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  1. Although I listen mostly vkei/jrock; I have some favorites in the Jpop space that I would totally recommend, and happen to be from the 80's and 90's. One of my favorite bands is TM Network, led by the legendary keyboardist Tetsuya Komuro and fronted by the sexy Utsunomiya Takashi, their most popular song is Get Wild, but sharing another one of my favorite songs first from their 1990 album "RHYTHM RED BEAT BLACK" Get wild (from 1987) for the sake of completion: And another favorite of mine is access, led by the popular keyboardist Daisuke Asakura (he started as a roadie of TM network ) and he started his own unit in the early 90's, I love their concept and they're still around making great music, this is one song from a controversial trilogy of songs they released xD feel free to investigate more on it LOL, this is the second song of the trilogy called "Scandalous blue" released in 1994:
  2. deedlitmurata

    anyone happens to know the song set list of these Wyse DVDs? I'm kinda interested but only if they have some of my fav songs T_T i have been unable to find this info in their official site
  3. deedlitmurata

    What a great idea, I never thought of that..
  4. deedlitmurata

    no clothes, but masks on? what irony is this? xD intriguing.. lol
  5. deedlitmurata

    The "LAMENT" mini album is actually pretty good, it is high quality music. I don't think it sounds that similar to DEG, DEG nowadays is just growling mostly, so it really doesn't sound anything like this mini album at least xD it's very pleasant to listen to
  6. deedlitmurata

    I agree Knot invisible is not heavy at all, and that is not a bad thing, I think it has the perfect balance, it's a great EP; this band will bring great things, I'm sure; so I hope we get the album release soon 😃 and maybe some concert DVD
  7. deedlitmurata

    I love the new look and the single preview, also the new version of 何千何万何億の君への想い sounds very modern, thats one of my favorite songs by them so I am looking forward to this release ^^ i hope they release a new album soon, there are enough singles.. and another bluray please
  8. deedlitmurata

    I really missed Michi's voice, he's one of the best singers i've heard, Maschera was amazing, so I am very excited he's teaming up with Koji who's a legendary guitarrist, I think these two will achieve great things together, and I love the song preview, it's great
  9. deedlitmurata

    Thanks so much for this post ^^ this album is a masterpiece, I am also very happy to see that it's being translated. I really appreciated exit lyrics, it's an epic song and the lyric is very poetic, I agree Ryo is a bit hard to understand but there is deep meaning and it always rhymes beautifully when he sings ❤️
  10. deedlitmurata

    I love Yuki's voice regardless of where he sings either in Raphael, rice solo, whatever, I always crave more of his voice *_* I am so looking forward to this single ! ❤️
  11. deedlitmurata

    Awesome, I would love to know what Ryo says in this book, thanks for attempting the translation
  12. OMGGGG thanks so much, buying this immediately !!! *hype*
  13. deedlitmurata

    looking forward the next musical project by Yuki ^^ he's still young and talented
  14. deedlitmurata

    i'm so obsessed with this song, it's beyond amazing
  15. Has anyone been able to buy this? I saw you need to be a member of the FC to buy it... and I haven't spotted in yahoo auctions either T_T