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  1. buying this DVD 100%. they had only 3 oneman lives and their 4th oneman was in Zepp Tokyo. Insane.
  2. poor dude.... take all my money (;__;)
  3. nooooo!!! stay strong Zigzag!!!
  4. appl-

    i'm die hard Kyo fan but i couldn't stop staring at Mei. it's Meeeeei!!!! yah boi
  5. appl-

    stunning look 🤤👌👌
  6. after almost 3 years of having Ryota from Neverland as my profile photo here I FINALLY MADE A GIF FROM THAT CURSED VIDEO. Ryota in girly Santa costume is my weakness

  7. are they are ready to fight DIMLIM?
  8. Yo-shiT(ex.xTRiPx) ????? omg omg omg
  9. appl-

    it is sad to see it happening but i understand Kohaku. he can't give 100% to the band if he's not enjoying that as much as he enjoy DJing. excited about who will be a new drummer!!!! i think boys already have an idea who he will be. Ryota is really serious about music and he won't let in anyone who just wants to join. hopes for the best!
  10. Full video for 失格ストロベリー!
  11. i can't hide excitement. sounds amaaaaazing!!!
  12. appl-

    can't waaaaaaaaaait omg
  13. who will go to see DIR EN GREY in Eu and where? i'll try to update what's going on in Warsaw, Paris, London, Munich and Cologne shows on Twitter...

  14. what is going on..... Gossip is so good...