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  1. Awesome news, looking forward to this, already secured my pre-order! the album setlist is amazing, every song is great and the balance is perfect, probably their best album so far, they just keep getting better and better, Kirito never disappoints.
  2. This is complicated haha I guess it changes from time to time, but stays within these guys, let's try: Vocalist: Kirito (Angelo), Yuki (ex-rice), Ryo (Baroque) and Ryutaro (Plastic Tree) Guitarist: Karyu (Angelo) , Kei (Baroque), Kazuki (Raphael) Bassist: Tadashi (Plastic Tree) and Toshiya (DeG) Drummer: Takeo (Angelo) What about pianist? Daisuke Asakura
  3. The song preview doesn't sound interesting at all... nothing special. 😕
  4. deedlitmurata

    Actually, recently I've been remembering Janne Da Arc a lot and listening to their old works lol so I found the revival of this post a nice coincidence xD I was a huge fan back when they were active, it was one of my favorite bands and it was a shock for me when they disbanded. For years I've been trying to like what Yasu does as solo works, which I find okay in most cases, but for me it's not in the level of epicness of the songs released when he was in JDA; and I feel so sad about such wonderful songs not being in a decent quality concert since they haven't done any reunions nor anything T_T sigh. Well, besides that, about the songs, I love the early works, Dearly is a great album, my favorite song there is "闇の月をあなたに…" the guitar solo and overall feeling of this song is simply amazing, I like "Speed" very much too. Chaos Mode mini album also has great songs, my favorites there are "...song" and "strange voice"; and then D.N.A album was a masterpiece.. my favorite there is "EDEN ~君がいない~" this song I know it by heart, I guess I have listened to it a LOT o times.. xD and "Heaven's Place" is my second favorite there, and finally Z-HARD I love very much too.. my absolute favorite there is "Mysterious" so nostalgic.. really having a dedicated keyboardist on a band brings a totally different feeling to the music, maybe this is what Yasu solo works lacks. If anyone is interested, You (former guitarist of JDA) is performing as special guest in a concert in April (4/7) together with YUKI (ex-rice, ex-Raphael) and Sakito (Nightmare), I didn't even know what You was doing recently, but since I follow YUKI I was very shocked to see him listed as guest artist 🙂 good for him to still be engaged in music activities. Kiyo (former keyboardist of JDA) is also very active in support works, and I've seen him in the Keyboards magazine together with Daisuke Asakura ^^ he has important and famous friends at least lol and about Yasu, I got to know very recently about his hiatus due to cervical damage T_T I hope he gets better
  5. I am so looking forward to this released, I also enjoyed Silk Tree very much, however I think his singing skill is not the best, maybe it will be an instrumental album? xD but the preview sounds amazing, I like the style of songs he makes, but specially if Ryo sings to them 😛
  6. deedlitmurata

    Finally a live release from RAZOR!! I was waiting for this so much, the niconico concert was great, we really need some RAZOR concert in decent quality xD too bad about the Limited edition, but the regular edition is very easy to get, it's already available in HMV for preorders, I already preordered mine ^^ I can live without the photobook and the live cds
  7. deedlitmurata

    X Japan of course, they are treated like gods and there is no album since 1996.. but somehow Yoshiki keeps making money out of it.
  8. deedlitmurata

    Right now from the new VK bands, I am very interested in RAZOR right now, I love their sound and almost everything that they have released so far has been very nice to me, I like The Thirteen too, and I'm super excited about the Alice in Menswear project. I will check out some of the new bands mentioned hear that I haven't listened to yet.
  9. deedlitmurata

    Angelo is the best band ever at least in my opinion, they are amazing in concert, they will never repeat a setlist in any performance, so it's great to experience their concerts. They usually do a nationwide tour around the middle of the year, it was announced already, so maybe they will go to Hiroshima, I hope you have the opportunity to see them. In regards to their albums since Karyu/Giru joined, the style changed a lot, and Karyu is the main composer right now, the latest album RESONANCE is a masterpiece.
  10. Although I listen mostly vkei/jrock; I have some favorites in the Jpop space that I would totally recommend, and happen to be from the 80's and 90's. One of my favorite bands is TM Network, led by the legendary keyboardist Tetsuya Komuro and fronted by the sexy Utsunomiya Takashi, their most popular song is Get Wild, but sharing another one of my favorite songs first from their 1990 album "RHYTHM RED BEAT BLACK" Get wild (from 1987) for the sake of completion: And another favorite of mine is access, led by the popular keyboardist Daisuke Asakura (he started as a roadie of TM network ) and he started his own unit in the early 90's, I love their concept and they're still around making great music, this is one song from a controversial trilogy of songs they released xD feel free to investigate more on it LOL, this is the second song of the trilogy called "Scandalous blue" released in 1994:
  11. deedlitmurata

    anyone happens to know the song set list of these Wyse DVDs? I'm kinda interested but only if they have some of my fav songs T_T i have been unable to find this info in their official site
  12. deedlitmurata

    What a great idea, I never thought of that..
  13. deedlitmurata

    no clothes, but masks on? what irony is this? xD intriguing.. lol
  14. deedlitmurata

    The "LAMENT" mini album is actually pretty good, it is high quality music. I don't think it sounds that similar to DEG, DEG nowadays is just growling mostly, so it really doesn't sound anything like this mini album at least xD it's very pleasant to listen to
  15. deedlitmurata

    I agree Knot invisible is not heavy at all, and that is not a bad thing, I think it has the perfect balance, it's a great EP; this band will bring great things, I'm sure; so I hope we get the album release soon 😃 and maybe some concert DVD
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