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    appl- reacted to visvasrit in 蘭図 (Rands) new single, "茹でた隠元豆のある柔らかい構造" (Yude ta Ingenmame Noa ru Yawarakai Kouzou) release   
    this is too funny to me... seems all the angry tweets did get to him, he’s censoring his hat now... lmaooo
    appl- reacted to princessautopsy in Kyo's girlfriend?   
    i dont even follow DEG but I lowkey wanna send this to that batshit kyo fangirl on tumblr that gets offended when other fangirls call him cute.  i kinda wanna see her head explode.  is that too mean?  probably 🥴
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    appl- reacted to Takadanobabaalien in Kyo's girlfriend?   
    Yeah, this is the one famous pic. Although it's taken inside a store kyo still looks very surprised. The bangyas at tanuki mainly hated on his girl for being a kuso gaijin uwu
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    appl- reacted to Lostlala in NEVERLAND new album "EMOTION'S" release   
    Unfortunately, Shinpei hasn’t officially joined the boys. But he did say that he genuinely loves the band and that he does think of himself as a member. I know that NEVERLAND feel the same way. That’s why they have started coordinating outfits and including him in promo. He will continue to support them for the foreseeable future. 
  5. LOVE!
    appl- got a reaction from Lostlala in Neverland new single 『R.I.P.』 release   
    you are right! they are so good!! their lives are great and emotional!
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    appl- got a reaction from Lostlala in Neverland new single 『R.I.P.』 release   
    FULL MV! EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  i have melted like forgotten ice cube on the sun. what a great song!!!
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    appl- got a reaction from Lostlala in NEVERLAND will release their second mini album called 【PSYCHEDELIC】   
    i love bass line in this so much
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    appl- reacted to Disposable in DIR EN GREY TOUR 2019: THIS WAY TO SELF DESTRUCTION   
    Extended gig report from Berlin since I did one from Warsaw a year and a half back.
    The scene: Berlin, shaking and dying, sporting a bloodshot visage from the night previous as usual, I had managed to score some decent vegetables from the bazaar at a rather handsome price for Germany, all in an effort to recover before the show, but I'm thinking: will these carry me over? Just how many gin tonics is too many? Either way duty calls and I head out to meet Gaz in a bar nearby, who already a few beers deep inadvertently encouraged me to go for one that was 15% and then it was off to the races. 
    The bridge to Friedrichschain; running to take a piss somewhere in the corner I step on human shit, I was thinking that the only way that this isn't the worse thing that would happen to me today would be if they played The Final for the encore. I take out 40 euros from the ATM and it charges me 4 euros for the transaction. Fuck it. I'm getting beer, and this is the only way. No one takes card in a conspiracy to bleed me dry. I see Whirlingblack and two of our mutuals coming over; I bum a cigarette; the line is possibly the fastest moving I've ever experienced in my life, especially considering just how long it was; turns out the reason why it was moving fast was the inspection for the ticket was literally the door man taking a cursory look almost in the direction of my phone and going "boom" and letting me in. I got the ticket just the night before and it was nice to see that was for nothing. Could've used someone else's and I'll remember that next time.
    Lots of merch; I get nothing; I get a beer and some shots instead. In Warsaw I got three, now I got four. I've upgraded. The plan is that the second the lights go out we'll just strafe by the wall and when it gets heavy we'll just muscle our way to the center for the pit. Works every time and did so again. 
    Okay, so the concert had exactly the same setlist as the previous, which is the full Insulated World album, World of Mercy, Merciless Cult and a rotating encore song. This was my first time seeing them with a set that was dedicated to promoting an album so I was moderately excited about that despite not being hugely into the fucking thing. This model works in a live context fairly well imo, like the mood is consistent and you get to see the thing in a slightly altered light; but most importantly of all that meant that this could just be the first time I won't get to hear The Final and an even better chance to never hear Sustain the Untruth ever again. The whole thing kicks off with Zetsuentai and the one marked difference from the 2018 tour is that the theatricality is even more present than last time. The first performances of Devote My Life and Keibetsu Hajimari went by like a blur in an underwhelming fashion, whereas now they've got synchronised head banging and a lot sharper performance by Kyo, who must've after performing all those songs like a hundred times now figured out how to make them work. The heavier stuff worked very well this time around and I wasn't the only one feeling the physicality since the crowd in Berlin was, for the most part, really good. Loud, energetic and the second I saw the pit was going I joined it and stuck by it til the very end. It wasn't even one of those usual weeb pits where you'll see people politely shoving each other, nope, it was the closest I've felt to a real one in one of these shows since 2010. Occasionally shit would be really tight like during Merciless Cult ( I actually in retrospect wish we would have gotten more old songs based on how good this was ) and Devote my life and although I'm just a bit saddened about no wall of death happening despite the chances definitely being there, it was still obviously really good; maybe even too good perhaps, because I do remember some of the looks from people nearby who weren't much having it. Too bad my philosophy is that leben ist krieg and if you're not in shape to hold your own, go to the back and sit on your phone there. By the end I remember one dude air punching himself a karate pit and at some point that enraged some other short purple haired dude; and of all the times to do this bullshit it was during the biggest surprise of the night which was NEW AGE CULTURE. I think eventually security stepped in on that dude flexing in front of his stupid girlfriend I guess.
