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  1. Suspecting some crazy bangya to hold him captive and made him write this letter That would be hella plot twist
  2. Take my hand and close your eyes, I'll go too
  3. As they say, little changes make big differences. The game is globally so much more handy, especially when it comes to save points where you can now heal your full team, fights are also handier as you don't have to spam LLLL to have 4xBrave, characters are different and less awkward than the BD team, also it's much funnier. Classes are improved, I really hope the story is less repetitive but it's really good for the first 4 hours I've played. Really looks like they didn't take BD's success for granted and actually improved every part of it. Though, obviously, the OST is nothing to be compared with BD's masterpiece... Sorry I get so confused but I haven't discovered the whole game yet, but everything feels just... idk... enjoyable. Much more than with all BD's repetitiveness, useless long dialogs, boring side quests and weirdly growing difficulty. Give it a try if you will. If you have any precise question I can answer, just let me know !
  4. Currently playing Bravely Second right now and god it's already so much better than Bravely Default.
  5. Really, REALLY wasn't expecting an anime opening-like with them. Guess they'll never stop surprising me. Not sure what to think about it though.
  6. For having stood next to him and for being 1,85m high, yup.
  7. A Will was just the album of the year back in 2013. Can't wait for this.
  8. It's been a while. PS : This video features cats. Click it.
  9. He'll probably announce the band's activities or the line-up at this live. Awesome.