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  1. Besides the date @Alkaloidmentioned, AllS (ex.ALSDEAD) will be doing another two appearences on 2017.05.03 at 下北沢(Shimokita)SHELTER and 2017.05.16 at 渋谷(Shibuya)REX.
  2. On 2017.07.16 at 新宿(Shinjuku) RUIDO K4, THE★WORLD CollectionS [the R Project] will performe, members for this project was announced as: Vocal: hiLo (ex.NAINE) MAKI (ex.ALSDEAD, now AllS) Le-a (ex.SUPER BOYS, ex. brick break) シン マナヒロ (ex.Plasma Byte Attack, ex.BANSHEE, ex.PHENEX) Guitar: Takuya (ex.NAINE) Bass: 栗田康平 (ex.NIA, ex.SRASH NOTES GARDEN, ex.TOON FACTORY) It mind be more update for the project on the next weeks. This is not a band, sadly, but only an one live project.
  3. I thought he had take a break from Nightmare to make some healing to his voice or whatever the problem were. Hopefully this won't have negative effects to the healing. I'm probably looking forward to this project as for Sakito's and Ruka's too. Kind sure that 朋 (bassist for More) will be the writter.
  4. Amazing and heavy setlist! Some songs I love are on it! There is literally no soft song after all xD For what you said, this was a intense live from the beginning to it's very end. Masato seems to be the most requested to be touched lol A new album? That's going to be massive. Thank you for the report
  5. Found my new phone background ;D --- You guys are the funniest ever! lol
  6. ^ Same! Their new look is awesome, Mi shoes are sooo funny and cool!
  7. OMG @hirokithat's the coolest wall ever! Shogo would probably enjoy to see all your love and support to him Happy birthday to this amazing band and may they keep giving us more beautiful songs \(^0^)/ <3
  8. I'm glad we both share the same favorite from Girugamesh's last mini ;D
  9. Cool list! Thank you for this 白日ノ夢's mini... what can I say besides of being a lovely release? I hope Kra can do more great releases like that to us all ;D "This is probably my favorite Anfiel song EVER" Same here! アクア is by far my favorite song too <3 Also you made "オフレコディスコ" and "指切り" for favorites from their respectives singles, they are for me as well Looking for vistlip's and don't find CONTRAST songs, I have to agree with hiroki, that was a surprise lol Happy to see Aimer, I have totally forgot about her release with TK! Still need to listen to. I haven't listened to Lamplight=melody and Snowman yet so can't talk about it.
  10. @doombox Girugamesh made their last year an amazing year when talking about music. I hope DADAROMA can keep the good releasing this year too, I believe they made more progress than on their first year. Do you like it? I tried to do my best at picking different pictures for it, but some looks and covers didn't resize well with a good looking xD For non-vk I would say my favorite album was abstracts' hologram, it was a powerful one. Kra did a really good release, if you haven't check it, I recommend @hiroki Thank you, it really really does lol DADAROMA and Anfiel was the two most mentioned there, they are easily become my favorites active bands now. Vistlip's contrast single is so beautiful, I couldn't make a list without this songs, Mob Character would be the number 51. You already know I love Shogo's voice, so I will always enjoy what he does xD Purple Stone are great but they need to make more b-sides like RIVER, I found their パニックパニック b-sides kind weak if compared to 歌舞伎町バタフライ.
  11. Top 5 - Albums/Mini Albums 1. BORN - Independence Black 2. DADAROMA - スタンチク 3. SCREW - Brilliant 4. ギルガメッシュ - -鵺-chimera 5. 白日ノ夢 - 白き記憶 Top 5 - Singles 1. DADAROMA - 螺子 2. BORN - SUICIDE MARKET 3. アンフィル - アクア 4. ギルガメッシュ - Period 5. アンフィル - パロニリア
  12. 41. アンフィル - パロニリア 42. ザアザア- したいだけでしょ? 43. vistlip - which hunt 44. アンフィル - ポイズン・ヒーロー 45. vistlip - Contrast 46. FAR EAST DIZAIN - INHALE 47. DADAROMA - imitation hero 48. Reign - AKANE 49. ザアザア- どす黒い 50. ギルガメッシュ - Horizon
  13. 31. 白日ノ夢 -事例07 -リユニオン- 32. ギルガメッシュ - Gravitation (Big Bear Remix) 33. DADAROMA - リズリーサーカス 34. 白日ノ夢 - 事例04 -ナイン- 35. Kra -ブラックホール 36. Reign - 君に 37. DIV - 東京、熱帯夜につき 38. Kra - 夜の果てで 39. アンフィル - オフレコディスコ 40. 白日ノ夢 - 事例06 -レゾナント-
  14. 21. アンフィル - my own song 22. Purple Stone - パニックパニック! 23. 摩天楼オペラ - FANTASIA 24. DADAROMA -トレンドアイデンティティ 25. ギルガメッシュ - Period 26. 白日ノ夢 - 事例02 -お祈り- 27. DIAURA - 月光 28. 黒姫の夢遊病 - 夢遊少女 29. Kra - 宇宙トラベラー 30. Re.MY BACTERIA HEAT ISLAND - Wonderland
  15. 11. DADAROMA - KuRT 12. ラッコ- 色眼鏡 色彩皆無 13. DADAROMA - ベルカとストレルカ (Re recording Ver.) 14. Re.MY BACTERIA HEAT ISLAND - 燃ゆる東京 15. Purple Stone - RIVER 16. ギルガメッシュ - -鵺-chimera 17. Purple Stone - 歌舞伎町バタフライ 18. ザアザア - 桜の街 19. ザアザア - 雨に殺される 20. Re.MY BACTERIA HEAT ISLAND - ハゲ散らかしたジョニー