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  1. fagiel

    So I finally took some time and actually checked out your stuff. I really like the raw and bright sounds melted together in some tracks, it gives off a nice vibe. Also I´m a big fan of raw tunes anyway, haha. Gave me lots of inspiration for my own creation. Also seconding bonsaijodelfisch with the tags - brilliant, haha.
  2. fagiel

    Thank you for the praise.
  3. fagiel

    Glad you reconsidered being active. Looking forward to see interesting stuff popping out from your side. So, welcome back~! : )
  4. fagiel

    I started to create "music" again, noise that is. So far I´ve finished 1 track, but surely there´ll be more in time. LINK TO MY SOUNDCLOUD PROFILE
  5. fagiel

    The title song is the only one deserving to be mentioned in my opinion. But as my friend said then "Kiri to Mayu" re-make perfectly balanced the lighter sound of "Rinkaku" in the case of this single. I´m surprised that people here mentioned they didn´t like his high singing. I personally really enjoyed his voice and it mesmerized me to the very core. Somehow it cut right through me and gave a feel strong enough to move mountains. And I believe at the moment I was listening to "Rinkaku" I would´ve tried too. He has a really nice and unique voice, so I´m sad he´s done mad screams more lately. Not that I don´t like his screams or anything, but at some point there were too much of them. That´s the reason I didn´t enjoy the re-make as well. In my opinion it was simply boring. Which comes to the mix then it was a really nice and relaxing one. The beginning of it striked right through and prepared well for what was waiting afterwards. I really liked the calm yet powerful sounds of piano. Sometimes a little sudden and unexpected tones. The mix obviously concentrated more on Kyo´s voice, which was wonderful. Also I couldn´t stop myself mentioning that the PV for "Rinkaku" is one of the best ones from them in my opinion. 10pts also for that one separately. Overall I´d give 10/10 to this single, something that made my year.
  6. fagiel

    Yuuki sounds like a raped bottom, halfway on his path of healing. Not that I don´t like it, but I´d prefer more erotic and sweeter voice.. There´s just no feeling in it. But that´s only my opinion.
  7. That was something totally unexpected for me when I first heard about it. I´m really looking forward to it and hope it´ll be as good (hopefully even better) as "Rinkaku". I really enjoyed this single and the powerful feeling it created in me. Sad I can´t fasten up the time, haha.
  8. fagiel

    Hey there! We´ve spoken before on the mini-chat. Welcome to MH and be sure to have lots of fu~n here! : )
  9. fagiel

    Seems pretty impossible to go on an actual tour with two members. So I think eventually they need to either cancel it or even if it is going to happen it won't be Orochi anymore no matter how you look at it. Truly devastating news are even more devastating now.
  10. fagiel

    "Koi no Yokan" by Deftones "Infamous" by Motionless in White "Seven Thunders Roar" by Stoned Jesus "Lärmakas Naabrimees" by Chalice "Justice" by Matenrou Opera "Creature" by Deathgaze "Vanitas" by Nega Couldn´t think of more. This year has been terrible when I view it from the aspect of my favorite bands´s full-length releases. (Even though Deftones´s new album was a big thing, yet I was expecting more from them.) (PS: If Dir en grey releases a new full-length I will post it in glittery text.)
  11. fagiel

    "Code Geass´s" both seasons are amongst my TOP favorites. I think it contains beauty in tragedy in some twisted way and I love it. Also the design is gorgeous. Either way, right now I started watching "Kuroko no Basuke", in which I´m slightly disappointed because manga was so terribly much better. And then I came across with "Sukitte ii na yo", which is pretty cool. I´ve also read the manga so I could say it´s pretty good.
  12. fagiel

    Cool, that duo has been rather active lately. Really looking forward to "NightRider", wonder what the winds of the new year will bring. : p
  13. fagiel

    That´s terribly sad to hear since I really liked this band with this line-up.
  14. fagiel

    Yes-yes, I look terribly cool. (Also Jiggie, you look better without those "metalz-hair", haha. Neat.)
  15. fagiel

    Hes has? Could you please send me the title of the movie? I'd really like to see that.