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  1. Crimson Gates

    I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing that I'm just so used to this happening by now...
  2. Same old same old Aoi but I really have missed this silly boy. 😊
  3. SCREW was the 3rd VK band I discovered after the GazettE and D'espairsRay so they'll always hold a special place in my heart as part of what I refer to now as 'the first wave'. Many, many more have followed since then, it's just so easy to pick up new bands when you hear something you like and there's plenty to look into so I'm sure you'll find some good stuff. Welcome 😁 Also I do love good fics but sadly there aren't nearly as many around these days as there used to be.
  4. Sad news, I was just starting to get into them after years of putting off taking the plunge.
  5. Crimson Gates

    Not a bad song, it'll probably grow on me after a few more listens.
  6. Crimson Gates

    Sounds good so far. I'm looking forward to the rest.
  7. Crimson Gates

    I can probably understand why Takehito would want to do this but personally I see very little point in it. As some of you already said, it's not either Ayabie that the fans knew and loved. I actually miss Yumehito singing but alas it's obviously not what he really wanted to do.
  8. Crimson Gates

    Okay so I knew something 'interesting' or 'ridiculous' was bound to happen while I was without proper internet for a week but this... Don't even know what to say.
  9. Crimson Gates

    I'd like to believe that's not true but at least we're all here to share the love. Welcome 😊
  10. Crimson Gates

    I still like to think he watched Varuna and went, "What the hell was I thinking!?" 😄
  11. Crimson Gates

    Well out of all the new bands that have come about recently, this one looks/sounds the most interesting to me.
  12. Crimson Gates

    I wasn't impressed with ChainDreamers at all but it sounds like there might be at least a couple of songs on the album worth buying it for, so I can't judge until I get it.
  13. Crimson Gates

    Loving their new look and I'm quite looking forward to this because I shied away from these guys for way too long.
  14. Crimson Gates

    I'm not sure I like this idea, remastering doesn't necessarily make songs 'better'. Even when Mago completely re-recorded Kami Uta it wasn't a 100% improvement.
  15. Crimson Gates

    I'm happy Byou is back and that we got Jin too is the icing on the cake.