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  1. Fina

    Bin auch aus'm Ruhrgebiet Dieses "dat" und "wat" kommt bei mir voll unbewusst, hab ma versucht es is nich zu sagen, aber is schon schwierig. xDD
  2. Fina

    春奈るな – 君がくれた世界 I love that song <3
  3. Fina

    Hello, hello ~ Welcome to MH, I'm a Royz fan too ♥
  4. Fina

    I live with these three cats in my apartment. It's great cuz I don't feel me alone, ma sweeties often make me happy ♥ ♥ ♥ That's the big boss in the house She's a Maine Coon cat ^__^ She's also a Maine Coon with odd eyes & she's very cuddly ♥ And here comes my Ragdoll cat with blue eyes. ♥ She's almost 7 months old and still such a little doll (cat). xD
  5. Fina

    Hänsel & Gretel - The witch hunters
  6. Fina

    Bad day because I'm ill
  7. Fina

    ICH LEBE NOCH muahahha - Zusammen mit zwei Katzen im Bett, die es gerade auf mein Essen abgesehen haben, da habe ich fürchterliche Angst, was nun?! Ich verzweifle... XD
  8. Fina

    Listening R指定's new album atm
  9. Fina

    I preordered DIV's new album
  10. Fina

    First time I saw your drawing and omg your drawing skills are so awesome!
  11. Fina

    Heeelloooo! Welcome here, hope you enjoy your stay here. I'm also from Meow. xD
  12. Fina

    all my cats
  13. Sie sind das Essen & wir sind die Jäger. :D

    1. stylelover


      *backgroundmusic plays*

    2. orangetarts



  14. Fina

    Linked Horizon - 紅蓮の弓矢 This song is.... soooo damn awesome! It's the OP of Shingeki no Kyojin.
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