Waiting more.
  3. Happy b-day Minami! <3

  4. Minami

  5. Minami

    So different from ROZEUS :0
  6. Minami

    Wowowowo! Why this band is so awesome! Please release this single immediately :333
  7. OMG! Why this is live-distributed?
  8. Minami

    @Suuu Do you know that your webstite and web-shop are blocked in Russian Federation according with judgment decision? Do you know why?
  9. Oh my god! Where am I? This design is totally new.

  10. Minami

    Ok i will pm you later with list of bands, which i would like to see connected with V-star promotion. And i would like to ask is it real to publish BLAZE music in Itunes int.?
  11. Minami

    Totally the same
  12. Minami

    Why he dont want to promote Miriald?
  13. Minami

    Im shoked about the number of these new songs
  14. Wow! I have one CD from them.. But now i need the second!)
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