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  1. Happy birthday CAT, hope you to have a cake in a shape of cat while you are seeing some cat' show on national geographic.

    1. CAT5


      lol, I'll save you the ears of the cat-shaped, cake. Thank you, yaki! :D 

  2. In japanese audience, I would rank this way: DIR EN GREY MUCC the GazettE For overseas, most seem to get more crazy with the GazettE even than DIR recently, so it may rank like this: But is kind relative. the GazettE DIR EN GREY MUCC
  3. @platy KIDS WAR was kind fucked on this studio version, in basically every live footage I got to hear, it sounds different from this one from the mini. It was Yusuke playing a more loudly drums on that heavy bass part from TOMO (you mind know which part I mean). I got myself kind, "what is that?" totally pissed about this situation, but believe me, the song could be really better changing that. Won't lie, the mini itself took a bit to grow on me. At a first listen, a got totally hands down for Phantom pain, such a remind from their greatest dadaism 1 and 2. イノセント ホリック and ある日、世界は美しいと思った got to grow with the time. Personally, ある日、世界は美しいと思った 's main reason was the lyrics. 白いゼラニウム and KINKY are just to get skipped on my player lol
  4. Nice thread I got interested into Maki vocals on DIRTY EVIL, and with that I started to follow those powerful boys. Even today, "Separator" and "ALSDEAD" are on my all time favorites full albums rate, they are still my top 6 band. My favorites songs are (in order): D9N, Twilight, Life of Sorrow, F-99, 虹色の雨, 最後の嘘, 404, Behind the Pride, Cynical, Nostalgia, VOR2012 and Sugar. I wasn't able to saw their last live, but every ALSDEAD fan that were in the venue I talked with told that was a glorious live performance.
  5. Same, when they were touring their last worldwide, I had a 50/50... Because they really weren't playing my favorite songs by the nearly dates playlist. So, I didn't went. Suddenly they made some change on it and even played INCUBUS or DERACINE (can't remember) which are what a dig the most on DOGMA.
  6. Omedetou, it looks like LACK CO album came on the right time lol

  7. I think he is out of the scene by now, his twitter has no info regarding a new session/band coming.
  8. happy birthday nightmare fellow, hope that on your next one they be playing together again.

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    2. yakihiko


      I hope that at some point between this time, Yomi really try to get improve on his voice's health and leave his solo project for the good, otherwise, I think their hiatus would be kind non sense.

    3. madygrain


      I've been thinking lately if Nightmare could work with other vo. (or if there is any other vo. in the scene that could replace him... like him or not he's kinda unique). I imagine Asagi could somewhat work...? but I am totally not convinced.

    4. yakihiko


      I couldn't imagine the band playing without him or without any other members, there are bands that really "lost it's true soul" when any part depart/got replace. Yeah, It's so bad that he didn't got enough work to keep it clean :<

  9. Besides the MV song, I'm not so dissapointed about how they are sounding on this release preview, they could have tagged it as "dadaism#4", this name sounds more like a "live dvd recording" content... Hey DADAROMA, if you guys are reading our thread, make us a DVD ;D @Aferni I had the same thinking
  10. WOW Azlina sounds good, how yt never gave recomendations about them >.< From all ViViD members, Ryoga was the one I liked less lol so I actually didn't gave much care about this project, but looks interesting after all (of course it's interesting, an exViViD member) lol It makes me so happy that I saw/hear SHIN's GMD on it, his solo project is driving crazy. |His voice shall never fade. I once saw the news regarding LOVE ROCK, but I totally forgot to look for their material, they look good. I got punched by LUX's EXIST, its a magical vocal. Now I know why so many people got dissapointed with their end. LOVE is good, but I still think Tohma could have searched for a full time heavy band lol He is one my favorites heavy guitarrists, along with Kouryu (RAZOR). equal is a good song, but I still love Aqua the most on all their disco, for some reasons hahaha LAGLESS, so cool, another lost for the scene @chemicalpictures Anfiel's equal is on yt, It was shared by an user who used to visit here a few years ago.
  11. I love everything that makes reference to Gundam, and with satoshi in, I def should check it.
  12. For what I could notice it was a session on K's The Kingdom Fes vol.2, and it will become a full time project now.
  13. the main post has been update, new group and individual pics were added, as well info about releases.
  14. It was formaly announced by Vif, that a new project with 景夕, vocalist for Kra, and K (ex.BORN), will start a new project called「C+K」, no info about support members yet, it will be upped when got announced. Their formal debut will be on 2018.04.09 at K's『-The Kingdom Fes,-』vol.3 in TSUTAYA O-WEST. They already had a live together on 『-The Kingdom Fes,-』vol.2 as a session unit, with the following line up: Vo.景夕(Kra) Ba.K (ex.BORN) Gt.祐弥 (ex.DuelJewel) Gt.nisa (レイヴ) Dr.Soan On 『-The Kingdom Fes,-』vol.3, the following artists will also perform: K (Solo Project) Develop One's Faculties アンフィル Soanプロジェクトwith芥 (Solo Project with Akuta(vocalist from Chanty)) DAMY
  15. Happy bday suji! ;D

    1. suji


      thank you!!!! ♥♥♥