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  1. 4nd single Aside from that, this is legit for a B-Type song, I'm eager to hear the main song
  2. Cristate

    Someone has a kink on Malice Mizer
  3. Cristate

    ye, it's a forest
  4. Cristate

    Quick question : What the fuck ?
  5. Cristate

    I miss the time 1 minute ago, just before I knew this existed
  6. Cristate

    Haven't bought a CD in years. CHEDOARA is preordered. Says it all.
  7. Cristate

    lmao my feeling exactly
  8. Cristate

    Are y'all ready for some more Arashi
  9. Cristate

    What the fuck is going on here
  10. Cristate

    What a surprise
  11. Cristate

    I think it comes bundled with Half-Life 3
  12. Amen Plot twist : It's ZIN after he realized he could not make a living out of having 1 person attending ZIN's club (his mom as a guest)
  13. Cristate

    One thing I'm upset about as a bassist is that I've checked that chick's YouTube channel and she started playing the bass a couple months ago and has a begginer level. Thus - She didn't record SoD's first music, that's for sure, MiA did it - She probably will do like Koichi and pretend to play bass most of the time, which is extremely frustrating for musicians who purchase a ticket to see people "playing live". That probably bothers just me anyway. MiA probably met her at some Gucci/Versace party and was like "oh your fanbase be huge let's make a band, don't mind the music, just mind the money" and that's disappointing coming from such a talented person. He can make a living and be an honest musician too, he has the fanbase for it...