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  1. @echoEven with the bitchs you just mentioned, it looks that your stay was worth because this Shogo and Ryota (talk and live) sounds like a fun and good experience. I enjoyed your post, thank you for that
  2. I listen to them probably since 2006, and during those earlier years from them people used to say they had their big grow due to: -Their debut called "Believe", which somehow got a very well feedback from their music industry, and the next releases like "Varuna" and "東京傷年" were good enough to keep their earlier sucessful days. -Sakito guitar skills being amazing for a such younger musician and even he never had guitar classes. I also want to put that during those years, the vk scene wasn't so big like today.
  3. That look is so cool, and it's working so well for keiya. He can own this look like forever and I will be still impressive by how it fits so good on him! That one picture at @Yukimoto current avi is basically my new favorite photo from him.
  4. Full new look and the colorful logo + individual photos. This look is awesome! 猟牙 (Ryoga) 衍龍 (Kouryu) 剣 (Tsurugi) IZA 哲也 (Tetuya)
  5. It tooked a bit of time to give the release a good listen, but when I was able to, I really loved ロマンスグレー. I like Masturbation and 私、バンギャじゃないわ too. It can be kind nonsense, but I like only half of 狼少年と毒林檎, just like it happens to 雨のワルツ song, and now this one is one of my top favs. Maybe soon I can get a full appreciation for that one song. Me and @Shir0are praying for KIDS WAR to be released and not forget. I wish this one could be dropped on Yoshiatsu's birthday live, it could work well since it's a sold out live.
  6. They know how to always get a very nice style looking Their main phrase should be: "we do good music while good looking" Shogo's sneakers or whatever is, it's seriously strange but at the same time it looks so good and confortable, I would totally have one.
  7. ^ I probably watched it for more than 10 times in a row, Shogo's voice looks even more beautiful in lives, god bless this perfect voice.
  8. Besides the date @Alkaloidmentioned, AllS (ex.ALSDEAD) will be doing another two appearences on 2017.05.03 at 下北沢(Shimokita)SHELTER and 2017.05.16 at 渋谷(Shibuya)REX.
  9. On 2017.07.16 at 新宿(Shinjuku) RUIDO K4, THE★WORLD CollectionS [the R Project] will performe, members for this project was announced as: Vocal: hiLo (ex.NAINE) MAKI (ex.ALSDEAD, now AllS) Le-a (ex.SUPER BOYS, ex. brick break) シン マナヒロ (ex.Plasma Byte Attack, ex.BANSHEE, ex.PHENEX) Guitar: Takuya (ex.NAINE) Bass: 栗田康平 (ex.NIA, ex.SRASH NOTES GARDEN, ex.TOON FACTORY) It mind be more update for the project on the next weeks. This is not a band, sadly, but only an one live project.
  10. I thought he had take a break from Nightmare to make some healing to his voice or whatever the problem were. Hopefully this won't have negative effects to the healing. I'm probably looking forward to this project as for Sakito's and Ruka's too. Kind sure that 朋 (bassist for More) will be the writter.
  11. Amazing and heavy setlist! Some songs I love are on it! There is literally no soft song after all xD For what you said, this was a intense live from the beginning to it's very end. Masato seems to be the most requested to be touched lol A new album? That's going to be massive. Thank you for the report
  12. Found my new phone background ;D --- You guys are the funniest ever! lol
  13. ^ Same! Their new look is awesome, Mi shoes are sooo funny and cool!
  14. OMG @hirokithat's the coolest wall ever! Shogo would probably enjoy to see all your love and support to him Happy birthday to this amazing band and may they keep giving us more beautiful songs \(^0^)/ <3
  15. I'm glad we both share the same favorite from Girugamesh's last mini ;D