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  1. deedlitmurata

    I really love the sound of the samples, I'm very impressed by SCENE, JIHAD, 止まない雪 and HYBRIDCENTURY , and of course Mephisto, but overall they all sound pretty nice ^^ I am looking forward to it. It's funny how everyone bashes Kirito here XDD keep your personal grudge somewhere else and enjoy the album LOL feels forever until next week sigh
  2. deedlitmurata

    Kpop? I hate it.
  3. deedlitmurata

    Glad to see some conversation about the awesomeness of this song ^^ Kirito mentioned in the live broadcast yesterday that the song is composed by Karyu, he's a genius, and I like his hair on the video too xD Don't miss the "A Monologue by Mephisto" brothers' quarrel version XD
  4. deedlitmurata

    The more I read everyone's comments, the more I understand why you guys can't never listen to Angelo properly, everyone is just bitter about Pierrot disband and can't move on and accept the fact that Angelo is a different band with different ideas, even if you insist on complaining, Pierrot is in the past now and it will not come back. It's a very selfish way of thinking, Kirito and his bandmates are doing the music they want to convey now, and they deserve respect and for people to have proper listen to the material they are doing today. I guess the Japanese fans are more understanding because their concerts are always full and with great energy, and I don't see this whining when I go there. About Angelo favorite album that someone asked previously, it's difficult for me to choose between PSYCHE, RETINA, FAITH and CORD, these 4 albums are absolutely amazing, great balance, music and furthermore lyrics, Kirito's lyrics have gotten better and better, he's a more mature man now and we can see that in his lyrics, specially in PSYCHE that focuses on leaving the past behind and looking toward the future (but American Pierrot fanboys will not bother to read these lyrics and will be in denial mostly) XD Don't get me wrong, I started as a PIERROT fan too, and I started listening to them around 1998-99, I've been in this for a while. But I don't like to live in the past, and I embrace the good things that the present have. And I love the new song "A Monologue by Mephisto" as others mentioned, there is a strong change when it transitions to the chorus, but that contrast sounds amazing, they do this very often, and the chorus gives that deep ethereal feeling that Kirito knows very well how to do ^^ there's a particular guitar sound in there I like very much, the voices harmonies give a rich sound too, and the drumming..!! Takeo has gotten so good, he has become a master at those off beat rhythms, the guitar solo is very cool too, simple but nice just before the a capella part, great way to introduce to it, I can't wait to listen to this song in concert ^^
  5. deedlitmurata

    your comments sounds like the ones from those who haven't taken the time to listen to Angelo music properly and just keep whining about Pierrot being better
  6. deedlitmurata

    Yes, I completely feel that way, why the surprise? I don't understand why people like to live in the past, but to each their own xD And the song titles are indeed very nice, regardless if you want to compare that to Private enemy or whatever other past era of pierrot
  7. deedlitmurata

    I'm SOOO looking forward to this, the song titles look interesting ^^ Angelo albums are much better than PIERROT, they have surpassed that a long time ago. I'm so happy that they will include footage of the "making" of the PV, haven't seen that in a while, since Calvary I think. The album covers look badass too, and the song titles very interesting.
  8. Nice! I hope they sell in any normal shop like amazon cd japan etc
  9. deedlitmurata

    I also had a bad experience with Japan discoveries, I ordered something that was expensive, and the order appeared in progress or something like that, then months went by and there was no update, no shipping, no nothing. I sent them several emails asking for status, and then after like 5 months (i was patient lol) of multiple messages without response, several posts in their facebook page, absolutely NOTHING. So I filed a complaint via eBAY and got my money back. After that I'll never order again through that site.
  10. deedlitmurata

    I think there's also a time factor, in my case I only listen to Japanese music nowadays, any genre within Japanese music (pop, edm, rock, visual kei), newer western music has disappointed, and it's not like I have a lot of free time to listen more of it, i am busy with work and family, therefore japanese music is that has proven to be the best for me, so I only listen to that and don't waste my time with music from other countries xD even if people hate me for that or think i'm close minded or whatever, that's their problem, i am happy the way i am and if the other people have a lot of free time to worry about what I listen or not listen to, then they should be very happy to have enough free time for that LOL. Just to give an example.
  11. deedlitmurata

    Welcome! nice initiative to start a VK channel!
  12. deedlitmurata

    Para mi es raro encontrarme con gente de habla hispana que le guste el vkei, o música en japones en general, para mi son como especies en extinción.. hhehe por eso cada vez que hay actividad en este segmento del foro me quedo asi como que oh.. la dimensión desconocida ha vuelto..! serán reales? XD
  13. deedlitmurata

    It sounds okay, not that impressive, but it's good.
  14. deedlitmurata

    You can find several of them in youtube under the name: Plastic Tree 土曜プラトゥリ劇場 It's also included in a limited DVD they released at some point, but at least you can watch some of the episodes in youtube ^^ the episode titled オナン蜥蜴 is awesome xD the villian is in love with Ryutaro LOL
  15. deedlitmurata

    I really love the Plastic Tree theater detective series with Ryutaro playing as "Akechi Ryutaro" where he converts into zombie detective xD so priceless. Moon Child was also a great movie.
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