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  1. appl-

    so excited what they will bring for us. sounds so good!!!!!!
  2. the best thing i've heared in a while
  3. appl-

    apple polisher?
  4. appl-

    they grown in me. their music makes me smile. "spotlight" is one of my favourite! it's okay to like different music! it's okay to enjoy what makes you happy! MEJIBRAY, DIR EN GREY stan here but sometimes i blast BLACK PINK AND WHAT?! This doesn't stop me from loving heavy music. it's like a fight about pica with pineapple.
  5. i will try them again. used to love them to bits. they are still good but i don't know what happened (;__;)
  6. "g0 ahead." sounds amazing! i just love their punky side. already pre ordered this!
  7. appl-

    FORUM?????????? what is going on (.____.)
  8. appl-

    They all look so good!! This Ayuto look is on point 👏👏
  9. appl-

    piano songs are amazing! i was hoping not to like them but damn... this album is a really good start!
  10. can't find correct last.fm tag for CHOKE. help. 

    1. Alkaloid
    2. appl-


      thank you so much!!!!

  11. appl-

    they sound good! living for "炎舞"!!!! i wanna hear this song live!! nice guitar sounds!!! how Karma can say "Phalaenopsis"??? i can't pronounce that 😂
  12. appl-

    maybe someone will translate their last messages? Please?? it's scary because everything sounds like a total end....
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