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  1. yakihiko

    I'm already hopeless about LACK CO, Tenten bro, leave already and make a new band.
  2. I'm taking that train too. I wasn't that much for their first two, but 傷痕 was such a great one.
  3. yakihiko

    I got the same MBHI atmosphere, for PINOCCHIO and as well for HONEY. Damn, we all here are surely missing MBHI a lot lol. Tenten, Kouryu and Tetsuya throw everything away and get Ryo and Daisuke from their home and get back already!
  4. That means... Akane is not coming back? :(
  5. That is some awful shit, I hope both can have a good recovery.
  6. To celebrate their 5th anniversary, アルルカン (Arlequin) will perform an one day special live in Shanghai, callled "ARLEQUIN ONEMAN LIVE in SHANGHAI「你好」" The live will be on May 20th at "BANDAI NAMCO SHANGHAI BASE", also goods will be available.
  7. Yoshiatsu Birthday Live at 高田馬場AREA on 05/20 is sold out since 05/01. The live was formally announced on 04/29. Yoshiatsu has the POWER
  8. yakihiko

    @Komorebi and @filth_y, you both talking about CRAMMY, now I'm really REALLY in the wish to hear that lol @filth_y yeah, Ab initio is another one that probably won't surfaced just like Deception :<
  9. yakihiko

    I see, never gave a proper check on their setlist report or live footage, so I probably missed that. Btw, thank you for the heads up, more for us to wait :D
  10. yakihiko

    Those are unreleased songs? Never noticed them.
  11. yakihiko

    It's sad to see VRZEL gone, they had potential. I followed them since their Encounter Circus' debut and they grew more and more since it. So far, I basically like the majority of their music , but I personally found their first album kind weak based on what they can make, let's see if this best album will feature some remaster or just originals. Hopefully they will put Deception on it, so I can finally listen to it. Other than that, I'm looking for Cion next band/project.
  12. 愁 (Shuu) made a 2-day session. 4/29 (Osaka) and 4/30 (Nagoya) as「藍&愁セッション」, members list: Vo.藍 (Ai) (DARRELL/ex.DEATHGAZE) Gt.潤 (Jun) (DARRELL/ex.Butterfly syndrome) Gt.貴樹 (Takaki) (ORCALADE/ex.DEATHGAZE) Ba.愁 (Shuu) Dr.MANJ (ex.Sel'm)
  13. yakihiko

    Nice review Zeus, I'm a fan from ARCHE too. That's a cool single, and 人間を被る just came in my DIR season. So this will def improve my interesting on them. Recently the VESTIGE OF SCRATHES' best album got me to know some older songs, and it was a good thing (I do follow them since DSS, but nothing besides a few listen from time to time, so never got to check their older music). If someone recommend me some past to DSS music, I would like. Those are samples for what I like:
  14. yakihiko

    Vocal Ryoga will make a collaboration with CIVARIZE clothing for "2018 SUMMER COLLECTION".