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  1. Most agree fully on your thoughts out there @zombieparadise Like it as well, would just cut 2:46 to 2:55 parts. Besides that it's a good move from the band. I was expecting it to continue and so the GLK credits show up, I hope they add the first minute bg music when Tenten is inside the car, otherwise it will be basically a 2:32 song.
  2. Looking forward to their VAMP and full album, those guys never dissapoint. Can't say if those are re recording versions because still haven't time to listen the previews, but 螺旋 were released on their Tetora single, and EGOIST on SLANDER LADY
  3. I found Sakito's first full album something really fabulous, so I'm here waiting for this single xD I really wish YOMI could have take a break. His vocals, mostly on their last tour with Nightmare weren't that good, even with their setlists being gorgeous.
  4. I'm still pretty much a D.I.D. fan, used to follow Akane since Paranoir and later to have Tekede joining as a drummer was really fabulous. Yeah, and I'm still waiting for Akane's new band. I'm not a fan from what DIMLIM did so far, not about the instrumental part which is sometimes cool but I start to compare how the song would be with Akane on vocal and find the DIMLIM vocalist boring. Shame because I would like to follow DIMLIM cos of Tekede perfect drums skills. About the yt link, it used to appears right after paste the url.
  5. Same here lol, that KRYxMBHI goods were rad! I was so high hopes to they put サニーサイドアップ and/or 数の原理 on the list for the album :< I hope to be able to listen those two someday. Maybe, just maybe the 青年ナイフ song can be what Re:BACTERIA HEAT ISLAND played during lives as ナイフ.
  6. Tenten made a model appearence to his clothing brand "KRY" (which he runs with Yoshiatsu from DADAROMA and another friend).
  7. After the live broadcast? I don't know. Maybe there are more info about it on the ViSULOG nico nico channel. This one channel broadcasted a live/oneman once but never find out how to see it.
  8. I think myself his kiss my way's 臥薪嘗胆 (Gashinshoutan) to be a EP or a Demo EP. Because is too big for a mini and to small for a full album. Back when they made info for this release, Yu (bass) and Ura (guitar and musical producer for kiss may way) tagged it as "完全限定受注生産デモ音源集" which is basically something like "mail order demo collection". For LACK-CO album info, they have a collaboration going with ViSULOG called "『ViSULOGチャンネル × 猟虎電波放送局』" on Nico Nico where they broadcasted an album digest and a MV preview. Tenten is pure style
  9. Welcome back \o/
  10. It was announced yesterday by LinMing Production that RAZOR and Affective Synergy will be performing on their "VISUAL SHOCK in ASIA 2017" in Taiwan. The event will be on 11.05 and ticket sales start on 09.09
  11. I wound't say they are not popular, but half of their songs weren't shared That 5 singles series was insanely gorgeous. CPS really knew how to make magic to ears!
  12. Hope they stay together, Tenten never released a full album since his CPS era. Also, is being such a pain to see their releases are nowhere, hope this one shows up.
  13. Same thought as @platy. Hope that Cockroach vibes can mix with some of their most recent dark concept and bring some godly beats. Those are more detailed pictures from the ones The Piass posted before:
  14. Thank you for the review. Such a wonderful release, I already was a fan from MUCC since Shangri-la era but never had opportunity to check their very first years albums, so I got excited to have the chance on hearing this one and 新痛絶. After adding the songs on my music player, I had a 6-7 hours in a row listening to 新葬ラ謳 and 葬ラ謳 remastered, I even skip my sleep just to check its beats more properly in the night silence. It's a fine mix of raw and refined music quality. I would say that 絶望, 君に幸あれ, ズタズタ, 幸せの終着, 僕が本当の僕に耐えきれず造った本当の僕, ママ and 暗闇に咲く花 are my favorite, mainly because they worked very well on both album versions. 黒煙 had his up on 葬ラ謳 remastered.
  15. BORN, ギルガメッシュ, SCREW and DIV. I share the same empty status @Kayejust mentioned, but as for me is for BORN. True be said, no one will ever be able to fill that void.