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  1. HOLYSHIT It's been ten years! My babies are getting back together aaaaaaaaaaaahhh I don't know how to react I'm sitting here just flailing.
  2. masquerade-parade

    Well, he did write SYNAPSE... Also script error, RIP, Calvary, Program, Conviction, PLOSIVE, My Strife, Ruins, Love Story. I wrote an analysis of his Angelo songs somewhere in this thread. Here~ Aaaand if I may butt into the album-discourse; Coll:set is probably their best album, but I think the other albums are judged quite harshly? The reason is probably this: their music did not become worse, they just broadened their style, and it did not suit some of their old fans tastes. Somehow I feel personally offended when people are bashing HORIZON I mean how you not love all that WOOH WOOH and silly rapping HIZUMI and hagsdhsafga?? Protip if you are new to despa: Read. The lyrics. The translations are all out there. It's so worth it.
  3. masquerade-parade

    I can't really get into TMH4NS, I haven't tried so hard though. Might have something to do with the cancelled concerts >_< put me off so bad.
  4. masquerade-parade

    The hell do you mean, "whine about it"?? The only thing I was pointing out was that is was not an announcement! Labelling it as an announcement is just very misleading. So there was one ass doing the voice-conspiracy thing but why even waste breath on that!? As for the rest of the replies here, there is nothing but enthusiasm. Honestly, there's nothing I want more than Hizumi returning to music. Since from the start it has been clear that music will be a part of UMBRELLA, I'm actually surprised he took this long to say anything about it. I think he meant to compose music of his own, not to sing. Now since it seems like UMBRELLA is doing as good as planned, who knows what he'll do. Most importantly, none of us know anything about his throat condition, I think we really shouldn't speculate about the process. Hizumi obviously don't want us to. I never meant to offend you or anyone here or crumple your hopes, I thing hope is a beautiful thing. I just think you read way more in between the lines than there was in substance. Let's wait for an official announcement before we get our panties in a twist.
  5. masquerade-parade

    Ok what. Firstly, this is not an announcement. This is Hizumi musing over music in the UMBRELLA newsletter. And what do you mean by "omg it means he's full healed"??!? Between which lines did you read that? You are being a bit misleading. "So far when it comes to me, "music = singing", and when I have been thinking about it there haven't been any alternatives, Somehow I don't know which form to put UMBRELLA but I've been thinking about taking music part of it" This means nothing more than what it says. He's been thinking of it. Since for him, music has always been associated with singing, he's unsure if how to do it, clearly alluding to his throat condition. He's been talking about making music part of UMBRELLA before, so it's nothing new. Believe me, no one would be happier than me to see D'espa make a comeback. I haven't given up hope, I never will, even if it will grow smaller over the years. But it's still too early. nekkichi, I have to assume you haven't seen D'espa live for like 5 years? Because if you had, you would have thought different. That man's voice is broken.
  6. masquerade-parade

    Whooa wait here now! While I agree that Angelo was a really boring band and Kirito can't really sing to save his life, they hav actually gotten better since Karyu came along! I was so glad Kirito let Karyu write songs for Angelo, he even wrote singles A-sides and exactly half the songs from the new album was written by him. On Babel, he wrote LOVE STORY, My Strife, PLOSIVE and Ruins. While the first and the last are quite boring and generic ( I have a feeling Kirito ruined the chorus on them), My Strife is a really good song, and PLOSIVE is outright awesome. (You know what those two songs have in common? Kirito's voice is more or less distorted fufufufufu~) On RETINA, Karyu wrote the following songs: 01. PROGRAM. So this is the odd man out, it's really boring and sounds A LOT like LOVE STORY. Except for the first second when there's this noise pack with d'espa-feels ;w; 02. Calvary. Has lots of good guitarwork and a nice melody, doesn't really stand out that much but still good. Again, Kirito's voice is distorted ;D 03. Conviction. Now we're talking. This song has lot's of D'espa-vibes, you can easily imagine Hizumi singing this... it's amost a bit painful, actually. A dark, aggressive mood mixed with a sorrowful chorus, a typical Karyu-song. 04. RIP. This song too. I WANT this to be a D'espa-song, I really do. It's kind of a darker version of BRILLIANT, mixed with DEATH POINT. It's a perfect "get your spirits up and FIGHT"-song! 08. Script error. This song is similar to REDEEMER, it has the same beat. Mostly aggressive, with melancholy undercurrents. This must be amazing live! 11. シナプス/Synapse. This also reminds me of BRILLIANT! It's an upbeat song that still manages to be a little aggressive. If this doesn't get you in a fighting-mood then I don't know what will! In general I think RETINA was much better than Babel, even Kirito wrote some good songs! I'm also kinda getting used to his voice. Check those songs out, I'd love to hear what you think!
  7. masquerade-parade

