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  1. appl-

    yep. this is iconic https://www.galaxybroadshop.com/products/detail.php?product_id=1120
  2. appl-

    seems like Quina and Iru will stop joining bands??? I will miss them.... Even i felt it coming... they had really few fans...
  3. appl-

    so ready for this!!!
  4. appl-

    you are right! they are so good!! their lives are great and emotional!
  5. appl-

    FULL MV! EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! i have melted like forgotten ice cube on the sun. what a great song!!!
  6. appl-

    Koichi is getting better and better!!! whaaat
  7. appl-

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas KARMA yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas
  8. appl-

    so excited what they will bring for us. sounds so good!!!!!!
  9. the best thing i've heared in a while
  10. appl-

    apple polisher?
  11. appl-

    they grown in me. their music makes me smile. "spotlight" is one of my favourite! it's okay to like different music! it's okay to enjoy what makes you happy! MEJIBRAY, DIR EN GREY stan here but sometimes i blast BLACK PINK AND WHAT?! This doesn't stop me from loving heavy music. it's like a fight about pica with pineapple.
  12. i will try them again. used to love them to bits. they are still good but i don't know what happened (;__;)
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