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  1. Oh, wow. This is really unexpected...was it known that he had heart issues? I've never heard he did, but I also didn't look into that band much aside from their music.
  2. Oh, I thought it was ice cream too. At first I thought they were named after whatever that emoji is or smth. 😂
  3. God

    I hate when bands announce releases more than a month or two in advance. Now I gotta wait til June. 😧
  4. God

    I feel like it has something to do with when they toured with korn on that festival thing. After that, their music really changed and got progressively more brutal. I'm willing to bet it's also bc around that time, they kinda started to distance themselves from the vk scene. If they were still hella vk, I really don't think western audiences would take them seriously.
  5. I've been watching Ranma 1/2 all day.  I regret nothing. 

  6. This is so sad. It always makes me feel depressed when someone commits suicide. I don't know who he was, but may he rest in peace.
  7. God

    Mr. Children always kinda creeps me out.
  8. God

    I was under the impression that vk is more popular in EU than USA. 🤔
  9. Every once in a while, I wonder what Bou has been up to.  I really hope that he's continued to play guitar, even if it's just something he does for fun.

    1. saiko


      Bou's a really good guitarist and composer. Have you paid attention to Smile Ichiban ii Onna solo?

      An Cafe was one of the last good vk bands. Everyone there was very talented.

    2. God


      Agreed.  Even their music post-Bou was still p good, imo.  Though, I'm biased to an cafe with him.

  10. More times than I can even remember. The main issue for me has always been transportation. Last year, Hyuna did a show in San Francisco, which is only about an hour from me. Couldn't find a ride, and I don't drive so...it sucks even more cuz of what happened to her recently with CUBE and all. Idk if I'll ever get that chance again. 😧
  11. So, is Jiluka considered deathcore? I'm wondering bc while they have some brutal elements, there's also those clean vocals which I don't really hear in deathcore.  

    1. Gesu


      I'd say they're more djent than anything. I know djent gets a bad rap, but I think that's undeserved.

    2. Elazmus


      "V-Styling Djentcore" -- JILUKA introductory promos


      take that however makes sense to you loll.

    3. Komorebi


      They are whatever subgenre of metal they want, who cares.

  12. God

    Oh, wow. I seriously thought they disbanded. 😂
  13. Man, I love Sena tho. I'm glad he can read the dumb shit I write to him on Insta. 😂 Also, I don't know why or how, but when I met exist trace, Miko was speaking English really well. Like, really, really well. She's hella chill.
  14. God

    What am I looking at? 😂😂😂