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  1. i’m always gonna love listening to soroban.  smth about those guys is so appealing.  tbh i like them much more than zoro.

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    2. saiko


      What is Ryuuji doing?

    3. God


      oh, yeah.  i didn’t mean zoro was bad.  they were dope too.  but soroban will always have first place between the two in my heart.

    4. nekkichi


      i feel u x

  2. God

    these guys are dope. one of the few vk bands my wife actually likes, too. 😂
  3. God

    hell yes, that’s what i’m talking about. that album they released last year really got me into them.
  4. God

    i’m really glad to hear that. also, it’s sort of comforting to know that it wasn’t smth personal and that he might just genuinely be an asshole, so thanks for sharing. sometimes i take things personally, even if they weren’t. maybe bc of this, ill be able to enjoy diru more now. 🖤
  5. God

    Ahh!! I repeated myself too for the same reason lmao. I guess maybe that’s just him?? Still p lame tho. i wonder if the rest of Diru are chill or just jerks. 🤔
  6. God

    I have a similar experience. At the movie theatre, I didn’t realize I was standing by a mirror so when I looked over I saw myself and thought I was a very lame-looking ghost.
  7. God

    I saw Dir en grey in Portland in 2008. I was so stoked to finally see them and they were my favorite band at the time. The show was really mediocre though. Aside from the crowd being filled with a lot of hardcore weeb girls, the band themselves just didn’t seem that into it. After the show, Shinya and Toshiya were signing and bc of where I had been standing, I miraculously ended up being first in line. At the time, I’d never had a CD signed before aside from handouts at local shows in my hometown that came in paper cases and I didn’t realize that I had to unwrap the CD before they’d sign it. The bouncer told me to go to the back of the line, so I very quickly scrambled to open the wrap. I managed to do it p fast, and Toshiya was laughing a little bit. Idk if he thought it was funny or if I was an idiot. Shin ya didn’t seem at all interested in anything. I tried to thank him for signing the CD, but he just looked away and snubbed me. After that, I kinda stopped liking Diru. It felt like the magic was gone. Tbh I’ll listen to their new music, but I always feel like I’m just not into it now.
  8. God

    Yes, good. I’m just getting into them, so a best album sounds perfect.
  9. That guys voice, though...🙃
  10. God

    That lookout place next to the Golden Gate Bridge ft. Me.
  11. Hella stoked rn.  I finally got my first paid writing job!  Even if the compensation isn’t much, this has been my main dream since I was 13.  I’m 30 now.  Making teenage me proud af. 😤👊🏻

    1. CAT5


      Ayyyyye, that's absolutely wonderful!!!

    2. God


      !! Ahhh, thank you! 😊😊

  12. God

    Good shit. I don’t play guitar (I play bass tho), but I still think it’ll be p dope to learn about what techniques he uses.
  13. Dude I love Kumi so much, I don’t even think there are words for it. She’s def someone I look up to and have a lottt of respect for. And no worries! Hearing about other people’s OCs is nice, especially when someone really loves them. 🖤
  14. God

    Oh, dope. Might have to pick up a couple of these. I wonder if the vinyl discs will have cool designs or just be the standard black. 🤔
  15. I may go back eventually. I definitely miss doing it. I used to get up every morning and check the forum I was on, then spend hours on there when I had some free time. Those were for sure the days. 😂 She wasn’t based on VK, but I did base her off of my favorite jpop idol, Koda Kumi (who is also her face claim). When I first made her, she was a high school student (bc I was too, ha) who’s dad owned a record label. She wanted to be a singer, but she wanted to rely on her own talent and not her dad’s connections. The second version of her that I made when I got older, her dad died and she inherited the label, so she was always busy. This time, she was more of a bad bitch than the high school version of her was. The high school one was kind of standoffish and got into arguments a lot. But as an adult, she didn’t really have time for stuff like that.
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