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  1. God

    That lookout place next to the Golden Gate Bridge ft. Me.
  2. Hella stoked rn.  I finally got my first paid writing job!  Even if the compensation isn’t much, this has been my main dream since I was 13.  I’m 30 now.  Making teenage me proud af. 😤👊🏻

    1. CAT5


      Ayyyyye, that's absolutely wonderful!!!

    2. God


      !! Ahhh, thank you! 😊😊

  3. God

    Good shit. I don’t play guitar (I play bass tho), but I still think it’ll be p dope to learn about what techniques he uses.
  4. Dude I love Kumi so much, I don’t even think there are words for it. She’s def someone I look up to and have a lottt of respect for. And no worries! Hearing about other people’s OCs is nice, especially when someone really loves them. 🖤
  5. God

    Oh, dope. Might have to pick up a couple of these. I wonder if the vinyl discs will have cool designs or just be the standard black. 🤔
  6. I may go back eventually. I definitely miss doing it. I used to get up every morning and check the forum I was on, then spend hours on there when I had some free time. Those were for sure the days. 😂 She wasn’t based on VK, but I did base her off of my favorite jpop idol, Koda Kumi (who is also her face claim). When I first made her, she was a high school student (bc I was too, ha) who’s dad owned a record label. She wanted to be a singer, but she wanted to rely on her own talent and not her dad’s connections. The second version of her that I made when I got older, her dad died and she inherited the label, so she was always busy. This time, she was more of a bad bitch than the high school version of her was. The high school one was kind of standoffish and got into arguments a lot. But as an adult, she didn’t really have time for stuff like that.
  7. I tried to rp on tumblr, but coming from doing mainly forum based rp it was kinda hard to get used to, so I abandoned it. I miss rping, but at the same time, I know I could never keep up with it properly right now. Maybe I can again someday, but also maybe that time has passed. I do have a dope af OC tho, and I still love her v much. I put a lot into creating her and used to get a lot of compliments about how real she seemed. Good times.
  8. God

    The hype is real.
  9. Recently got a copy of NIL’s SWEEP cassette.  The instrumentation is dope af, but the guy singing sounds kinda off key at times.  Still really digging it, though.  Nice overall.

  10. God

    I’m not sure when exactly, but CLJ was formed in 2006, so some point after that. Wasn’t MMF their own label? I didn’t know anyone else released under that label.
  11. God

    All the panikku pvs look like that more or less. 😂 definitely potato.
  12. We’ve clearly gone down the wrong timeline here. That first xxx movie was, uh...well, I guess it happened. Idk about the new X album or if it’ll ever come out, but even without that, this seems like a cry of desperation. Two irrelevant forces are combining. What will happen?
  13. God

    I’ve always really dug how Reita plays, even tho I’m not that big on Gazette tbh. Something about his style is really cool to me.
  14. This always made me cringe, but tbh Gackt usually does that to me anyway.
  15. Oh, wow. This is really unexpected...was it known that he had heart issues? I've never heard he did, but I also didn't look into that band much aside from their music.
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