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  1. That's awful, I hope you guys that like them to get the best album and/or that the girls find new projects to be in. It looks like Zepp Tokyo is being the disband/hiatus standing from a lot recently.
  2. Danger Crue Records do not allow them to make use of "Girugamesh" name or they didn't want to use it because they disbanded? I know that labels don't allow the use of songs but didn't know about the band name itself.
  3. Thank you for the review guys. @emmny I haven't listened to LAW's newest version, I'm waiting to listen to it with the rest of his エレジー album, the atmosphere around the songs into a full album from Kiyoharu is what makes more into him. It's a mix of good sensations. I hope you can become more into the Kiyoharu cult, it's really great. I'm more into Kiyoharu and SADS than at Kuroyume. @qotka I was super excited to キズ music mainly for Reiki but I got dissapointed with their direction, I was hoping they to sound more like LOUD GRAPE instead. I'm still probably digging their future releases but without the earlier feeling mentioned. @Zeus I'm glad to see and listen that lynch is still great as they usual are. Their BLOOD THIRTY CREATURE is probably my favorite single by them since I BELIEVE IN ME, such a gorgeous balance between the three songs, the pick for "the whirl" to join the others two song on it was successful. I'm not a fan from 五月雨 itself, even when it were recorded for MUCC, but it fits well on Girugamesh boys. I'm really waiting them to return to scene with another cool name and the average music status they used to own.
  4. I hope they can disband soon, I don't want Yomi to get his voice problem worst because of this project. I really want Yomi to get his voice better to properly return Nightmare from hiatus.
  5. The only point I have to agree with you is that イノセンス is a great song. From all the songs dropped on this new mini, Labyrinth is the one to have more similarity to what BORN was doing on their last releases. I love the mini on it's full as like their past singles and first mini. I would only say that I don't like the DNA song, besides that I'm okay with what they have doing so far. I understand when you say they have been following BORN influence on some songs, but this is somehow expected since Ryoga is the vocal from both, Kouryu and Tetsuya are good friends with him and used to enjoy BORN's music. Won't be able to post it here, but both mentioned it on twitter when they were on MBHI and earlier.
  6. Right after his depart from DIMLIM, Issei is now doing sessions with others band members. I will try to post/report all of his acts on sessions here. 12月22日 新宿RUIDOK4 『メリクリレイセッション』 Members: Vocal: ヘヴン (ex.VETIQUE) Guitar: レイ (ex.アヴァンチック) Guitar: 諒 (ex.BLESSCODE) Bass: 70 (FIXER) Drums: 壱世(ex.DIMLIM/ex.D.I.D./others) Setlist: the GazettE - DOGMA the GazettE - Hyena the GazettE - UGLY アヴァンチック - オワカレ 1月30日 渋谷REX 『壱世(ex.DIMLIM)セッション』at Satoshi and Chobi's Twelve Apostles (#11 Simon) Vocal: LAKU (リベリオ) Guitar: カヲル (ex.ジャックケイパー) Guitar: レイ (ex.アヴァンチック) Bass: 翼(ex.DIMLIM) Drums: 壱世(ex.DIMLIM/ex.D.I.D.)
  7. Akito from meth and 1f/yuragi ? That probably were a very cool nagoya style band. I Will look for it, thank you
  8. Whirling, do you know or have info regarding discography/songs for Tekede's past bands like HATED, ハーヴィ, V-Family, フリージア, or Neo. Is pretty hard to find those kind of info now.
  9. Nice, I wasn't enjoying seeing Tekede into one band I didn't like much. May he don't dissapear from the scene and continues into some new projects soon, or if possible to join Akane's new band. Maybe Tsubasa will follow his paths too since they seem to be more close.
  10. Most agree fully on your thoughts out there @zombieparadise Like it as well, would just cut 2:46 to 2:55 parts. Besides that it's a good move from the band. I was expecting it to continue and so the GLK credits show up, I hope they add the first minute bg music when Tenten is inside the car, otherwise it will be basically a 2:32 song.
  11. Looking forward to their VAMP and full album, those guys never dissapoint. Can't say if those are re recording versions because still haven't time to listen the previews, but 螺旋 were released on their Tetora single, and EGOIST on SLANDER LADY
  12. I found Sakito's first full album something really fabulous, so I'm here waiting for this single xD I really wish YOMI could have take a break. His vocals, mostly on their last tour with Nightmare weren't that good, even with their setlists being gorgeous.
  13. I'm still pretty much a D.I.D. fan, used to follow Akane since Paranoir and later to have Tekede joining as a drummer was really fabulous. Yeah, and I'm still waiting for Akane's new band. I'm not a fan from what DIMLIM did so far, not about the instrumental part which is sometimes cool but I start to compare how the song would be with Akane on vocal and find the DIMLIM vocalist boring. Shame because I would like to follow DIMLIM cos of Tekede perfect drums skills. About the yt link, it used to appears right after paste the url.
  14. Same here lol, that KRYxMBHI goods were rad! I was so high hopes to they put サニーサイドアップ and/or 数の原理 on the list for the album :< I hope to be able to listen those two someday. Maybe, just maybe the 青年ナイフ song can be what Re:BACTERIA HEAT ISLAND played during lives as ナイフ.
  15. Tenten made a model appearence to his clothing brand "KRY" (which he runs with Yoshiatsu from DADAROMA and another friend).