    So yeah as far as the band goes, I honestly don't remember any moment when a complaint would've registered. The sound in the venue was good and that made it already just a bit better than the usual, and looking at the clips on youtube I'd say yeah, it's the usual for 2020 Deg. They're really good live rn imo, way better than before the mode of tours. One thing that has to be said tho is that Kyo did sound just a liiiiiitle more constrained that what I remember from last year. Followers is a rough fucking song to pull off, and World of Mercy has some difficult parts as well. I guess it just comes with the territory, doing all these tours like this; my opinion on the matter is that if you're actually minding shit other than your phone recording, you don't really care that much. 
    The shows ends after the Followers, NEW AGE CULTURE and Utafumi encore that got such a loud reaction by the end that I was almost hoping for them to come back for a second encore. This was not to be however, so after picking up Die's pick from the ground by accident and waiting half a century for my jacket we scatter off into whirlingblack's hotel that was just around the corner, and what better way to cap off the gig other than washing away all the memories and a few others with a rather absurd and expensive haul for the already overpriced kiosk downstairs; and by the time I got back to my hostel all that red wine, sparkling wine, beers and a few others went back to where they came and where I should've went myself: the toilets of Berlin.
    appl- reacted to EvilHippy in DIMLIM new album, "MISC." release   
    So, that's how they punish us for pirating Kidoairaku?
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    appl- reacted to Jigsaw9 in DIMLIM new album, "MISC." release   
    This will either be completely mind-blowing or laughably awkward, and I'm here for both.
    appl- got a reaction from Arkady in DIMLIM new album, "MISC." release   
    yeeees but nooooo. yeeees.... NOOOOOoooo adsadsadgd
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    appl- got a reaction from lstknt3b in DIMLIM new album, "MISC." release   
    yeeees but nooooo. yeeees.... NOOOOOoooo adsadsadgd
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    appl- reacted to sleepy coffee in DIMLIM new album, "MISC." release   
    Sho shrieking and growling over a emorap (idk what these nerds call the shit nowadays)  beat
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    appl- reacted to frayed in ♦2020 Predictions!♦   
    Mejibray remains on “hiatus”. 8P-SB keeps on its current trajectory, has another Halloween look that makes fans think for a hot minute that they’re going back to vkei. Yuutaro keeps hanging out with the Liraizo guys. When Pentagon disbands, he and Yutori do a new project together.
    Razor goes to Europe for a convention or a fan club trip. They release a few more singles, maybe a mini?
    MeteoroiD says “fuck it” and decides it’s too fun to play together, so even if it’s only for one show a year, they decide to stick together. Maybe they even come back to America for a con. (This is wishful thinking on my part but meh.)
    Kizu keeps releasing singles that they want to release with sometimes mixed reactions from fans. They release at least one solid heavy A-side that keeps people invested. Reiki keeps having drunk Insta lives.
    appl- reacted to NekoHime in AvelCain 2 new singles release & participation in movie   
    Obviously we are searching for the movie itself, not the trailer.   
    However this is the only one thing I could find online.  The official page in the describing is not even related.  I also checked rakuten,  yahoo etc.  for the DVD, but still.. It's always like never released. Mystery.  🤔
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    appl- got a reaction from suji in Cat lovers in VK?   
    Akane from D.I.D. is a huuuuuuge cat person. i remember stories how he used to be late for rehearsals because he plays with all cats on the road to studio. And now he always retweets cat things. And he has cats.
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    appl- reacted to Kiryu999 in NEVERLAND will release their second mini album called 【PSYCHEDELIC】   
    I love the song! And the band looks stunning, I might get a copy of this
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    appl- got a reaction from Xerath in NEVERLAND will release their second mini album called 【PSYCHEDELIC】   
    sounds so good! getting both copies!
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    appl- reacted to Duwang in DIMLIM   
  20. LOLOL
    appl- got a reaction from Kabukichoatmidnight in Dir en grey   
    yep. this is iconic
    appl- got a reaction from ambivalentideal in Dir en grey   
    yep. this is iconic
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    appl- got a reaction from psychonnect_rozen in Dir en grey   
    yep. this is iconic
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    appl- reacted to Aries in MORRIGAN   
    Hi all. I was looking for "Black file" Xibalba album and I came here.
    I am mourning Morrigan too, but Aryu san just opened his first Twitter account a couple of days ago, he is performing with Nihit in Russia and said there is a chance band to be resurrected.
    It's pretty brave of him to play out of Japan, artists with years of experience like Hyde hardly play somewhere else than Asia and USA for years, and Russia is a big deal.
    What I noticed was that he is keep posting old stuff, he surely miss the good old days. I have no idea what happened to make them split, but Aryu still have picture of him and Setsuna on his laptop, and at 28th he uploaded photo of their last concert.
    Which makes me think... Where is Kuloe? Not a sign from him. Pitty willingly left, but Kuloe was in the band till the end. He was the one who always made them laugh and stuff, they were friends since childhood... At least I want to be sure all of them are healthy and doing fine.
    I can't call Morrigan the most popular band of Japan, but for me their music have personal meaning. Even now I am doing artwork, street art, uploading their old stuff, created fan page and etc... I really hope "we will see them again one day", as the nameless song from XISS says. They are too young and tallented to quit now.
    appl- reacted to cheesy_VK_Freak in Dir en grey   

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    appl- reacted to FOSCOR70 in DIMLIM   
    Um... Can you guys can try writing some goodass reviews on popular music sites like rateyourmusic? People there really dig reviews and ratings. My English sucks but I'll try too anyway. Better than nothing.
    I also requested some music youtubers to feature this band and made some threads on other forums in which im active at featuring this band. 
    They need advertisement. I don't see any reason why any metal fan won't like them. 
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