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  1. i can't hide excitement. sounds amaaaaazing!!!
  2. appl-

    can't waaaaaaaaaait omg
  3. who will go to see DIR EN GREY in Eu and where? i'll try to update what's going on in Warsaw, Paris, London, Munich and Cologne shows on Twitter...

  4. what is going on..... Gossip is so good...
  5. appl-

    They will be missed
  6. appl-

    Rands? srsly wtf Karma where are you
  7. appl-

    oh well... i liked them and was waiting for Jey to come back after ReivieR diabandment since forever. i wonder what's the reason for Jey to leave....
  8. Dude wtf???? New look is amazing!!! Excited!
  9. appl-

    I'm obsessed with this
  10. appl-

    Same. I wonder who will be other members! Is it even a band? My heart shakes. Karma please.
  11. appl-

    VK in Lithuania is dead. Same with Latvia. People who like Japan will come to concert to listen to some music /vk but will get a karaoke evening of Satsuki rapping. I was huge fan, i still respect him as a human and what he did before. Let him try. But he disappointed many fans. I saw his performance with that album. Bought that album. Listened to it once. I will try to stay positive.
  12. appl-

    I feel you. Aahahaha. I'm not a fan of this album.... idk
  13. appl-

    HELL YAH!!! "ghost hotel" sounds greaaaaat!!!
  14. appl-

    Thank you so much!
  15. appl-

    Excited about this!!