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  1. deedlitmurata

    Welcome to the forum fellow granny/veteran, I'm also on the way-above-30ties-table, I rather not dwell into how far I'm into the 30ties now XD but I can relate to all the things mentioned like dial-up connections and downloading videos with very low quality that for me were the equivalent of HD 1080 XD my sources were mostly homestead jmusic pages I happen to find (I think homestead doesn't even exist anymore). It's good to have more old vkei fans join the forum so we can reminisce about how things were in terms of vkei in those times xD I hope you find some new bands to enjoy, i'm still following my old bands from the past and going into jpop/mainstream jrock too.
  2. deedlitmurata

    Hello! i'm interested in some of these items, I'll reach to you directly.
  3. deedlitmurata

    From the previous list, there are some bands/artists I'm unfamiliar with, but I do know Versailles, Kaya and Rouage hehe I'll give the others a listen and I really love that Rouage song "cry for the moon", I wish my shuffle would have chosen that too, it's probably my favorite by Rouage ^^ well, now onto my shuffle list, the result was interesting, maybe a bit poppish, but I listen to all sorts of Japanese music, so it's no surprise xD 1. access - Vertical innocence 2. 宇都宮隆(Utsunomiya Takashi) - cage 3. La'cryma Christi - Night Flight 4. 嵐(Arashi) - Step and go 5. Angelo - Script Error 6. 藤田幸也 (Yukiya Fujita) - so white 7. TM Network - 69/99 8. Blue-B - 僕のそばに (boku no soba ni) 9. ICEMAN - Nartic Boy 10. Angelo - 霧雨頬を濡らして (kirisame hoho wo nurashite) I like all these songs and bands/artist pretty much, there are some I had not listen in a while though but I love them, I'm surprised about how my iphone knows me so well XD LOL it's hard to choose a song... and my favorite band popped up twice, I really love that last Angelo song from their Babel album, it's so heartbreaking, I love when Kirito does his "crying" voice with that vibration at the end of every line he sings.. I just cannot resist, I'm totally defeated hahaha, so I choose Kirisame hoho wo nurashite (霧雨頬を濡らして)! Thanks, doing this was very fun ^^
  4. deedlitmurata

    I wonder if there's any way to get this single in some store or something xD too bad it was only sold in the live event, I am curious about how good the songs are? I really loved their first album back in the late 90's
  5. deedlitmurata

    The live broadcast of the Kirito's 2019 acoustic live "His sight" has just finished in Niconico, the setlist was very surprising and nostalgic somehow, some PIERROT and Angelo songs together with his solo songs, below is the set list in case anyone is interested in watching the replay in niconico: Method 拍動 Cherry trees Suicide view 毒薬 砂丘 ホログラム HILL 幻覚の雪 誰もいない丘 胎動 MOTHER scene II 再生の朝 逆光 光の記憶 PERIOD EXIT Encore: CRUELWORLD BIRTHDAY TEAR Update: and because Kirito is always very fast, he already announced the Blu-ray for this concert, which will be through Build-to-Order method he uses recently, orders will be received from 4/6 until 6/2 and shipping will happen on 6/26 ! so after enjoying the concert last night, we can enjoy in bluray around 2 months later... lol this was announced in his official website, please refer to the following link to make pre-orders ^^ http://interplaymembers.jp/kirito/other.php#24
  6. deedlitmurata

    also, people wouldn't be able to do the cool hand furi choregraphy or whatever its called if they were using cellphones to take pictures. I always find annoying when in concerts in other countries people are more worried about recording taking pics than actually enjoying the show, so I also appreciate this.
  7. deedlitmurata

    I would never leave any fandom just because there are "bad" people or something... First, the "fandom" should be a lot more about the thing you enjoy/like rather than the other people who also like it. Plus, there's "bad" people everywhere, in any fandom, group, circle of people, as long as there is people, there will be people with whom you can make a connection, and others not, some good people, some not so much etc. About Mejibray, I haven't listened too much from them, from what I've listened to, it sounded too basic and not very interesting, so I just moved over to the next bands xD but I don't "hate" them, couldn't care less. xD
  8. deedlitmurata

    The new PV and song are awesome!! I love their looks, michi with the hat looks so cool, kinda reminded me of Guniw tools but more visual kei style, and Koji looks amazing as always
  9. The chosen Yumi Matsutouya's song is in my opinion her best song, I recommend everybody to check out that song, I'm very excited to listen to a cover of this song. The musician list also seems very interesting
  10. deedlitmurata

    What about "La'mule"? I was never able to take it seriously... I think about a donkey xD there's also "Anli Pollicino", sounds like a disease name.. "Cocklobin" is definitely embarrassing as previously mentioned lol ," Mongol800" is very random too, there's "LEGO BIG MORL" wth is this name, maybe they are lego fans? xD and "LUV'ra-Doll" I don't even know what to say about this one, just plain strange.. hehe
  11. deedlitmurata

    hahahahahaha that was priceless xD gotta love Gackt trying to troll everybody on april's fool; but i'm sure some people would be willing to pay that price for some new Gackt material XD plus the taxes of course
  12. deedlitmurata

    hahaha omg, I had never listened that THE NOVEMBERS' song, cause I'm not into them at all.. but this is definitely a rip off xD and Plastic Tree's Ghost is way much better too.. lol they thought 10 years later people will forget
  13. deedlitmurata

    The 3 songs in UNDO are amazing, my favorite was NEW ANSWER followed by Undo, they just keep better and better.. I'm very surprised considering it's a new band just formed recently. The concert DVD is also amazing, it has basically all the discography in it hehehe because it has 24 songs, and all my favorites were in it, such as PINOCCHIO, BRILLIANT and all the songs from KNOT INVISIBLE, the quality is very good although it is DVD, the energy on the audience is great, Ryoga is a great frontman.
  14. deedlitmurata

    Of course there are, here I am hehehe one of the biggest fans I guess? following Kirito steadily since around 1996-97. My confession is that I dislike X Japan.. not interested at all in them.
  15. Awesome news, looking forward to this, already secured my pre-order! the album setlist is amazing, every song is great and the balance is perfect, probably their best album so far, they just keep getting better and better, Kirito never disappoints.
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