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  1. I wound't say they are not popular, but half of their songs weren't shared That 5 singles series was insanely gorgeous. CPS really knew how to make magic to ears!
  2. Hope they stay together, Tenten never released a full album since his CPS era. Also, is being such a pain to see their releases are nowhere, hope this one shows up.
  3. Same thought as @platy. Hope that Cockroach vibes can mix with some of their most recent dark concept and bring some godly beats. Those are more detailed pictures from the ones The Piass posted before:
  4. Thank you for the review. Such a wonderful release, I already was a fan from MUCC since Shangri-la era but never had opportunity to check their very first years albums, so I got excited to have the chance on hearing this one and 新痛絶. After adding the songs on my music player, I had a 6-7 hours in a row listening to 新葬ラ謳 and 葬ラ謳 remastered, I even skip my sleep just to check its beats more properly in the night silence. It's a fine mix of raw and refined music quality. I would say that 絶望, 君に幸あれ, ズタズタ, 幸せの終着, 僕が本当の僕に耐えきれず造った本当の僕, ママ and 暗闇に咲く花 are my favorite, mainly because they worked very well on both album versions. 黒煙 had his up on 葬ラ謳 remastered.
  5. BORN, ギルガメッシュ, SCREW and DIV. I share the same empty status @Kayejust mentioned, but as for me is for BORN. True be said, no one will ever be able to fill that void.
  6. RAZOR is a band that started activities during October 2016. The band is currently supported by Timely Records. Vocal: 猟牙 (Ryoga) (ex.BLUEチョコレヱト, ex.RENNY AMY, ex.D&L, ex.BORN) Guitar: 剣 (Tsurugi) (ex.azure, ex.Sadie) Guitar: 衍龍(Kouryu) (ex.DOPES., ex.My BACTERIA HEAT IsLAND) Bass: IZA (ex.シリアル⇔NUMBER, ex.DOWNER) Drums: 哲也(Tetsuya) (ex.羅刹, ex.SKULL, ex.My BACTERIA HEAT IsLAND) Albums: RED INVISIBLE (mini album) (2016.11.30) 01.ANOTHER 02.PRIMARY 03.ギブミー不気味 (Give me Bukimi) 04.埋葬 (Maisou) 05.MISSING PIECE 06.RED ZONE DVD content: RED ZONE MV Singles: DNA (1st single) (2017.02.22) 01.DNA 02.嫌、嫌、嫌。 (iya, iya, iya) 03.ネイキッド (Naked) (Available only on Regular Edition) DVD content: DNA MV (Available only on Limited Edition) LIQUID VAIN (2nd single) (2017.08.02) 01.LIQUID VAIN 02.邪崩 (Yokoshima Kuzure/Evil) 03.ADAMZ (Available only on Regular Edition) DVD content: LIQUID VAIN MV (Available only on Limited Edition) List of songs that are played on lives that are still unreleased: CHEGE・BARA NEW ANSWER SPIDER SPIDER クランチ さよなら マーケティング ピサロ What are your thoughts about the band and their songs?
  7. Made an update on the main post that features new pictures for group and individual looks, and info about releases and their covers.
  8. ^WAIT... some Velo related rarez out there? I'm all for that! About the name from both releases, the change from the first kanji on both titles makes some different on their final meaning?
  9. coldrain have done a three in a row post on their blog, I translated or tried most of it: 1st. Their new full album will be called "FATELESS" and will be released on October 11th, the album will feature a two LIVE CDs from their 10th Anniversary Tour in Nagoya on it's limited edition. Other infos such as full tracklist, art cover will come soon. 2nd. From 2017.10.29 to 2017.12.08 they will be perfoming a 2MAN Tour called, "FATELESS" guests will be announced later. They will be performing on 2018.02.08 a Oneman live, which probably will be closing the "FATELESS" Tour. 3rd. Their new song called "ENVY" (which will be included on their newest album) will have their MV shooting on first half of August.
  10. Can't be real Chester to be dead. Rest in peace man, your voice will be missed.

  11. [the R Project] Setlist: still unknown... [the R Project] backstage photos: 栗田康平 and MAKI 栗田康平 and シン マナヒロ 嶋村ひかり and 栗田康平 hiLo and 栗田康平 hiLo and てんてん (ラッコ) hiLo with てんてん and Le-a Le-a with hiLo Le-a with 朋 (ex. SUPER BOYS, DADAROMA)
  12. Maybe when you say they sound more like BORN is due to Ryoga's voice, probably? Because I don't think they are similar to BORN in their music way, Kouryu is totally different than Ray or K when playing guitar, same for Tetuya and TOMO. RAZOR makes use of the djent think, which never were a BORN related. I love BORN and MBHI, but I wish they could sound like MBHI but this is not possible, Ryoga and Tenten are totally different vocalists. Maybe we should let RAZOR being RAZOR. As for the previews, it will take a bit of time to grow on me. Hope that it end up being good like their first two releases.
  13. Both line ups sounds cool! I'm really hoping to listen to that mini Btw, Hitomi posted the logo photo for ウミユリ too, what do you guys think it is? At first I had no idea, but now I managed to see a non-opened flower.
  14. The line up has been update, the drummer is 嶋村ひかり (ex.brick break, ex.abstracts, now in SMOKING ON BITTER MOON) @chemicalpicturesLet's hope for it, I miss a lot hiLo on the music scene.
  15. BitterSweet is a very interesting release. I pretty much loved 星一つ灯らないこんな夜に。, Walking Dead and WIMP. @hiroki Do you got favorite songs?