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  1. appl-

    you are right! they have crazy fans!! i was surprised too how many fans they have. this band it totally live band. SAVAGE is 5 years old already (?) and they still don't have live DVD (-_-)
  2. appl-

    Jun looks amazing here! i like looks with suits but most bands has suits looks before they disband. i hope SAVAGE won't do it.
  3. appl-

    i like phantasmagoria... but no revival live? nice joke
  4. appl-

    I got moved to tears from 04:07. what are those beautiful guitar sounds???? I'm just screaming so hard. Help. Huge fan of DIR EN GREY but they are literally kicking DIR EN GREY's balls. lmao. Here is no Vkei band who could sound that good and be compared to DIR EN GREY.
  5. appl-

    Yes!!! Punk Ryota is my favourite! 👌
  6. appl-

    i can't imagine these fan boys and bangya in one hall. who would buy guys chekis if not bangya???? idk. i kinda want to see them live. *fan of Eve*
  7. appl-

    bwhahahahahahahhahahahahana seems like i've been following Hayato for way too long time because i can recognize him from shoes and legs posture. so happy Hayato and Makina are back!!!!😭😭
  8. appl-

    Maybe they will be big in the future. Who knows? But but but can i close my eyes and imagine Karma instead of that girl... Please... And that would be amazing.
  9. appl-

    amazing look. need to hear their sound!
  10. appl-

    i don't know what to think. "TODAY" sounds not so bad. I hope it will sound good live.
  11. appl-

    I love "Starry Night" and "super star" so much. It's perfect for parties and i want to see this performing live. i still hope they will keep changing things (even they can't change a lot maybe). their logo writes "xs s m l xl xxl". maybe they will try other music on every stage? idk to be honest
  12. appl-

    how???? It's difficult to tell. But i would be happy to see anyone from Nihilizm. i can't stop staring at guy's shoes from the right. ahahaha 2 members from Nihilizm are shoes holic so MAYBE ahahahahahah
  13. appl-

    #teamMathilda I love furitsuke etc. so i went to see 0.1g live once...and i don't want to come again because they were so bad... idk You go Mathilda!!! Guys, please keep us updated!
  14. It is obvious that they can't tell us something!!!! Genki can't even use his previous name!!! Koichi's tatto says that his all art was taken away!!!! Everything is just so messed up and bad.... After all i'm not mad at them even i was one of that person who couldn't enter first 8P-SB concert and had to leave Japan next day. To be honest... I was expecting only fashion show or something like this. But they dropped some MUSIC. At first listen it confused me but now this song has grown on me and i can't wait to see what will happen!!! By the way, people were buying merchandise before live like CRAZY even they didn't knew what 8P-SB actually is.
  15. I used to be obsessed with them. Bou era is something so beautiful and i will never forget this. One of the first band i loved so much but they are one of the first band which i abandoned after many years of love. I will respect them forever. *cough* bring Bou back . *cough*