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  1. God

    this is the first thing i thought of 🤔
  2. ds4 starts up with my laptop. i’ll try the uninstall/reinstall thing before going to reddit, tho.
  3. it’s the mapping. x and circle aren’t doing anything at all? traingle and square are doing smth other than what they’re supposed to and so are the shoulder buttons. i’ll try the update thing tho. hopefully that’s the only issue. edit: there’s no updates. i guess reddit it is. thanks for trying, guys.
  4. God

    i honestly love them. i’ve never thrown one away, but i usually just keep them in the case with the cd. tbh, i collect releases from koda kumi and sometimes i buy old ones from ebay etc, but i never buy them unless they come with it. i’m not as picky about others, tho.
  5. i’m not sure what forum to post this in, so please move it if i’m wrong. 😂😂 anyway, maybe in october i pirates a copy of ffxiii. i got ds4windows so i could use my dualshock 4, and it worked well. i pauses playing for a while, but today i wanted to pick it up again, now my controls are weird? i checked my profiles and made sure everything was mapped correctly, i reconfigured the controller...and, it’s still weird. it works in my emulators just fine. does anyone know what’s going on with this? there’s no reconfig controls in the actual game itself so that’s not it either. i just wanna pretend i’m guiding sena on a weird fever dream. 😂
  6. God

    tbh i haven’t heard many demo tapes. the only two i can think of are chelsea’s trash tape and diru’s karma tape.
  7. God

    parrots are something else though. i’m not sure how to put into words. they’re really intelligent and tend to chime in on things. ours laughs sometimes when we laugh at smth. she also really loves dbz and vk pvs, especially b.r.n, she loses her shit. it’s sorta like having a person around but in a bird’s body. most parrots are raised by humans, so they pick up human characteristics. some of them have human-like lifespans, too.
  8. God

    that subaru pic jfc 😂😂😂
  9. God

    i used to think this too, but now i’ve been around a bird for like a year? they’re really amazing and so interactive in a different way than cats are. so now i love both birds and cats the same way. 😂
  10. God

    i’m not sure if this counts necessarily, but i met my wife on tumblr. we were just friends tho for like 3 years before we met irl. but when we met we had a romantic connection and we started dating, then i moved to california to be with her a few months after that. and now we’ve been together for 6 years in september. whenever i tried to do ldr, when i met the person irl, i realized nothing was actually there. my now wife used to say that i needed to be friends w someone before i date them. real life foreshadowing?? 😮
  11. this username i picked when i was 23(?) is filled with edge and angst.  😱

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    2. secret_no_03


      Finally someone older than I am. xD

    3. Arkady


      I saw much worse around, don't worry.  It's not even God of Blood or Anarchy God.😉

    4. God


      oddly comforting.  🤔

  12. God

    i already knew all of that. i dig your passion tho, but i don’t think i’ll ever get the bts thing. i’ve looked into them quite a bit, browsed communities, listened to their music...but idk. it’s just not happening for me. jimin and v are extremely talented vocalists in particular, i can’t deny it. but i think i’ve only genuinely enjoyed like 2-3 bts songs total.
  13. tbh i straight up don’t get any of it. it’s stressful for the idols, it’s stressful for the fans. it’s like musical slavery with willing participants.
  14. there definitely needs to be more of an importance placed on mental health. i remember when park bom (2ne1) got in trouble for smuggling anti-depressants into korea bc she couldn’t get them there. i don’t remember the exact details, but that whole thing makes me so mad. then that girl from kara (i forget her name) recently attempted suicide. and let’s not forget that drug scandal w top and that trainee and his subsequent suicide attempt which is extra bullshit since that whole ikon thing that recently happened with that dude on coke. tbh yg is a p scummy guy all together.
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