    Thank you Ito~ As I said in the Events-post, I had booked tickets to both the London and Paris lives. I'm quite sure I will get the ticket-price back (because if we don't we can take legal action wooooh) but me and my friends can't get any refunds on the London-Paris-train ticket, and only a very small part of the flight-tickets if we can out-smart Ryanair. Still, it'll be about $10/€70 for nothing. But I would like to know if anyone's gotten anywhere with the refunding process? I emailed seetickets (about the London live) today and they sent me a reply saying that as far as they knew, the concert was still going to happen! I replied saying they should check with the tour organizers, so I hope I've set something in motion!
  8. masquerade-parade

    I'm actually just really mad at myself right now. "their music isn't something that would attract D'espa fans musically anyway" yes, that is so so true, I didn't think much of their music at all, but still I persuaded myself into thinking "It'll be just like old times yaaaay!" despite having serious doubts..... especially about RICKY (who the hell is he anyway) and the fact that the most brilliantly shining ex-members would not be there. ... And I went ahead and booked in this London-Paris-mayhem. My first thought was something like "I'll go anyway, those are lovely cities!" But spending only one day in respective cities in a weather-wise dubious season... without the concerts, it just wouldn't work. Me and my friends can't get any refunds on the London-Paris-train ticket, but we might get about half of the flight-tickets costs back, if we can out-smart Ryanair. Still, it'll be about $10/€70 for nothing. I had a feeling everything would go to hell and still I just went along with everything. I don't blame TMH4NS (ok maybe RICKY for the hell of it), I don't really blame B7klan or the fans... I blame myself a little. Everything is just so fucking unfortunate!
  9. masquerade-parade

    Why would signing sessions be a reason to go? =__= shouldn't it be the opposite?
  10. masquerade-parade

    I would just like to point out that I've seen other promotions like that were they're just accidentally forgot one date. Check with the venue or tour management before you draw any conclusions! If it really is cancelled though, it wouldn't surprise me because their advertising has been kinda lazy.
  11. masquerade-parade

    I am so done with this shit It's a tragedy, a horrific crime, nothing less and nothing more and I wish people would leave it at that. Why would anyone want to know what games the perpetrator liked to play? Releasing the name like that is bound to lead to confusion and misinterpretation. It's also very disrespecting to his family, whom I can only assume wants to be left in peace. If this wasn't horrifying enough, there was a similar incident in china today. Someone broke into an elementary school and injured 20 children. It's very hard to get any info on this at all so I'm not sure if anyone died. But for this to happen on the same day is just too awful.
  12. masquerade-parade

    I know! That surprised me! Since I thought it was going to be at the Underworld, and they didn't have any info on it on their homepage I emailed the tour organizers and asked them about it. They didn't answer me, so I emailed the Underworld and they said it was going to be at Garage and even sent me the link to the tickets. Lazy tour organizers!
  13. masquerade-parade

    Third time's the charm~ I got tickets to the concerts in London and Paris, anyone else going to those shows?
  14. masquerade-parade

    I'm not sure if it's the terrible quality, but it sounds kind of ... tame. I like the melody and the orchestration/mix otherwise.