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  1. God

    Thank you so much. it looks like they are from the first video of Ray of pig. I definitely appreciate this. 😁
  2. God

    Ok but where are those screenshots from? does anyone know? Is it like a DVD or??
  3. God

    I didn't see it on there. 😭
  4. I came across these screenshots and I'm curious about what they're from. any help would be greatly appreciated!! one two three
  5. Why Not? 😂 http://last.fm/user/ryvtaro
  6. After years of being gone, God has returned. 

    1. Zeus


      i've been here all along

    2. God


      Ohoho!  it appears I've missed something.  😂



      but... isn't god dead

  7. God

    California (in America).
  8. Sorry to double post, but one of the girls who was in critical condition, RiSe, has also passed away. http://www.allkpop.com/article/2014/09/breaking-ladies-codes-rise-passes-away My heart truly goes out to them.
  9. God

    So, I've finally been able to get my fiance to enjoy some anime. Here are the one's she's liked so far. Can anyone recommend more for me to show her? Serial Experiment Lain Anime Crossing movie Old Sailor Moon Yami Shibai Jigoku Shoujo (though, she's still on the first season) Samurai Champloo Death Note
  10. God

    The farthest back I've played in FF is VII, but I didn't get all the way through it because I'm seriously lazy about some things in games, oops. FFIX is my personal favorite, but maybe that's because it was the first FF game I played. In all honestly, when it comes to story and overall game, I prefer X. This is my first real play through of FFVIII, also. I had tried to play it before, but something always came up before I could get too far. And now I'm past that point, like a boss. But, really, there are quite a few FF games I haven't played yet, I'm a little embarrassed to admit. Ah, I'm playing these old games on an emulator with my keyboard because I left my 360 at my mom's a state over due to lack of planning. But, I should be getting it back within the month. My list of games I'm playing will increase that day.
  11. God

    I don't usually bother to learn band member's names unless I really dig the band, but the cat with the shades looks hella fly. I'll probably give this album a once over, I've noticed judging albums by their title track can go a few ways.
  12. This is something so upsetting to read about and see photos of. I cannot even imagine what these girls are going through right now. However, I've been so happy to see all the people I've seen talking about this and being supportive. It's been such a wide array of people from different places (mostly Asian ~*fandoms*~, etc) online. Though I've only heard one Ladies Code song (and it was after this accident), I'm just glad that they are receiving so much support.
  13. God

    Music should, indeed, be a free thing. I'm glad that, as it would seem from that quote, Ryutaro (and Pura in general?) would probably agree with that.
  14. God

    - Try to write a character or scenario for that character (or, I guess...how non-God people would say it...creating life?). - Troll Gaiaonline's GD section with Alec Baldwinning. - Read a comic. - Go for a walk. - Watch a movie. - Play vidya gaem - Read another comic.
  15. God

    marble-s ;; LM.C